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Adil B. Khan October 12 2007: ...................This is to put on record..........
".....This is to put on record, our deep sense of appreciation for Ms. Nidhi Chatwal, who went out of her way to help Mr.N.K.Rudra, a passenger on Del-Hyd flight a couple of days back. Ms.Chatwal affirms our faith in the excellent customer service being offered by Indigo, and actually going that extra mile. Warm Regards, . ..."
Gautam Money October 20 2007: ...................I am very impressed with staff..........
".....I am very impressed with staff, baggage handling and customer service. I was especially pleased with the swift response and easy check-in. Mary and Arif were very helpful. Thank you . ..."
Karishma October 22 2007: ............................I like and very impressed with the service .........
".....I like and very impressed with the service at he booking counter. Mr. Niraimaithi attended me and my husbands queries with politeness. She was fully loaded with enthusiasm, very good, excellent. Keep it up . ..."
Janesh Kalsi October 28 2007: ......... .Dear Indigo Team I am writing..........
".....Dear Indigo Team I am writing this e-mail to Appreciate the courteous behavior of ur staff on board on the flight from Mumbai to Kochi dated 24th October 2007 at 1515 hours. I was getting my ears blocked due to air pressure and was feeling very uncomfortable, then I asked ur Air Hostesses Jyoti and Ekta Vohra for help, the remedial measure given by the Air Hostesses (a soaked tissue in hot water) was very helpful and made my journey very pleasant. I would suggest u to give some chewing gums/ candies on board either complimentary or on chargeable basis, coz generally I am chewing some chewing gum or candy to avoid the ear blockage due to air pressure, but that day unfortunately I could not keep it with me in the cabin. I would also like u to put some common measures a person should take before flying etc on ur website too, refer to the website of international airlines as of JAL, Cathay pacific etc. Regards . ..."
Sumer Gupta November 19 2007: ......... ...................Dear Mr Abhinav Maharishi.......... November 19 2007
".....Dear Mr Abhinav Maharishi, Thank you for your kind mail acknowledging the problems that I faced. I am extremely sorry that I did not ask the name of a girl who was one of the cabin crew on my flight. She was of medium height, very cheerful and good natured. She knew that the ground crew had messed up badly and I was quite upset. She was kind and considerate throughout the flight and apologized many times for the bad behavior of others. She did the only thing that she was authorized to do - offer water a few times with a smile. I strongly feel that Indigo needs many more people like her. Also if your rules had permitted her she may have offered a free cup of tea or coffee and tried to handle the situation in a better manner. She was the only one who realized that Indigo had messed up - something which you and I are now trying to analyze and resolve. I would feel happy if she got an appreciation letter for her great behavior and sensitivity to a customers problem. You may call me on my mobile number 94370-43057 anytime to co-ordinate the pickup of the baggage for repair. I am really thankful and happy that Indigo has taken note of this incident is trying to resolve it. With kind regards, . ..."
Anurag Kejriwal November 25 2007: ...................Dear Parvez..........
".....Dear Parvez I have been flying regularly with Indigo apart from Kingfisher(First) and others. I must appreciate the efforts put in by the entire team to make the flying a good experience. The never ending smiles and ever eager to serve nature of the crew really make you feel elated and one ends up feeling money well spent. I flew in the morning to Nagpur on 6E135 and returning in the evening on 6E136. I would like to put on record the extra efforts being put in by your cabin crew Alysha Barton, Megha Madan, Mariam Syed and Swati Vashistha in making me feel comfortable and taking off my tiredness with their gleaming smile. They follow the policy ATITHI DEVO BHAVAH. Keep it up and hope I encounter more such crew in your flights as I fly regularly to Goa and use Indigo to fly back to Delhi. Best Regards . ..."
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