Aamod Gokhale

Had a wonderful experience at the check-in counter in Mumbai airport Terminal 1 on the afternoon of Saturday. We would specifically like to mention two of your staff at the check-in - Pooja who assisted us with the check in, realized that we had an issue due to flight delay with less time for the connecting flight from Bangalore and Brian who moved us to an alternate flight to take care of the issue. BIG THANKS and KUDOS to both of them for their wonderful service. Besides solving our problem very well, they were in general very courteous, pleasant and professional. They made us smile again and have a very pleasant memory of the check-in process from India at Mumbai Terminal 1.

Col K Mohandas (Retd)

Dear Sir, I wish to express our gratitude to you for the very considerate help and assistance from your staff at Chennai Airport yesterday. My wife and self-wee to take Flt 6E 881 at 14.15 from Chennai to Coimbatore (Booking Ref HYYTHC). Owing to reasons well beyond our control we arrived a bit late at the Check-in counter and the counter was just closed. On explaining the situation, the staff at the counter acted well beyond their assigned tasks and not only did they help us in completing the check-in formalities but an Executive accompanied us right up to the gate and ensured that we were comfortably boarded. This kind and rare gesture, though minor for you, was a great relief and solace to us - an old couple - and I consider this as an eloquent testimony for the care and concern by IndiGo to the passengers. We shall never forget this experience and thank you for the kind courtesy so extended. This also helped remove an unwanted controversy and criticism from some mischief mothers a couple of months ago, wherein, a small unpleasant incident of manhandling the passengers by IndiGo staff, perhaps blown out of proportions and flashed extensively on the internet. Thank you for the care and concern shown to us yesterday. Hereafter it will be IndiGo for us for all domestic flights. Sincerely yours. Col K Mohandas (Retd)

G. Krishnan

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the Perfect takeoff and Landing from Bengaluru to New Delhi. The flight left Bengaluru at 17.00 hours to Delhi. On arrival at Delhi Airport, out of 6 bags, one bag did not come in the Conveyor and after everyone left, even the conveyor stopped. We immediately reported to IndiGo Ground Staff. We were asked to wait for some time as they were checking with Bangalore Airport, Delhi, flight etc and still did not get clear idea about one Suit case. We had to leave Delhi the next day to Amritsar and further to Manali. Your Ground Staff Mr Abhishek Customer Service Officer(AO&CS) was extremely helpful and ensured that we don’t get tensed at all and made all his attempts to trace the Suitcase. After about 40 minutes (Flight landed at 745 pm, conveyor stopped at about 8.30 pm) at about 9.10 pm he found the suitcase fell down from Conveyor at the entrance of the aircraft side and handed over to us. All appreciation and thanks to him for this swift action and handling the customer so nicely. We have attached herewith his identity card which we clicked with his permission. Hats off to IndiGo for such wonderful people working for you and feel proud. Pls do convey our special thanks to him thanks and regards Krishnan +3 Guests.

Gautam Bhat

This is with regards to your employee Anish Kumar at the IndiGo check-in counter at Bhubaneshwar airport. I along with my mother had originally planned to travel in IndiGo (PNR IF8F4A) from Bhubaneshwar to Bangalore via Hyderabad. However due to cancellation of both flights, I was terribly upset. I was offered numerous options but none worked for me. This is when I met Anish kumar and was amazed by his professionalism - he was polite yet firm in his response. He showed empathy and made personal connect with passengers which is so important while dealing with customers. I as an Associate Director with IBM (in Bangalore), very well realize how challenging it is to deal with angry customers. Anish showed personal interest in serving passengers (not only me) and made every possible attempt to help them find alternate routes to reach home with as little inconvenience as possible. In my case, he went over and beyond in making appropriate arrangements that facilitated me and my aged mother to reach our destination well ahead of time than anticipated. Anish ensured that necessary arrangements for refreshments were made even before I (and other passengers) asked for it. Our stress level that had built up due to cancellation was alleviated with Anish's support. I strongly believe that such employees as Anish are truly a great asset for any organization Great selection team! I wish that you recognize Anish for his stellar performance.

Surya Bhattacharya

I strongly felt that Rhea, a flight attendant on 6E 716 from Kolkata to Bengaluru, exceeded expectations and provided one of the best inflight service I've had in the skies. Our family travels internationally quite often and her service was unparalleled even when compared to other airlines including Singapore Airlines, Emirates Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Spice Jet to name a few. I was pleasantly surprised to see such service in a domestic flight after flying for more than 20 years. It's a pleasure to see someone with a beautiful smile without being artificially courteous. Rhea led with a cheerful attitude that definitely had an impact on the passengers and other crew members. In addition, she made my travel much simpler for my kids who seem to have infinite demands when flying. In short, I hope my feedback can reach the right people so that she can be considered for future opportunities within the company. Thanks!

Anish Kumar V G

I would like to thank your company professionals at the customer services division for their excellent service. I was stucked at Calicut road traffic and reported little bit late in the check in counter. The staff at the counters provided timely and helpful advices to me. I was new in that airport. Mr. Derin was extremely attentive and he listened to all my concerns with a great deal of patience. I was very thankful that Derin and team explained the airline policies I was not aware about that. His team has a caring approch and they are true professional. Please accept my gratitude towards to Derin and his team for their speedy and efficient services. I was able to catch the flight just because of them only. Thanks to their attentive and alert presence. I would expecially like to appreciate the check in staff professionalism and superlative skills.

Ngulie Pochury

Dear IndiGo, I would like to share some positive feedback about one of your Staff, Miss Vitseno Mercy Thapo at IndiGo, Dimapur. She assisted and guided me in issuing a boarding pass at Dimapur Airport, Nagaland. It was my first time to have booked with IndiGo and I wasn't aware that I was supposed to check-in 2 hours before the flight. She was extremely helpful and courteous. She not only guided me the right way but also helped me answer to all my questions. This was one of the finest examples of customer service I have ever seen. IndiGo's customer service was given paramount attention and Miss Vitseno Mercy Thapo walked on extra mile to help me. I must also share that given an opportunity I would definitely like to travel through IndiGo again as I am very much impressed with customer service provided to me. Kudos Regards, Ngulie Pochury

Jose N Alex

Dear Customer relations team We are regular customers of IndiGo and are delighted to share one more incident which reflects as to why IndiGo rules the indian skys and is without doubt, the best airline in India (appended below is a mail which talks about two similar experiences we had at some time back). We travelled today (1st jan 2018) from trivandrum to Bhubaneswar , via hyd (RG9WXQ). While the flight from TVM to HYD reached the destination with a minor delay, we saw that HYD airport was flooded with people as most flights connecting from delhi was delayed due to fog.  Our flight from HYD to BBI 6E922 was getting delayed from 14:10 all the way to 20:30, and on enquiring with your team, they also did not have the update on when it would reach hyd. we saw irate passengers screaming at the top of their voices at your crew blaming them for all the delays and non-information etc. All credit to them, and your training, to manage such situations, the team kept their cool and answered them patiently and did not utter one word out of place.  Along with us there were few passengers who had exigencies, and who wanted to take an earlier flight (17:40). In that there was one passenger whose father had expired. In the discussions, the IndiGo crew, they regretted to him and all of us that no seats are available as the particular flight was full.  However, after some time they came searching for him (ms deepika and Ms chetna) and managed to find seats for the person and his family. Just goes to show that they were empathic even in the most trying circumstances to that man's situation and give him a solution. We also had to urgently reach back Bhubaneswar as my daughter's school was reopening and I have few important works lined up for 2nd jan. They networked among the team very well and ensured that we (3 of us) were also moved to the 17:40 flight our baggage was also shifted and everything happened like clockwork and we were on board the flight coming back home. Really delighted with the experience which took away all the disappointment due to the fog delay, and knowing that our favourite airline will do everything possible to ensure that customers are taken care. Kindly convey our appreciation to the Ms Chetna and Ms Deepika who deserves a pat on their back and applause for their trouble shooting skills, emotional resilience and speed of execution. IndiGo rocks!!! Wishing you all a wonderful new year 2018. Best regards Jose N Alex and Family.

Taizeena khan
Hi,  My name is Taizeena khan.I am writing this letter to compliment you on the good service and especially would like to thank one of your staff Ms.Sabiha(Staff at Srinagar Airport). Recently, I was flying to Blore by IndiGo airlines (Flight# 6E-478 ,PNR-T6C5UR). At srinagar airport i twisted my ankle and was hurt. Ms.Sabiha was very courteous and helpful to me. She not only made me comfortable but also offered to walk along with me till I boarded the plane. I must say that she is very proactive in helping the passengers and meeting their requests. Please pass this note of thanks and my best wishes to her. Regards Taizeena Khan
Gaurav Arora

Dear Customer Care team, trust you are doing well. Another episode of excellent customer service with IndiGo. So proud of being a frequent traveler with your airlines.  My flight was delayed by few hrs because of the fog at the delhi airport which is understandable. But the way your ground staff at Chennai Airport handled and listened to me is simply amazing.  Listening, empathy and customer care are few of the qualities demonstrated by two of your team members including: Ms. Rubinaa  and Ms. Dhanalakshmi . Kudos to the team Thank you for being IndiGo 🙏🏼🙏🏼 Indeed a great start to 2018 Great.


Hello, my husband and I travelled from Mumbai to Trivandrum. It was a 5.40 pm flight.  As usual, getting to the airport on time ended up becoming a crazy race to the finish line and I remember being exhausted when standing in line, waiting for our turn. We are expecting - a few months in and to be honest I wasn't feeling my best. You must be wondering why I am telling you all this. Because there was an incredibly kind employee of yours sitting at the counter we were directed towards. He welcomed us with a smile and made our experience one that was both warm and welcoming. He was not aware of our Olympic race to the airport or the fact that I was feeling unwell as we did not share that information with him. He was doing it as a normal every day act of kindness motivated by nothing else but the goodness of his heart and his professionalism. His name is Neil Vora and we would like to applaud him for the courtesy he showed us.  I wanted to congratulate you on the professionalism of your airlines and the fact that your employees conduct themselves with such grace and kindness. This festive season was really made that much more special for us. Thank you. Ann

Hariprasad Joshi

PNR NUMBER ICZQPM if I cannot share my thoughts candidly with you i will fill that i have not done justice. it is amazing that at both the places, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad the similar situation occurred. Hyderabad: on December i was flying from Hyderabad to Ahmedabad as always under the leadership of zayed my arrival was very well taken care from the customer service , boarding pass and security check Zayed is so particular to leave instructions with his team that as soon as i arrive they all know my needs and services at the boarding gate a situation happened , which has happened in many stations that the incoming flight was delayed the passengers were totally out of control and were screaming and shouting during this situation. Taranjit and his entire team took control and try to fight the fire. there were at times such foul language used by the passenger but the IndiGo team were cool calm and most importantly helpful. kudos to zayed Taranjit and their entire team. Ahmedabad: the similar incident happened at Ahmedabad when i was traveling to Delhi on 22nd December it was identical situation screaming shouting, foul language and not ready to understand Ms. zarna Trivedi and her entire team truly handled it very professionally with lot of patience and tolerance the difference here was when each passenger was given a box with couple of bags of chips and a bottle water the situation turned to normal Ms. zarna made sure that the staff was with me to guide me at safety and comfort. In conclusion I think the value of all the screaming and shouting is only 2 bags of potato chips I would like to express my sincere appreciation and the best for the new year to entire IndiGo team at Hyderabad and Ahmedabad looking forward to see you all again soon

Vikas Dhurka

Hi, I am writing to acknowledge the great customer service we received at the Bengaluru Airport by IndiGo airport team member Mr. Surjeethraj R. We had missed our flight and a bag and Surjeeth stayed with us till we got a mode of transport to our destination. He finds helped to find us an alternative flight on different airlines. Since this was Christmas Day, and none of the flights were available, he helped us to get a bus from the Bangalore airport to Mangalore. The gesture of help and calm, in light of the chaos at the airport on holidays, was remarkable. The next day Surjeeth helped us to track our missing bag at the Mangalore airport and gave us the right contacts to talk to - when the Mangalore airport phone numbers were not working. Kudos to this customer service. On a chaotic day, traveling with a toddler, missing a flight, and a bag, customer service, especially the attitude, was a breath of fresh air. Please do the needful to have more folks like Surjeeth as customer facing front of IndiGo, and recognize Surjeeth’s excellent customer service as well. Best Regards, Vikas Dhurka Phone: +1-213-503-6137 Ticket PNR: J82ISY ps: The IndiGo passports for kids are an excellent idea!! Our 5-year-old desperately wishes he could have gotten one for each IndiGo flight he took.


Dear Sirs After a tedious and tiring flight from Boston to Chennai , myself and my wife had a happy and pleasant surprise at Chennai from where we had to catch a flight to Coimbatore. The staff members of IndiGo airlines were very nice to us made our stay in the Chennai airport very comfortable. After being accustomed to  narration of rules and regulations of how passengers ( international to domestic) has to find his own ways to make travel comfortable, we were surprised to find the staff of IndiGo airlines very helpful . We will be failing in our duty if we do not mention Ms Regi at the check in counter who reduced our burden and took care of our luggage and providing us very good seats.  Though late , we wish to thank the staff at Chennai Airport all the best in the New Year ! K.Sivaraman Ammu Sivaraman Passengers on 6E 881

Vivek Dalmia

With respect to my travel in Flight no 6E 238 on 3rd January 2018 from Kolkata to Jaipur. I was allotted seat number 1D. An elderly couple was seating next to me in seat 1E & 1F. The flight in charge for Air Hostess was Ms. Priyanka Roy. She was very polite & caring right from the time we boarded. The elderly couple were little bit uncomfortable from the beginning. She took special care of the elderly couple & ensured that they becomes comfortable & even offered them tea. I have been travelling from so many years and rarely came across Air Hostess who takes special care of people who really needs it. I would like to thank your team to have such wonderful people in your company who takes care of passengers & enhances the image of your Organizations

Azmat Durrani

GREETINGS..   I am highly obliged to IndiGo staff at Srinagar international airport especially to Mr. MUNEER who helped me and my family especially my ailing mother who was to be hospitalized at NEW DELHI on 6th morning failing which there could have been any eventuality which would had cost me everything. Mr.muneer along with his co-staff members at IndiGo left no stone unturned in adjusting me along with my family as i reached late due to medical emergency (of my mother) for my flight which was to be scheduled at 10:55 (6E-554). understanding the problem IndiGo adjusted my family and me in another flight on the same day(i.e 05-01-2018) which helped me to hospitalize my mother, the very next day. As this is not the first time IndiGo understood my problem, it was a few years back also when my son felt sick in the flight and was well handled by the staff at Mumbai. Hence i would like to thank IndiGo deep heartedly along with my whole family and appreciate the awe-sum work they have been, and are doing (especially by Mr.muneer at Srinagar airport), and wish them all the best for future as well. This all together makes IndiGo different from other airlines. Thank you Regards Azmat Durrani

Vaibhav Samudra

Hi Ms Neha resolved my issue with flight id TIM25H with lot of patience and understanding. There were various issues she faced like telephone line wasn't clear for lot of time and payment through IVR wasn't going through due to OTP issue and lot of other difficulties she faced. She was patient and never lost her temper. she showed lot of commitment to solve this issue not just to my satisfaction but she went beyond my expectations and definitely she went beyond her call of duty.  Just to mention that people like this create the customer loyalty and repeat business and someone with this level of commitment towards the work and amount of value add such person has done I feel she must be given higher responsibility.   I am very greatful to her as she showed exactly the kind of behaviour, attitude, willingness to go beyond duty, taking ownership of the problem, patience which I love to see. Such person is a gem and I hope IndiGo will value such person. I at the same time feel sad that though she resolved my issue so nicely, as a customer I couldn't do anything for her. May be you can create a platform where satisfied customers can do something for the executives went beyond their duty. Sadly, no such platform exists in any industry but something should be done. 

Suruchi Jakhmola

Dear IndiGo team Travel detail Suruchi PNR  w936ky. It was an awesome experience to travel from Lucknow as I was travelling from Lucknow- Mumbai 6e 339 and was travelling for the first time your staff at boarding gate Priyanka and Richa helped me a lot in security check area and they were available at the boarding gate. And they keep on giving me information about the flight timely and were also answering other passengers query with patience. They had very humble and polite tone. Your staff Shikha Mishra was also very helpful she helped me till the aircraft door and helped with the hand baggage also. They are the gem of your Lucknow station. Impressed with the smooth and hassle-free travel with your staff. Looking forward to travel again on your IndiGo flight again and hope to experience this kind of best service again Warm regards Suruchi 

Pujita Prashant

Hey Hi IndiGo team, Wishing the entire IndiGo team a Very Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year J I am Pujita Prashant from Hyderabad . Just wanted to share an observation on one of the wordings mentioned on the Pilots Door during my travel from Hyderabad to Bangalore on 10 th Jan. I usually prefer window seat, but this time I chose Aisle and that’s when these wordings caught my attention, which I’m not sure if it’s gonna be relevant, but wanted to share my view point. Flying is a serious profession; do not carry your worries beyond this point. I have a huge respect for pilots because as a passenger whenever I am traveling I feel they are holding the responsibility of taking back so many passengers safely to their respective locations, so when I was reading the same yesterday, I thought it should be re-framed as “ Flying is a highly responsible profession, do not carry your worries beyond this point”. Keeping that aside, wanted to use this forum to appreciate & thank the entire team on their sheer dedication exhibited at work, time management, hygiene etc. 

Amit Sinha

This is to bring to your notice that I was traveling by IndiGo by Flight No : 6E 217 yesterday ( Feb 2 nd – 2018) – Mumbai – Jaipur . I had left my laptop bag in the bus that takes us to the flight and as I was in the last bus , the boarding was almost complete and I realized that I left my laptop bag to Aditi , she managed the whole situation so efficiently that I cannot elaborate more without compromising on the guidelines of DGCA and the SOP of IndiGo . She contacted the ground staff and managed to get my bag back …as I am a corporate traveller , losing the laptop bag or travelling without the laptop would not have solved my trip to Jaipur .   During the flight I observed that she was so high on energy that only rare service professionals carry that and IndiGo should be proud of having her on board .   I can write a couple of pages in describing her style of working and handling of every flyer’s query / need but I want to stop here .   But I request that an appreciation mail from the CEO / Customer Service head should certainly reach Aditi .   I wish Aditi the very best for all her future endeavors .   Thank you Aditi …. Thank you IndiGo

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