Vijayawada – The place of Victory

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Vijayawada also known as Bezawada, rests on the banks of the river Krishna, is flanked by Indrakeeladri mountain on one side and is the business capital of Andhra Pradesh. The iconic Kanaka Durga temple, which sits atop the mountain, overlooks the city and gives it a magical touch. The town is known for its rich cultural history and is a melting pot of various religious traditions. This makes Vijayawada the perfect getaway and offers an opportunity to discover amazing cultural and historical traditions.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit Vijayawada is during winters between the months of October and March when the weather is pleasant and ranges between 10 and 30 degrees celsius. The summers are unbearably hot and can go up to 45 degrees celsius. The monsoons are lovely but are filled with heavy downpours, making it a bit difficult to travel. The city's climate is tropical and ranges between 25 degrees and 40 degrees celsius.

How to reach

By Air: The international airport of Vijayawada is almost 13 km from the city in the Gannavaram region. Vijayawada is connected with all the major metros of the country with IndiGo operating daily flights from Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata.

By Train: The Vijayawada railway station is directly linked to major cities in the country through a regular rail network, with trains both originating from and connecting to the city.

By Bus: You can reach Vijayawada easily via The APSRTC–state transportation, which offers frequent bus service connecting all the regions of Andhra Pradesh.

Getting around: The best way to get around the city is via bus. With a BRTS system in place, every part of the city is connected through a network of frequent buses which are operated by Andhra Pradesh State Road Transportation Corporation (APSTRC). If you are looking for a more convenient way to get around, we suggest getting an Ola cab, which is always a click away.

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Places to visit in Vijayawada

Places to eat in Vijayawada

GAD Restaurant, The Getaway hotel

Located on M.G road, GAD Restaurant is perhaps the best place for fine dining. South Indian cuisine at the restaurant is mouth-watering. Must try? Cabbage chutney and the Onion Uttapam. Go here for the breakfast buffet spread.


Barbeque Nation

The chain restaurant, Barbeque Nation is famous for its grilled dishes, which are offered right off the barbeque and gives patrons a chance for some easy cooking and eating. Reasonably priced with excellent customer service, this place ranks high on the quality and hospitality.

Hyderabad House

Hyderabad House restaurant is heaven for those looking for an authentic take on the world famous biryani on the Tikkle Road.


Seven Days Café

Run by a family of food enthusiasts, Seven Days cafe serves delicious bakery items and is famous in the city for its cakes.

Minerva Coffee Shop

This coffee shop has been serving vegetarian food since 1987, and they have perfected the South Indian thalis with genuine Andhra flavour. If the idea is to try the authentic cuisine, Minerva Coffee Shop is the place to go.

Lotus The Food City

Located on the bank of river Krishna, offering an excellent view of the Prakasham Bridge and the Durga temple, with lip-smacking food, Lotus The Food City is ideal for afternoon lunches and evening dinners with friends and family.

R. R. Durbar

Ornately designed, the restaurant serves delightful portions of North Indian and Chinese fare. Perfect for a romantic date (with its Egyptian interiors) the place is famous in the city as the best restaurant for dinner.

Brindavan Chaat Corner

A street vendor who has taken the city by storm. Chaat, Panipuri and other mouth-watering snackable items are top sellers at the chaat corner, which is set up in the Brindavan colony. Keep your handkerchiefs ready, for the food here is spicy!


Shopping in Vijayawada

Besant Road: The flea-market at Besant Road offers a plethora of knick-knacks, accessories, artsy jewellery pieces and more. It is easy to spend hours and hours here looking for, honestly, nothing in particular.

Benz Circle: It is one of the busiest chowks in Vijayawada. Look around, because we are sure you will find something to bring back home with you, like a Kalamkaari painting, or a replica of an artefact from the local shops.

Kondapalli Market: This area is cluttered with tiny antique shops selling countless handicraft products ranging from textiles, jewellery, toys, furniture and art related products–all at reasonable rates.



Cuba Libre, a themed bar based on the 80's, is great for letting your hair down. The screening of live matches can be enjoyed at the Midtown sports bar and the League sports bar. Grapevine, a colonial-style bar, stacks a wide range of wines, liquor and beers. Neptune bar in the Fortune hotel is famous for its lively and contemporary music and excellent atmosphere for the party-goers. For those who love cocktails, G-Bar on MG Road is the preferred destination. If you want to party on the riverfront, check out the Tanvi River cruise – which is a floating restaurant and offers a great opportunity to let your hair down.  10 Downing Street is another party pub which plays kickass beats.

Where to stay in Vijayawada


The Gateway Hotel Situated in the city centre, The Getaway Hotel is a luxurious property with excellent staff and service. The place offers a lot of amenities like a spa, gym and picks and drop shuttle from the Vijayawada Airport. The Getaway Hotel also boasts of some of the best 24/7 restaurants in town. It's a 5-star property which is chosen both by the politicians and film stars when visiting the city. Distance from the airport: 21 km


Haailand Resort Situated far from the noise of the city, and boasting a fully-functioning water park, Haailand Resort is what vacations are made of. Rooms designed like boats, replete with all the amenities, with an entertainment centre, pool tables, restaurant, gymnasium, rides, a water park and more, the stay here is best enjoyed with loved ones. Distance from the airport: 35 km


Treebo C-Plaza Treebo C-Plaza on MG Road is an affordable hotel with good service, clean rooms and basic amenities. For overnight or transit stay, this is a good place to put the luggage down. Stay here comes with complimentary breakfast and is great for people travelling for business. Distance from the airport: 20 km.


Continental Park Hotel Spacious rooms, courteous staff, and affordable prices–that’s the Continental Park Hotel. Situated very close to the market and the railway station, with loads of food joints nearby and a market to shop from, the hotel is great for short trips. Distance from the airport: 19 km

Hotel DV Manor

Hotel DV Manor Situated in the heart of the city, with a 24/7 coffee shop, an eclectic range of cuisine at Aromas gourmet dining and a bar at Springs, Hotel DV Manor is great for both the business and leisure-seeking travellers. Distance from the airport: 18 km


Fortune Hotel Fortune Business Hotel is a member of the ITC group and stands out as a great place for a short stay. The hotel boasts of a famous bar called the Neptune. Distance from the airport: 20 km

More reasons to visit

Bapu Museum: The Bapu Museum, formerly known as Victoria Jubilee Museum is of immense archaeological importance and was renamed after renowned film director, Sattiraju Lakshmi Narayana. This structure was built in an Indo-European style and dates back over a 100 years. It also houses a large collection of sculptures, paintings, and artefacts of Buddhist and Hindu relics, with some of them going back to the 2nd and 3rd century.

Amravati Museum: Located in a village in Guntur district, the Amaravati Archaeological Museum is one of the oldest museums with a vast collection of archaeological artefacts like jewellery, utensils and coins etc. which are over 2000 years old. The museum also has a replica of Buddha stupa and is home to the damaged remains of original Buddha stupa.

Akkanna Madanna Temple: This rock-cut cave temple is situated in the foothills of the Indrakeeladri temple where the famous Kanaka Durga Temple also stands. Even though the caves have existed from the 6th or 7th century, the temple was built around the 17th century making it a must for history buffs.

Kondapalli Fort: This historical beauty is only an hour’s drive from the city. Situated in the middle of greenery, this granite structure makes for a pleasant surprise on your drive over. It dates back to the 13th century and is filled with a rich cultural history. It has three entry gates, but the major attraction is the Tanisha Mahal or Palace, which is located on a crest between two hills.


Near this city

Lined with coconut treats, Vodarevu beach offers a spectacular view for tourists looking to get away from the city. It is less than a three-hour drive from Vijayawada, making it a favourite for short road trips. You can also head up the Gundala. This locality is situated less than four hours away from Vijayawada. It is famous for its Catholic shrines, the most well-known being the Gunadala Matha Shrine, which is also the biggest in Andhra Pradesh. It is situated on Gundala hill, which is tallest among a cluster of tiny hills.

24 Hours in the city

Start your day with fresh air and head to Bhavani Islands for bird watching (around 7.00 am) or take a relaxing boat ride. If you’re into adventure sports, then stick around to try out water skiing, jet skiing, parasailing and many more fun things for less than (starts at 9 am). There are tons of places you can visit throughout the day like the Undavalli Caves or Bapu Museum. If you’re too lazy, then you can check out the various temples like the Kanaka Durga Temple near the hills. The city actually comes to life during the evening, so head over to Prakasam barrage and witness the expanse of the river during the sunset when the entire barrage is lit up and reflects in the calming waters of the river.

6E & Cheeky

There is something so unique about Vijayawada that is very hard to find in any other part of the country. Take for example the Happy Sunday initiative by the Municipal Corporation. Every 1st Sunday of the month, the city organizes an event on MG Road in which citizens from all age groups participate. From Yoga classes to skating competitions, the day celebrates the spirit of the city. While the best way to get around town is in an auto-rickshaw, one can simply decide to walk, all the while experiencing the local flavour of the city through its food and culture through its many temples and caves. If you are with friends and want to party, check out the Tanvi restaurant, which is a floating boat and ideal for late night parties on the waterfront. The spectacular beauty of Kanaka Durga temple, the structural ingenuity of Undavalli caves, the expanse of Krishna River, or the serene atmosphere at the Gandhi Stupa on Gandhi hill - all make Vijayawada a calm and quiet getaway for the unconventional traveller.

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