Rajahmundry - Land of soulful temples

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Rajahmundry, famously called the cultural capital of Andhra Pradesh, is replete with historical, cultural and traditional significance. Located on the banks of the holy river Godavari, and connected to other towns via one of the longest rail bridges, Rajahmundry—named after the King Narendra—is brimming with soulful temples, serene Ghats and swaths of natural beauty.

Best time to visit: The months between October and March are the best time to visit the city. The temperature during these months ranges from a pleasant 20 degrees and 27 degrees Celsius. The summer season here is pretty hot, and the temperature soars to over 40 degree Celsius.

How to Reach

By Air: The Rajahmundry airport is almost 18 km from the main city at Madhurapudi. The city of Rajahmundry is connected via direct (and indirect) flights from all the major metros in the country, with IndiGo operating daily flights to Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad.

By Train: Rajahmundry boasts of the largest Railways stations in the state, with regular trains connecting it with other cities around the country such as Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.

By Bus: State-owned buses also offer a convenient way to reach the city from various regions of the state like Tirupati, Vijayawada, Guntur and Vishakhapatnam.

Getting around: The APSTRCT (state-owned bus service) cover the length and breadth of the entire city starting from the Rajahmundry bus station and are the cheapest way to get around. For travellers looking to get to specific locations, cab services like OLA and Savaari are super convenient.

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Places to Visit in Rajahmundry

Places to eat in Rajahmundry

Udupi Akshaya
Udupi Akshaya

Start your meal at Udupi Akshaya with their breakfast menu. Touted as the best breakfast place in town, a serving of button idli and sambar is soul-satisfying. Must try? Pongal & lunch Thali.






Srikanya Comfort Restaurant
Srikanya Comfort Restaurant

City's famous restaurant, Srikanya hosts a range of delectable dishes. Once here, do try the chicken fry piece biryani, Natukodi - Country Chicken and Chilli Wings. The restaurant is a step away from the main market and is very close to the Godavari Ghat.

Aharam Restaurant
Aharam Restaurant

Aharam restaurant is famous for its authentic and palate-worthy Andhra cuisine and wall paintings from Raja Ravi Varma. The best thing to try? South Indian Thalis and stuffed Indian breads.

DFC Rajahmundry
DFC Rajahmundry

DFC is famous among its patrons for the fried chicken. A casual dining place, with a chill vibe, reasonable prices and drool-worthy fried chicken, DFC is top of the list for carnivores in and around the town.


Shopping in Rajahmundry

Mahatma Gandhi Market: Rajahmundry is a powerhouse for cloth industries and houses India’s largest clothing market at Mahatma Gandhi market. From hand-woven fabrics to cotton and Khadi grams, shop here for both traditional and modern designs. And if you are good at bargaining, you will find great stuff at cheap prices.

Sudarshan Shopping Mall: The Sudarshan shopping mall in the city is a great place to shop for everything, all under one roof; from traditional to designer wear and to ready-made sarees.  

Kalaniketan: One of the top shopping destinations in the city is at Kalaniketan. It houses options targetted for women but is slowly opening doors to other audiences as well. Head here for latest trends and traditional clothing options.


Where to Stay in Rajahmundry


River Bay Situated near the Gutami Ghat, and overlooking the expanse of the Godavari River, River bay has a swimming pool, wine and dine options and cycling experience on the offer for the guests. Witness the ebb and flow of the river from the comfort of your room. What's more? The hotel also boasts of a water park which opens at 2pm-6pm with an entry charge of INR 150 only. Distance from the airport: 15 km.


Hotel Shelton A terrace pool, fitness centre, large rooms and a game zone; hotel Shelton is a stay option for the modern traveller. Comfortable and convenient with a prime location, Shelton offers you a luxurious stay with a range of amenities. Distance from the airport: 13 km.


Hotel Anand Regency Known for its hospitality, and situated smack in the middle of the city, this is a business-class hotel with modern architecture and excellent interiors. With a courteous staff and known best for a transit stay, Hotel Anand Regency has had a long tradition of serving weary travellers with utmost care. Distance from the airport: 12 km.


La Hospin Hotel Situated at the Pushkar Ghat, offering a picture-perfect river view, La Hospin is great for an overnight stay. Choose a room with the view of Godavari, and you can enjoy the evening prayers right from the comfort of your room. Distance from the airport: 12 km.

More reasons to visit Rajahmundry

Pushkar Ghat: This place offers an amazing view of the Godavari barrage, along with spiritual enrichment. Head here in the evening for a soulful prayer offered to the goddess Godavari and some downtime from the busy city-life.

Markandeya Temple: The Markandeya temple is on the banks of the river Godavari. Pilgrims from across the country visit the temple throughout the year.


Places to visit near Rajahmundry

Sree Veerbhadra Swamy Temple: Situated atop a hill, in middle of the Godavari River in Pattiseema, Sree Veerbhadra Swamy Temple on Devakuta Parvatha is a famous centre for pilgrims offering prayers to Lord Shiva. It is considered as one of the five key Lord Shiva's temples in the country.

Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary: Just 70 km and a 2-hour drive away from Rajahmundry is the Coringa Wildlife sanctuary. Home to as many as 30+ species of Mangrove plants and over 120 species of birds, the sanctuary is a great place to spot a range of animals and plants. It is also the second largest stretch of Mangrove forest in India. If you love nature, make a day trip out to the wildlife sanctuary.

Kakinada Beach: If you are travelling with friends or family, take a drive down to the Kakinada beach, just 1.5 hours away from Rajahmundry. The beach is usually devoid of tourists making it a great escape from the city as well.

Hope Island: A small island in the middle of the ocean, Hope Island is a piece of land, just off the coast of Kakinada. It usually takes a 1.5-hour drive to reach Kakinada, and from there you can take a boat from Kakinada and make a small, day trip to this island. Secluded from the mainland, this island offers respite from the city life.

One day travel guide for Rajahmundry

If you are in the city for only one day; business or pleasure, there are a few things which should be on your itinerary. Start with a visit to the Godavari Bridge. Spanning over the length of the mighty Godavari River, it is a sight to behold to anyone visiting the city. You can either take a boat or simply sit at the Pushkar Ghat to see the bridge. Very close to Pushkar Ghat is the Markandeya temple. Situated on the bank of the river, it is one of the oldest temples in the city. Next on the itinerary should be Kadiyapulanku, which is only 10 km from the main city. This small village has a beautiful collection of nurseries and plants.  On your way back, check out the Iskcon temple.

6E & Cheeky

The joy of discovering Rajahmundry is best by the boat. With ghats banking the city's waterline, they offer the perfect spot for travellers to put their foot down. Another great way to explore the bylanes is on a bicycle. Take a walk to the Cotton Museum and park or stroll through the green-carpet of the Gandhi Park. Head to Kotagummam, the commercial area of Rajahmundry and enjoy rose milk. Locals here swear by the taste of the rose milk, available in the three flavours – plain, with Kova or with semiya and in fact, consider it as the best in the entire state of Andhra Pradesh.  Take the Godavari launch journey, which covers almost 100 km on the river, snaking through the islands in over 12 hours, covering places like Papikondalu, Kolluru and Perantalapalli. Taking a long walk to the top of the hill to see the Annavaram temple is both picturesque and calming. The city of Rajahmundry also hosts the Kumbh Mela every 12 years and if you plan your visit around that time, you will witness an event like no other. All in all, Rajahmundry is a town that's both picturesque and serene and offers something for every kind of traveller.


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