Jury Members

Rufus Reynolds and Dikshit Mundra
Streets of India is a leading travel page founded by Rufus Reynolds and Dikshit Mundra, in 2015. Capturing and featuring, as the name suggests, all the diversities which India has bestowed upon us; they travel and frame the parts of this planet/country. Quality trips and stays, in unimaginably low prices, are benefitted to aspiring travellers. The main aim is to form the largest community of passionate travellers, photographers, bloggers, vloggers, wanderers, and trekkers.
Arvind Hoon
Arvind Hoon discovered his love for photography after a long stint in advertising. He loves engaging with the world through his lenses and captures it all while he travels. His extensive journey is painted with beautiful places & people who bring life to his pictures. One of his recent works of art, Kashmir, Unsettled Waters, was published in 2015. He is working on several other projects including one from the ‘Streets of Italy’.
Abhinav Chandel
Currently living in a village, in the lower Himalayan region of Himachal Pradesh, Abhinav Chandel is on a path to make a living out of his passions, writing, photography and travelling. Being a solo traveller from past four years, he loves exploring new regions, observing different cultures, and collect stories of the road, along with sharing his own personal experiences of living a life in the mountains.
Shanu Babbar
A travel filmmaker and founder of the window seat project, Shanu has travelled extensively across the globe, shooting videos writing content related to food, culture and lifestyle. Since the last couple of months his work has been featured in Huffington post, cnnnews18, Schoopwhoop, Quartz, Deccan Chronicle, The Asian Age and FirstPost. He believes that everybody at some point of their lives should travel, not only to explore and refresh themselves but also to educate and learn the way of life in different parts of the world.