Posted 04 May 2023

IndiGo takes to the skies with LPC Approval: Goodbye Paper Manuals, Hello Sustainability!

National, May 4, 2023: IndiGo, India's leading carrier has been granted Less Paper Cockpit (LPC) approval by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). This approval allows IndiGo to remove Technical Paper Manuals weighing 40 kgs from each aircraft cockpit of its Airbus fleet.

IndiGo has been at the forefront of adopting technology in the cockpit. In 2015, the airline became the first in the region to launch Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) reducing 25 kgs of paper on its Airbus fleet and replacing paper charts and manuals with iPads. The adoption rate was phenomenal, with digital manuals making it easier for the crew to maneuver, with added hyperlinks and colour graphics. Updating manuals became a far simpler process digitally, compared to the days it used to take to update paper charts in the complete fleet. This initiative has not only decluttered the cockpit since 2015 but also helped the airline to reduce its carbon footprint annually to the tune of 2500 tons approximately.

In continuation of the LPC program, IndiGo has now been authorized by DGCA to remove the remaining set of onboard paper manuals. The robustness of our processes, iOS ecosystem, and world practices followed with trials and safety risk assessment were proving points for the regulator to authorize IndiGo's LPC program.

Captain Ashim Mittra, Senior Vice President: Flight Operations, IndiGo said, "By replacing paper manuals with iPads, we have taken a big step towards strengthening digitization and increasing sustainability. The initiative will not only further diminish the usage of paper but also help the airline to reduce its carbon footprint. The iPad allows pilots to access information quickly and nimbly, making decisions in the cockpit safer and more efficient. And with IndiGo being the first airline in the region to launch EFB on its Airbus fleet, we are leading the way for other airlines to follow suit. IndiGo is committed to using technology to provide a better and safer flying experience for its customers while contributing towards a sustainable future."

Mr. Aakash Bhatnagar, AVP- Flight Operations Support at IndiGo, led the team in charge of the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) program. The effectiveness of the onboard iPads ensured that in the last 8 years of operations the onboard paper manuals were not being used by the flight crew and only added unnecessary weight to the aircraft. IndiGo is determined to be a leading airline in the world, focussed on enhancing sustainability.

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