Posted 2 June 2022

Adventure destinations in India - The ultimate guide for every adventure enthusiast

The vastness and variety of terrains, towering peaks and mountains, undulating rivers, natural marvels, wildlife sanctuaries and lush green forests make India an ideal destination for all adventure junkies. Across different geographic boundaries, it has gained a reputation as one of the hot spots of adventure sports, promising several enchanting experiences. Be it in India’s north, south, east or west, there is no dearth of adventurous activities offering a fine combination of fun and excitement.

So, pack your bags and get ready to fulfil your wanderlust. Relish the adrenaline rush that awaits and plan smart travel at some of the best adventure destinations in India.

Here’s the list of prominent adventure places in India for all adventure enthusiasts:

1. Bengaluru

Affectionately called the Garden City, the city of Bengaluru features numerous fun and adventurous activities that can let travellers have an experience of a kind.

Adventure activities in Bangalore -

  • Trekking: Antharagange, Kodachadri, Kudremukh and Kunti Betta are some of the best places to try trekking with friends or your partner. The summits of these trekking trails offer enchanting panoramas of misty hillocks, valleys, winding roads and settlements. To pass through the narrow passageways of a river and its volatile currents while rafting at Coorg or Dandeli is an experience in itself.
  • Microlight flying: Further, witnessing aerial views of the entire city by microlight flying is an experience for all thrill-seekers. At a height of about 40,000 feet, it is quite exciting to enjoy stunning city views.
  • Other thrill activities: Some of the other must-try activities in Bengaluru include Wildlife Safari, Parasailing and Go Karting.

2. Goa

Surrounded by beautiful trees and plant vegetation, Goa is regarded as a heaven for adventure enthusiasts. It is here that one can indulge in plenty of adventure activities promising experience of a lifetime. Apart from enjoying activities such as trekking and sailing, one can try several exciting water sports that the state is famous for.

Water sports/ adventure activities in Goa -

Most of the Goan beaches are perfectly suited for a host of water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, angling, parasailing, water scooting, swimming and water skiing.

  • Scuba diving: For those interested in exploring the wonders of underwater, scuba diving is an ideal activity to indulge in.
  • Snorkelling: When it comes to snorkelling, Bogmalo Beach is said to be the most popular place in Goa. It is here that one can enjoy locating the schools of lobsters, fish, and lengthy corals constituting an unusual yet impeccable sight.
  • Hot air ballooning: Apart from exploring Goa’s coastal beauty, one can go for a wonderful hot air ballooning adventure in South Goa.
  • Canyoning: Another must-try adrenaline pumping adventure activity is canyoning, which involves jumping into a gushing waterfall and allowing oneself to be freely carried downstream with the flow of water. It can be best tried in the calming environment of the Netravali wildlife sanctuary, which lies close to the southernmost part of Goa, Palolem.

3.  Jammu and Kashmir

Apart from being known for its scenic beauty and enchanting charm, Jammu and Kashmir is equally famous for offering several thrilling activities to indulge in.

Adventure activities  in Jammu and Kashmir -

  • Chadar Trek: One of the top adventurous things to do while in Jammu and Kashmir is to go for Chadar Trek. It is quite an enthralling experience to walk over a frozen river, overcome various levels of difficulties and keep the reflexes active. However, this astounding trek can only be enjoyed during the winter season.
  • Stok Kangri trek: It is quite an experience to indulge in yet another challenging trekking expedition to Stok Kangri. The stunning landscapes, deserted surroundings and trails with plenty of ridges lend an extraordinary charm to the region. This trek is known for rewarding trekkers with spectacular views of the Zanskar Range and the Indus Valley.
  • Skiing: Another popular trekking activity to try is skiing in the highest snowfall receiving area, Gulmarg. The snowy meadows of the region entice skiing enthusiasts and satiate all their adventure quests.
  • Bike trip: One must not miss going on a bike trip to Leh. Characterised by narrow passes, challenging roads, windy terrains and the joy of crossing through new roads, a bike trip to Leh offers a high dose of adrenaline to the bikers. Passing those isolated roads at speed and with great intensity makes this bike trip thrilling at every turn. As it is home to azure, clear waters, serene picturesque lakes and ruggedly handsome terrain, a journey through the region would undoubtedly pump up the daredevil within one.

4.  Mumbai

Mumbai has never failed to disappoint travellers seeking enthralling opportunities to make the most of their vacations. And, this holds true for adventure lovers too. There are several activities that can excite an adventurer on a Mumbai tour.

Adventure activities in Mumbai -

  • Kayaking - For those with a fondness for azure waters, kayaking is an ideal sport to satisfy all yearnings. Usually, this activity can be enjoyed in the Chowpatty suburb of Mumbai. While exploring the waters, one must not forget to soak in the beauty of the Arabian Sea.
  • Helicopter ride - Another popular activity in the city is a helicopter ride. Be it children or adults, both feel equally enchanted by the activity. This ride is mainly designed for those interested in sightseeing from a height. It allows one to appreciate splendid, ethereal views of the city of Mumbai from about 12,000 plus feet high.
  • Yacht cruise - Moreover, a yacht cruise on the turquoise waters of Mumbai doubles the excitement and joy. With this adventurous sailing experience, one can not only admire the coastal beauty of Mumbai but also enjoy setting own records and reaching the top speed within a blink of an eye.

5. Jodhpur

Along with sprawling palaces, towering forts, alluring lakes, airy havelis, ancient step wells and brilliant temples, the city of Jodhpur is well-known for fun and adventure. Often referred to as the 'Sun City', it is here that adventure junkies can freely live their untamed desires.

Adventure activities in Jodhpur -

  • It is in this city that adventure seekers can opt for desert camping, along with bonfire, lavish barbeque dinners and village tours.
  • Witnessing the golden sands being kissed by the sun and stars can weave memories of a lifetime.
  • Also, camping under the star-studded sky and amidst sand-covered surroundings is no less than a dream-like adventure. One can even enjoy camping along with Camel Safari.
  • One of the most popular things to do in Jodhpur is going for adventure activities by Flying Fox. The 6 zip line tours can be experienced at Mehrangarh Fort, as per the international standards of safety.
  • Paragliding is yet another activity in the city which is loved by tourists in the arid desert of Rajasthan, providing a mesmerising 360-degree birds-eye view of the city.

Tips To Plan an Adventure Trip

As adventure trips have become a rage among travellers across the globe, before embarking on any new journey, it becomes important to keep certain things in consideration for a safe and comfortable trip.

Mentioned below are some of the tips that may prove useful while planning an adventure trip:

  • Research well: One must research well about the destination to get a better idea of its top attractions and activities. Referring to the official tourism site of the destinations may prove of great help.
  • Track the weather conditions: It is always advised to keep a check on weather conditions of the destination of travel. This would help to decide the type of clothing and things needed to cope with the weather change.
  • Plan in limits: Knowing one’s limitations is the key to every successful adventurous trip. Planning realistic activities enables one to enjoy in the capacity of their fitness. Some trips, like a trip to Ladakh, require some prior preparations so that the body can acclimatise easily later.
  • Check on documentation and money: Proper documentation and money are the key essentials for any trip. These are an inevitable necessity and hence, must be kept safely.
  • Build a sensible itinerary: One must make an itinerary sensibly as the entire trip depends on that piece of paper that makes the trip happen for you in real. It is recommended to plan limited activities during a day. One must not make it hectic by including every place and activity on a single day. It is important to remember that the trip was initially planned to ensure some moments of relaxation away from the busy schedules.
  • Manage expenses: To be clear about the budget is the backbone of any trip. First and foremost, one needs to create a trip budget and follow it eventually. Managing an account of expenses can help to keep a constant track and save from landing into a crash-like situation.  Miscellaneous costs like exchange rates, hidden fees, taxes, tips and more, if not managed well, can catch one off-guard and end up taking a big toll on the financial status.
  • Stay vigilant: Staying safe is of paramount significance. Especially for solo travellers, it is very crucial to stay vigilant all the time. One must take adventure trips in conditions that are conducive for travel. The best way is to stay informed, updated and connected with people around time and again.

Must-carry things on a multi-day adventure trip

While packing for any trip, the best tip that comes handy is to pack everything smartly and efficiently. Following are some of the basic and activity-oriented essentials that may help in making packing not only easier but also smarter:

For example, for hiking tours:

  • Woollen/thermal undergarments
  • Trousers and shirts
  • Windproof/rainproof jacket
  • Woollen socks and caps
  • Hiking gloves
  • Hiking caps
  • All-weather trekking shoes


  • Backpacks
  • Water bottles
  • Torch with spare batteries
  • Sunglasses
  • Portable charger
  • Sleeping bags
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito repellents
  • Medical kit
  • Toiletries

Owing to the varied topographical features, India has become a focal point for adventure tourism. Whether it is historical, spiritual or wildlife destinations in the country, all have the potential of making a traveller discover an adventurer in them. So, pave the way for enigmatic adventures and fall in love with life.

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