Posted 27 December 2022

Five reasons why everyone needs to go to Maldives

If you want to visit a picture-perfect destination that oozes luxury, Maldives is the place to be in. With over 1,000 islands, this archipelago has become a top favourite among tourists, especially as a honeymoon destination. Its white sandy beaches, sparkling blue water, and beautiful sunsets make it a perfect getaway. The best part is that it attracts those who want a relaxing holiday and even those who want to get an adrenaline rush with the many water sports activities available here.

Malé is the capital of the Republic of Maldives and has many attractions that offer a clear glimpse of the vibrant Maldivian heritage and culture. However, do visit the other islands on your trip to the Maldives. Along with the scenic views, the country has many lively markets, fascinating museums, ancient mosques, and popular cafés.

So, here are the top five reasons to choose Maldives as your next holiday destination.

1. Fun water activities

With its stunning islands, mesmerizing beaches, and turquoise waters, Maldives is famous for its exciting water activities. If you are an adventure enthusiast, the variety of water sports will make you want to stay here forever.

Some of the best activities you can indulge in, on your trip, are:

  • Go kayaking: It is one of the most popular water activities in Maldives. Just paddle your boat and explore the deep blue waters of the sea. This activity also allows you to take in the breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean.
  • Feel the thrill of wakeboarding: Listed amongst the best water sports available in the country, wakeboarding lets you ride the waves. Just hold on to the ropes and walk on the water to feel your adrenaline pumping.
  • Underwater walking: When in Maldives, do take part in underwater walking. Herein, you can walk across the ocean bed and explore the colourful aquatic life.
  • Parasailing: With a parachute tied to a swift motorboat, sail high in the air to take in the bird’s-eye view of the gorgeous city.

Other water activities to try out include kitesurfing, whale submarine, and fun tubing.

2. Mouthwatering cuisine

The local food features a fusion of flavours, spices, and aromas. The islands have many amazing restaurants and cafés that serve a wide range of international cuisines, as well as lip-smacking local delicacies.

  • Garudhiya: This fragrant fish soup is a traditional dish. Served with rice, it is very popular amongst locals and tourists alike.
  • Mas huni: A shredded smoked tuna dish, it is served with lemon, onions, and grated coconut. It is a popular breakfast, dish typically eaten with bread called roshi.
  • Bis keemiya: It is a delicious combination of samosas and spring rolls. This savoury snack is a pastry filled with tuna or hardboiled eggs, along with gently sautéed shredded cabbage and sliced onions.
  • Fried yams: Yams are grown in abundance in the Maldives. For this reason, fried yams are counted amongst the most popular snacks. With a crunchy texture on the outside and a moist flavour on the inside, it is served with an array of sauces.

Some of the other flavourful delicacies popular in the city include masroshi, boshi mashuni, Maldivian live lobster, saagu bondibai, gulha, reef fish cutlets, aluvi boakibaa, and kulhi boakibaa.

3. Dynamic nightlife

Maldives is extremely popular for its exciting and vibrant nightlife. Many of the islands are dotted with amazing nightclubs, quaint bars, and vibrant performances. To explore the nightlife, indulge in some of the following activities that take place at night.

  • Witness crab racing: Crab racing is one of the most popular night activities that occurs in the city. Crabs are placed inside a circular boundary and allowed to roam around freely. If you pick the crab that crosses the boundary first, you get to win amazing prizes.
  • Go clubbing: Whether you want to tap your feet on the dance floor all night long or just want to drink your night away, there is no shortage of clubs that are known for their amazing music and a good selection of drinks and snacks.
  • Enjoy night fishing: You can join a night-fishing excursion organized by various guesthouses and resorts. You can not only catch some fish but also get it cooked as per your taste.
  • Spend the night stargazing: With so many lovely gardens and parks, there is no lack of amazing places to spend a relaxing night while gazing at the sky filled with millions of glittering stars.

4. More things to do

With plenty of exciting activities to do, Maldives is a wanderer’s paradise that has something to interest every traveller. So, here are some of the things you must do before you leave this beautiful place:

  • Seek blessings at Grand Friday Mosque: Known for being the biggest and the most prominent mosque in the Maldives, Grand Friday Mosque is renowned for its striking architecture. Constructed from pristine white marble, it features a majestic golden dome and offers splendid views of the water.
  • Go swimming at Artificial Beach: If you are looking for a peaceful retreat away from the city’s hustle and bustle, Artificial Beach is the best place to spend some relaxing time. You can also go swimming in the crystal-clear azure waters, surrounded by fine white sand.
  • Pay your respect at Tsunami Monument: As the name suggests, the monument was built to honour the memory of those who lost their lives in the 2004 tsunami. Located at the Artificial Beach, it is a popular tourist attraction now.
  • Enjoy a picnic at Rasrani Bageecha: Formerly called Sultan Park, Rasrani Bageecha is a spot filled with lush greenery, lily ponds, and large trees. The peaceful garden also features a lovely fountain that changes patterns and colours.

5. Rich history

Having been under the rule of kings and sultans for around 900 years, Maldives has a rich history. Explore the many historical sites and attractions that pay tribute to its glorious past.

  • Hukuru Miskii: Hukuru Miskiiy, also known as Old Friday Mosque, is one of the most prominent historical attractions and the oldest mosque. Built in 1658, it was included in UNESCO’s tentative cultural list due to its unique architectural style. Constructed using timber and coral, its interiors feature fine lacquer work and elaborately carved wooden panels.
  • National Museum: Full of historical treasures, this three-storeyed museum exhibits a huge collection of weaponry, religious artefacts, household items, antique treasures, and more. While here, do check out the engravings from the Quran on the walls of the museum.
  • Mulee Aage Palace: Built in the early 20thcentury for the Sultan, this striking palace serves as the official residence for the President of the Maldives. The palace’s most prominent highlight is its elaborate blue and white gatehouse called Medhu Ziyaarath, which is located at the eastern end of its compound.
  • Tomb of Mohammed Thakurufaanu: Located on the grounds of a small mosque called Behrouz Kamanaa Miskiiy, the tomb of Mohammed Thakurufaanu commemorates the Maldives national hero who played a key role in liberating the country from the Portuguese.

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Travel tips

How to reach the Maldives?

  • By flight: Also called Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, Malé International Airport is situated near North Male Atoll’s Hulhule Island. Numerous IndiGo flights regularly fly between Maldives’ capital city Malé and various other countries across the globe. You can check the details and schedules for IndiGo flights between Malé and other domestic and international destinations on the official website.

    Counted amongst the best holiday destinations worldwide, Maldives is an enchanting place that welcomes tourists from around the globe. No matter where your interests lie, it has something for travellers from all walks of life. So, book an IndiGo flight to Maldives when you are looking for an incredible destination for a rejuvenating vacation.

  • By water: You can take one of the many regular ferries that run between Malé and other nearby cities.

Weather in Maldives

Maldives experiences warm and sunny weather conditions all through the year. The months from November to April witness low temperatures that range between 23°C and 31°C. The months from May to October experience heavy rains and strong winds. This is the most popular time for surfers, since the waves are ideal for water sports like surfing and wakeboarding.

Best time to visit Maldives

November to April is considered the best time to plan a trip. The weather conditions during these months are quite pleasant and moderate, making this time perfectly suitable for sightseeing and exploring.

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