Visakhapatnam - Jewel of the East Coast

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Often called ‘The Jewel of the East Coast’ this city has a lot to offer for a packed cultural weekend or a relaxed holiday exploring ancient Buddhist caves and excavation sites. Beyond the beautiful beaches and spicy Andhra cuisine, take a peek into the country’s maritime history and a vibrant festival season that runs from November to February. This is also the best time to enjoy the pleasant weather in Vishakhapatnam.

How to reach

By Air: Visakhapatnam Airport is the nearest airport, located at 12km away from the city. IndiGo operates more than 100 weekly, non-stop flights between Visakhapatnam and other key locations in the country.

By Train: Visakhapatnam railway station connects the city with other cities and towns through various trains like Chennai Express, Konark Express, Guwahati Express among others.

By Bus: Visakhapatnam is well-connected with all major parts of the country through a vast network of buses run by APSRTC, state government and private operators.

Getting around: Auto-rickshaws and cycle-rickshaws are popular options for transportation. There are buses by APSRTC that runs throughout the city along with app-based taxi services like Ola.

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Places to visit in Vishakhapatnam

Places to eat in Vishakhapatnam

Dharani and Dakshin, Daspalla Hotel

Dharani is a vegetarian restaurant that serves up delectable south Indian and Andhra style thalis that are wholesome and good value. Dakshin offers a range of southern India non-vegetarian delicacies, of which the Andhra-style mutton and fish dishes, are not to be missed.



Zaffran, Novotel Visakhapatnam Varun Beach

Located on the top floor of the hotel, Zaffran is perfect for a fine-dining experience, serving excellent north Indian cuisine with lovely views of the Bay to round out the dining experience.

Flying Spaghetti Monster, Waltair Uplands

If you need a break from India food, head to this small and cosy eatery, with its super thin crust pizzas, great kinds of pasta and authentic Italian flavours. Come early if you don't want to wait.

Bamboo Bay, The Park, Vishakhapatnam

This open-air seaside restaurant serves up Indian fare including Andhra and Chettinad options, and is perfect if you are dining to impress.

Sea Inn, Rushikonda

If you are looking for authentic Andhra fare without the fuss, then head to the Sea Inn, more popularly known as Raju ka Dhaba, after the owner. His wife cooks homestyle spicy Andhra delicacies. The food is cheap and services quick. Ask for the mutton biryani and local prawn fry.



Shopping in Vishakhapatnam

Kurupam Market: Shop like the locals and head to the area around Kurupam Market with its narrow lanes and tiny shops to buy gold and silver. In many of the older shops, you might find goldsmiths stoking their furnaces by blowing into them, melting ornaments in their crucibles.

Lepakshi Handicraft Emporium: Head to Lepakshi Handicraft Emporium or the Eastern Art Museum for handicrafts, ethnic clothes, tribal jewellery, the popular kondapalli toys and other souvenirs.

Tribes India: Located on RK Beach, Tribal India showcases exquisite tribal art and handcrafted items. The products are all sourced directly from tribal, and it’s a one-stop-shop to acquire a slice of the indigenous culture of the state.



Tribe-The Park: Known for celebrity DJs and considered to be one of the famous clubs in the city, it’s a must-visit for party lovers. The highlight of the place is its cocktails and club music.

TAP the fun: The place is decorated beautifully with colourful graffiti making it a lively and happening place. The best part is this place is its beverage section that offers a mix of colourful shots of, imported whiskeys, classic and contemporary cocktails. You must try their options for imported and draught beer.

Moksha Restocafé: A popular place with the young hip crowd of Visakhapatnam, Moksha Restocafé offers faint sea views along with Thai, Tibetan, Western and Indian dishes.

Where to stay in Vishakhapatnam


The Park, Beach Road One of the most famous hotels in Visakhapatnam, The Park is beautiful and elegant, with one of the best locations in the city. Lovely green lawns are overlooking the bay, a swimming pool and great restaurants including the beachfront Bamboo Bay and the ultra-posh Vista.


Novotel Varun Beach, Beach Road Location. Location. Location. Bang in the middle of RK Beach, the newer Novotel gives stiff competition to the Park Hotel as Visakhapatnam’s best. The terraced poolside venue with sizeable lazy lounge chairs and live music most nights is perfect for sunsets. The service is, and the coffee shop serves excellent international fare at not too exorbitant prices.


Haritha Beach Resort, Rushikonda Run by Andhra Tourism (APTDC), rooms here are simple but large and comfortable with the higher-end rooms boasting balconies with beautiful sea views. An excellent mid-range option, the Hairtha is located just above Rushikonda beach, which is its prime selling point.

Hotel Daspalla

Hotel Daspalla, Suryabagh One of the oldest hotels in the city, Hotel Daspalla is located in the heart of town and is a favourite with tourists from around the state. The rooms are comfortable, and the guard at the gate is a storehouse of information. The hotel is home to some of the best food in town, including their special filter coffee, a modern spin on the south Indian classic.


Hotel Supreme, Beach Road This is one of the best budget hotels in Vishakhaptnam is located on the opposite end of Beach Road from The Park. It has modern and spacious rooms, some of which have sea views. The breakfast buffet is basic but good, the shipyard is walking distance, and it’s an excellent option for a beachfront stay without breaking the bank.

More reasons to visit

Kailasagiri Hill: Once you’ve had your fill of the beach, cable car it up to one of the best tourist places in Vishakhapatnam, Kailasagiri Hill. This hill is a must visit for fantastic sunset views, some of the best things to see in Visakhapatnam. The park up on the hill has a play area for kids, a toy train, sculpture park and walking paths.

Simhachalam Temple: The famous Simhachalam Temple, located on the outskirts of the city, is dedicated to Lord Narasimha, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The central shrine was built in Kalinga architectural style and bears influence from the Odishan form of temples. Large but orderly, the temple is worth a visit, especially for the carvings and stone panels. Don’t miss the sculpture of Lord Narasimha disemboweling a demon on the rear wall.


Near this city

Bavikonda and Thotlakonda: Full of history, the coast of Andhra Pradesh has an exciting mix of Buddhist, Dutch and Hindu monuments and heritage sites. The oldest is the Buddhist Complex of Bavikonda and Thotlakonda, north of the city, which was inhabited by monks from 3BC to around 3AD, and is a well laid out excavation site. Head further north to explore the old Dutch settlement at Bheemli Beach, of which the old Dutch cemetery remains intact, with beautiful looking tombstones and a lighthouse from 1861. The beach itself is fascinating with statues of mermaids and goddesses and an oversized head of the Buddha strewn across the sand.

Bojjannakonda and Lingalakonda: The other set of beautiful ancient Buddhist sites lies 40km south of the city. Monks used Bojjannakonda and Lingalakonda from the 2nd to the 9th century AD, and they are made up of rock-cut caves, stupas, ruins of monastery structures and remains of statues of the Buddha. Climb to the top of the caves to get some fantastic views of the surrounding countryside and checkered rice fields.

6E & Cheeky

One of the best things to do in Vizag, if you are in the mood for tranquility, is to head down to Araku Valley as a guest of the India Railways, taking Andhra’s best train ride through beautiful lush forests of the Eastern Ghats. The area is home to tribal communities and is known for its organic coffee. Hop into the excellent Museum of Habitat to understand a little more about the tribal population of Andhra Pradesh. If you are there on a Friday, don't miss the weekly market, where locals and tribals come to buy and sell. And if adventure is what you are in the mood for, then head to the famous Borra Caves, 40km before Araku Valley. The million-year-old limestone caves are some of the biggest in India, complete with spectacular views, waterfalls and include a crawl through an 80ft tunnel. Stay at the Jungle Bells Eco Camp run by the APTDC and get back into nature.

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