Staff Travel Terms & Conditions

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Travel Status

All travel is on a space available (standby) basis only. Booking may be done in advance. However, no booking confirmation is provided. Check-in and boarding will be done at the airport based on available seats at departure.

Eligible Staff

IndiGo employees, including call Centre staff that are 100% dedicated to IndiGo work (“Eligible IndiGo Staff”) are eligible for space available travel.


No seniority applies; IndiGo Travellers will be boarded based on their date and time of booking for the flight. The first booking (determined by date/time of reservation) shall receive priority.


Eligible IndiGo Staff must present a valid company photo ID at check-in. IndiGo Travellers who are not IndiGo employees may travel without the IndiGo employee. IndiGo employee photo Id is not required.


  • IndiGo Travellers must not misbehave, cause a flight delay or be disruptive. Any behaviour deemed by the company to be disruptive will result in the Eligible IndiGo Staff’s travel privileges being revoked, and possible termination of employment.
  • Eligible IndiGo Staff are expected to tidy the row of seats before leaving the aircraft.
  • IndiGo Travellers should never draw attention to themselves, discuss their benefits with paying customers, or demand any kind of service, whether at the airport or on the aircraft, that takes away from service provided to paying customers. This means that IndiGo Travellers should allow paying passengers to go first in line and to get first choice of any onboard service.
    • Dress Code while on flight during SLT shall be smart casuals. Please refer to the Do’s & Don'ts on Dress Code under “Dress Code” section.
  • It is the responsibility of Eligible IndiGo Staff to inform their family members about the rules.

Dress Code

  • Attire must be well groomed, clean, neat and conservative appearance at all times.
  • Tidy denim jeans, around knee length dress / shorts, including denim are acceptable.
  • Employee is not expected to change into clothing that does not meet the appropriate dress code once an employee has been accommodated on a flight.
Don'ts for Men Don'ts for Women
Clothes bearing language / signs / images with offensive terminology or graphics Clothes bearing language / signs / images with offensive terminology or graphics

Clothing with holes / ragged or cutoff edges (for eg Torn Denims)

Clothing with holes / ragged or cutoff edges (for eg Torn Denims)

Trousers or sorts hanging on the Hips that expose underpants etc

Trousers or sorts hanging on the Hips that expose underpants etc

Shorts (Other than Cargo shorts or Knee Length shorts)

Shorts / Hot pants / Micro-mini Skirts

Sleeveless Vests / T-shirts

Strapless tops & dresses / Singlets / Crop Tops

See-through clothing

See through clothing or provocative (including deep necks) or revealing (including deep necks) or Bare midriffs (Sarees being part of national dress is acceptable).

Beach clothing or footwear, flip flops, bathroom slippers

Beach clothing or footwear, flip flops, bathroom slippers

Leaving IndiGo

If an employee leaves IndiGo or otherwise ceases to be Eligible IndiGo Staff, his/her travel benefits terminate on the final day of employment. Any future travel will be cancelled and any money paid to IndiGo for that travel will be refunded.

Booking Process

Please use the following URL to get make a booking at the staff travel website:


  • Pay through IndiGo website
  • Pay at the airport ticket counter by cash/credit or debit card
  • Pay at the Call Center : by credit card -Call (0) 99 10 38 38 38


Staff may cancel or rebook; no rebooking fee will apply. Any balance remaining will be transferred to a credit account to be used within 12 months. Please note: if you are unable to travel within twelve months, simply rebook again before the time elapses, and the time period will be extended an additional 12 months from the time of rebooking.

Unable to Travel

IndiGo staff who have booked and paid but are unsuccessful in travelling due to a full flight and wish to travel on the next available flight may make a booking on the SLT app or website for the next possible flight. In case the staff doesn’t want to travel / or has not been able to travel and has already paid, they can cancel the flight from the SLT website or mobile app and the money shall be credited back to the card that was used to make the payment. No cancellation / rescheduling fee will be charged.


  • Passengers are requested to carry Power Banks, Portable Mobile Chargers in their hand baggage. They are not allowed to be carried inside checked luggage.
  • We recommend you check-in AT LEAST 2 Hours prior to departure time.
  • Please obtain your boarding pass from the Check-in counter, 75 minutes (international sector) / 45 minutes(domestic sector) prior to departure.
  • Boarding gates close 25 minutes prior to the scheduled time of departure for domestic & international sectors. Boarding gate numbers are subject to change, please check flight information screen for latest updates. Please report at your departure gate at the indicated boarding time. Any customer failing to report in time, may be refused boarding privileges.
  • For all international flights, we accept USD/GBP/EUR or the currency of destination (except INR) for on-board purchases. INR up to denomination 500 is accepted on Kathmandu flights. This is as per Indian regulations.
  • Hand baggage allowance is 7kgs which would include Laptop and duty free shopping bags, with an additional restriction on maximum size of hand baggage not exceeding 7.0 kg and of dimension - length 55cm + width 35cm + height 25cm respectively. Hand baggage in excess of 7kgs will be charged at the applicable excess baggage rate at the Boarding Gate. IndiGo also reserves the right to retrieve hand baggage in excess of the allowance and / or size at the Boarding Gate and loading it in the cargo hold, subject to availability of space / aircraft weight limitations, and with Limited Liability to the airline.
  • Free Checked In Baggage Allowance for all pieces combined is 15Kg ( Domestic ) / 20 Kg (International). Free checked in baggage allowance for travel to and from Colombo, Doha, Dubai, Muscat, Sharjah and Singapore is up to 30kgs per adult and child. This allowance does not apply to Infants.
  • Excess Baggage Charges are discounted for staff travel. Applicable rates are Rs. 50 & Rs. 100 per kg for domestic & international sectors respectively. This is subject to change without prior notice.
  • All other services / products shall be as per existing rates and not discounted. This is subject to change without prior notice.
  • For journey commencing from foreign airport, all pending payments have to be made before hand. Currently foreign airports do not have the facility to accept payments.
  • Fog Advisory Customer satisfaction and hassle free travel are of utmost importance to us.
  • At times, there are circumstances, which are beyond our control like weather related phenomena of fog. This unexpected phenomenon may cause inconvenience to you due to flight delays, rescheduling and cancellations.
  • We appreciate your patience and request for your kind cooperation in these times.
  • We will endeavor to give you proactive information through text messages or emails. However, we would urge you to call our Call Centre or check updates on your flight at 9910383838.
  • Alternatively, to know flight status you can:
    • Download mobile app.
    • Visit website –
    • Tweet us @IndiGo6E, follow us on Facebook.
    • Send SMS, ST[space]flight number[space]departure date of flight as DDMM. For example: to know the status for 6E-333 for 11th February send "ST 333 1102" to 566772.
    • Live chat on website.


  • This booking is governed by IndiGo's staff leisure travel policy, fare rules and Conditions of Carriage that are available from Airport Counters, IndiGo Shops or
  • Name changes are not permitted.
  • IndiGo reserves the right to deny boarding if credit card information is not supplied at check-in.
  • A valid photo id, in original, is required for each person travelling. For foreign nationals, only passport, in original, will be considered as a valid photo id. For detailed terms and conditions, log on to
  • For Infants valid birth certificate is required.
  • Passengers without valid visa or necessary travel documents to the arrival destination will not be permitted to board unless visa on arrival is permitted or visa is not required for such passengers as per the laws of the arrival destination.
  • Passengers going to foreign destination must comply with 'OK TO BOARD' comment requirement in their PNR.
  • Indian Nationals travelling to and from Kathmandu are required to carry either Passport or Voter’s Id Card only as their valid photo Id, no other photo Id will be considered as valid.
  • It is the responsibility of customer travelling under Staff Leisure Travel, to comply with all regulatory & airline requirements.
  • Hot and cold food and beverages as shown in the Food and Beverage Menu may be purchased on board, subject to their availability. For ATRs and flights below 60 minutes flying time hot food or beverages will not be offered. On select flights below 30 minutes flying time only limited snacks (cookies and nuts) and water will be offered.
  • Hot Food and Beverages shall not be served on short sector flights.
  • Flight schedules are subject to change and approval by authorities.
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