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Named after the great saint Gorakhnath, Gorakhpur was a part of the sixteen states of Koshal Kingdom in the 6th century BC. This ancient city has witnessed some of the significant historical and religious moments such as the Chauri Chaura Movement and Nath Hindu Monastic movement, a medieval period movement that combines the ideologies of Shaivism, Buddhism and Yoga traditions in India. Not just this, the city is home to the world's Longest Railway platform that stretches about 1.36 kilometres. And not many know that Gorakhpur has strong connections with some prominent names from history and present times. These include Urdu poet Firaq Gorakhpuri, great Hindi poet Prem Chand, and Bollywood celebrities such as Saurabh Shukla, Jimmy Shergill, and Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, among others.

Best time to visit Gorakhpur:  

You can visit Gorakhpur after the monsoon, from October to December and in February as well.

Most Spoken Languages in Gorakhpur:

  • Hindi
  • Bhojpuri

How to reach Gorakhpur

  • Flights to Gorakhpur:Mahayogi Gorakhnath Airport or Gorakhpur Airport is located 8km away from the city. IndiGo now operates daily non-stop flights between Gorakhpur and Delhi with seamless connections to many other cities in India.
  • By train:Gorakhpur Junction Railway Station makes the city connected to all major parts of India through various trains, including Amarnath Express, Raptisagar Express, Gorakhdham Express, Kushinagar Express, amongst others.
  • By bus:Uttar Pradesh Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) operated several buses, connecting Gorakhpur to the rest of the country. It is also well-connected to Nepal via a vast network of deluxe, semi-deluxe and luxury buses.
  • Getting around/local transport in Gorakhpur:City buses, auto-rickshaws, cycle-rickshaws and rental cars are the favoured means of transportation to travel around the city.
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Places to visit in Gorakhpur

  • Gorakhnath temple: Usually, the first stop for everyone in the city is the famous Gorakhnath Temple which is the Great Guru Gorakhnath. The city has derived its name from him as he is the founder of the Nath Hindu Monastic movement in India that took birth in this city itself. The temple's most attractive feature is the 'Garb Griha', which comprises a white marble statue of Guru Gorakhnath that looks like Lord Shiva in deep meditation.
  • Purvayatana Archaeological museum & Puratatva Sanghralaya: Both the museums provide testimony of Gorakhpur’s brief stint with history in the best possible way. Purvayatana Archaeological museum is located within the Gorakhpur University complex whereas Puratatva Sanghralaya is in the premises of Rahul Sanskritayan Sansthan. The museum includes rare and priceless historical artefacts like manuscripts, sculptures, photographs, stone tools, beads, coins, the cast of coins, potteries etc. from the Gorakhpur’s past. There are also several other museums in the city that you can visit such as the Rail Museum, Zoological Museum and Buddha Museum.

    Some other tourist attractions that the city offers include Imambara which is the shrine of Sufi saint Roshan Ali Shah, Ramgarh Taal which is the largest lake of Gorakhpur, Kushmi Forest, Vishnu Temple, and Arogya Mandir.

Places to eat in Gorakhpur

Cinnamon Restaurant
Cinnamon Restaurant

The restaurant is among the top restaurants in the city to eat with the family. The place is a treat to the eyes due to its beautiful décor and stomach for its delicious Mughlai, Tandoori and Chinese cuisines. Don’t forget to try their desserts as well.



10 Park Street Cafe & Kitchen
10 Park Street Cafe & Kitchen

A trendy place with contemporary interiors, this place has introduced the real flavours of coffee in Gorakhpur. This is one of the best cafes in Gorakhpur that offer exotic dishes along with a wide array of other cuisines that includes Indian, Italian and Chinese.

The Yellow Chilli
The Yellow Chilli

With a wide range of menu that includes Punjabi, Mughlai and other regional cuisines as well, the Yellow Chilli is an ideal place to visit with your loved ones. Butter Chicken and Mutton Keema are must try for everyone here.

The Spicy Rasoi, Hussain Nagar
The Spicy Rasoi, Hussain Nagar

This place offers the best of Indian cuisine made with farm-fresh ingredients. Not only the food, but the Spicy Rasoi have the best of dining tableware as well as a clean atmosphere to prepare the food.



Shopping places in Gorakhpur

High-end shopping/luxury shopping/shopping malls in Gorakhpur

  • City Mall
  • Gn Mall
  • Tp Nagar Shopping Mall
  • Shivsagar Mall
  • Shailesh Mall
  • Cross Road Mall
  • Jp Mall

Street shopping in Gorakhpur

The best places to explore for shopping are Gita Press market, Buxipur, Baldev Tower and Rapti Complex. Besides, don't forget to visit the city's some of the ancient markets like Ali Nagar, Ghantaghar and Golghar.

Gorakhpur's terracotta sculptures are among the topmost things to buy from the city. Terracotta is a traditional form of art that exists in India for over centuries. The artisans only use bare hands and natural colours to make over 1000 varieties of terracotta sculptures. The most prominent ones being the Mahawatdar Horse, Hauda elephants, five-faced Ganesha, and camel lamp, among others. They are suitable for home decor purpose or even for gifting. The other things to shop from Gorakhpur include handloom products like curtains, bed-linens, pillow covers, tabletops and towels. These are readily available in the city's major shopping areas. Don't forget to buy some religious books from the world's largest Hindu religious book publisher, Gita press.

Where to stay in Gorakhpur


Royal Residency Hotel This hotel comprises of meeting and conference hall along with a banquet hall, multi-cuisine restaurant and caters to all kinds of business as well as personal needs.


Hotel Clarks Grand Sitting amidst lush green lawns in the heart of the city, Hotel Clarks Grand is a dream hotel to stay. The hotel is famous for its catering services and beautiful arrangements that it makes for different occasions.


Shivoy Hotel Modern and stylish is what defines Shivoy hotel. With 65 luxury suites and rooms that are aesthetically designed and planned according to the traveller’s needs and located close to the airport. This hotel is one of the highly preferred hotels for the business travellers.


Hotel Vivek The hotel boasts of a magnificent building and a vast area of 1 lakh square feet. It is considered to be the ideal address for a tourist and a business traveller due to its world-class services as well as convenient location and proximity with essential attractions in the city.

Nightlife/party places in Gorakhpur

  • The Red Carpet Hotel & Banquet Hall
  • Cyclone The Club
  • Haweli Lounge.
  • Part C Taramamdal
  • Rpti Wariyars
  • MISTI Lounge
  • Panatice Gastro Pub & Lounge

More reasons to visit/ Top things to do in Gorakhpur

As Gorakhpur's history is closely knitted with spirituality, thus a visit to Kushinagar and Kapilavastu is a must. These two places are considered to be significant sites in Buddhism. Kushinagar is a place where Buddhists believe that Lord Buddha attained nirvana after death.

There are several sites in and around Kushinagar, such as Ramabhar Stupa, Nirvana Stupa, Wat Thai temple, Tibbati Temple, Mahaparinirvana temple, Mathakur Shrine, along with several others.

If you are visiting Kushinagar, then you should also take a trip to Kapilavastu, which is another significant Buddhist pilgrimage. This place holds great importance as Lord Buddha spent his initial 29 years of living here and started his journey towards humanity, resulting in the birth of Buddhism – one of the greatest religions of the world.

Festivals in Gorakhpur

The Makar Sankranti Mela

The Makar Sankranti Mela is the main festival of Goraknath Temple and begins on the 14th of January each year. It marks the commencement of the zodiac sign Capricorn, also known as Makara Rashi, when the sun makes its transition. This festival is also considered as the first of the big bathing days, and at the start of this festival, devotees gather at holy rivers or have a bath at home while fasting.

Kihichari Mela

The Mela, also known as the Kihichari Mela, lasts for an entire month. Occasionally, the Mela also is graced by a visit from the King of Nepal. Kite flying is an essential part of this festival. Several shops to buy toys, sweets, jewellery, apparel, and many other things are set up at this fair. A large number of people of all age groups visit this mela every year.

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