Delay alert for our customers

As a result of the ongoing closure of the main runway in Mumbai since July 1st due to an incident of another airline compounded by the severe weather conditions, substantial number of cancellations and diversions for IndiGo and other airlines have had to be implemented. As aircraft and crew rotations go through out the whole country there was a ripple effect throughout the system which caused delays not only in Mumbai but also in other parts of the country and also affected some international flights. In addition the effect was that aircraft had to divert to different places due to the ongoing Mumbai main runway closure and needed to be recovered to put it in the right rotational sequence. This has led to a situation where flight duty time of the operating crew becomes a limiting factor. Flight duty times are a mandatory requirement with zero tolerance which IndiGo is adhering to.

We sincerely apologize to all our customers for this inconvenience which we know is causing a lot of hardship in planning their daily lives.

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