Kanpur - The commercial capital of Uttar Pradesh

Kanpur Airport Directory (KNU)
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Kanpur is the biggest city in the state and is the primary centre of commercial and industrial activities. Formerly known as Manchester of India, the city is now called the commercial capital of Uttar Pradesh.

Best time to visit Kanpur

From October to March, the weather is pleasant and most ideal for visitors.

Most spoken language in Kanpur


How to reach Kanpur

  • Flights to Kanpur: Kanpur Airport is located 19 km from the city. Several non-stop IndiGo flights connect Kanpur to a number of other major cities.
  • By train: The nearest railway station is Kanpur Central railway station. It is well connected to Delhi and Lucknow railheads daily. One can opt for a taxi or an auto to reach the destination.
  • By bus: Kanpur is well connected to the neighbouring cities by well-maintained roads and highways. The Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) offers excellent bus connectivity from the city, with both AC and non-AC buses.
  • Getting around/local transport in Kanpur: Getting around the city is easy as Kanpur has a well-developed local bus route. Other options such as auto-rickshaw and taxi too can be explored to travel in the town.
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Places to visit in Kanpur

  • Kanpur Zoological Park: Kanpur Zoological Park, or Allen Forest Zoo, is also popularly known as Kanpur Zoo. It is the most significant open green space in Kanpur and the largest zoological park in North India. Chimps, leopards, rhinos, and tigers are some of the most commonly spotted species here.
  • Juggilal Kamlapat Temple: Juggilal Kamlapat Temple or Shri Radhakrishna Temple houses five shrines in separate towers, recreating the old style of temple architecture. The primary shrine is dedicated to Lord Radhakrishna, while the rest are enshrined with idols of Lakshminarayana, Ardhanarishwar, Namadeshwar, and Hanuman.
  • Phool Bagh: Phool Bagh is not just an urban city park but also a historically significant attraction in Kanpur. It is one of the oldest parks in Kanpur, where political parties frequently set up meetups and conduct rallies.
  • Nana Rao Park: Nana Rao Park, also known as Company Bagh, is a public city park in Kanpur, the industrial hub of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Kanpur Memorial Church: A visit to the spectacular Kanpur Memorial Church brings visitors face-to-face with the morbid truth of India’s struggle before independence.
  • Moti Jheel: Moti Jheel is both a lake and drinking water reservoir in the Benajhabar area of Kanpur. This, together with its adjoining gardens and children's park, is an important tourist attraction.
  • Japani Garden: Known as one of the top picnic spots in Kanpur, the Japani Garden is a must-visit for tourists. Several locals visit this spot, especially on weekends and enjoy with their families.

Shopping in Kanpur

High-end shopping/luxury shopping/shopping malls in Kanpur

  • Z Square Mall
  • Rave 3
  • Phoenix United Mall
  • A-Z Shopping Mall

Street shopping in Kanpur

  • PPN Market
  • Swaroop Nagar
  • Naveen Market
  • Sisamau
  • Arya Nagar
  • Tilak Nagar
  • Gumti No. 5

Kanpur, being an industrial city in Uttar Pradesh, offers affordable and high-quality goods. The Indian manufactured clothing, handicrafts, and jewellery were made and sold in the Kanpur city region, amalgamating the Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Jain, Christian and Parsi cultures. Uttar Pradesh has been credited with producing superior quality handmade clothes, especially Chikan embroidery, a speciality of Lucknow and well-known worldwide, which is also present in Kanpur.

Places to stay in Kanpur

  • The Landmark Hotel
  • Kingston Resort
  • Hotel Royal Cliff
  • Regenta Central The Crystal
  • DNG The Grand Hotel

Places to eat in Kanpur

The cuisine of a particular city defines their heritage and wealth. Kanpur is considered to have the best cuisine of all Indian cities and cultures. The cuisine is extravagant, comprising 5-6 different types of food items and sweets in large portions. Some of the must-try places are:

  • Haveli Restaurant
  • Barracks Lounge & Disk
  • Model Bakery
  • D-Cafe
  • Food Station
  • Dhuaan - Sheesha & Kitchen
  • Busy Beans
  • Wengers Ice Cream
  • Talk of the Town
  • Aromas

Best food items to try in Kanpur:

  • Sultani Dal
  • Imarti (Sweet similar to Jalebi)
  • Biryani
  • Shami kebabs

Nightlife/party places in Kanpur

  • Genre Discotheque
  • The Yacht Club
  • Shor: Lounge and Bar
  • Dhuaan, Status Club
  • Terraza 9

Festivals in Kanpur

Shivratri: Shivratri is celebrated with religious fervour in Kanpur. Devotees in large numbers head to Shiva temples in the city on occasion to seek his choicest blessings. Most famous temples in the town, including Kherepati in the Phoolbagh area, Jageshwar in Nawabganj and Pramat in Civil Lines, prepare for this festival.

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