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Thoothukudi, popularly known as Tuticorin (its English name), is one of the principal seaports in the country. Famous for pearl fishing, this ‘Pearl City of India’ has interesting historical facts yet to be explored, starting from its name Thoothukudi itself. The name is a combination of two Tamil words, ‘Thoothu’ meaning ‘Dig’ and ‘Kudi’, meaning ‘Drink’, referring to the time when the only source for drinking water was from wells as the place did not have any rivers. It was initially known as Thirumandhira Nagar and was ruled by different rulers in different times such as Pandyas, Cholas during 5th or 6th century, followed by others and later in 16th, 17th and 18th century by Portuguese, Dutch and British. Due to which the city boasts several reminiscences from the ancient civilisation in the form of temples, monuments and structures.

Best time to visit Tuticorin

October to March is the ideal time.

How to reach Tuticorin

  • Flights to Tuticorin:Tuticorin Airport is located 17 km away from the city. IndiGo operates multiple non-stop weekly flights between Tuticorin and Chennai with seamless connections to many other cities in India.
  • By train:Tuticorin railway station is well-connected to various parts of the country through multiple direct and regular trains.
  • Getting around/local transport in Tuticorin:Buses, cabs and auto-rickshaws are the popular transportation modes to travel across the city.

Most spoken languages in Tuticorin


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Places to visit in Tuticorin

  • Thiruchendur Murugan Temple: Start your trip to Tuticorin by visiting one of the most important religious places in Southern India, Thiruchendur Murugan Temple, whose historical name is Jayanthipuram. The temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan (Tamil name of Lord Kartikeya) and is situated on the seashore, due to which it attracts a lot of tourists. It comprises seven-tier tower gate measuring 138 feet high. The main temple and the chief deity represented in granite carving reside inside a cave.
  • Kalugumalai: You can dive deeper into spirituality and history by visiting the small-town of Kalugumalai. This place will surely amaze you with its beauty. It has got its name from the hill ‘Kalugumalai’ surrounding it, which means ‘Hill of the Vulture’. It attracts many tourists for its Kalugumalai Jain Beds or Jaina Abode that depicts Hindu and Jain religious figures in rock-cut architecture, Lord Shiva temple in Pandyan and Kalugasalamoorthy Temple dedicated to Lord Murugan and based on Dravidian architecture.
  • Sri Vaikuntam Temple: Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the temple is considered among the nine holy Vishnu temples across the country and classified as Navatirupathi. You will notice Tamil style architecture with engravings of idols and elephants covering the entire temple.
  • Our Lady of Snows Basilica: This shrine is dedicated to Our Lady of Snows, a title given to St Mary. It is among the most prominent church in the state, and its name has been inspired by Rome’s Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore. Influenced by Roman and Italian styles, this gorgeous church is built in European Architecture that instantly attracts everyone.
  • Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve: Indulge into adventure by taking a safari to Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve. The sanctuary was established in 1988 by combining Kalakad Wildlife Sanctuary and Mundanthurai Wildlife Sanctuary, continuing ‘Project Tiger’. It is among Southern India's few national parks that house a tiger. This national park is also home to several exclusive flora and fauna, including lion-tailed macaque, Nilgiri Langur, Sloth Bear, Bonnet Macaque, elephant, panther, etc. You can also go trekking by taking prior permission from the forest department.
  • Roche Park: It is a favourite spot for a picnic among locals. You can go there, relax and enjoy the scenic beauty as it is near the seashore. The park has got its name from the notable politician John Ladislaus Pitchaiya Roche Victoria, hailing from Tuticorin.

Places to eat in Tuticorin

Macaroons at Ganesh Bakery
Macaroons at Ganesh Bakery

The city has its version of macaroons that are made using cashew nuts, sugar, egg whites and yeast. Ganesh Bakery on VOC road is the best shop in town to try macaroons. Besides you can also try their delicious cookies and cakes.



Thenkuzhal at Alagu Vilas
Thenkuzhal at Alagu Vilas

Tuticorin dish that should not to be missed is Thenkuzhal in which flour and molasses are combined and given a shape of a floral ring. To try its best version, you need to go to Alagu Vilas and specifically ask for ‘Karupatti Thenkuzhal’.

Parotta Salna Set
Parotta Salna Set

This is a famous street food which you will easily spot in any corner of the city. Salna is a curry that gets served with Parotta. Usually Salna, Parotta and Chukka are eaten as dinner in all over Tuticorin.

Delicacies in South Tuticorin
Delicacies in South Tuticorin

If you are on the beach road in South Tuticorin then there are a list of local delicacies that you must try. Such as 'Dodol' – a local version of Indonesian sweet, 'Vazhapazha Innipu' or Banana Halwa, 'Puttu Karupatti' – candies made with molasses and 'Paaghu' made using palm jaggery and Brinjal.

Non-vegetarian dishes
Non-vegetarian dishes

Apart from sweets, Tuticorin is also very popular for spicy meat dishes. Visit Alwar Nightclub and dive in over deep fried parotta pieces coated with mutton and chicken gravies. Also, being in a port city, trying fish is a must. Among all, the most famous fish cuisine of Tuticorin includes, Meen Kulambu (fish curry), Meen Varuval (fish fry) and Karuvadu Kulambu (dry fish curry).



Vegetarian cuisines
Vegetarian cuisines

You can also try some of Famous Tuticorin’s vegetarian dishes like Vathal Kulambu a different kind of Vattha curry and Venthaya Kali. Visit Brindavan Hotel that serves traditional Chettinad dishes such as hot and sweet paniyarams.


Shopping in Tuticorin

High-end shopping/luxury shopping/shopping malls in Tuticorin

  • DSF Mall
  • Essai Plaza
  • DSF Grand Plaza
  • Mangal Mall
  • PKR Plaza
  • Velu Building Shopping Centre

Street shopping in Tuticorin

  • Thoothukudi Bazaar
  • Border Bazaar
  • The Chennai Super Bazaar

Tuticorin is widely known for its sweets, so this time take back some sweets as a memoir of this beautiful city. Buy some macaroons from Ganesh along with some cookies and cakes. Also, stock some wine biscuits prepared using different variations of wine which make them unique in their own way. South India is famous for gold, silver, and artificial jewellery, so there are several showrooms in Tuticorin that offer these.

Nightlife/party places in Tuticorin

  • Alwar Night Club
  • Velasi Night Club
  • Krishna Night Club
  • Arulmigu Sri Pathirakaliyamman Kovil
  • Jayaganesh Night Club
  • Welcome Nightclub
  • Kumar Night Club

Where to stay in Tuticorin

Stay_Sathya Park and Resorts

Sathya Park and Resorts This resort closer to airport is an ideal option for the business traveller to conduct meetings, conference or even annual get together.

Stay_Kani Residency

Kani Residency If you love luxury then this is the perfect address for you. The hotel offers royal treatment to its customers with luxurious rooms and suites. It is also ideal for regular travellers due to its closeness with the major landmarks like railways stations, shopping centres in the city.

Stay_Hotel DSF Grand Plaza

Hotel DSF Grand Plaza A place where you can spend your dream holidays. It stands out in the city for its distinctive styling and contemporary architecture. With a fitness centre, rooftop restaurants, bake and café you don’t need to go somewhere out.

Festivals in Tuticorin

Muthaaramman Kovil Festival

Kulasekaranpattinam is located about 20 km from Tiruchendur on the way to Kanyakumari. This village is known for Mutharaman Temple, which is over 150 years old, nestled on the Bay of Bengal. This is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm every year during October, bringing together folk dancers and artists from various parts of the country.

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