Budapest- A serene getaway

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A trip to Budapest can be planned according to your climate preference. If you love summers, then visit the city in the months of March to May, the climate during these months is warm along with some rain shower at times. However, if you are a winter lover then heading to Budapest during the months of September to November is ideal for you, as you might get a chance to witness snowfall.

How to reach

By Air: The Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport is the city’s official international airport. Situated 16 km south-east of Budapest City Centre, the airport can be reached within 30-40 minutes depending on the mode of commutation.

Together with Turkish Airlines, we at IndiGo can connect you from Delhi to Budapest as well as to several other European cities from Istanbul.

By Metro: Metro is the most convenient mode of travel in the town and to nearby places. The city has three subway lines that are based in the heart of the town.

By Bus: People in Budapest prefer bus as the most convenient mode of transportation that covers around 200 routes. Its express buses featuring red number sign are for the main routes of the city and stop at limited stops.

By Tram: Another important mode of commutation in Budapest is through Trams. Taking a tram not only reduces your commute time but also offers a panoramic view of the city.

Getting around: Moving around in Budapest is easy and convenient too. Taking a walking tour can help you explore the hidden spots of the city. If you don’t prefer to walk then hop on a bus or catch a metro. Also, if you are travelling during summers, you can opt for the Danube River Ferry Service or take a boat ride.

Visa and immigration: If you’re an Indian passport holder travelling to Budapest then you have to apply for Schengen visa online with the documents required. The Schengen is a short stay visa issued to visit the Schengen countries; the visa is issued to tourists that are planning to visit their friends, family or other travelling on non-business trips for up to 90 days from the date of entry. Your visit can be either continuous or several, depending upon the visa type; single entry or multiple entry. Another essential point to note while applying for the visa is that your passport should be valid for 6 months from your date of travel.

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Places to visit in Budapest

  • Hungarian Parliament Building: The parliament of Budapest or the Hungarian Parliament Building is a place worth your time. The parliament’s key views include the old House of Lords, the Hungarian Crown Jewels, the Golden Staircase; the Dome Hall, the Grand Staircase, and the Loge Hall and Congress Hall. You can also opt for a paid guided tour that lasts for around 45 minutes and is available in multiple languages. The parliament building is a fusion of Neo-Gothic and Neo-Romanesque architectural styles.
  • Buda Castle: The royal palace built in the 13th century, Buda Castle has a lot of eye-catching spots for you out of which national gallery and ancient Budapest museum cannot to be missed. The palace features an age-old statue of the Prince Eugene of Savoy and remarkable fountains; one of the fountains is named under the King Matthias. Based on an engaging site, the castle covers an area of 300 meters. The Buda Castle is an epitome of Gothic architecture of the central part of Europe.
  • Fisherman's Bastion: Fisherman's Bastion is the most popular destination among locals and tourists. Built between the years 1895 and 1902, the Bastion was constructed by Frigyes Schulek in the Neo-Romanesque style. This picturesque bastion is an ideal place for some fantastic photo clicks. It features around seven towers; each of the towers feature Hungarian rulers, who guided their citizens to settle. Located at the center of Fisherman's Bastion is the statue of St. Stephen, who was the former Hungarian king to rule during this period. Due to multiple reasons, such as fairytale castle walls, photogenic views, etc., this historical monument is a must-visit.
  • Heroes’ Square: Being one of the major landmarks of the city, Heroes’ Square is a remarkable square that is located at the end of Andrassy Avenue. The square is surrounded by historical monuments, such as the Museum of Fine Arts on its left and Kunsthalle, the Hall of Art on its right. It is popular due to its iconic statue of Seven Chiefs of the Magyars. It has played a major role in Hungarian history and has also hosted various political events. You can also witness the statues of kings along with other historical figures on the sides of the center pillar.
  • Matthias Church: Are you bored of visiting churches? Well, not this one. Matthias Church is one of the uniquely designed and constructed churches in Europe. Based above the Buda Castle Hill, it is a cathedral full of mysteries and riches. Its breath-taking interior features varied and attractive array of colours. The wall paintings of the magnificent building will leave you amazed. Its entrance will offer you a breath-taking experience altogether, the colour combination of lights along with glass windows, and wooden benches seem welcoming. The cathedral also hosts weddings, holy masses, prayer sessions, etc.

Places to eat in Budapest

Rosenstein Restaurant
Rosenstein Restaurant

Being in Budapest and not tasting the traditional Hungarian food is not a right decision to make. So, head outside the main city center, and go straight to Rosenstein Restaurant, the most popular eating joint in Budapest. Taste from the classic Hungarian food items, such as goulash soup, beef stew, paprika, and stuffed cabbage. The most ordered dish of the menu is goose liver.

Cafe Kor
Cafe Kor

Located close to the St. Stephen's Basilica, Cafe Kor is another popular spot that is preferred for corporate lunches and dinners. Do check for their daily specials on the chalkboard. With its excellent menu and courteous staff, the restaurant is a must visit place. Do try from a few of their delicacies, such as vegetable stews (főzelék), veal schnitzel, and more.

Platán Restaurant
Platán Restaurant

If you are looking for some Italian food options, then Platan Restaurant will not disappoint you. Enter here for some pizzas, variety of pastas, breaded fried cheese, fried mushrooms with tartar sauce, and more. Heading here on time is important as the place is mostly crowded.

Bors Gasztro Bar
Bors Gasztro Bar

Are you a street food lover? If yes, we know exactly where you should head to. Enjoy eating at the Bors Gasztro Bar, a place offering delightful street food. Select from a variety of sandwiches, drinks, and soups, as the queue is quite long, but the taste is all worth the wait.


Shopping in Budapest

Central Market Hall: Central Market Hall is the most-visited place for shopping by locals and visitors too. Being here will give you a close look into the Hungarian culture. From daily food items to crafts, you will find everything to take back home for your loved ones. The market is divided into three floors, if you are looking for souvenirs, then hop to the first floor; the floor has a variety of souvenirs, bags, clothes, and pans and pots to choose from.

Second Chance: As the name says, Second Chance is a place that offers second-hand collection of vintage and branded products. Its welcoming atmosphere along with a selection of clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories are a treat for people running short of money. Purchase from the products from well-known Hungarian designer, such as Papetri Paperworks.

Mammut: If you lack on-time, then moving to Mammut shopping mall will help you save on time. Its 300 shops give you immense range to buy from. After shopping, you can also go for bowling or hog on food at various restaurants.

Kepesbolt: You can also explore Kepesbolt, a place for souvenirs at affordable prices. Buy from a range of things such as notepads, calendars, card games, posters, and greeting cards featuring Hungarian images and take them as gifts for your friends and family back home.


Nightlife in Budapest

Nightlife in Budapest is equally exciting when compared to other cities in Europe. With a range of options, such as disco clubs, normal pubs, ruin pubs, casinos, wine bars, and live music and jazz clubs, you have ample number of places to explore. If you are looking to relax then heading to a pool party at Szechenyi Baths especially on the weekends is the right decision.

KOBUCI: If you are looking for a place at the outskirts of Budapest, then KOBUCI is where you should head to. The place is located in the Óbuda district, known for folk-music by standard artists of various genres. So, enjoy its live band performances or DJ parties.

Instant: Want to explore a ruin pub? Well, don’t get confused about the various choices! Head to the Instant club, a unique place located in the hub of the city specifically near to the Hero’s Square and the Fisherman's Bastion. This ruin pub has various dance floors along with a diverse genre of music being played on each floor. So, enter the floor of your music type and keep hopping as and when you feel like until six in the morning.

Szimpla Kert: Szimpla Kert is a high standard ruin pub that plays music by world-class musicians and is also known to organise huge concerts. The place is not limited to music but gives you the chance to explore from various other options, such as theme-based film screenings, exhibitions, art workshops, and theatre plays. So, be here to gain an all-new experience.

Ötkert: Do you know which is the number one-party destination in Budapest? If not, then we know exactly what you should explore. Ötkert, it is. Facing a long queue to head to this place is quite common, so be here before time.

Where to stay in Budapest


Hotel Clark Budapest Are you looking to stay near city centre or to the major attractions in Budapest? If yes, then, plan your stay at Hotel Clark Budapest, a hotel near to some of the beautiful places in Budapest, such as Buda Castle, Chain Bridge, and Matthias Church. Along with spacious rooms and delicious food, the hotel offers all the necessary amenities required for your relaxed vacation.


Heritage Home Apartments Situated at a distance of less than a kilometer, the Heritage Home Apartment offers you a comfortable, yet affordable stay. Each apartment is equipped with a flat-screen TV, a hairdryer, and an air conditioner. Its garden facing balconies is the best place to relax with your favourite choice of tea and coffee.


Callas House Callas House is a hotel located in the heart of the city centre. Being located in the prime area, makes it the most popular hotels in Budapest. For your comfortable stay, the hotel’s room feature slippers, free toiletries, free Wi-Fi and a hairdryer. Its in-house restaurant also features a bar for you to relax and unwind after a tiring stroll.


The Three Corners Lifestyle Hotel The Three Corners Lifestyle Hotel is a place for your comfortable stay. The property’s key attractions include terrace, sauna and the on-site bar. Its rooms feature an air conditioner, a flat-screen TV with cable, a hairdryer, and a private bathroom area. So, enjoy drinks with some favourite delicacies at the bar or take a stroll outside the hotel to the well-known Raday street.

More reasons to visit Budapest

Gellért Hill: If you are looking for some tranquil time in the hills, then Gellért Hill is the place that should be definitely explored. Rising above the Danube is a 140-m high dolomite rock in Buda which is known as Gellért Hill. If you’re travelling with friends and family then going for a hike is also a must try. Sit under the sky on this hill for that peaceful and relaxing time you are craving for. Besides Margaret Island, Gellért Hill is considered the best place for a trip.

Széchenyi Thermal Bath: Szechenyi Bath is the biggest and most popular of all the thermal baths in Budapest. The thermal bath contains almost 18 outdoor and indoor geothermal pools for you to relax and unwind. Its medicinal waters are known to contain healing powers. Apart from the hot spring, you can go for massage treatments or saunas. Enjoy your time at the natural water at the pool along with a glass of beer or wine. Try from various options, such as water jets, underwater aqua massage, the whirlpools.



6E & Cheeky

This calm and serene destination can be easily discovered by a walking tour. Another way to sightsee is by BuBi, which is a way of moving around the city through sharing bicycles for others choose from trams, buses or ferry service. Hanging out to ancient monuments featuring neoclassical, eclectic and baroque artwork or moving towards downtown area for a stroll is worth your time. From restaurants, ruin bars to tourist sites, the place is rich in all aspects. To enjoy the unexplored, head to the Underground Caves, a 200 years old place that features caves of different sizes. If you wish to spend a night out, booking a place at Operetta Theatre is the right decision, the theatre is popular to present the best musical shows in the city. If you are looking for peace then head to Kopaszi Dam park in Budapest, the green space is the best place for dinner under the open sky with friends and family. Among the well-liked places is its Sugar store. If you have a sweet tooth, then you cannot afford to miss the store, it is filled with various kinds of candies, ice creams and tarts to choose from.


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