WhatsApp - Terms and conditions

I agree to sharing of name and phone number with WhatsApp and agree to WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for notifications. As per WhatsApp’s privacy policy, the messages exchanged between IndiGo and customer will be encrypted and cannot be read by WhatsApp.

I agree to be notified the following information on WhatsApp:

  1. E-tickets;

  2. Boarding Pass;

  3. Flight updates like flight status, delays, cancellations, etc.; and/ or

  4. Other information regarding my flight booking.

I hereby waive and undertake to not make any claims against IndiGo in relation with my information that is shared with IndiGo or shared with WhatsApp or over WhatsApp’s platform (“Sharing of Information”). I agree that IndiGo will not be liable in any manner in relation to me sharing my information with IndiGo or it being shared further with WhatsApp

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