Saahil Bhandari February 07, 2008: ............................I am Saahil Bhandari and one of the passengers ..........
"..... I am Saahil Bhandari and one of the passengers of your organization; recently I was flying form Delhi to Mumbai on 6th of Feb, 2008. The flight was scheduled for 0930 hrs... However due to bad weather the aircraft was late. There were many passengers who were complaining for the flights to be delayed; however what I felt was that nobody understood the fact that even nature plays a major role sometimes, and truly it was natures day that day. Fog didn't allow the flights to overcome that situation. We embarked at 12:00 PM and then after that finally we took off at 2: PM from Delhi. During these two hours what I saw was something that was really horrible. Passengers mainly some uncles, I dont know whether they wanted to talk to the Air hostesses, or they were finding a way to talk to them. However, there would be a lot of complains but I really appreciate the way these girls handled them. Most of them said that the staff is rude and they are not taking off, but no body was aware of the fact that Hostesses are not meant to fly the aircraft I remember some of the names as Shirley, Kumolini, who were really thrashed by these uncles but still the way that they handled situation and served customers besides all those arguments was appreciable. Being in a profession of Customer Service that was a new lesson that I learnt that day that by watching those girls to handle the situation. Even at that point of time I was thinking that if there would have been a boy or I at the place the situation would not have gone that bad. Its because still there are people who when travelling through air feel that they are the lords, and they have every right to screw someones happiness. However, feedback that I would like to convey is that if you can please hire at least some boys who can accompany these innocent girls and take care of situations, as these girls were into . ..."
Chakrabarti D. K. February 08, 2008: ............................I regret very much for the inordinate ..........
"..... I regret very much for the inordinate delay in communicating to you, but I could not resist myself to inform you about a beautiful experience I had at Kolkata Airport, when I was coming back to my home. I travel very frequently and have experience practically of all the Airlines in the country, and familiar with the business like approach from the staffs, but the spontaneous support I received from Mr. Rizwan Quadir can not be described just by few words. I will never forget his help when I badly required, which is now a days seldom expected. Indigo should be proud having such a wonderful people amongst you . ..."
Ravi Srivastava February 19, 2008: ......... ...................I am Ravi Srivastava and I was travelling..........
".....I am Ravi Srivastava and I was travelling from Pune to Bangalore with your flight no 6E105 on 7/02/2008 and my seat no was 19F.It was great to see the service and the attitude of your in flight crew members. There was an unsatisfied traveler who was seating in front of me and he was making issues out of nothing but it was great to see the way one of crew member (Ms Ridhi Khanna employee code: 0535) handled the issue. She was great and she tried her best and ultimately she made the customer smile. I have been working in service industries for last 14 years and have trained hundreds of my team member about customer service and it was hearting to see the way indigo has trained their employee and all us who were seating near felt great sense of JOY by seeing the approach and the way the customer was handled. All the credit to the Ms Ridhi Khanna In one statement it was Pleasure to be on Go Indigo. I have been flying with many other airlines but it was my first flight with Indigo and I have decided that I would only travel my Indigo now. Keep it up!!!! . ..."
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