6E Upgrade-More Power to You

With 6E Upgrade, things will always go your way. Now for Just Rs. 2500 for all domestic sectors and Rs. 3000 for all international sectors (except India – Nepal – India), you can:

  • Change your booking as many times as you like or cancel without any fee,
  • Select the seat of your choice, including extra legroom, window and aisle seats, without any additional charge, and
  • Enjoy yummy In-flight snack (which includes one food item and one beverage) without any additional charge.

Terms and Conditions

  • 6E Upgrade Service ("Service") is available to all passengers flying domestic segments and international segments only at a charge (Fee) of Rs.2500/- (Rupees Two Thousand Five Hundred Only) and Rs.3000/- (Rupees Three Thousand Only) respectively inclusive of applicable GST per Passenger per Segment.
  • This Service is offered on a per head basis and in case of multiple passengers on a single PNR, each individual Passenger will be charged this Fee.
  • Under this Service, Passengers can/ are:
    • Modify their booking multiple number of times or cancel the booking, without paying any additional Change or Cancellation fees, as may be applicable and defined in InterGlobe Aviation Limited’s ("IndiGo") then current Conditions of Carriage. Difference in fare and applicable GST may apply.
    • Select the seat of their choice without any charge, including all seats (extra legroom seats and select window and aisle seats) that are otherwise available for pre-assignment at a charge, subject to availability.
    • Entitled to a free snack comprising of a food item and beverage from the available choice on board. Please note that this entitlement will be governed by limitations of choice of food and beverage items that apply to certain short duration flights.
  • In case of cancellation of a booking, after deducting the Fee, the residual amount, if any, will be refunded in accordance with the then current Conditions of Carriage.
  • In case of modification, after deducting the Fee and making the payment for the changed booking, if any residual amount is to be refunded, the same shall be done in accordance with the then current Conditions of Carriage. Further, if there is any excess amount to be paid on account of difference in fare or any applicable charges  the same will be borne by the Passenger.
  • Passengers may book this Service, either through the travel agents or through the website, www.goindigo.in ("Website"), at the time of booking, only.
  • Benefits of the Service can be availed only through the travel agents or through the Website. Thus, Passengers must cancel or modify their booking only through the Website or travel agents.
  • In the event a Passenger cancels the booking through the our website for any reason, refund of the Change or Cancellation fee will be done however, the 6E Upgrade charges will be forfeited. The same will be a manual process in case done through our call centre. 
  • All other terms and conditions concerning the travel and booking of a Passenger shall be governed by the Conditions of Carriage of IndiGo.
  • This Service and/or its terms and conditions, are subject to change/revocation/alteration at any point without any prior notice.
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75+ Domestic Destinations
25+ International Destinations
500M+ happy passengers
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