Aizawl - The Home of the Highlanders

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Located 3715 feet above the sea level, Aizawl is the capital and largest city of Mizoram. The town is known for its exquisite handicrafts, rich tribal culture, and stunning natural beauty. Interestingly Aizawl lies north of the Tropic of Cancer, spreading over several edges, resulting in most of the houses being built on the slopes. Mizos consider this citadel-like city as their cultural and religious centre. Various festivals are celebrated throughout the year starting with Chapchar Kut, Pawl Kut, Mim Kut, etc. Apart from several touristy spots, the city is also home to essential Government offices such as Civil Secretariat and State Assembly House. So, pack your bags and go on a trip to discover the breath-taking beauty of Aizawl.

Best time to visit Aizawl

Aizawl is an all-year-round destination with comfortable temperature throughout the year. March to May is the best time to explore the city.

  • Summer: Summers in Aizawl are mild with the temperature ranging between 20°C to 30°C. Tourists usually visit the city during this time.
  • Monsoon: Starting from June to September, Aizawl experiences heavy rainfall.
  • Winter: The winter season in Aizawl starts from October and lasts till February, with temperature ranging between 10°C to 21°C.

Most Spoken languages in Aizawl

  • Mizo
  • English

How to reach Aizawl

  • Flights to Aizawl: Lengpui Airport (AJL) is a domestic airport in Mizoram, located 32 km away from the city centre. IndiGo now provides direct connectivity between Aizawl and Guwahati & Agartala along with other key destinations in India.
  • By train: Aizawl does not have a railway station of its own, the nearest railway station is in Silchar, Assam.
  • By bus: Visitors usually reach Aizawl by bus via NH44. Private buses operating between Aizawl-Silchar run overnight except the Mizoram State Transport buses.
  • Getting around/local transport in Aizawl: Taxis are the primary mode of transportation in the city, available at negotiable rates. There are various buses as well, running between different localities in Aizawl.
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Places to visit in Aizawl

  • The Mizoram State Museum: This ethnographic museum in Aizawl is worth a visit, and it should be your first stop on your trip. You will find collections of ancient costumes, ancient relics, etc. on display across five galleries that include Ethnology History, Natural history, Textile Gallery, Anthropology, and Archaeology. Located right in the centre of the city, the museum has a nominal entry fee of just Rs. 5.
  • Durtlang Hills: Head to the Durtlang hills to enjoy a breath-taking view of Aizawl city. It is also a popular trekking destination among locals as well as tourists. The trek is not an easy one, but the view from the top is worth it.
  • Reiek Hills: Spread over several mountain ridges, there is no shortage of hills in Aizawl. You can go from one hill to another to enjoy the scenic beauty and the view that they offer. After your visit to Durtlang, move to the Reiek Hills which is among the highest elevations in Mizoram, at 1600 metres. The hill is steep rocky on one side and an untouched forest, making it a unique place altogether. Filled with serenity and peace along with the chirping and humming of birds, it's an ideal place for nature lovers, bird watchers, adventure enthusiasts, and couples.
  • Vantawang Falls: Aizawl is home to the state's highest waterfall, Vantawang Falls. A testimony to the North East's natural beauty is one of the most stunning waterfalls in the state. It looks like a stream of milk cascading through the lush green valley and thick greenery.
  • Solomon’s Temple: Solomon's Temple is an attractive tourist spot in the city. It's a pilgrimage site, built to spread the message of God and on his existence. The building features English style architecture and a peaceful surrounding.

Shopping places in Aizawl

High-end shopping/luxury shopping/shopping malls in Aizawl

  • Millenium Mall
  • Lalbuaia Shopping Centre

Street shopping in Aizawl

Products made from Cane and Bamboo are must-buys on your trip to Aizawl. There are also other things to shop, including their traditional wrap-around skirt – Paun and some Rangoon goods. Aizawl is also thriving like other cities, and you can find several big brands setting shops in the region. Let us take you through the must-visit shopping areas in the city with some tips on what to buy.

  • Bara Bazar: If you want to experience the local culture, then Bara Bazaar is the ideal place for you. It is the main shopping hub in the city, and you can find everything here from handicrafts to garments and other products. You must pick handmade wicker baskets, traditional colourful attire, and some handicrafts from this market.
  • Zarkawt Road: There are several restaurants, hotels and branded shops on this road. To buy traditional Mizo Puans, Shawls, home furnishing products, and bags head to Zohanco at Zarkawt.
  • The Millennium Centre: It is the only shopping mall in Aizawl and is spread across three storeys. It comprises over 300 shops of electronic gadgets, traditional wear and more.
  • Solomon's Cave: This place is heaven for cosmetics, imported garments and shoes. Plan a 

Places to eat in Aizawl

David's Kitchen
David's Kitchen

It’s a multi-cuisine restaurant serving Indian, Thai, Continental and Chinese food. Do try their Smoked Pork with mustard leaves served with Mizo chutney and rice. They have an outdoor seating area along with a pool area.

Zo Food
Zo Food

It’s a place to taste authentic local cuisines. The restaurant is small but beautifully decorated with local handicrafts. You can’t leave the place without trying they scrumptious Bamboo Shoot Rice and Pork Stew.

Zote Bakery
Zote Bakery

If you are craving for some sweet treats, then head to Zote bakery. Satiate your sweet tooth with some freshly prepared pastries and cakes. You can also try their rolls, salads and sandwiches. It remains packed almost all day long, so patiently wait for your turn.

Cafe Déjà vu
Cafe Déjà vu

Another fantastic place to satiate your sweet craving is Cafe Déjà vu. Indulge in some yummy cookies, tarts and pastries. Although this place is a bit expensive


Where to stay in Aizawl


Hotel Chief It’s a place to enjoy quality stay in the lap of nature, away from the chaos of the city. The hotel is equipped with essential amenities for a comfortable stay for its guests.


Grand Hotel Located in the bustling city centre, close to shopping malls like the Millennium Centre, Grand Hotel is an ideal budget place to stay in the heart of Aizawl. The hotel offers various conveniences like airport pick and drop, Wi-Fi access and delicious authentic Mizo food from its in-house restaurant.


The Annexe Homestay This hotel offers a comfortable stay package with all essential amenities. With mountain view or garden view from the terrace, the Annexe Homestay is an ideal place to relax and enjoy nature

More reasons to visit Aizawl/top things to do in Aizawl

Tamdil (Tam Lake)

Beautiful landscape, crystal clear blue water and peaceful environment sums up the Tamdil Lake. It is a man-made lake and the largest one in Mizoram. Serving as a popular tourist attraction, it's a nice place to stay away from the crowd and relax in a serene environment amidst the hills and evergreen forests.

Falkawn Village

It's a model village, depicting the lifestyle of the Mizos and a great place to explore and learn about the culture of this beautiful state.


Trekking is something that you must try your hands on while in Aizawl. With several hills surrounded by a picturesque landscape, Aizawl is the perfect place to dive into the beauty of nature in the best way possible. So, grab your trekking shoes, put on your backpack and start your journey to explore nature by walking through thick bamboo forests, amidst an array of flora and fauna. While there are several peaks to trek in Aizawl, Phawngpui Peak is the most beautiful one and also the highest peak in the state. Also known as the blue mountain, this peak is held in high regard among the Mizo tribes as they consider it to be the abode of their goddess. Trekking to the Phawngpui Peak is an experience in itself and worth a try!

Nightlife/party places in Aizawl

  • Ngenziki Bar
  • Madawnga Bar
  • Moi 21 Night Club
  • Malhua Bar

Festivals in Aizawl

Chapchar Kut Festival

The Chapchar Kut Festival is one of the significant festivals in Mizoram. This vibrant and colourful festival is unique in Mizoram because it signifies the beginning of Spring season. Many locals and tourists throng to the festival to glimpse the performances and other festivities. In Aizawl, the Chapchar festival also transforms the celebrations into a huge carnival.

The spring season marks the onset of cultivation season. The farmers cut the woods and proceed towards the farms. The remaining wood is burned, and the crops are sawed during the monsoon season, so the Chapchar is also considered the harvest festival of Mizoram.

Mim Kut Festival

The Mim Kut Festival is another vital harvest festival in Mizoram. It is dedicated to the family members, loved ones and the departed souls. The significance of the Mim Kut Festival is also directly related to the importance of the Chapchar festival. The crops that were sowed during the Chapchar festival are harvested during this time.

The locals take the first produce from the harvest and offer it to the departed souls who are believed to visit the home during the festival. Apart from just the harvest, they also keep their favourite articles such as clothes, ornaments, and other objects that ring memory.

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