The land of nawabs, aadabs, shababs, and kebabs, Lucknow can’t be better described than this. With Mughal influence still running deep in its veins and the British era’s experience adding a mixed touch to the city’s ethos, Lucknow is a charming city with a zest of its own.

You will find elegant buildings, impressive British era installations, striking mausoleums, bustling bazaars and mouth-watering dishes as you traverse through the lanes of Lucknow.

For the history buffs, Lucknow couldn’t be a better place to visit; the Residency, a British-ear building was the epicentre of the India’s first uprising against the British in 1857. You can still see the bullet holes and canon induced damages on the building walls. Make sure to visit museum there, you will see many insights into the past and the British era.

Mughal influence on the city can be seen in its cuisines, mannerisms, and its architecture. The two grand mausoleums, Bara Imambara and the Chota Imambara are grand installations which are striking features on Lucknow’s landscapes. With intricate designs, stunning interiors, and the famous labyrinth of the Bara Imambara, these structures represent the love and patronage the arts enjoyed under the Mughal rulers.

From arts to food, Lucknow’s food is renowned across the country and by many a Michelin chefs. Be it grand old restaurants or within the narrow alleyways, you will never know what gastronomical treasure you can unearth in Lucknow. From kebabs and panner tikkas to paans and biryanis, you will be left salivating.

There are many museums, local markets, and sights here which reaffirm Lucknow’s love with art and culture. Visiting Lucknow is an enriching experience and will leave you wanting for more.

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