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Hong Kong is among the most prominent tourist destination across the globe. Previously a British colony, it is now a global financial hub, boasting of world’s highest number of skyscrapers, enchanting natural beauty, best of culinary delights and vibrant culture. There is a long list of tourist attractions to visit but Hong Kong Disneyland top the list. Other must visit sites include Victoria Peak, Ocean Park, Tian Tan Buddha amongst other. Hence, whether you are an adventure lover, nature enthusiasts, history lover or a shopaholic, the city has something for everyone. So, pack your bags, put on your shoes and activate your travel mode to the fascinating city of the sparkling skyline.

Best time to visit: October to early December is the best time to visit Hong Kong to enjoy the pleasant and sunny weather.

Visa requirements: Indian passport holders travelling to Hong Kong are required to complete their Pre-Arrival registration (PAR) online that allows staying up to 14 days and also work as a Hong Kong transit visa. Although the application usually gets processed within 24 hours, the Hong Kong government advises Indian travellers to apply for PAR atleast 4 to 6 weeks in advance.

How to reach

By Air: Hong Kong International Airport lies at a distance of 31.5 km (30minutes drive) away from the Hong Kong city. IndiGo now provides direct connectivity between Hong Kong and Bengaluru along with seamless connections to several other cities in India.

Getting around: Hong Kong has a good network of buses (minibus, regular bus and double-decker buses), taxis and rental cars. You can also use metro trains and tram services to have a glimpse of the city’s culture.

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Places to visit in Hong Kong

Places to eat in Hong Kong

Jumbo Floating Restaurant

You can’t miss the opportunity to dine in the world’s largest floating restaurant in Aberdeen. The place is known for delicious food and excellent photo opportunities.

One Dim Sum

If you are a dim sum lover, then One Dim Sum is a must visit for you. Their menu is quite elaborate comprising of everyday Dim sum selection, special ones and a surprise menu on their blackboard.

Tim Ho Wan

If you want to eat in a Michelin star restaurant without hurting your pocket then this is the place you need to visit. The restaurant is famous for Dim sums, but their Baked bun with barbecued pork is a must try.

Ah Shun's Kitchen

Popularly known as the most loved restaurant in the city, Ah Shun’s kitchen is a small family-run restaurant. As you will enter the restaurant, you will be asked to select your choice of seafood and eventually it will be prepared in front of you the way you like. There is also the restaurant menu from where you can select your pick. Ah Shun’s Kitchen's best dishes include stir-fried grouper, clams braised in spicy wine broth and steamed prawns dipped in soy sauce.

Hello Kitty themed restaurant

As the name suggests, here you will get each to see each and everything stamped with Hello Kitty’s face or iconic ribbon starting from furniture, to lamps, walls, oriental painting to even food. It is the world’s first Hello Kitty themed dim sum restaurant and is known for its delicious food. Their best-selling ones include Har Gaw and Liu Sha Bao.

Leo’s Espresso

Have you ever seen a latte with a 3D foam art? If not, then head to Leo’s Espresso that specialises in creating cute, colourful animals with foam over a latte.


Shopping in Hong Kong

While shopping in Hong Kong, you must pick some Chinese pastries, dried seafood and tonic foods in Sheung Wan. You can also buy electronic goods, cosmetics and skincare products, toys like limited-edition figurines, gadgets, jewellery, calligraphy scrolls, porcelain tea sets and other exciting souvenirs for your loved ones.

Ladies’ market: This one-kilometre stretch on Tung Choi Street is a haven for women shoppers. It sells almost everything ranging from cosmetics, watches, clothing, bags, trinkets, home furnishings and much more.

Temple Street Night Market: As sun sets, this street market gets filled with fortune tellers, opera singers and the retailers lay out their merchandises. Named after Tin Hau temple, the Temple Street Night Market is an ideal place to experience local atmosphere and culture. You can pick up some antiques, menswear, jewellery along with enjoying some yummy food like noodles, seafood, clay pot rice and other local foods.

Goldfish Street: This street is a visual treat with either side of the road lined up with shops and kiosks selling every type of goldfish. Along with goldfish, you may also find many colourful exotic species.

Stanley Market: A traditional open market, this place is famous for silk fabrics, Chinese style jewellery, home furnishings, sportswear and exclusive souvenirs. If you get tired of shopping, then try some delicious food at restaurants in Stanley Market.



Swanky nightclubs, bars and pubs constitute Hong Kong’s nightlife. With each one having a distinct character, here are some favourite nightlife spots that you must check out.

Lan Kwai Fong: It’s among the top hotspots in Hong Kong that includes more than 90 bars and restaurants. You can enjoy a diverse range of food along with wine and wild jelly shots. The place usually hosts carnivals and celebrations at the time of festivals like Christmas, New Year and Halloween.

Knutsford Terrace: The place features a long stretch with bustling restaurants, open-air spots, bars as well as happening after-hour clubs. Among all, the most famous ones are the Assembly for cocktails and snacks, and The China Bar for live music.

SoHo: During the daytime, it’s the perfect place to explore interesting antique shops, art galleries and fashion boutiques. But as the sun goes down, the narrow street of SoHo gets to light up with glamorous bars and upmarket restaurants.

Tung Choi Street: A popular local hangout point, Tung Choi street is full of Chinese-style pubs where you will find dartboards, dice games and bottled beers served in buckets. It’s a great place to mix up with the locals and enjoy the best-price drinks. Some of the famous sites to check out here are Future Lounge, Quarter Bar and Piss Bar II.

Wan Chai Bar District: Wan Chai boasts of an array of live music clubs, sports bars and colonial-style pubs. You can spend your time drinking a few pints, watching rugby or football on the giant projector screens and groove onto some of your favourite tunes. You must visit The Wanch and The Canny Man in this area.

Where to stay in Hong Kong


Novotel Citygate Featuring spacious accommodations, Novotel Citygate is only 5minutes away from Hong Kong International Airport and close to prime tourist spots like Hong Kong Disneyland, Big Buddha etc. This 4-star hotel also features an outdoor swimming pool and a 24-hour fantastic gym, making it ideal for business travellers, regular tourists and leisure tourists.


Royal Plaza Hotel The highlight of this hotel is its location. Being centrally located and surrounded by several famous tourist spots, the hotel is highly preferable for regular travellers. Its high-end facilities include a large heated outdoor pool, elaborately decorated rooms, private bathroom with bathtub facilities and state-of-the-art gymnasium.


The Harbour View Place Located on the 50-70th floor of the Cullinan Tower, this luxurious hotel offers an unparalleled view of the harbour along with world-class services. Hong Kong International Airport is 21minutes away from the hotel, making it a viable option for business travellers.


Hyatt Regency Sha Tin This 5-star property is among the best one to spend your stay with your family. Featuring facilities like steam and sauna rooms, fitness centre and, a heated outdoor swimming pool along with a fun and educational centre for children, you and your family don't need to go out somewhere to can to relax and rejuvenate. The hotel has it all.


The Ritz-Carlton Overlooking the Victoria Harbour, the hotel boasts of highest bar in the world and 2 Michelin Star restaurants. Twenty minutes away from the Hong Kong International Airport, the hotel features best of amenities and a comfortable stay.

More reasons to visit

Lamma Island: Take a break from the regular sightseeing and experience serene surroundings at Lamma Island, a 30minutes ferry ride from the city. It's the third largest island in Hong Kong and an important breeding site of sea turtles. Along with a calm environment, you can spend your time in some cafes, try some delicious seafood or satisfy your shopping spree.

Wetland Park: It's a world-class ecotourism park, home to Hong Kong's unique flora and fauna such as butterflies, colourful birds, dragonflies, fishes, reptiles among others. A fantastic spot to spend some time amidst nature while learning more about it, Wetland Park is a must for nature lovers. Do remember to carry your camera and binoculars to experience the essence of the place more firmly.

Man Mo Temple: Located in the mid-way to Victoria Peak, Man Mo Temple is a Grade 1, mid-19th century building and a declared national monument.   It is the oldest place of worship in Hong Kong, dedicated to God of Literature - Man Cheong and God of War - Mo Tai.  The most attractive sight of this place is the large incense coils hanging from the ceiling. Lit by the visitors who come for the fulfilment of their wishes, these coils impart smoky haze and pleasant fragrance, giving a perfect ambience to the place.

Pink dolphin tour: One of the unique and must things to do in Hong Kong is the pink dolphin tour. Yes, you heard that right – its pink dolphin! Just head to Lantau and the Soko islands, and enjoy the sight of these exclusive and beautiful pink dolphins. But do remember to go with a reputed tour operator such as Hong Kong Dolphin Watch.


6E & Cheeky

Want to see more in Hong Kong? Go hiking. Yes, you heard that right! It's the best way to explore and appreciate the scenic landscapes of Hong Kong. Four main trails you must are the Lantau Trail, The Wilson Trail, The Machelose Trail and The Hong Kong Trail. But hiking can be tiring due to steep trails, and during the summer season, the hot and humid weather and mosquitos make it more difficult to trek. So, pack suitable clothes, take along mosquito repellent and plenty of water to keep yourself active and energetic. Buses and taxis are available to the starting points of several hiking trails. If you are not comfortable with long trek, you can take a bus or taxi to the highest end of the path and then walk downhill.

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