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Why Lakshadweep should be your next beach vacation

Do you wish for a tranquil beach vacation? If you prefer a serene, off-the-grid getaway, Lakshadweep should be at the top of your list. Lakshadweep is renowned for its unspoiled beaches, blue sea, and exotic islands. The archipelago is a great destination for those on a quest for peace and tranquillity or who are keen on getting a thrill by taking on some adventure. There are several islands in Lakshadweep that are ideal for tropical vacays as well as opulent resorts, fun-filled activities and opulent beaches that will let tourists have a memorable beach vacation. This itinerary will allow tourists planning a trip to Lakshadweep to learn what should be considered when making the booking.

Lakshadweep: An overview

Lakshadweep, an island chain offshore of Kerala, is a perfect amalgam of islands. There are white-sand beaches, coral reefs and lagoons covering Lakshadweep, making it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts seeking solitude. Lakshadweep is the tiny Union Territory in the country and it attracts travellers from all over with a large variety of rural communities, marine life and more.

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The Lakshadweep Islands and their people are neither indigenous nor tribal. Settlement on the island began during the Middle Ages. Although rumour has it that several nations invaded the island at the same time, recent history reveals that successive governments invaded and occupied it, including Portuguese, Arabs and ultimately the British. The dominant Hindu and Muslim cultures can be seen here as a manifestation of the influences. As a dialect derived from Malayalam, the local language is influenced by the mainland of India. Either Indians or Arabs are the descendants of the people. The islands are a recent tourist attraction.

Lakshadweep: A peek at the tourism


A trip to Lakshadweep's islands will allow one to enjoy the beautiful scenery and take part in some adventurous activities. Tourists can enjoy several remarkable landmarks in Lakshadweep while on holiday, including natural wonders and aquatic life. On these islands, you can enjoy a variety of activities, be it lying on the beach or enjoying various water sports, you will have an experience that you will never forget. Minicoy Island is among the most popular tourist destinations due to its luxury resorts, as well as the oldest lighthouse in Lakshadweep that offers a spectacular view. Other popular islands are Bangaram Island, an ideal honeymoon spot, and Kadmat Island, a place to observe vast lagoons and a variety of marine life. If you want to relax and have fun at the beach, you can also go to Suheli, Chetlat, Tinnakara, Agatti, Kalpeni and Bitra.

Things to do

The main attraction of Lakshadweep tourism is its water sports. Among the many activities available, you can participate in scuba diving, parasailing, glass-bottom boat rides, snorkelling, sailing, kayaking, fishing, water skiing and deep-sea fishing. There are also excursion tours that you can take to neighbouring islands like Bangaram, Parali, Thinnakara and Kalpitty. Coral reef formations can only be found in Lakshadweep in India. There are several shades and they are stunning. Several vibrant reefs can be seen through the water due to their clarity. Coral reefs make the water shallow, making it easier for children and novice swimmers to wade. The gorgeous coral reef formations and the rich marine life on the islands further enhance their mystique. You must resist the temptation to pick up corals, as this is a punishable crime.

A trip to Lakshadweep, primarily to a party, will leave you disappointed. There isn't much of a nightlife scene on the islands since alcohol is illegal except on Bangaram. But one of the best things is that you can purchase some amazing native handicrafts made of coconut coir and palm fronds. Enjoy the sandy beach as you build castles or simply get that perfect tan while soaking up the sun. Enjoy the beautiful lagoons that surround the islands. Be sure to charge your camera batteries thoroughly before leaving. The temptation is too great to resist taking pictures every minute.

  1. Kayaking: Kayaking and canoeing in Minicoy Island's shallow waters are popular. It is possible to navigate the tranquil waves solo or with the assistance of a guide. Among the historical landmarks in the distance is Minicoy Lighthouse.
  2. Scuba Diving: Marine life is abundant on Kalpeni Island in Lakshadweep. Divers can enjoy a unique experience in Lakshadweep. Lakshadweep's Kalpeni island's shores are filled with exotic corals that make your diving experience unforgettable.
  3. Dolphin Watching: The Agatti and Bangaram Islands of Lakshadweep are excellent spots for viewing dolphins in India. Watch these playful creatures as they perform breathtaking dives into the ocean.
  4. Canoeing: You can engage in many different adventure water sports in Lakshadweep, including canoeing. Lakshadweep's Minicoy Island is an ideal location to try this activity.
  5. Fishing: The fishing here is legendary. Kadmat Island is encircled on one side by an alluring lagoon. If you love fishing, this should be a must-see destination. During this activity, you will be swept away by the beauty of this stunning location.
  6. Parasailing: Several places in Lakshadweep offer parasailing activities. This is going to be an experience unlike any other as you sail through the air on jet boats and steam. You will also experience an adrenaline rush while parasailing over the clear waters and enjoy a 360-degree panorama of the sands and the sea.
  7. Snorkelling: There are great snorkelling spots in Lakshadweep, and Agatti Islands offer calm waters and great snorkelling. Several exotic species of sea animals can also be found on coral reefs. It is possible to reach Agatti Islands in Lakshadweep either by ship or by flight from Kochi.

Delicacies and shops

There are often remarks about the culinary offerings in Lakshadweep being equivalent to that found on the islands. People eat rice as a staple food. Rice and coconut are the essential ingredients of the regional specialities, which are influenced by Kerala cuisine. Tourists can't miss the aroma of scrumptious regional dishes such as octopus stir-fry and appams cooked with distinctive coconut essence. The Akshaya Mess and Agatti Island Beaches Resort are a few of the must-visit restaurants for tourists to try local specialities. Food in the style of Malabar can be found near the Kavaratti islands. As far as well-known dishes in India, sambar, rice, tuna fish fried in oil, idli, poori, etc. are the most commonly eaten foods.

The Lakshadweep region offers some wonderful shopping opportunities, including coral shell handicrafts. Lakshadweep will offer you a unique shopping experience apart from oysters and coral shells. Among the shell products that can be bought are armlets, ashtrays, bracelets, forks, mirrors, lamps and other items. In addition, a few incredible aquariums can be purchased here.

Places you shouldn’t miss in Lakshadweep

Kalpeni Islands

A lagoon of spectacular beauty surrounds three uninhabited satellite islands of Kalpeni. A thousand aquamarines flash and sparkle on the water when the sun shines. Koomel, the well-developed tourist area, has direct views of Pitti and Thilakkm, both islands. You can swim here, snorkel, reef walk, or use kayaks and sailboats for water activities. Now the island has additional tourist facilities, including privately managed huts for tourists who choose to purchase a package. The lagoon has a wide range of corals.

Minicoy Island

On Minicoy island, 200 km away from Kavaratti island and nearest to the Maldives, a British lighthouse was established in 1885. Visitors can tour the lighthouse. One of the most beautiful spots in Lakshadweep is the inland lake; its surface looks like a mirror, and the lagoon is one of the largest on the island. Language, dress, culture and food are all very different on the island of Minicoy. Walking through the villages reveals the diversity here. During festivities, Minicoy is well-known for its lava dance tradition. A tuna cannery indicates its significance in tuna fishing and boat building. On remote beaches, tourists can rent privately managed cottages.

Chetlat Island

Chetlat, an alluring coral island 37 km to the northwestern edge of Kiltan, is a lesser-explored island of Lakshadweep. Relax on a vacation, take long walks on the beach, sway by the coconut trees and drink in the gleaming turquoise ocean behind the oblique evening sun. You can enjoy tuna, the island's staple, which comes cooked with various ingredients. Other interesting things about this island are its fauna and flora. The region is not only well-known for its humongous tortoises but also for its abundance of animals and birds.

Kadmat Islands

Situated in the Lakshadweep archipelago, Kadmat Island stretches over 9.3 km. Popular for its sunshine, azure waters and colourful coral reefs, the picturesque coral island of Kadmat is a hit with foreigners and Indians alike. A popular nesting spot for marine turtles in Kadmat, the only resident hamlet on Lakshadweep Island. In Lakshadweep, snorkelling, kayaking and diving are accessible on Kadmat Island.

Bangaram Island

Situated off the coast of California, Bangaram Island is encircled by turquoise water, soft sand beaches, and tall palm trees. It is one of the most attractive islands in the country for vacations because of the tropical climate, pleasant weather, abundant aquatic life and adventurous activities. Bangaram is a hop and a skip from the enchanting Agatti Island, where one can enjoy a relaxing vacation.

Agatti Islands

Just like the Andaman Islands, Agatti Island is a well-known getaway spot. It is one of the Lakshadweep chains of islands and is a favourite vacation spot for people in southwest India. Only boats can travel to the island. It is an experience like no other! Boat rides and cruises are both available. These are luxury cruises with air conditioning. There is beautiful marine life on this island located about 460 km from Kochi. Not only that but also the surrounding nature is astounding. Island hopping is possible and you can visit nearby islands too since it is connected to different nearby islands.

Kavaratti Island Lagoon

Situated in the Indian Union Territory of Lakshadweep, Kavaratti is its capital. There are warm sandy beaches on Kavaratti, and the other islands of Lakshadweep, where tourists can relax. Despite Kavaratti's narrow beaches, the lagoons around it are fantastic with starfish, anemones and countless colourful fish. Scuba diving, as well as snorkelling, are available at Chicken Neck Point, which is on the southern end of the island. Tourists can experience an extensive collection of corals and a wealth of marine life from a glass-bottom boat ride.

Things to know as you plan

  • Lakshadweep requires a permit for visitors.
  • Don't forget to keep enough cash on you. ATM penetration is low in this area because it is not well developed.
  • Take sunblock, hats, sunglasses and other beach items with you.
  • Alcohol is not allowed in Lakshadweep.
  • Ensure you have essential medical supplies with you. Similar to ATMs, medical stores do not have many locations.
  • The deliberate harming of corals or returning them to the water is a punishable offence.

How to visit?

Lakshadweep's beauty lies in the fact that there is limited accessibility to its islands. Even so, it's not all that far away from being convenient. Ships and flights operate from Kochi to Lakshadweep Island.

  • By air: Lakshadweep's only domestic airport, Agatti Aerodrome, has regular flights from Cochin International Airport, making it well connected to the rest of India. Six direct flights operate between Kochi and Agatti every week, and IndiGo is one of them. From Kochi, you will need a tourism permit to travel to the Lakshadweep Islands. In addition to the helicopter service, Agatti-Kavaratti can also be reached by land.
  • By train or bus: Because Lakshadweep is an island, it is not directly connected to the mainland by bus or train. You can reach the nearest railway station, Ernakulam Junction. A total of 29 trains run between Ernakulam and Lakshadweep. Trivandrum Hazrat Nizamuddin Express, Mangalore Express, Kochuveli Lokmanyatilak T Settigunta Express, Nizamuddin Express and Ernakulam Pune Express are some of the trains that travel from Ernakulam to Lakshadweep.
  • By ship: Ship connectivity exists between Cochin and Lakshadweep, with seven ships offering passenger service. There are seven-passenger ships: the MV Amindivi, the MV Arabian Sea, the MV Bharat Seema, the MV Kavaratti, the MV Lakshadweep Sea, the MV Minicoy and the MV Dweep Setu. A/C Deluxe Class cabins have two beds, A/C Tourist Class cabins have A/C seating, and A/C First Class cabins have four beds.

One can take the time to explore Kerala, 'God's Own Country,' as well while exploring the area. Lakshadweep is regularly accessible by ship, ferry and boat from Kerala.


A tropical climate can be found in Lakshadweep, where average temperatures range from 27°C to 32°C. On average, the temperatures are 32°C in April and May. The climate, in general, is humid, warm and pleasant. During the monsoons, there is no ship-based tourism because the climate is unfavourable. There is a South West Monsoon from June to October with an average of 10-40 mm of rain. There is 70-75% relative humidity. From south to north, annual precipitation decreases. Eighty to ninety days on average a year are wet. From October to March, winds are moderate to light.

Best time to visit

Visit Lakshadweep between October and mid-May for the best weather. The rainy season usually begins in mid-May and lasts until September. During the monsoon, it is difficult to reach Lakshadweep by ship despite the resorts being open throughout the year.


Kerala has a collection of stunning islands called Lakshadweep. Dive sites abound on these palm-laden coral isles, extending from the Maldives to the north. Lakshadweep consists of 36 islands. Lakshadweep consists of tiny islands, none of which exceed 1 mile in breadth; Amindivis is situated in the north and Minicoy Island is situated in the south. The heavenly island of Lakshadweep makes for the ideal beach holiday destination. Their stunning natural beauty, colourful flora, exotic fauna and incredible adventures make them popular destinations. During the summer, the weather in Lakshadweep is humid and hot, while the winters are pleasant and the monsoon season is intense. Are you ready to visit? Take a flight with IndiGo to Lakshadweep to experience its tranquillity.

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