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Saahil Bhandari February 07, 2008: ............................I am Saahil Bhandari and one of the passengers ..........
"..... I am Saahil Bhandari and one of the passengers of your organization; recently I was flying form Delhi to Mumbai on 6th of Feb, 2008. The flight was scheduled for 0930 hrs... However due to bad weather the aircraft was late. There were many passengers who were complaining for the flights to be delayed; however what I felt was that nobody understood the fact that even nature plays a major role sometimes, and truly it was natures day that day. Fog didn't allow the flights to overcome that situation. We embarked at 12:00 PM and then after that finally we took off at 2: PM from Delhi. During these two hours what I saw was something that was really horrible. Passengers mainly some uncles, I dont know whether they wanted to talk to the Air hostesses, or they were finding a way to talk to them. However, there would be a lot of complains but I really appreciate the way these girls handled them. Most of them said that the staff is rude and they are not taking off, but no body was aware of the fact that Hostesses are not meant to fly the aircraft I remember some of the names as Shirley, Kumolini, who were really thrashed by these uncles but still the way that they handled situation and served customers besides all those arguments was appreciable. Being in a profession of Customer Service that was a new lesson that I learnt that day that by watching those girls to handle the situation. Even at that point of time I was thinking that if there would have been a boy or I at the place the situation would not have gone that bad. Its because still there are people who when travelling through air feel that they are the lords, and they have every right to screw someones happiness. However, feedback that I would like to convey is that if you can please hire at least some boys who can accompany these innocent girls and take care of situations, as these girls were into . ..."
Chakrabarti D. K. February 08, 2008: ............................I regret very much for the inordinate ..........
"..... I regret very much for the inordinate delay in communicating to you, but I could not resist myself to inform you about a beautiful experience I had at Kolkata Airport, when I was coming back to my home. I travel very frequently and have experience practically of all the Airlines in the country, and familiar with the business like approach from the staffs, but the spontaneous support I received from Mr. Rizwan Quadir can not be described just by few words. I will never forget his help when I badly required, which is now a days seldom expected. Indigo should be proud having such a wonderful people amongst you . ..."
Ravi Srivastava February 19, 2008: ......... ...................I am Ravi Srivastava and I was travelling..........
".....I am Ravi Srivastava and I was travelling from Pune to Bangalore with your flight no 6E105 on 7/02/2008 and my seat no was 19F.It was great to see the service and the attitude of your in flight crew members. There was an unsatisfied traveler who was seating in front of me and he was making issues out of nothing but it was great to see the way one of crew member (Ms Ridhi Khanna employee code: 0535) handled the issue. She was great and she tried her best and ultimately she made the customer smile. I have been working in service industries for last 14 years and have trained hundreds of my team member about customer service and it was hearting to see the way indigo has trained their employee and all us who were seating near felt great sense of JOY by seeing the approach and the way the customer was handled. All the credit to the Ms Ridhi Khanna In one statement it was Pleasure to be on Go Indigo. I have been flying with many other airlines but it was my first flight with Indigo and I have decided that I would only travel my Indigo now. Keep it up!!!! . ..."
P. Arora March 4, 2008 : ......... ...................Indigo is one of the better..........
"..... Indigo is one of the better, infact the best low cost airline in which I have travelled. Recently I took Indigo flight 6E-101 to bang lore and my experience was really good. The cabin crew specially Ms Rupinder was very friendly and took good care of me and this was not first time on earlier occasions too your cabin crew has been very nice. One of the crew Ms Nalini Sodhi has been there in my couple of flights and was really good at her work. She was very professional at her job and not even once she let me feel that I m travelling alone on the flight. And I will always like Ms Nalini Sodhi to be on my flight whenever I travel by Indigo. Try and recruit more cabin crew like her. Apart from crew the airplanes itself are neat and tidy. The ground staff is also friendly and it took me very short time to check-in. Keep up the good work guys...hope to fly with u soon in near future . ..."
Ashish Mudliar March 6, 2008 : ...................I would like to acknowledge that ..........
".....I would like to acknowledge that you have a very smart interface on the website that shows the almost real-time flight status for any given Indigo flight. Its hassle free and allows me to know where my flight is without requiring calling a number or getting an out dated information. This is really a nice feature and hope it stays up on the site. Also of the 5 times I have travelled on Indigo, only once it was delayed that too by 40 mins which is nothing these days. Keep up the good work; this will make your airline the most preferred one . ..."
Raju Kamble March 18, 2008 : ......... ................... I travelled with my family .........
"..... I travelled with my family members from Pune to Delhi and back on Indigo on March 12, 2008. I was skeptical about the kind of service by Indigo as it is a Low Cost Carrier in India and did not really expect much. I had prepared myself for the worst experience! To my surprise and delight, my experience in Pune has left me with nothing but praise not only for the airline, but the ground crew in Pune were very courteous and willing to extend all help to the passengers. I must commend Desmond and the others in Pune who go the extra mile to make the passengers feel 'well looked after'. The Cabin Crew from Pune to Delhi that day was excellent and very courteous and helpful. I will no doubt pass the word to all my friends about Indigo, but I want to take time to say a big Thank you to the Indigo crew in Pune and onboard for a wonderful experience. Keep up the good work and I wish the best to Indigo for the future . ..."
Animesh Das March 23, 2008: ......... ...................I am a frequent flyer in Indigo..........
"..... I am a frequent flyer in Indigo & every time I fly your courteous staff is there to make journey comfortable but on 21/3/2008 I saw something outstanding so mentioning here I was on board in Flight no. 6E-203 Piloted by Capt. Sharma and co. from CCU to DEL. I was on seat number 28A and apart from me there were 2 females, who had boarded the flight from Agartala to Delhi as we are in Midway, the elderly lady started to feel uneasy and her condition was not well. I was amazed to see One of your Crew Members Ms. Pragya(As what written in her batch) rushed for help calming her massaging her back and bringing few puke bags so that if required gave her bottles of water and asked her in time to time. At the end the lady was well and I saw how dedicated pragya was and she did more than expected. Its being a pleasure to see how good she is at her professionalism, this all makes customers like us secure happy to travel with you for our journey. Personally I would recommend you all that if Indigo Management follows the policy of R & R for its staff, please give this time to Ms. Pragya whose efforts keep adding passengers to your flights. Finally Good and Great work done Pragya...................All the best . ..."
Renjith. S, March 24, 2008: ...................On 12th of March 2008 I travelled..........
"..... On 12th of March 2008 I travelled with your airline from Bangalore to Delhi. It was really a pleasure and surprise for me to see your services as world class and high standard. Frankly speaking I never expected this kind of a high standard environment in an Indian airliner. Am very happy with service you provided to me except some delay at the baggage collection centre. Any way in future also I wish to travel with indigo and no doubt I will recommend indigo to all my colleagues and friends whom are frequent flyers like me. . ..."
Vinay Virwani March 28, 2008: ............................I would like to put on record ..........
"..... I would like to put on record the nice experience that I have always had with your airline. I had to reschedule my aunt's (Mrs. Sangeeta Tilokani) flight on 25th night to your 12.40 p.m. flight. I was not expecting the process to be hassle free but I must say that your tele - executive handled the case with utmost care and made it seem like a cakewalk! I have had similar experiences with Indigo before - once when I had re-claim my cancellation refund on one of your flights; I was almost expecting you to have lost the record of the same since the cancellation was done months ago. But it was right there and I easily got the refund!! And what's more, I have always found your airline to be on time so far!! And I must mention here that all my colleagues and friends are of the same view too Great Going Indigo!! . ..."
Atul Ranjann March 29, 2008 : ............................I would like to inform you of a particularly delightful..........
"..... I would like to inform you of a particularly delightful experience with Indigo last night although it wasnt my airline of travel. Last night due to the mishap at Bangalore airport there were quite a few flights affected and mine was not an exception to that. I was waiting at the waiting area after passing through the handbag security check point at Mumbai Airport, awaiting further information from the my airline staff regarding my flight. I think it was only my flight which was delayed besides the other Indigo Bangalore flight. Having been a regular traveler on this late evening BOM-AMD sector, I am pretty used to the flight being delayed, as my flight regularly does not leave until midnight. Having a lot of time on my hands and not much to do obviously, I pass my time either reading or just sitting down meditating. Last night I was meditating when I was distracted by a huge uproar of almost 50 60 staff screaming and shouting, at the XYZ airline staff, until they got breathless. And almost every single passenger was in a unison, trying to coach these XYZ airline staff by pointing at the Indigo staff saying, you could at least learn something from these people and try to copy them if not do it on your own. This obviously drew my attention to the Indigo staff who I tried to find at the Indigo boarding counter, but were no where to be seen. Looking around, I realized that they were not to be seen only because there were exactly 5 6 staff actually all scattered in the corners of the waiting area and actually going and talking to every single passenger traveling by Indigo. This particularly amused me comparing it to the scene created by XYZ airline passengers. The difference was XYZ airline, had one staff standing only at the boarding gate counter busy on his cell phone. And Indigo had staff actually reaching out to its customers where they were seated and gave them information which they would collect from one person, (I guess the manager), at the boarding counter from time to time and go back and give it to the passengers. I started making mental notes of the difference in the manner in which the two airlines were functioning. To my surprise I had a staff from Indigo come over to me and offer me a sandwich and a bottle of water. Very hesitatingly, I did pick up one and eat it all up. Only later realizing that he may have assumed I was an Indigo passenger as I had Indigo hand bag tags on my trolley. As usual XYZ airline did commence boarding after a long delay and I stood up to board the flight, noticing that it wasnt me alone who was served water by the Indigo staff, but quite a few other XYZ airline passengers proudly sporting Indigo water bottles in front of the XYZ airline staff. I was amusing as well as pleasing to see that. As a matter of fact a few passengers, whilst boarding again pointed out to the XYZ airline staff stating they were having water thanks to Indigo. I will be very honest and modest in telling you that not one Indigo passenger seated in the area had any sign of anxiety or impatience. In fact the moment a passenger would actually raise his hand for a query there would be a staff marching towards that passenger. To sum this whole thing up I would say it was a spectacle and an experience I will definitely not be able to forget for quite some time, and would be eager to share the same with my friends and acquaintances. I am confident you guys will edge out any competition if this spectacle from yesterday was not a one off bizarre case. I regret I was not able to note any staff names but the team present on 27th March deserves a special commendation. I havent yet traveled Indigo but had always heard pleasant things, yesterdays experience makes me not only believe all the propagations I have heard, but now I look forward to travel by Indigo soon. Unfortunately, when I looked up your website I realized you do not fly on the AMD-BOM-AMD sector and that is the only sector I fly on (at least 3 4 times a week). The day I hear indigo starting this flight I would want a seasons pass for it. I will end here and hope this feedback actually reaches you and does dwindle with the intermediaries. Once again my heartfelt Congratulations and best wishes to you and your Airline . ..."
K. Bharathi sankar April 18, 2008: ......... ................... 17 April in Mumbai your customer service ..........
"..... 17 April in Mumbai your customer service person amit spoke in a rude manner to the passenger just for a 2 min delay he didnt allow 10 passenger to board the flight when we asked him to connect to his superior he replied that he is the senior most. Instead of speaking if he had done the work we would have board the flight. This is the worst customer service I have ever seen .two passenger who are reserve bank employees also felt the same for sure we will never choose indigo again . ..."
Dr. Srinivasan May 21 2008: ...................My name is wife..........
"......My name is wife and her aged mother travelled by your airlines from chennai to Mumbai by the morning flight, and I wish to place on record ou sincere appreciation for all the services and courtesy extended to them before and during the flight in providing the wheel-chair as well as other small but important things that go along way in making travel a pleasure. We are fairly frequent travelers in this route and find your airlines a cut above the rest, which I can say without hesitation. We have decided to make your airlines our first choice. I have nothing to gain and this is a spontaneous reaction, these days when people are just waiting to find a fault, which is not always true, I learn . ..."
Sunita Shelar October 1 2008 : ......... .My wife Nanu Malhotra and I had..........
"....I would like to appreciate the service provided by your agent / employee named Ravinder. She has been extremely courteous and professional. It would be a pleasure if all agents were as professional on the phone. Since I may never meet her in person, this is the only way I can express my appreciation to her. I am sure she will go a long way in whatever she chooses to do. Request you to take her help in training others on telephone etiquette . ..."
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