Gaya – The city of spiritual enlightenment

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Known as the pilgrimage site for the Buddhists, Gaya is a must-visit destination. The city features numerous temples and cloisters that are dedicated to Buddhism. Its major tourist attractions include, the marvelous Buddha sculpture, the Bodhi Tree and the Mahabodhi Temple. A trip to Gaya or Buddh Gaya, as commonly called by the locals, will give you an in-depth insight into the religious values of the city. Taking a stroll at its architectural masterpieces will leave you charmed.

Best time to visit:

  • Summer: The best time to visit Gaya is between the months of March to June, the weather during these months is quite warm and dry.
  • Winter: The best time to visit Gaya during winters is between the months of December to February.
  • Monsoon: Monsoons in Gaya arrive in the month of June and last till September.

Most Spoken Language:

  • Magahi or Magadhi
  • Hindi
  • English

How to reach Gaya

  • By Air: The Gaya International Airport is located at a distance of 12 km from the southwest of Gaya city.  IndiGo now operates daily flights connecting Gaya with Kolkata and Varanasi, along with seamless connections to other key destinations in India.
  • By Bus: The Bihar State Tourist Development Corporation operates deluxe bus services to and from Patna. You can also hop on private buses that leave early in the morning.
  • By Train: Train is another pocket-friendly and comfortable mode of transport. If you love to travel by train then consider booking your tickets in-advance to get your favourite spot.
  • Getting around: The best way to move around Gaya is through various modes of transport, such as cycle-rickshaws, tourist taxis and auto-rickshaws. These modes are not only convenient but affordable too. As the city is walkable, hence taking a foot tour to nearby tourist sites is feasible.
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Places to visit in Gaya

Places to eat in Gaya

Be Happy Cafe

Be Happy is an authentic vegetarian cafe that offers vegetarian food options along with coffee and delicious bakery products. Located in the heart of Gaya, the restaurant is just a walk away from the popular Mahabodhi Temple. One of their popular food options include the flavoursome thin crust pizza with homemade sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese.

Nirvana the Veg Cafe

If you are looking for multiple cuisines, then head to Nirvana the Veg Café. The café is known to serve delicacies, such as fried noodles, rice, sandwiches, dosai, uttapam, etc. So, you will enjoy your visit here if you are looking for North Indian, as well as South Indian cuisines.


Tibetan Om Cafe

If you are looking for a place to eat along with buying some souvenirs to take back home, then head to Tibetan Om Cafe. This authentic café is known to serve kid-friendly cuisine too, so if you are travelling along with your kids, then head to this restaurant.



Hari Om International Café

The Hari Om International Café is a restaurant that offers backpacker-friendly menu along with popular vegetarian delicacies. The eatery’s specialty includes litti chokha, a snack which includes dough balls served with eggplant. So, visit the place to get the flavour of the local specialties.


Shopping in Gaya

Your visit to Gaya is never complete without going on a shopping spree. So, take a stroll at its local markets to explore their offerings, such as woollen wear, Tibetan handicrafts, souvenirs, etc.

The Tibetan Refugee Market: The Tibetan Refugee Market is a place to buy Buddhism souvenirs, artefacts, and related accessories. Its great collection of novels and books will bring you close to the Buddhist philosophy and culture. You can spend an ample number of hours looking at the handicraft articles crafted on the Tibetan faith. So, enjoy being here as the visit to this market will never bore you.

The Kundan Bazaar: A small market located in the Kundan Bazaar Guest House features a small shop that is known to sell souvenirs, clothing, gift articles and Lord Buddha statues. If you are a book lover, then the shops here will not disappoint you, as the books are reasonably priced and bargaining can fetch you an extra discount too. So, take a stroll and pick your gifts from the market here.

The Mahabodhi Bookshop: The Mahabodhi Bookshop is a place for book worms. The shop is structured inside the Mahabodhi Temple at the entrance, and hence looking for books in this serene and untainted ambience is an undefined experience. Its book collection is based on Buddhist faith, Lord Buddha and the history of the Mahabodhi Temple. The store boasts of the largest range of books based on spiritual literature.


Where to stay in Gaya


The Maha Bodhi Hotel Resort Convention Centre Located near the Mahabodhi Temple, the Maha Bodhi Hotel Resort Convention Centre is a property that offers air-conditioned rooms along with necessary amenities, such as wardrobe, flat-screen satellite TV, minibar and work desk. So, stay here if you have plans to visit the Mahabodhi Temple.


The Bodh Gaya Gautam The Bodh Gaya Gautam is a property that offers accommodation at an affordable price. The nearest attraction to the hotel includes Thai Monastery, Bodh Gaya Bus Station and Great Buddha Statue. Not only this, the hotel offers a front desk facility to serve you for 24-hours.


The Tara Guest House Tara Guest House is a comfortable, yet affordable property. The apartment offers services like free Wi-Fi access, iron and ironing board, and a seating area. You can also go for a stroll to relax at the property’s garden and a terrace area.


The Bodh Gaya Hotel School The Bodh Gaya School is a hotel that offers cozy rooms at decent prices. The property is known to offer a flat TV screen with cable connection, kettle and free Wi-Fi. Apart from that, the hotel offers a private parking facility too.

More reasons to visit

The Wat Thai Buddhagaya: Constructed in 1956, the Wat Thai Buddhagaya is a Thai Monastery that was constructed on Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s demand. This unique monastery is the only shrine in India that exhibits the grace of Thai architecture. The temple’s sloping and curved roof is enclosed with golden tiles. The recently built statue of Lord Buddha is of 25 meters in height and has been constructed close to the Wat Thai Temple. A step inside the temple will give you a serene vibe. Must visit to acquire some peace of mind.

The Brahmyoni valley: Another tourist and religious site in Gaya is the Brahmyoni valley. The temple can be reached through an arduous climb of approximately 424 steps. It was constructed by Rao Bhau Saheb the Maratha-chieftain. The temple signifies the positive energy of the Hindu Lord Brahma, who is known as the creator of the world as per the religious Hindu texts. You can also visit two caves namely Brahmayoni and Matreoni.


Places to visit near Gaya

  • Patna – Located 150 km from Gaya, Patna is the capital of Bihar. Places to visit in Patna include, Buddha Smriti Park, Golghar and Patna Museum.
  • Nalanda  - Located 120 km from Gaya, Nalanda is known for its ancient Nalanda university, Jal Mandir, Venu van and Xuan Zang Memorial hall.
  • Rajgir – Located 74 km from Gaya, Rajgir is located in Nalanda district. Places to visit in Rajgir include, Griddhakuta (Vulture’s peak), Pippala cave and Vishwa Shanti Stupa.

6E & Cheeky

The sacred city of Bihar is where Prince Siddhartha meditated under the Bodhi Tree to achieve spiritual enlightenment. The city is known for serenity and hence is surrounded by pacific spots all over. After covering the major attractions there are chances you might miss on the hidden places that are not known but are a must-visit. So, take a ramble at the Daijokyo Buddhist Temple, which is a Buddhist temple that features three-story pagoda building, including the main hall on the first floor, a founder's hall on the second floor and the reliquary hall on the rooftop. The Barabar Cave is the ancient rock-cut cave that features Lomas Rishi caves and is a treat to watch. You can also plan your day to visit places, such as the Chinese Temple and Monastery, Muchalinda Lake, etc. Enjoy the city’s beautiful architectural sight along with its tranquil ambience.

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