Amsterdam- The idealistic destination of Netherlands

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From artistic culture to the legacy of the Golden Age, Amsterdam is an adoring city, you will love to be at. This beautiful city is home to artistic heritage, modern art museums, and several other historical sights. Its vintage-filled shops to traditional Dutch eateries are a must visit. With little road traffic, the city gives you ample opportunity to reach your destination with no delay and stroll carefree. So, enjoy its rich culture by visiting authentic local sights or soak up in the sparkling nightlife of the city, the choice is yours.

Best time to visit: If you are planning a trip to the charming City of Netherlands, Amsterdam then the best time to visit is between the months of April to May or September to November. April to May is the arrival of spring along with tulips in bloom, hence the weather is perfect, thus making your visit pleasant. But if you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle, then choose to visit between the months of September to November. The crowd is less and the weather is slightly cool, hence don’t forget to pack layers along with an umbrella.

How to reach:

By Air: The Amsterdam Airport, commonly known as the Schiphol Airport is located at a distance of 20 km from the Amsterdam City Centre, the airport can be reached within 20 minutes depending on the mode of commutation.

Together with Turkish Airlines, we at IndiGo can connect you from Delhi to Amsterdam as well as to several other European cities from Istanbul.

By Bus: With connectivity to almost all the main parts of the city, the city’s bus service has a strong network and is affordable too. Opt to travel by bus, if you prefer saving on money and time.

By Taxi: Taxis are available easily throughout the city and is preferred by locals too. Though it is exclusive to move around the city, still can be opted during night hours when the trams stop operating.

By Boat: If you are looking for a leisure way to explore the city, then renting a boat is the best way to move around. Pick a few snacks and hop on a boat with family or friends and enjoy the city’s magnificent view.

By Tram or Train: Taking a tram is the best way to travel if you want to save time. The trams are operational till midnight and can be accessed until then. Apart from that, if you wish to travel outside the city center, then metro is the fastest option available.

Getting around: With its numerous mode of transport, exploring the city is comfortable and easy. Just hop on the preferred mode of commutes, such as trams, buses, taxis and boats to start your day. The other way is to take a stroll of the city to explore its hidden spots or opt for a bike ride if you are too tired to walk.

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Places to visit in Amsterdam

Places to eat in Amsterdam

Mr & Mrs Watson

Voted to offer the best vegan cheese in the city, Mr & Mrs Watson is an ideal place for non-vegan food lovers. Its sloppy BBQ sandwiches, cheesecake and cheese platters, and cashew-based fondue are a must try. Are you worried about your diet? Well, don’t be, as the restaurant presents gluten, as well as nut-free options for diners.  

Sotto Pizza

The Sotto Pizza is an Italian restaurant that prepares quality pizza. From the freshly prepared dough to rich sauces and gooey Buffalo mozzarella, taking each bite is a delight. So, visit place for the love of pizza.


If you are looking for an authentic Dutch food, then Jansz is an exquisitely crafted restaurant that offers simple, yet flavoursome cuisine. Enter this elegant bistro to enjoy few of its best servings, such as hanger steak, lobster risotto, etc. Are you accompanying kids? Don’t worry, the restaurant offers flavourful menu to cater to kids too.


De Bakkerswinkel

De Bakkerswinkel is an old-fashioned café that is based on the oldest street in the city. Just grab a cup of tea or coffee along with a delightful piece of cake and enjoy the surroundings. Few of its best offerings include puddings, apple and carrot cakes, quiches and brioches.


Shopping in Amsterdam

From luxury shopping stores to the best Dutch souvenirs, the city boasts numerous Dutch designers and independent shops. Explore the city and its neighbourhoods to discover the best luxury boutiques, street shops, and flea markets. Pick from a collection of the vintage dresses or designer handbags to gift your loved ones. Few of the best picks of the city to take back home, includes Dutch licorice, Van Gogh Memory Game, chocolates, breakfast sets, pip studio bathrobe, cowboy belts, and handmade soaps.

The CP113 District: If you are a collector of handbags and shoes, then the CP113 District is a place not to be missed. The district offer products from top-notch brands, such as Ivylee Copenhagen, Mads Norgaard, and Won Hundred. The fashion store also features a café for you to sit and enjoy few of its best offerings after a tiring day.

X bank: If you are looking to drop a huge amount in shopping, then X bank a hidden spot in Amsterdam is a nice option. The store displays the creation by famous designers and artists. It is also known to host exhibitions, fashion shows, parties, and talk shows. This expansive premises is the place to spree with friends and family. From watches, apparels to socks and wallets, the store offers fashion products for men and women.

Wini: If you are looking for a budget shopping option, then Wini is the finest store in Amsterdam. It offers good quality garments of all sizes at affordable prices. Apart from apparels, the store also sells vintage fabrics to designers and tailors. From women's dresses, kids' clothing to men's suits, the store’s offerings include vintage jewellery collection, ski wear, etc. So, don’t miss to explore the store to grab on the best deals.



From dance festivals, clubs to venues, Amsterdam’s nightlife has the zest of something for everyone. Adore from the kind of music you prefer, such as hip-hop, funk and deep house to techno, dubstep and trance. So, plan your night to make the most of it.

The J.D. Williams Whiskey Bar: For the love of whiskey, the J.D. Williams Whiskey Bar is the place to satiate your thirst for the rarest single malts or want to try whisky for the first time in life. Based in the neighbourhood of Amsterdam, Jordan, the bar offers a vintage collection of scotch whiskies and cocktails for you to choose from. Cherish the time tasting from the assortment of drinks along with delectable food the restaurant has to offer.

The Rozen Theater: If you are a comedy fan, then plan a night out at the Rozen Theater. A place where all the comedians perform in a fast format. Laugh the night out as the sarcastic comics might pick you from the audience to pull cords. Be here for a perfect night and laugh until your stomach aches.

The Cafe Lux and Weber: Located near Leidseplein, Cafe Lux and Weber is the favourite place of all, including from artists to musicians. With plenty of seating space, the cafe is found jam-packed most of the time. Be here prior to your time to enjoy your time dancing and unwinding with friends and families. Its fun and tranquil atmosphere is perfect for your special evening.

Where to stay in Amsterdam


Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam The Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam is a hotel that features around 200 superior rooms along with private balconies for that panoramic views. Its in-house Café Jakarta is known to serve delectable breakfast, lunch and dinner food options. After a tiring day, relax and unwind at the hotel’s swimming pool area.


Kimpton De Witt Amsterdam Looking for a staycation in the heart of Amsterdam City, then Kimpton De Witt Amsterdam Hotel is the ideal property for you. The hotel’s rooms feature spacious beds along with free access to the Wi-Fi. The lobby’s Tea Station offer complementary tea service. Enjoy your time and relax with friends and family at its on-site restaurant and bar.


The QO Amsterdam Located beside the Amstel river in Amsterdam, the QO Amsterdam Hotel is a property that is an epitome of both luxury and technology. The hotel’s in-room facilities include free Wi-Fi access, a flat-screen TV set, floor-to-ceiling windows, etc. If you are looking for a deluxe stay, then the QO Amsterdam Hotel is the right choice.


Hotel TWENTY EIGHT Are you a budget traveller? Then, Hotel TWENTY EIGHT, an apartment concept property is the best choice. The apartment’s spacious rooms along with a living room, a fully equipped kitchen, and a luxurious bathroom is worth every penny spent. Its other facilities include a sauna, an on-site restaurant, and fitness centre. Don’t forget to try the breakfast from local producers.

More reasons to visit

The Torensluis Bridge: One of the aged and prime bridges of the city, the Torensluis Bridge is an extensively constructed bridge based on the Singel Canal. This beautifully designed passage features towers on both the ends and is worth taking a stroll at. While taking a ramble, you can also get a chance to view art exhibitions or shows on the bridge. Known to bridge the gap between the past and the present, the bridge is a shelter to several cafes and restaurants.

The Muiden Castle: The Muiden Castle is a medieval fort and a perfect destination for selfie lovers. Opened during weekends only, the castle will give you the experience of witnessing a Game of Thrones episode. Take a guided tour here to explore the rich history of the castle. Move around the unique gardens of the castle, the main reason behind the delicious meals that are prepared using the fresh harvest. Prepare your list of questions to learn the gardening of the 17th century. While strolling, the castle will give you ample photo clicking opportunities for your memorable experience. 



6E & Cheeky

The wonderful City of Netherlands, Amsterdam is a remarkably compact city, hence taking a walk tour won’t be a challenge here. Get around the city to discover its historical sites starting from charming churches, silent canals, teeny alleys and elegant towers. Apart from popular landmarks, the city has hidden spots that are yet to be unveiled. So, leave your heels at home and get into the comfy footwear to explore the places we have explored. If you love the silence of canals, then hop on to the canal cruise to vision the panoramic view of the city. Choose from the tremendous options the city has to offer to start from in-depth cruises to semi-open boat trips. After the cruise trip, plan your day to the Wine cellar, a place that gives you the history associated with the wine along with a chance to sip vintage wine. For art lovers, the Cloud Gallery Amsterdam’s is an epitome of modern art. The gallery organises exhibitions by famous artists and photographers and is a treat to watch. 

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