1. Goods and Services Tax (GST) shall be levied at applicable rates on all air transportation services provided by IndiGo, except in cases specifically exempted under law.
  2. This is not a GST invoice. The GST invoice shall be sent to the email address in the name of the first passenger, mentioned in this itinerary. In case of a booking made by a GSTIN holder, the GST invoice shall be sent in the name of the GSTIN holder to the email address mentioned while providing the GSTIN information at the time of reservation.
  3. Additionally, passengers may download the GST invoice using their PNR number on the IndiGo website
  4. GST shall also be applicable on any special services requested by the passenger at applicable rates.
  5. Tax Invoices shall be only in INR, even in cases where the payment is made in a currency other than INR.
  6. Airfare Charges include Base Fare, Fuel Charge and CUTE Charge.
  7. PSF/UDF/ADF are collected on behalf of the Airport Authority of India (AAI)/Other Airport Operators. In case of no-show, you can claim the taxes on