Bimla Bai Yadav, Chattisgarh

 “I am very thankful to the IndiGo-Bandhan THP
program team for empowering me and helping me set up my own business. I am sure
this program will help and support more poor women like me to make a living.” 

Bimla was married off at an early age. She struggled to keep the marriage together and after her husband’s suicide, she had to work as a daily wage labourer to make ends meet. Her meagre income could, however, could not even feed her four children, educating her children remained a far distant dream.

Bimla’s condition came to the notice of our team working on the Bandhan-IndiGo THP (The Hardcore Poor) program. She was given the required training and assets to set up her own business of ready-made garments. Not only this, she was also given a monthly stipend until she could generate sufficient income to meet her household expenses.

Along with the ready-made garment business, she also started tailoring and selling milk, enabling her to save a monthly corpus in the bank. She has also got herself insured under the PMSBY scheme.

Bimla leads a better life now. Her children attend school and she has also managed to get her house repaired. From earning an irregular income of ₹1500 per month to now earning over ₹ 4500, it’s like a dream come true for Bimla. She is grateful to our team for making this possible for her. She wishes to set up a permanent shop in the nearby market and we are sure her determination will pave its way to her dream.


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