Durgapur - The Ruhr of Bengal

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Durgapur is an industrial city in the State of West Bengal. The city is a well-planned city, by two American architects, Joseph Allen Stein and Benjamin Polk. Durgapur is nicknamed the Ruhr of Bengal because of the rich deposits of minerals which makes the area industrially significant. Durgapur Steel Plant is one of the most important industrial units in the city and contributes greatly to the economy. Durgapur developed as a modern city with a bustling pace of industrial lifestyle. The city is also home to one of the operational dry docks in India, mostly used for the maintenance and repair of ships and boats. A visit to Durgapur is a great way to have a look into the bustling industrial belt of West Bengal. 

Best time to visit Durgapur 

The best time to visit Durgapur would be between the months of November and February. Durgapur is a humid place and experiences a fair amount of heat for most of the year. A summer in Durgapur is very uncomfortable due to the scorching heat. Early summers or winters are a great time to visit the city. A breakdown of the weather in Durgapur throughout the year can help you in planning your trip to the city. 

March-June (Summer) 

Summers in Durgapur are very uncomfortable, the months from March through June are the hottest months experienced by the city. It is advisable to avoid visiting Durgapur during this period of time as temperatures often soar above the 40°C marks. 

July-September (Monsoon) 

Monsoons are a relief to Durgapur from the sweltering summer heat that the city experiences. The temperature drops and reaches between a range of 24°C and 34°C. The city experiences heavy downpours during these months, and it can be difficult to visit Durgapur during this period of time. 

October-February (Autumn/Winter) 

October welcomes very pleasant weather conditions in Durgapur. The months of October and November experience temperatures, which range between 18°C and 30°C. The months of December through February are the most pleasant months in Durgapur and the best time to visit Durgapur. Temperatures during this period ranged between 14°C and 28°C, which makes for a comfortable visit. 

Languages being spoken in Durgapur 

  • Bengali is the native language of West Bengal and the most widely spoken language in Durgapur. The majority of the people in the population in Durgapur are Bengali.
  • Hindi is also spoken widely across Durgapur. A lot of migrants have settled in Durgapur from across the country since it expanded as an industrial city. Hindi, is thus spread across the city as a language for conversation. 

How to reach Durgapur

Durgapur is a very well-connected city. Located in the district of Bardhaman, Durgapur serves as a gateway to the districts of Purulia, Birbhum and Bankura. A well-connected network of highways, railways and also air travel connects Durgapur to other parts of West Bengal and India. 

  • Flights to Durgapur: Durgapur has an airport which is located 15 km away from the central part of the city. The airport is located at a place called Andal. You can catch direct flights to Durgapur from Bengaluru, Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad. 
  • By train: Durgapur railway station is the main railway station that serves Durgapur. It is an important centre for the Eastern Zone of Indian Railways. A lot of trains on this line go through Durgapur. Trains for Durgapur can be availed from most cities in India. 
  • By bus: State Highway 9 of West Bengal originates from Durgapur and extends to the western borders of West Bengal. National Highway 14 also passes through Durgapur and heads towards Odisha. Asian Highway 1, which links Japan with Turkey, passes through Durgapur too. There are various private and state-run buses that can be availed to reach Durgapur. Buses frequently travel to Durgapur from Kolkata, Kalyani, Asansol and Bhubaneswar among other cities. 
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Tourist attractions/Places to visit in Durgapur

  • Deul Park: Situated along the banks of the Ajoy River, Deul Park is a scenic place for tourism in Durgapur. The lush green natural setting of the pace makes for a very relaxing visit. An 800-year old temple is situated in the park, which is a great attraction.
  • Durgapur Steel Plant: The Durgapur Steel Plant is the soul of the city. The industrial town of Durgapur grew along with the steel plant. Get a permit from the administrative building in order to take a tour of the magnificent steel manufacturing unit of India.  
  • Rahreswar Shibtola: The Rahreswar Shibtola is a place in Durgapur where the remnants of various stages of Indian history is situated. There is a temple situated in a serene and peaceful environment, which is more than 800 years old, according to the Archeological Survey of India. It is built in a South Indian style of architecture called the Rathas style. The remains of a British Royal Air Force Airport are situated by Rahreswar Shibtola, making it an intriguing place to visit.  
  • Bhabani Pathak’s Tilla: Bhabani Pathak’s Tilla is an exhilarating Durgapur icon. It is a network of tunnels that runs from the centre of the city and goes right up to the River Damodar. It was supposedly an escape route for notorious dacoits who had created the cave system during the British rule in India. 

Best spot to visit in Durgapur 

  • Durgapur Barrage: Durgapur Barrage is the colossal Dam built across River Damodar, and the place has a breath-taking view. It is extremely thrilling to go during the monsoon season when the river flows with full vigour. Below the Dam are the small beaches where a great time can be enjoyed. During the winters it is a great place to go for a boat ride and also engage in bird watching. The Durgapur Barrage is easily the most popular place to visit in the town. 

Places to eat in Durgapur

Durgapur is a busy city with a large number of eateries that have popped up in the city. Here are some of the best places where a great meal can be enjoyed in Durgapur. 

  • Mainland China: One of the most well-known Indian restaurants for South Asian cuisine is Mainland China. Enjoy a grand meal at this place where the food and ambience are absolutely amazing. 
  • Sholo Ana Bangali: Sholo Ana Bangali is one of the best spots in Durgapur where authentic Bengali cuisine can be enjoyed. Visitors from outside the State should definitely visit this restaurant to enjoy great Bengali food, and immerse themselves in the delectable culinary culture in West Bengal. 
  • Ananya: Ananya is a popular family restaurant in the city, which is enjoyed by locals. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves the top-notch quality of food. 
  • Underground Café: Underground Café is one of the upcoming places in Durgapur. The hip café is visited by youngsters, and one can enjoy a cup of coffee in a laid back atmosphere at the place. 

Shopping in Durgapur

Durgapur is known for its terracotta and wooden handicrafts and décor. 

High-end shopping/luxury shopping/shopping malls in Durgapur 

  • Junction Mall: This is one of the largest shopping malls in the city and a lot of big brands can be found under one roof at the mall. The mall also has eateries where one can enjoy a meal after shopping. 
  • Fortune Plaza: Fortune Plaza is another great shopping mall in the city, where one can shop from a number of big brands. 

Street shopping in Durgapur 

  • Benachity: Benachity is a great shopping destination in Durgapur where a stretch of road, around 2-3 km is populated with shops on either side. Items like textiles and handicrafts can be found in this stretch of shops. 
  • Kanta Cloth Store: It is an old clothing store in Durgapur where one can find a great collection of sarees. Durgapur is also known for the great Baluchari style of sarees, which can be found at this shop. 

Where to stay in Durgapur

Enjoy great offers from IndiGo on flights to Durgapur. Durgapur is a city with a varying range of accommodation facilities. Here are some of the best places to stay in Durgapur when visiting the city. 

  • Fortune Park Pushpanjali: Fortune Park Pushpanjali is one of the most premier places to stay in Durgapur. The hotel is situated in the central part of the city and makes travel to important sites very easy. The luxurious hotel offers free Wi-Fi, room service, a pool to unwind, and also a workout room among other amenities. 
  • The Peerless Inn: Peerless Inn is a renowned chain of hotels. Their property in Durgapur offers a delightful stay for guests. There is a round-the-clock room service to tend to guests, and the hotel also houses one of the best bars in the city. The onsite restaurant called ‘Indigo’ is also a great place to grab a bite. The rooms are furnished in a very elegant manner and offer great service to guests.  
  • Delta Suites: Delta Suites is a quaint and budget-friendly place to stay in Durgapur. The property is small, but service towards guests is very prompt. There is an in-house restaurant which serves great food. 
  • Kalpana Inn: Kalpana Inn is located very close to the landmark Ram Mandir in Durgapur. A lot of visitors frequent this hotel who are interested in visiting the Ram Temple. The hotel is also very close to National Highway 19 and visitors who come to Durgapur by road can easily lodge at Kalpana Inn. 

Nightlife/party places in Durgapur  

Durgapur has a few places where one can party and also wet their whistle. Some of the popular nightlife spots in town are:

  • Devil’s Night Club: Located at Fortune Plaza Mall, Devil’s Night Club is popular among pub visitors of Durgapur. The pub has great offers on drinks and also has a dance floor where one can enjoy a good party.  
  • The Microbrewery A-46: The Microbrewery A-46 is a great place to enjoy a beer in Durgapur. It is a lovely place to relax and enjoy good grub along with the beer that is brewed at the place itself. There are live DJ’s also to ramp up the experience.  

More reasons to visit Durgapur/Top things to do in Durgapur

  • Garh Jungle: Garh jungle is located on the eastern fringes of Durgapur city. The jungle has its mention in ancient verses of the Puranas and is one of the oldest recognised places in eastern India. The name Durgapur is derived from this place since the ancient practice of worshipping goddess Durga was carried out in the forest. A mesmerising terracotta temple is situated at the heart of the forest, which can be reached by walking into the forest. The lush greenery is calming, and the forest is also a great picnic spot. 
  • Santiniketan: The fascinating and culturally rich city of Santiniketan has situated only 57 km away from Durgapur and can be easily accessed by road. Enjoy a peaceful stay at one of the many homestays in Santiniketan and immerse yourself in the rustic ‘baul’ culture of Bengal. 

Festivals in Durgapur

Durgapur celebrates a number of festivals like Holi, Diwali and Makar Sankranti. Two of the most celebrated festivals in Durgapur are:

  • Durga Puja: A festival that calls for celebration all across West Bengal is Durga Puja. It is a festival that celebrates Goddess Durga. The whole city is lit up, and it is an extravagant affair. A visit to the city during Durga Puja is bound to be exciting with a number of well-structured pandals, which are all pieces of art themselves. The city celebrates four days with great splendour. 
  • Rath Yatra: Rath Yatra is another festival that is celebrated in a grand manner in Durgapur. There are various venues where the festival is celebrated. There are fairs and theatres held during this time, which engages the city in a celebratory mood. 

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