Nathi Bai, Rajasthan

“From living in a shelter-home to setting up my own business, this was made possible only by the support of IndiGo team. I can’t thank the team enough for helping me lead a better life.”

For the first three years of her marriage, Nathi Bai happily lived with her family, but regular clashes with her in-laws forced her to live separately. She soon lost her husband, who was working as a daily labourer, to liver ulcer and was left to fend for herself. She managed to get shelter under the Government housing scheme and for living worked as an agricultural labourer on daily wages. Her meagre income did not even suffice her two square meals.

Nathi’s condition came to light to our team, who provided her necessary training and assets to start a grocery store. She was also given a monthly stipend to meet her basic expenses.

With regular support from the team, hardworking Nathi managed to expand her business. She utilised the profit from the store to buy a goat and started selling milk. Her efforts enabled her to save money  and get herself insured under the PMSBY scheme. She is thankful to our team for giving her a new lease of life.

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