An ancient centre of learning, the hotbed of today’s politics, and a beacon of progress in the future, no other city in India has such a thrilling script as Patna does.

Known as Pataliputra when it served as the capital of the Magadha Empire, the city flourished as the seat of learning and arts with India’s most revered scholars calling it their home. At one time, it served as the focal point of the political and economic prowess under the Magadha and Gupta empires. Ancient Pataliputra’s prowess can be seen today too as today’s Patna rolls out government civil servants, university professors, poets, and journalists by dime a dozen.

You will enjoy your stay here as there is a good mix of cultural places, restaurants, and monuments. Discover the city’s intellectual traditions with a visit to Nalanda University and Patna Museum. The ancient ruins of Pataliputra give insights into the ancient tales of the city while a trip to the Gandhi Maidaan will give you a good idea of the city’s part in the nation’s independence movement. There are some impressive religious sites which have a few interesting Instagram-worth sights. An excellent end to your itinerary is a visit to the Patna Planetarium, one of India’s finest planetariums and a meal of Bihar’s proudest dish, Litti Chokkha.

Patna is a chaotic and bustling city traversing between a colonial past and a technological future. It is one city in India you should definitely visit. 

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