Haridwar - Site for Kumbh Mela

One of the holiest pilgrimages in India, Haridwar, or the ‘gateway to gods’, is located where Ganga, the sacredest of all Indian rivers, enters the Indo-Gangetic plains. Located at the foothills of the Himalayas, Haridwar is a city of temples and ashrams and its pious ambience envelops everyone. Haridwar is one of the four holy Indian cities that host the Kumbh Mela, a pious gathering of millions of Hindu devotees every 12 years. The Ardh Kumbh is organised here every six years. It also hosts the Kanwar mela every year during the rainy season. The ‘Panch Tirth’ or the five pilgrimages located within the periphery of Haridwar, are Gangadwara (Har Ki Pauri), Kushwart (Ghat), Kankhal, Bilwa Tirtha (Mansa Devi Temple) and Neel Parvat (Chandi Devi). Haridwar serves as the gateway to the Char Dham of Uttarakhand as well.

An ancient city, Haridwar's roots are steeped deep in culture and traditions of the ancient Vedic times, and there are several institutions here imparting traditional knowledge of wellness. If you want to know more and experience the ancient methods of healing, there are many certified Ayurvedic clinics in Haridwar that you can visit. Ashrams also offer sessions in Ayurveda, meditation and yoga. Every morning and evening, the ghats (stepped banks of a river) of River Ganga witnesses the blissful Ganga aarti, which attracts devotees and tourists. The evening ritual being more popular, it makes for a mesmeric sight to see the river being venerated with loud and rhythmic chants and tall lamps, their lights lightening up the darkening waters. It is a spectacular sight as thousands of small diyas (earthen lamps) are set afloat on the river.

While you are in Haridwar, do visit one of the newly renovated ghats, Chandighat.

Places to visit in Haridwar

  • Patanjali Yogpeeth: One of the most popular sites in Haridwar, this institute, with a sprawling campus, conducts research in yoga and Ayurveda and has been propagating yoga around the world.
  • Sapt Rishi Ashram: The serene Sapt Rishi Ashram, one of the oldest in Haridwar, welcomes devotees looking for peace and spirituality. It also runs a Sanskrit school. It is said to be standing at the site where the holy River Ganga divides herself into seven streams.
  • Daksha Mahadev Temple: This Lord Shiva temple is located on the outskirts of Haridwar and is said to have been constructed at the site where King Daksha performed a yagna (a Hindu fire ritual). According to Hindu mythology, Daksha Prajapati was the father of Sati of Goddess Durga. It becomes a hub of devotees during the month of Shravan (July-August).

How to reach Haridwar

By Flight: Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest Airport to Haridwar situated at a distance of 37 kilometers. Taxis are easily available from Jolly Grant Airport to Haridwar. Jolly Grant Airport is well connected to Delhi with daily flights.

Source Link: Haridwar | Site for Kumbh Mela | Uttarakhand Tourism

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