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Take a look at some of our routes that would urge you to take your next flight with us:

Origin Destination Lowest Fares* (INR)  
Agartala Guwahati ₹1,499 Book Now
Ahmedabad Chandigarh ₹3,873 Book Now
Ahmedabad Jaipur ₹2,385 Book Now
Amritsar Srinagar ₹1,757 Book Now
Bengaluru Coimbatore ₹2,297 Book Now
Chandigarh Ahmedabad ₹3,012 Book Now
Chennai Raipur ₹3,443 Book Now
Chennai Varanasi ₹4,096 Book Now
Coimbatore Bengaluru ₹2,299 Book Now
Delhi Dhaka ₹7,373 Book Now
Delhi Jaipur ₹1,299 Book Now
Delhi Mangaluru ₹5,046 Book Now
Delhi Udaipur ₹2,998 Book Now
Guwahati Agartala ₹1,499 Book Now
Hanoi Kolkata ₹9,640 Book Now
Ho Chi Minh City Kolkata ₹8,780 Book Now
Hyderabad Raipur ₹2,448 Book Now
Hyderabad Tiruchirappalli ₹2,881 Book Now
Jaipur Delhi ₹1,599 Book Now
Jorhat Kolkata ₹3,688 Book Now
Kolkata Hanoi ₹9,581 Book Now
Kolkata Ho Chi Minh City ₹9,500 Book Now
Kolkata Jorhat ₹3,688 Book Now
Kolkata Nagpur ₹3,599 Book Now
Mangaluru Delhi ₹5,458 Book Now
Nagpur Kolkata ₹3,799 Book Now
Nagpur Mumbai ₹2,720 Book Now
Raipur Chennai ₹3,453 Book Now
Raipur Hyderabad ₹2,001 Book Now
Tiruchirappalli Hyderabad ₹2,915 Book Now

*All-inclusive lowest one-way fares available for limited seats. Fares are subject to change without prior notice. To know more about flight schedules, click here

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