The beating heart of the Hindu universe, Varanasi isn’t any random place to visit. Colour, religion, holy people, and the country’s holiest river, Varanasi is chaotic and serene at the same time.

Throughout time, it had different names, Kashi, then Benares, and now Varanasi. Regarded as one of the world’s oldest inhabited cities, Varanasi is one of Hinduism’s seven holies cities. You will be assaulted by the range of sights and emotions the city offers. From the holy Ganges and Ghats where the cycle of birth and rebirth is escaped to the sadhus who advise the best ways to live, spirituality and religion run in Varanasi’s blood. You can also visit Sarnath which lies near Varanasi; it is said that Buddha attained enlightenment here.

After religion, Varanasi’s biggest love is music. Home of many music virtuosos including the likes of Ustad Bismillah Khan and Ravi Shankar, attending a music concert here is a great way to spend your time in Varanasi.

A stroll of the city is an enjoyable experience, shop in the delightful bazaars where haggling is a must. You can purchase high-quality silk, intricately designed saris, shawls and carpets, and religious mementoes.

You will come across majestic forts and palaces here. The Ramnagar Fort is the city’s grandest fort with a museum inside where vintage cars, royal swords, weaponry and other unique items are kept for display.

Varanasi is where you will see the physical and spiritual world connect. People visit to seek salvation and forgiveness, it’s a place steeped in history and religion. No other place can be as colourful as Varanasi.

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