One pass, all good to go!

IndiGo is the first airline in India to sign up for the trials for the IATA Travel Pass app - a mobile app which our customers can use to store and link their COVID-19 test reports/vaccination certificate with flight bookings.

Breeze through the check-in/boarding counters and save time with this app. We invite you to download and experience the IATA Travel Pass app. Use code: IOS – 062946 and Android – 787350.

This is a trial for a period of 3 weeks on flights from select airports: Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai and Sharjah and valid only on select international flights. Customers are advised to travel with printed copy of their COVID-19 test results and other documents which shall be required for travel.

Your guide to ‘IATA Travel Pass’

Minimum versions required for iOS and Android app download

  • iOS 13.2 or above
  • Android 6.0 (API level 23) or above

Connect to labs:

  • Click here to view the list of available labs.
  • Please download the IATA Travel Pass App and create your digital identity prior to going to the test lab.
  • Upon arrival at the selected lab location, please inform the lab agent that you are participating in the IATA Travel Pass trial.
  • Most importantly, you must take your passport with you to the lab.

 Steps to follow while using the app during the trial period

IATA Travel Pass mobile app to store your travel documents

Download app

You can download the IATA Travel Pass app from the Google Play Store or the App Store by Apple.

Use IndiGo’s code IOS – 062946 and Android - 787350 to enter and set up your profile to get started.

IATA Travel Pass mobile app to store your travel documents

Create your digital ID

Enter your passport details, confirm your identity and scan your passport.

IATA Travel Pass mobile app to store your travel documents

Load your trips

Add your upcoming flights to the ‘My flights’ section.

IATA Travel Pass mobile app to store your travel documents

Check health requirements for your travel

Check the COVID-19 guidelines specific to your arrival city/state.

IATA Travel Pass mobile app to store your travel documents

Identify certified lab/upload vaccination certificate

  • You can contact your lab agent at the identified lab and book your COVID-19 test appointment.
  • At the test centre, you must inform the lab agent that you are participating in the IATA Travel Pass app trial.
  • You must carry your passport for physical verification at the lab.
  • You can also upload your vaccination certificate and link the test reports to your flight booking.
IATA Travel Pass mobile app to store your travel documents

Display of ‘Ok to Travel’ status

A ‘negative’ test report will render an ‘Ok to Travel’ status to you, which can be presented during your journey.

You are advised to travel with printed copy of your COVID-19 test results and other documents which shall be required for travel.

Customer queries- For queries, you may WhatsApp Dottie (our chat assistant) on 7428081281 or DM us on Twitter/Facebook. You may also contact our 24*7 call centre on 0124-6173838.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The IATA Travel Pass application is a mobile application that enables you to create a digital version of your passport on your mobile phone. You can then securely share your passport details with clinics so that they can verify your digital identity before sending back your electronic COVID-19 test result. The test result is then validated against the travel rules enabling you to show and share evidence that you are fit to fly.

  • The IATA Travel Pass app is an industry initiative enabling you to securely share your passport details and COVID-19 results with clinics, airline, airport and immigration authorities. This means you can avoid having to hand over your physical documents such as your passport and COVID-19 test result, saving time at airport check points.

    Additionally, using an electronic version of your passport is safer than using a physical passport. If your phone is lost or stolen, no one can access your electronic passport details!

  • When you scan the QR code at the clinic this establishes a secured connection between the IATA Travel Pass app on your phone and the clinic. This connection is used for the clinic to validate your digital identity and send the test result directly to your phone when the lab completes the analysis. The application then validates the test result against the travel rules for your itinerary to let you know if the test meets the requirements. You can then show the attestation that you are ready to fly to your airline to speed up the airport verification process.

  • To use the IATA Travel Pass application, you need to have an ePassport and a compatible phone. Once downloaded, you can create your digital identity and load your flights by:

    1. Taking a selfie and a short video of your face
    2. Scanning your passport
    3. Loading your trips
    4. Following the instructions given by the notifications presented on your phone
  • Open your passport on the photo page. Scan the two lines of characters at the bottom of the page as prompted by the app. If you cannot scan these lines you can also manually enter the details. Then place your open passport behind the phone so it can read the passport chip.

    If the application does not manage to read the passport chip, then move the passport to a different place at the back of the phone. The chip is not in the same place for all passports, which is why you may need to move the phone/passport to be able to read the chip in your passport.

  • You need to have an ePassport. If your passport does not contain an electronic chip, then you cannot use the application yet. If your passport has a chip, it will have a chip icon on the lower half of the front cover.

    If you have a French or German passport you cannot use IATA Travel Pass as the legislation in your country does not allow anyone outside of specific government entities to access the data on the passport chip.

  • You can load your flights by clicking on the ‘YOUR FLIGHTS’ section of the app by selecting your airline and your day of travel.

  • When adding your flight, you can see the list of airline partners of IATA Travel Pass. If you do not find your airline there it means that they have not joined yet.

    Also, if you have two airlines in your reservation make sure you select the airline that sold you the ticket (marketing carrier).

  • All your information is stored on your phone, and IATA doesn’t save or even have access to your passport data.

    When you share your data with a partner, the data is encrypted and sent directly from your phone to the partner. They only use it for the purpose you agree to and delete the data afterwards.

  • No one can access or share your data except you! If you choose not to share your data, no one will have access to it. When you choose to share your data with a partner, only that partner has access to that data.

  • The data you share is used only for the purpose you agree to at the time of sharing it and is deleted afterwards. If you wish to know more, refer to the data privacy policy of the partner you shared the data with.

  • If you wish to learn more about IATA Travel Pass, please visit

    Click here for the IATA Travel Pass product video

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