For your safety and comfort, its recommended to print baggage tags before reaching the airport.

Boarding Pass

Please carry a printed copy of your Bag Tag & boarding pass before reaching the airport.

Dangerous Goods & Restricted Articles

If you have any dangerous goods or restricted articles please declare them, carrying these objects may be an offense & may result in prosecution.

dangerous goods dangerous goods

Travel advisory: Safety during COVID-19
We seek your kind assistance to safeguard your well-being, as well as that of your fellow passengers and our crew on board our flights, by following the guidelines set out below:
All customers should wear a mask and sanitize their hands before proceeding to the boarding gate.
Customers must wear a face mask covering their nose and mouth, throughout their journey with IndiGo. The mask may be removed only while eating and drinking.
Please maintain appropriate social distancing while boarding and de-boarding the aircraft.
Kindly adhere to all the announcements and other directives issued by our ground staff and/or crew at all points of time during your journey.

Customers are also requested to familiarise themselves with the guidelines for air passengers published by the Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation on the following link:

Caution: Customers are advised to strictly follow all COVID-19 protocols. Failure to comply with these guidelines and the directions of our ground staff and/or crew may attract penal action against the concerned individual.

Airport Guide

Step 1
First things first

Print and carry your boarding pass on the day of the departure.

Step 2
ID Check
ID Check

Get your photo ID checked by the airport security.

Step 3
No Baggage
No baggage?

If you're carrying only hand baggage (as per stipulated norms), directly proceed for the security check.

Step 4
Deposit your baggage
Deposit your baggage

If you have check-in baggage, please deposit your baggage to the baggage drop counter*

Step 5
Gate closing time
Gate closing time

The boarding gate closes 25 minutes prior to departure.