Malaysia Visa Guide

  • Everything to know while applying for a Malaysia visa

    Malaysia is a multicultural country suitable for all types of travellers, regardless of budget. If your idea of fun is exploring a cosmopolitan city, then the capital will serve you well. Kuala Lumpur cradles some of the most iconic landmarks. One of the many is the tallest twin towers in the world, the Petronas Twin Towers.

    If you’ve had enough of the city, escape to Borneo. It is an island getaway from the city filled with balmy beaches, dense forests, deep caves, colourful temples, and breathtaking vistas surrounding this Malay archipelago.

    Malaysia is a popular destination for so many things. Some of the famous activities to do here are snorkelling and scuba diving. The beautiful coral reefs and sandy beaches regularly greet tourists from across the world. So, if you are planning to visit Malaysia, check out the types of visa and the visa process.

  • How to apply for Malaysia visa?

    To get Malaysia visa, here is how you can apply:

    • You must visit the official website to apply for Malaysia visa
    • You will need to fill in the form available at the website
    • Attach all documents required along with a passport size photograph
    • Your documents and passport can be collected from the centre or get it delivered
  • How to track visa application?

    Your visa application can be tracked online at their official website. You can use your visa number or your passport number to check the status of your visa application.

  • Types of Malaysian visa

    A great number of travellers come to Malaysia for leisure or work. Currently, there are different types of Malaysia visas to enter the country. The type of visa for an individual depends on their citizenship and the visit purpose. For Indian passport holders, you can apply for an e-visa for Malaysia.

    1. Single entry Visa
    2. Multiple entry Visa
    3. Transit Visa
    4. Visa on Arrival
    • Single entry visa for Malaysia

      This kind of Malaysia visa is issued to foreign nationals who wish to visit the country for leisure. A single-entry visa is valid for a period of three months from the date it is issued.

    • Multiple entry visa for Malaysia

      This visa is issued to foreign nationals who wish to visit Malaysia for business or government-related reasons. A multiple-entry visa is valid for a period of three to twelve months from the date it is issued.

      Passport holders from India and China are eligible for multiple entry visas for social visits. Each entry is for 30 days, and extensions are not allowed.

      The conditions to keep in mind for the multiple entry visa are:

      • A proof of funds to sustain your stay in Malaysia.
      • A confirmed flight ticket to and from Malaysia.
      • A multiple-entry visa costs RM100.00 for Indians and RM30.00 for Chinese.
      • Please note that tour groups are not eligible for multiple entry visas.
    • Transit visa

      In this kind of visa, an individual can exit the airport and explore the city in Malaysia within the time frame till you board your onward flight. Malaysia visa extension for transit is not allowed, you will need to show your flight ticket to the next destination.

      However, if you have a separate PNR and you need to catch a flight from another KL airport, contact customs and immigration checks.

    • Visa on Arrival (VOA)

      Visa on Arrival (VOA) is available for the People's Republic of China and India based on the following conditions:

      • If the traveller is entering Malaysia via the following countries: Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei.
      • Or travellers entering Malaysia from either of the aforementioned countries through means like:
        • Air: Both Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA/KLIA2), Bayan Lepas International Airport at Pulau Pinang, Sultan Ismail, Senai Airport at Johor, Kota Kinabalu International Airport at Sabah, Kuching International Airport at Sarawak, Langkawi International Airport at Kedah, Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport at Selangor, and Miri Airport at Sarawak.
        • Land: Tuas in Singapore to Sultan Abu Bakar Complex in Malaysia; an immigration control post at Sungai Tujoh in Sarawak; and through the immigration, customs, quarantine, and security complex (ICQS) at Bukit Kayu Hitam in Kedah.
        • Sea: Immigration Control Post, Labuan International Terminal Ferry
  • Entry requirements for foreign nationals visiting Malaysia
    • Hold a valid passport with a validity of at least six months.
    • Have sufficient funds to sustain your stay in Malaysia.
    • The nationals who require a visa need to obtain a valid visa.

    To know more, check out the entry requirements website:

  • An e-visa entry requirement for foreign nationals visiting Malaysia
    • For non-Malaysian travellers, an e-visa is required to enter the country (not applicable for foreigners residing in countries that do not have diplomatic relations with Malaysia).
    • You must submit an e-visa application from the origin country.
    • The payment can be made online. For online applications, fees, and other information, go to
  • FAQs

    What documents are required on arrival at Malaysian airport checkpoints?

    You need the following documents upon arriving at Malaysian entry checkpoints:

    • Passport
    • eVISA (printout)
    • Boarding pass
    • Sufficient funds for your expenses
    • Returned flight ticket
    • Accommodation proof

    Do I need to print my e-visa?

    Yes, it is wise to print out your e-visa in an A4 format. You need to present it at immigration upon arrival in Malaysia.

    For how long is my Malaysia e-visa valid for?

    An e-visa for Malaysia is valid for three months.

    Who can apply for an e-visa for Malaysia?

    An e-visa is valid for 34 nationalities, except for those from Malaysia, Israel, Singapore, and North Korea.

    How do I get my e-visa for Malaysia?

    If you are a beginner, you can visit the official website and click "I'm New" to begin your application process. For returning applicants, click on "Returning User" to check your account.

    How much do I need to pay for a Malaysian e-visa from India?

    The processing charge for a Malaysian e-visa is RM 105.00. The e-visa fee for India is RM 50.00 (costs may vary).

    Why did my visa get rejected?

    Your visa could be rejected due to incomplete information or fraudulent documentation. Another reason for visa rejection could be due to insufficient funds or criminal records.

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