Lounge Services

An unbundled service as per Air Transport Circular 02 of 2016 issued by DGCA. These are optional services available at an additional charge for convenience of our passenger. Booking of the ticket can be made without opting /availing these unbundled services.

Lounges Lounges

About the offer

Relax & unwind at IndiGo partner lounges.

If you’re looking at relaxing before taking off or wish to escape from the hustle and bustle of the airport, explore the lounge services at our partner lounges.

Service Offering *

  • Snacks
  • Hot Food & beverages
  • Lounge Bar
  • Free Internet Stations / High speed WIFI
  • Recharging stations for laptops, mobiles & iPads at every seating point
  • TV and Music entertainment
  • Newspapers/magazines
  • Flight Information and Announcement
  • Business center facility (Printer/Copier/Workstation/Meeting facility)

* The above-mentioned services varies from one lounge to another and are subject to availability.

Outlet Name Site Name(Airport Name) City Lounge Access Fee (INR) Terminal Terminal Type Gate Type
The Cram Bar Chandigarh International Airport Chandigarh 800 T1 International Departure
The Cram Bar Chandigarh International Airport Chandigarh 1400 T1 Domestic Departure
ILE Bar & Lounge Chaudhary Charan Singh  International Airport Lucknow 575 T2 Domestic Departure
Oasis Lounge Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Mumbai 1000 T1B Domestic Departure
Loyalty Lounge-Clipper Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Mumbai 1500 T2 International Departure
Earth Lounge Cochin International Airport Cochin 1000 T1 Domestic Departure
Earth Lounge Cochin International Airport Cochin 1500 T3 International Departure
BlackBerry Lounge Coimbatore International Airport Coimbatore 800 T1 Domestic Departure
Golden Chariot Lounge Maharana Pratap Airport Udaipur 800 T1 Domestic Departure
Premium Lounge Vadodara Airport Vadodara 575 T1 Domestic Departure
Amaravathi Aromas Vijayawada Airport Vijayawada 575 T1 Domestic Departure
CIP Lounge Visakhapatnam Airport Visakhapatnam 800 T1 Domestic Departure

Purchase and Redemption process

  • IndiGo passengers can purchase Airport Lounge through our Website:
    • While booking flight on our Website on the Add Ons Page
    • On Confirmation Page and Email
    • Promotion Emails
    • After completing the flight booking, through the "Edit booking" section
  • It is available for sale up to 24 hours prior to departure for both international and domestic lounges.
  • On completion, passenger will receive flight booking e-ticket with a separate Lounge SSR – DLNG (Special Service Request) added to it and a Lounge Access E-certificate having QR Code through e-mailer and SMS with PDF link URL
  • Passenger needs to show the following at the lounge entry:
    • E-certificate (having QR Code) for Lounge Access
    • Proof of identity
  • Service provider will scan E-certificate – QR Code generated for booked sector to validate the authenticity of the e-certificate at the lounge entry along with a Valid ID proofs.
  • Post successful authentication of E-certificate and identity proof only passenger can access lounge

Cancelation & Change

  • Changes & Cancelation in isolation are not allowed
  • In case of flight booking cancelation, lounge e-certificate will also be canceled with an email notification to customer and price paid for lounge will automatically get refunded to the original form of payment.
  • In case of flight booking changes, original lounge e-certificate will be canceled with email notification and a new one will be issued with an email notification.

Terms and Conditions:


  1. InterGlobe Aviation Limited (“IndiGo”) may vary these terms and conditions from time to time by posting details of the changes on IndiGo’s website (www.goindigo.in).
  2. The person purchasing and availing the lounge services (“Customer”) will be responsible for complying with these terms and conditions.

Access to Airport Lounge

  1. The lounge services and facilities are operated by various third-party airport lounge operators and provided to the Customer by Dreamfolks Services Private Limited (“Dreamfolks”). The E-Certificate (defined hereinbelow) is generated and issued by our partner aggregator Dreamfolks. For details regarding the domestic and international airport lounge locations where the lounge services can be availed by the Customers, please refer to IndiGo’s website (www.goindigo.in).
  2. Lounge access can be purchased by Customers through IndiGo’s website, either at the time of flight booking, or at any time thereafter using the PNR details, up to 24 (twenty-four) hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. IndiGo may amend the lounge access fee from time to time.
  3. Access to a Lounge (defined hereinbelow) at any airport location is subject to availability and varies from lounge to lounge.
  4. In order to access the lounge booked by a Customer (“Lounge”), the Customer must provide, at the reception desk of the Lounge, on the date of departure: (i) a valid photo identification card; and (ii) a valid lounge access voucher issued by Dreamfolks and delivered to the Customer by IndiGo (“E-Certificate”). IndiGo and/or airport lounge operator reserves the right to deny access to Lounge and service offerings at Lounge if a valid identification card and E-Certificate are not presented at the Lounge.
  5. The E-Certificate will be issued to Customers on a per airport terminal and per passenger basis. Therefore, each E-Certificate shall be valid for providing access only to 1 (one) Lounge (among the option of lounges mentioned on the E-Certificate at a particular airport terminal), for 1 (one) person whose name is mentioned on such certificate. Each E-Certificate has a unique number and a unique QR Code printed on it and the Customer can avail of access to only 1 (one) Lounge at the pre-selected airport location.
  6. The E-Certificate is non-cancellable, non-transferable and non-refundable, save that the lounge access fee will be refunded in case of cancellation of a flight booking.
  7. The E-Certificate cannot be exchanged for cash or any other promotional program or offers of IndiGo.
  8. The purchase of Lounge access at any Lounge specified on IndiGo’s website through IndiGo’s sales channels is not available for group bookings.
  9. Customers to please note that the usage of a Lounge is governed by the terms and conditions of the respective lounge and/or the relevant airport lounge operator.
  10. IndiGo flight schedules and timings are subject to regulatory approvals and change(s).
  11. IndiGo shall not be liable for any loss or damage that may be suffered by a Customer, directly or indirectly, as a result of purchasing lounge access at any Lounge. All complaints, claims, disputes, concerns and issues, regarding the lounge service at a particular Lounge, should be taken up directly with Dreamfolks (www.dreamfolks.in). IndiGo shall in no manner be responsible for the same.
  12. The lounge services and facilities are being provided by Dreamfolks to Customers. IndiGo is merely facilitating the sale of such services through various sales channels of IndiGo and is not involved in and shall not be liable for provision of lounge services and facilities to the Customer.
  13. For queries or complaints regarding access to a particular Lounge and service offerings at such Lounge, please contact the helpline number of Dreamfolks – 1800 123 4109.
  14. By purchasing lounge access, the Customer: (i) unconditionally and irrevocable agrees to these terms and conditions; and (ii) consents that its personal data including name and geographic location, may be shared by IndiGo with Dreamfolks and/or airport lounge operators.
  15. Lounge access will be governed by and construed in accordance with applicable laws in India, and all matters related to lounge access are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at New Delhi.

Lounge Facilities and Services

  1. Access to the internet may be available in the Lounge and is subject to availability. IndiGo does not represent or warrant that the computer facilities or internet access offered through the Lounge are free from computer viruses or other defects. IndiGo is not liable for any third-party content on the internet that Customer may find offensive or defamatory. The Customer is responsible for maintaining the security of all log-in identification information made available to the Customer to access the internet or computer facilities in the Lounge. IndiGo is not liable for any security breaches suffered by the Customer when using the internet, including information security breaches, and is not liable for any loss or damage suffered as a result of the unavailability of the internet or computer facilities, including interruptions during use.
  2. Business centers/meeting rooms may be available in the Lounge, subject to availability. Meeting room reservations can be booked by contacting airport lounge staff at reception.
  3. IndiGo will use reasonable endeavours to advise the Customer of any material changes by publishing the changes on www.goindigo.in.
  4. IndiGo makes no representation as to the quality of provision of services provided by airport lounge operators.
  5. IndiGo reserves the right to withdraw / discontinue provision of lounge access to Customers for all airport locations or at any airport terminal, without any prior notice to the Customers. However, in the event lounge access is discontinued by IndiGo at any/ all airport terminal(s). IndiGo will either ensure that the E-Certificates issued before such discontinuation of service are redeemable or refund the lounge access fee for such discontinued service, in full, to the Customer.
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