Phuket - The Pearl of the Andaman Sea

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Magnificent islands, majestic sea water, lively towns and delicious food is what defines Phuket. Thailand’s largest island, Phuket, houses some of the most spectacular and exotic beaches in the world. While you are at Phuket, you can even enlighten your spiritual side at several temples and rejuvenate yourself with Thai massages.

Best time to visit: Plan your travel from November to February to enjoy the best weather.

Visa and immigration: Indian passport holders visiting Phuket for not more than 15days can avail the Visa on Arrival service from the immigration checkpoints at Phuket International Airport.

How to reach

By Air: Phuket International Airport is located at a distance of 32km (20minutes drive) from the Phuket city. IndiGo now provides direct connectivity between Phuket and Delhi along with seamless connections to other cities in India. You can also reach Phuket by flying to Bangkok and then taking a short flight to the city. IndiGo operates 14 weekly flights to Bangkok from Kolkata along with easy connections from all metros.

Getting around: Phuket has limited public transport and taxis and tuk-tuks are practically the only mode of transportation. You can even hire motorbike taxis (motosai) or vehicles. Another new addition to the city’s local transport is Phuket smart bus which is custom-made for tourists.

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Places to visit in Phuket

Places to eat in Phuket

No.9 2nd Restaurant

Considered among the best and busiest restaurants, No.9 2nd Restaurant offers creative and yummy mix of Thai, Japanese and Western dishes. Do try their vegetarian Thai curries and sushi.


Eat Bar & Grill

While the place is famous for its delicious burgers and steaks other than its lamb shank, its beef is the must-try for all. It is stylishly presented, best in quality, prepared as per your taste and is even reasonably priced..

Pad Thai Shop

This roadside food shack makes fabulous chicken stew, noodle soup, pàt see·éw (fried noodles) and kôw pàt þoo (fried rice with crab). You must taste their sweet and spicy Pàt Tai that is packed with egg, tofu and peanuts and plated with lime, spring onions and bean sprouts.


Blue Elephant

From beautiful Thai surroundings to lavishly decorated doors to brass cutlery and superbly prepared and presented dishes, Blue Elephant is an ideal place to try Thai cuisine royally.


Shopping in Phuket

Shopping in Phuket means you need to carry bigger bags and suitcases. Starting from traditional handicrafts, antiques, jewellery, batik, Thai-silk, pearls, Thai-style sarongs and bags, spa products, soap flowers to the western merchandise, you will get everything at a varied price range.

Phuket weekend market: If you do not want to spend much, then Phuket weekend market is the perfect shopping destination for you. It is popularly known as the Naka market and you will get second copies of almost all items here.

Chillva Market: This fresh and trendy market with a bohemian feel, offers fashionable clothes, an array of delicious food and even lively music and performances at its amphitheatre.

Phuket Old Town Handicraft Shops: Head out to the streets of the Old Phuket Town to pick some cool variety of items ranging from antiques to modern clothing. The street has some of the famous handicraft’s shops such as China Inn, Think Positive, Siam Indigo and Ban Boran Textiles.



Bangla Road: Patong’s Bangla Road comes alive when the sun sets. The road gets close for traffic and gets transform into a party with loud music and neon lights. Take a walk around and visit the best of nightclubs, bars, pubs, restaurants or discos. If you are looking to spend a fun night, Bangla Road should be your first option.

Simon Cabaret: Dazzling background sets, fabulous costumes, quick set change and superb choreography is what defines Simon Cabaret. The ladyboys at the Simon are exceptionally skilled that keep the audience of all age groups glued throughout the entire show. It should be on your must-see list.

Where to stay in Phuket


The Westin Siray Bay Resort & Spa Enjoy fantastic sunset views, serene ocean views and a calm environment at The Westin Siray Bay Resort & Resort. With three outdoor pools, six restaurants and bars, beachside activities, 257 rooms, suites and villas, the place is a perfect address for an uber-luxurious resort.


Little Nyonya Hotel This hotel’s customised furniture and rooms decorated with original artworks of local artists will remind you of staying in an old Sino-colonial mansion. It is equipped with essential amenities like 24-hour front desk, computer desk while offering a comfortable stay and great experience.


Casa Blanca Boutique Hotel Located close to several attractions in Phuket, Casa Blanca Boutique Hotel is a beautiful 4-star hotel. With Modern room, stylish decor and well-equipped amenities the hotel offers a comfortable and classy stay to its guest.


Hotel Ibis Phuket Patong Situated at a short distance from the Patong Beach, hotel Ibis Phuket is ideal for families and leisure travellers as it offers a stylish and comfortable stay with friendly service and amenities like swimming pool.


Lub d It is one of the best value for money hotel with a superb location and amenities. It is centrally located in proximity to Patong Beach and features a business centre making it a good option for business travellers.

More reasons to visit

Adventure activities: For adventure lovers, Phuket is an excellent option as it is famous for its water adventure sports such as diving, parasailing, swimming, scuba diving, jet-skiing, yachting and snorkeling. You can even try other activities that include deep sea fishing, freediving, kite surfing, windsurfing, sea canoeing and wakeboarding.

Island hopping: It is an ideal way to explore pretty small islands around Phuket at one go. You can easily do Island hopping by getting in touch with a trusted local boat charter company.

Spa: Phuket is even one of the most famous spa destinations around the world. The spa parlours offer various spa and massage treatments blended with ancient traditions and spa techniques. Do try one of their massage therapies and rejuvenate your body and soul.

Get married in Phuket: Destination weddings are in trend and what can be better than a picture-perfect place like Phuket. With ample breathtaking views and stunning locations on the beaches or luxury villas and resorts, Phuket is definitely a place to get married at.


6E & Cheeky

Elephant sanctuaries are rapidly becoming popular in Phuket. And they are a great escape from regular sightseeing, trekking and other activities. If you love animals, then it is an excellent opportunity to interact and get close to these majestic creatures. These parks don’t harm or disturb the elephants. You can give them a mud bath, wash them, feed, touch and get photographed with them while learning a lot more about these gentle giants. Several sanctuaries have come up including Phuket Elephant Sanctuary, Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket, Elephant Retirement Park Phuket and Phang Nga Elephant Park.

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