Arti Bai, Delhi - NCR

“I am a successful and confident woman today. I am highly grateful to the IndiGo team for their constant support”

After meeting with an accident, Arti’s husband was left with a spinal cord injury, leaving her family with no source of income. Her five children were also forced to drop out of school.

The IndiGo-Bandhan THP (The Hardcore Poor) program team came to know about Arti’s condition and helped her set up a cosmetics business. Since there were no other cosmetic vendors in the village, this line of business was explicitly chosen for her.

She was given the required materials along with a monthly stipend to meet her immediate household needs. She confidently started her business and moved through the village to sell the items, enabling her to make a sufficient monthly income.

Arti started managing her budget while looking for opportunities to maximise profits, and her husband helped her in making the business calculations. Her children now attend school, eat nutritious meals, and she can now afford to pay for her husband’s medical treatment.

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