Neeraj Rathore

I was traveling with my wife on 23.04.19. Suddenly she fell unconscious. The onboard crew provided all possible medical assistance with promptness and due seriousness. My wife and me wish to convey our sincere thanks to crew members namely miss Garima, Pooja and Kritika. We wish all the best to them and to IndiGo airline as well. If possible, please convey our thanks and regards to these three ladies for doing all that was required in the emergency. Thanks again, Neeraj Rathore Dy. General Manager Indian Oil Corpn LTD.,

Vishal Agarwal
Dear IndiGo team, Last night I was travelling from Male to Kochi to new Delhi. Male to Kochi flight no.6E 1796. We were 10 passengers together on family holidays. We had a halt at Kochi Airport. After getting the boarding pass, my wife suddenly had some health problem & was given first aid by the airport staff... But during that time, the IndiGo team was standing with me & really cooperated a lot... I am highly thankful to the crew staff & the IndiGo team at the airport who helped us a lot.... Special thanks to the girl who gave us the boarding pass Ms. Riya & one other person there Mr. Karthik...please convey my thanks to both these fellows.... If anyhow, you can arrange me to talk to them, I would like to thank them on call personally... Am highly obliged by your hospitality guys....
Dhiraj Kumar Bedi

Hi, I will start off by saying great service! I have taken about 50 odd flights this year and I generally take the emergency row seats. As usual, I was seated on the emergency row on this flight as well. On every flight, it seems as if the cabin crew has a task to be completed, so one of them comes up and starts off with their manual recording about how to exit and all. The way they say it is not even comprehensible. But this time the attendant surprised me! She spoke in a proper comprehensible manner. Explained everything in a such a way wherein it seemed as if she actually wanted the passengers to understand how the exit door was to be opened and all. Then asked the passengers if we had any questions, etc. Waited there for some more time, when she felt sure that everyone had understood everything, only then did she leave to get back on her remaining work. She seemed to take her work seriously and actually put in time and effort to explain the emergency exit procedure, something I rarely see nowadays. I am not sure if I got the spelling of her name correctly, "Reeha" if my memory serves me right. Good to see that cabin crew like her are still there. I would mostly take Jet or Air India earlier. Now onwards, will try for IndiGo whenever possible.

Ajay kirtane

Just travelled by 6e439. Excellent experience. Flight on time, very clean, good turnaround time and extremely good and well trained staff. Especially would like to mention one staff member - Anusha or Arusha - do not remember the exact name. Very efficient and welcome and service with a smile. She understood that we were thirsty even without asking at the start of the flight and brought water even before asked. Would definitely travel again. Ajay kirtane

Sathya Chandra Ryali

Hey Team 6e! I Flew form Vishakhapatnam to Ahmedabad via Kolkata! The staff of 6e from vtz to ccu took care of me very well! They were shocked with my information very well! I spoke to them point to point whatever I knew about IndiGo. I spoke to them very hearfully! My next flight on that day was from ccu to amd at the mid-afternoon. I prepared some book type where I stickered with the IndiGo symbol. i took the signatures of Capt., First Officer, the crew. they took care of me very well! With the token of appreciation of my book, with loads of love Capt. gave me a free refreshment. I drank Coca-Cola! I was still in a surprised mood! The lead cabin attendant came near me and said Capt. wanted to meet you after the landing! So when I landed in the aircraft to AHMEDABAD at 3:30pm. I went inside the cockpit and talked to the pilots, then I had a photo in the cockpit with the Permission of the Capt. they made my day very special! i was pleased with it. honestly i thank the entire team of IndiGo6e with whole loads of love to me. i hope my next flight from Ahmedabad to Vishakhapatnam would be more special! thanking you with love! Sathya Chandra Ryali aviation enthusiast Ahmedabad

Rishi Sharma

Dear IndiGo I would like to highly compliment you on one of your flight attendants, Ms. Sanjana. She was the first class flight attendant on 6E-913, from HYD to STV on Friday, 19th, April'19. She was attentive, competent, pleasant, helpful, humorous, cheerful, professional - just a joy to have on board. Alas that isn't always the case, so I especially want you to be aware of how good one of your employees is & what a good impression she made for IndiGo all around. You should have more like her. She was pro-active in helping passengers out or meeting their requests rather than reactive or unwilling, which I've seen with other flight attendants. In short, she made it seem as though she was glad we were flying with IndiGo and she was happy to serve. If I had the power, I'd duplicate her & put her on all my flights. Since I don't, I hope you'll forward this email to Ms. Sanjana and her Manager.

I wanna specially thank one staff of yours who helped me go through the security as soon as possible since i was late. It just touched my heart how she speedily took me through all the hassle and ensured tht i reach my flight safely. Unfortunately I don't know her name but I can tell tht she was at 4B counter at the IndiGo kiosk. I had a flight to indore 6E-378; departure 1855hrs.I had reached the counter at 1830 hrs. I just want tht my message should reach her and I'm very thankful to her for ensuring my travel to Indore. Please do send my thanks to her and if possible appreciate for her kindheartedness.
Mahesh Moturu

While boarding the flight in a hurry at the last minute, we accidentally left off one of our carry-on bags near the gate. The bag contained several life-saving medicines critical for our 5 year old son who has a special condition requiring frequent timely medication. We realized the missing bag as soon as the bus left the gate area towards the plane. We were horrified as we needed to administer one of the medications within the next few minutes. We talked to the bus driver and then to the ground crew at the airplane once we reached there. They assured us they would do everything to locate and get the baggage. Within a few minutes, all the while preparing for the flight departure, they managed to locate the bag near the gate, show us the picture of the bag on a cell phone for our confirmation, and get the bag into the flight and handed over just in time for the departure. We wanted to convey our deep appreciation for the crew on the ground, in the plane, and at the gate who helped us through this difficult episode. The crew were very caring in understanding the severity of our situation, quick in thinking on their feet, and superb at teamwork. Over all, they acted utmost professional in their handling the situation, and helped us appreciate IndiGo as an airline.

Shingika Vermani

Hi, I would like to appreciate the extended help and support provided to me during my travel to Hyderabad from Jorhat via Kolkata. Special thanks to Mr Souvik Bhattacharjee, IndiGo’s Manager at Jorhat Airport for his help and assistance offered for the journey considering my travel with an infant. His coordination with support staff at Kolkata airport was also highly impressive and they helped us sail through with ease to our journey till Hyderabad. The request for rescheduling of flight, Staff services, Special assistance and hospitality is truly appreciated by the entire staff involved. Thank you.

Sivaramakrishnan Sreedharan

I was boarding the flight on Jan 1, New Year Eve from Jaipur; when i was dropping my bags i forgot and left my wallet at the check-in counter and walked on to security. Was panicking, but your service manager Mr. Gurmeet, was very helpful as he realized it was mine as we were carrying a baby; he was bringing the wallet to the security counter as I was trying to run back. Very kind of him; and excellent integrity as he first checked my ID in the wallet and insisted that i check the cash in it. 5 stars out of 5 for Gurmeet for saving my NY Eve flight with family...

Srinivasan vishnuandavar

I want to express my deep appreciation to Indigo ground staff Mr.Santhosh from Chennai station. I had a word with Mr.Santhosh and would like to appreciate his effort as he was patient and very kind to me and the customer service that he gave me was so surprising and unexpected. I plan to use Indigo Airlines for future travel and will heartily recommend Indigo to my friends and family. If all of Indigo's hires are of the caliber of Mr.santhosh, I have no doubt that Indigo Airlines will thrive...

Kailash Awati

My son and I were booked to fly from Chennai to Pune by 6E-311 on Jan 3. The flight was cancelled so we were rerouted via Bangalore. However, the Bangalore flight was delayed so it would not have been possible to make the connection to Pune. Your ground staff member Shirley rebooked us on the night flight to Pune (6E-385). I was concerned about my checked in bag and son's cricket bat, which had been tagged via Bangalore. Shirley assured me that she would ensure the bags would be retagged and put on my flight. She did so personally and called later in the evening to inform me that it had been done. I truly appreciate the effort she put in for us in what must have been quite a stressful day for all IndiGo ground staff in Chennai. Thank you very much Shirley!


Myself and my wife traveled from Guwahati to Kochi by the above flight on 01/01//2019. There was slight delay in the take off at Guwahati, and while landing at Bangalore the delay was about half an hour. The announcement that the delay would be some delay in landing due to traffic congestion at Bangalore Airport was periodically announced and promptly The announcement was also clear.So it reached half an hour late at Kochi, around 11 pm. We had pre booked our dinner, two pohas. It was promptly served before 7 pm alongwith the hot Coffee The service of the food by the crew staff was excellent. They also frequently moved around inquiring about our requirement for food and water Please convey our appreciations and best wishes to all those sisters, who have attended to our needs in flight Overall all the crew on board were cooperative May the Almighty bless them with all success


Hi IndiGo I would specially appreciate that your staff safely reached my 7Y old child from chennai to Singapore and handed over to my husband. Special thanks to IndiGo staff Mr. Suresh who attended my child to pickup at chennai airport from my father and taken care well till the time of boarding. Besides that thanks to cabin crew and customer care staff for their kind assistance. I would suggest for few improvements. 1. update parent/guardian about the child status at least for every hour so that we will be strong and confident. My case with kind help from Suresh I able to know my child status. 2. At arrivals there is no intimation about the child to parent/guardian at the arrival side. However IndiGo staff safely handed over my child to my husband. Getting child status will build up more confident to parent/guardian. i request IndiGo to fulfil this gap so that it will be even pleasant journey. Hope you understand. I would prefer to travel with IndiGo and suggest to fulfil the above gap. thanks & regards Swetha

Ankit Pawa

Today i was travelling from chandigarh to bangalore in flight 6E 491 under the PNR NO: LM4RPH. As i was travelling for the very first time i came across a guy whose name is ARJUN. I asked him for help and told him that i am travelling for the very first time he listend to me very calmly and guided me through the process. He personally helpd me with my baggage screening and my checkin. He is very confident and have an excellent customer handelling skills. Staff like him are the reason that today IndiGo is one of the Leading airlines in INDIA. You are truely a great asset to your company kudos ARJUN. God Bless you excellent job done. U r very professional.


Kempegowda In'tl Airport KIAL, Bengaluru InterGlobe Aviation Ltd.(IndiGo), Thanks for a job well done! I’m writing to tell you about your hard working and efficient employee, Anas Khan, Customer Service Officer. On 24/3/2019, he helped my friend and me very carefully fill up our Hongkong Visa application. I have never seen anyone work so hard, so safely and efficiently, with full regard to all formalities!! He was kind and courteous at all times, and thanks to him my friends and me could board our flight on time. He helped relieve a great deal of stress. Thank you for providing such quality employees. Kudos!!!

Rakshit Juneja

I would like to highly compliment you on one of your flight attendants, Ms. YolaineS. She was flight attendant on IndiGo from Delhi to Mumbai on 30th March 2019,Saturday She was attentive, competent, pleasant, helpful, cheerful, professional - just a joy to have on board. Alas that isn't always the case, so I especially want you to be aware of how good one of your employees is & what a good impression she made for IndiGo all around. You should have more like her she made it seem as though she was glad we were flying IndiGo and she was happy to serve us, and I in turn was glad I flew IndiGo that day. If I had the power, I'd duplicate her & put her on all my flights. Since I don't, I hope you'll forward this email to her and senior officials.

Gangadhar satpathy

I was travelling from Mumbai to Raipur on20Feb19 in flight6E 801PNR:QEVF7Z. I was carrying a black Samsonite pouch bag containing my bank debit cards(10 nos), some of my army cards,driving licence, pan card, two mobile dash chargers and Bose wireless ear phones.By mistake I left it in the plane and forgot to retrieve it after alighting from the air craft. I had nearly lost hopes of getting it back when almost a month had elapsed.I got a phone call from a lady IndiGo official on duty by the name Noorie in Raipur on 23Mar19 informing me that my earlier mentioned pouch bag was with her and she wanted to return it to me. She could dig out my mobile number from my driving licence. Almost immediately I could manage to depute a person to collect my lost bag from Raipur airport on my behalf Mr Shahwar at the reservation counter on duty that day handed over the bag to my man and eventually I received it with all my belongings in tact.I would like to put my sincere appreciation on record for Ms Noorie & Mr Shahwar on duty on 23Mar2019 for making it possible to get back all my lost articles which were so valuable to me. This act on the part of the above mentioned officials have reinforced my faith, trust and confidence in not only such honest and upright individuals but also theorganisationalethos,trainingandupbringing.Needless to say that we need these types of personnel who can constitute ethical organisations in our country.Kindly convey my sincere thank to both of them.thank u IndiGo

Harveen Kohli

This is the first time I'm giving compliment to one of your employee. Her name is yatna tamang. She is your one of the best air hostess. I have travelled many times in different airlines.. but she is the one of the best employee. Usually I get emergency exit seats..this time also I got emergency exit seat. However this experience was different. The way she explained the emergency exit instructions was incredible. Her voice modulation as well as the command in her voice made her different from other air hostesses and stewards. Her confidence was amazing. Would like IndiGo management to train every air hostesses and stewards like her. Would be posting this message on Facebook also. After so many years have seen such a dedicated and confident employee in not only in IndiGo but Indian airlines. Kindly make her famous so that other staff can be like her.

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