Conservation of Muhammed Qutb Shah’s Mausoleum

India is home to various cultures and heritage, and at IndiGo, we aim at preserving our heritage and its glorious past. In collaboration with Aga Khan Foundation, we are working towards conserving the Mausoleum of Muhammad Qutb Shah at the Qutb Shahi Heritage Park in Hyderabad.

The mausoleum is dedicated to Muhammad Qutb Shah, who pioneered the city of Hyderabad. He was the fifth Sultan of the Qutub Shahi Dynasty of Golkonda in South India and was considered an able administrator.

The mausoleum is one of the four most dominant structures in the Qutb Shahi Heritage Park. We believe it is a significant heritage site with the potential to emerge as one of India’s finest urban archaeological parks and tourist attractions.

The key components of the project are:

  • To demonstrate the ecological impact of conservation through local materials and landscaping the setting of the monument.
  • Creating economic opportunities for local communities.
  • Creating a sustainable tourist attraction.

Few glimpses of this initiative

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