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Is travelling abroad on your wish-list but expensive international flight fares always leave you disheartened? Not anymore, as IndiGo brings the most affordable fares to make your first international trip happen. Take a look at our non-stop and connecting international flight tickets and start booking:

Origin Via Destination Journey Type Elapse Time Fare(₹)  
Ahmedabad Delhi Chengdu Connecting 10H 55M 18490 Book Now
Ahmedabad Chennai Colombo Connecting 8H 50M 14990 Book Now
Ahmedabad Kolkata Guangzhou Connecting 8H 10M 17990 Book Now
Ahmedabad Kolkata Ho Chi Minh City Connecting 7H 55M 18990 Book Now
Ahmedabad Bengaluru Kuala Lumpur Connecting 8H 35M 15990 Book Now
Ahmedabad Mumbai Male Connecting 8H 15M 17990 Book Now
Ahmedabad Bengaluru Phuket Connecting 10H 40M 17990 Book Now
Ahmedabad Chennai Singapore Connecting 10H 15M 18490 Book Now
Ahmedabad Kolkata Yangon Connecting 6H 50M 14990 Book Now
Bengaluru NA Bangkok Non-stop 4 H 12990 Book Now
Bengaluru Delhi Chengdu Connecting 9H 15M 18490 Book Now
Bengaluru NA Colombo Non-stop 1H 30M 9772 Book Now
Bengaluru Kolkata Hanoi Connecting 6H 55M 18490 Book Now
Bengaluru Kolkata Ho Chi Minh City Connecting 8H 45M 18990 Book Now
Bengaluru NA Hong Kong Non-stop 5H 30M 18990 Book Now
Bengaluru NA Kuala Lumpur Non-stop 4H 15M 12490 Book Now
Bengaluru NA Phuket Non-stop 3H 45M 14490 Book Now
Bengaluru NA Singapore Non-stop 4H 30M 14496 Book Now
Bengaluru Kolkata Yangon Connecting 6H 45M 14990 Book Now
Chennai NA Bangkok Non-stop 3H 45M 11490 Book Now
Chennai Delhi Chengdu Connecting 11H 20M 18490 Book Now
Chennai NA Colombo Non-stop 1H 25M 8880 Book Now
Chennai Kolkata Guangzhou Connecting 9H 45M 17990 Book Now
Chennai Kolkata Hanoi Connecting 7H 35M 18490 Book Now
Chennai Kolkata Ho Chi Minh City Connecting 9H 30M 18990 Book Now
Chennai NA Kuala Lumpur Non-stop 3H 50M 10990 Book Now
Chennai Mumbai Male Connecting 8H15M 13490 Book Now
Chennai Bengaluru Phuket Connecting 7H 25M 14990 Book Now
Chennai NA Singapore Non-stop 4H 10M 13321 Book Now
Chennai Kolkata Yangon Connecting 5H 35M 14990 Book Now
Delhi Kolkata Bangkok Connecting 6H 55M 13990 Book Now
Delhi NA Chengdu Non-stop 4H 25M 10990 Book Now
Delhi Chennai Colombo Connecting 6H 45M 15490 Book Now
Delhi Kolkata Guangzhou Connecting 8H 50M 17990 Book Now
Delhi Kolkata Hanoi Connecting 7H 40M 15990 Book Now
Delhi Kolkata Ho Chi Minh City Connecting 6H 50M 15990 Book Now
Delhi NA Istanbul Non-stop 7H 30M 23990 Book Now
Delhi NA Kathmandu Non-stop 1H 50M 9990 Book Now
Delhi NA Kuala Lumpur Non-stop 5H 25M 14990 Book Now
Delhi NA Phuket Non-stop 4H 30M 19212 Book Now
Delhi NA Singapore Non-stop 6H 05M 17445 Book Now
Delhi Kolkata Yangon Connecting 5H 40M 14990 Book Now
Hyderabad Kolkata Bangkok Connecting 7H 35M 15990 Book Now
Hyderabad Delhi Chengdu Connecting 9H 35M 18490 Book Now
Hyderabad Bengaluru Colombo Connecting 4H 40M 12990 Book Now
Hyderabad Bengaluru Hong Kong Connecting 8H 30M 19490 Book Now
Hyderabad Chennai Kuala Lumpur Connecting 8H 50M 15490 Book Now
Hyderabad Mumbai Male Connecting 8H 45M 17990 Book Now
Hyderabad Bengaluru Phuket Connecting 7H 40M 16990 Book Now
Hyderabad Bengaluru Singapore Connecting 8H 10M 17990 Book Now
Hyderabad Kolkata Yangon Connecting 7H 15M 14990 Book Now
Kochi Chennai Colombo Connecting 5H 50M 12990 Book Now
Kochi Bengaluru Hong Kong Connecting 9H 30M 19490 Book Now
Kochi Bengaluru Kuala Lumpur Connecting 9H 45M 15490 Book Now
Kochi NA Male Non-stop 1H 40M 11338 Book Now
Kochi Bengaluru Phuket Connecting 9H 50M 16990 Book Now
Kochi Kolkata Yangon Connecting 10H 35M 14990 Book Now
Kolkata NA Bangkok Non-stop 2H 25M 10490 Book Now
Kolkata Delhi Chengdu Connecting 11H 35M 18490 Book Now
Kolkata Chennai Colombo Connecting 7H 10M 15990 Book Now
Kolkata NA Guangzhou Non-stop 3H 35M 9990 Book Now
Kolkata NA Hanoi Non-stop 2H  12990 Book Now
Kolkata NA Ho Chi Minh City Non-stop 2H 50M 12990 Book Now
Kolkata Bengaluru Kuala Lumpur Connecting 8H 35M 15490 Book Now
Kolkata NA Singapore Non-stop 4H 20M 13469 Book Now
Kolkata NA Yangon Non-stop 1H 20M 9990 Book Now
Mumbai NA Bangkok Non-stop 4H 25M 13490 Book Now
Mumbai Delhi Chengdu Connecting 9H 50M 18490 Book Now
Mumbai Bengaluru Colombo Connecting 7H 15M 12990 Book Now
Mumbai Kolkata Guangzhou Connecting 8H 15M 17990 Book Now
Mumbai Kolkata Hanoi Connecting 7H 45M 18490 Book Now
Mumbai Kolkata Ho Chi Minh City Connecting 8H 00M 18990 Book Now
Mumbai Bengaluru Hong Kong Connecting 9H 20M 19490 Book Now
Mumbai Bengaluru Kuala Lumpur Connecting 7H 55M 15990 Book Now
Mumbai NA Male Non-stop 2H 45M 17091 Book Now
Mumbai Bengaluru Phuket Connecting 9H 55M 16990 Book Now
Mumbai NA Singapore Non-stop 5H 55M 16992 Book Now
Mumbai Kolkata Yangon Connecting 8H 10M 14990 Book Now
Pune Delhi Chengdu Connecting 12H 55M 18490 Book Now
Pune Chennai Colombo Connecting 6H 25M 15490 Book Now
Pune Kolkata Hanoi Connecting 9H 15M 18490 Book Now
Pune Bengaluru Hong Kong Connecting 11H 55M 19490 Book Now
Pune Delhi Kathmandu Connecting 7H 45M 15990 Book Now
Pune Bengaluru Kuala Lumpur Connecting 8H 15M 15490 Book Now
Pune Bengaluru Phuket Connecting 7H 20M 17990 Book Now
Pune Bengaluru Singapore Connecting 8H 40M 18990 Book Now
Tiruchirappalli Chennai Colombo Connecting 5H 55M 12990 Book Now
Tiruchirappalli Chennai Kuala Lumpur Connecting 10H 15MIN 14990 Book Now
Tiruchirappalli NA Singapore Non-stop 4H 35M 14531 Book Now


Fares and schedules are subject to change without prior notice.

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