Tel Aviv-The Mediterranean Capital of Israel

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Tel Aviv also called as the White City is an amazing and vibrant place that offers you mesmerising sights to explore. From glimmering beaches to colourful markets, from art museums to nightlife, this place is both an entertainment as well cultural hub. Based on the Mediterranean coast, Tel Aviv’s rich architectural history will take you deep inside its ironic past. You can enjoy the sightseeing all year around because of its great weather. Not only this, its delightful cafés along with attractive ice cream parlours is a treat for you to sit and relax.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit Tel Aviv if you are a summer person is between the months of March and April; the climate is pleasant and welcoming for sun-seeking summer lovers. Another best time to visit Tel Aviv is during the months September to November when the city is crowded with travellers all around.

Visa and Immigration: If you’re an Indian passport holder travelling to Tel Aviv then you can apply for tourist visa online with the documents required. The travel is a short stay visa issued to visitors; the visa is issued to tourists that are planning to visit their friends, family or other travelling on non-business trips for up to 90 days from the date of entry. Your visit can be either continuous or several, depending upon the visa type; single entry or multiple entry. Another essential point to note while applying for the visa is that your passport should be valid for 6 months from your date of travel.

How to Reach

By Air: The Ben Gurion International Airport is the city’s official international airport. Situated 20 km away from the Tel Aviv City Centre, the airport can be reached within 30 minutes.

Together with Turkish Airlines, we at IndiGo, can connect you from Delhi to Tel Aviv as well as to several other European cities from Istanbul.

By Bus: Bus is another mode of transportation to explore Tel Aviv and its nearby cities. Choose your destination, hop on a bus and enjoy your trip.

By Train: Trains in Tel Aviv is another mode of commutation throughout the city and its nearby places. So, commuting through train will help you save your time and money.

Getting around: The best way to move around the city is through bike, as top attractions is close and can be reached on two wheels. To travel to the neighbourhood cities, bus is the best and most affordable mode of commutation.

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Places to visit in Tel Aviv

Places to eat in Tel Aviv

Milgo & Milbar

If you are looking for an authentic Israeli cuisine then Milgo & Milbar restaurant is the perfect spot. The menu is prepared by the most popular and brilliant chefs Michaeli and Moti Titman. Their seafood dishes are the most preferred and well-liked by locals and tourists.

Rothschild Coffee Kiosk

Take a stroll at the Rothschild Coffee Kiosk that is located in the center of the Rothschild Boulevard. The stall is best for a quick bite and a cup of coffee. So, enjoy being here for the best breakfast options, such as salads and hot sandwiches.

Ad HaEtzem Burger Express

Are you looking for an American-style fast-food joint? Don’t worry. Plan your visit at Ad HaEtzem Burger Express. As the name says, the place is best for some amazing burgers along with crunchy chips. Its burger options include single, double, and triple layered burgers.


Synonym for offering the best breakfast, Benedict is the place where people head for breakfast. The place is opened 24-hours a day and is jam-packed every time you visit here. So, plan your visit only if have the patience to wait for some mouth-watering food items, such as towering pancakes, french toast, and eggs Benedict.


Shopping in Tel Aviv

Carmel Market: Known to offer fresh produce, such as fruits, veggies, etc., the Carmel Market is the busiest marketplace of Tel Aviv. It has dozens of shops that not only sells fresh food but clothes too. So, get the best deals here at a bargained price.

Nahalat Binyamin Market: One of the historic markets, the Nahalat Binyamin Market is the greatest arts and crafts market in Israel. The place is occupied by almost 200 stalls that sell everything from glassware to jewellery. You can also shop for the perfect souvenirs to take back home. Boutiques here feature an amazing collection of clothes to choose from. Taking a stroll in this market is worth your time.

Sarona Market: Sarona Market is the best market that offers food shops from all over the world. Move around and grab everything from mouth-watering Dutch cheese to flavorsome waffles enjoy from its wide variety. Apart from food joints, you can also enjoy buying clothing, books and shoe stores.



Take a stroll to explore the nightlife in Tel Aviv from clubs to late night restaurants; the city has it all for you. Heading to local spots for meeting late night hunger pangs or going for a late-night party; it is all possible in here. Enter the bars located near the historical structure after going for sightseeing by planning your day accordingly.

BuXa: BuXa is a trendy bar in the city, the place features one of the most popular DJs spreading their talents across. Enjoy their popular drinks along with some delicacies. Also, hit the floor and dance the night away with friendly locals of the town.

Alphabet: Located near the Rothschild Boulevard, Alphabet is Tel Aviv’s highly admired nightlife spot. Its dark and intimate dancefloor along with new DJ lineup makes the club most popular among the locals and tourists leaving no room for mundane.

Social Club: The modern style bistro and bar, Social Club as the name says is the place for social gathering. Its Middle Eastern and European cuisine is the reason why people love to visit the club. The club is perfect for night crawlers looking for good music with excellent food.

Speakeasy - Rooftop on Rothschild: Step inside the rooftop bar Speakeasy to enjoy the fresh beats while enjoying the panoramic view of the city. The rooftop bar is popular among the couples for the romantic sight. Relish the unimaginative list of cocktails that feature booze-spiked popsicles.


Where to stay in Tel Aviv


The Rothschild Hotel Located near trendy Rothschild Boulevard, the Rothschild Hotel has a LED TV, a cordless phone, a minibar, and an air-conditioner in every room. This well-preserved building features contemporary-style furnishings for your comfortable stay.


TLV Supreme PH29 Located in the heart of the city, TLV Supreme PH29a City Center is a hotel facility that offers rooms with a balcony area. Situated in the main city area makes it close to the airport and main market too. So, if you are looking for accommodation in the city, TLV Supreme PH29a City is the one.


King George Street 3 Apartment Situated at a distance of less than a kilometer from the main city, King George Street 3 Apartment offers you a comfortable, yet affordable stay. Each apartment is equipped with a flat-screen TV, a hairdryer, and an air conditioner. So, plan your stay at the King George Street 3 Apartment for a relaxing vacation.


The Shenkin Hotel The Shenkin Hotel is the place for your luxurious stay. Being situated near to Shenkin Street, the hotel saves your time and money too. Staying here not only gives you a comfy stay but an unwinding and relaxing experience.

More reasons to visit

Eretz Israel Museum: The Eretz Israel Museum is a building complex that features a planetarium and pavilions. Its pavilions display the history of writing, ethnography, science, and folklore on ceramics and glass. Comprising almost 15 buildings, the museum is the third largest in Israel and is spread over an area of approximately 20 acres.

Azrieli Center: The biggest commercial center, Azrieli Center contains three buildings divided into the Square, the Triangle and the Round one. On its 49th floor is the highest observatory that gives you the view of the eastern part of Jerusalem. You can also take telescopes and personal audio equipment on rent for a clearer and better view.



6E & Cheeky

From fashionable people to historic buildings, the city has a lot for you to explore, but still, there are a few spots which not all tourists are aware of or are missed while taking a tour. One of such spots is the Gordon Pool, it is the swimming pool that features clean and organized water. The pool is a hub for serious swimmers, including children and toddlers. Enjoy your day under the sun rays at the wooden deck with sun beds. If you are a beach lover then head to the beach promenade, an area that offers access to the beach and countless cafes on the shore. Before going to the beach don’t forget to pick your favourite book from the Halper Books, an age-old book shop located on busy Allenby street. You can also find old books that carry a rich history of the ancient Tel Aviv. Not only this, the city is the Middle East’s LGBTQ capital where the gay parade is the main event, where people of all genders are welcomed.

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