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Ashish Chandak June, 11, 2009: ...................As a very pleased and satisfied customer of ..........
".....As a very pleased and satisfied customer of your esteemed airlines, this note is to put on record, the appreciation for the kind courtesy extended to us while traveling as below : - 1. From: Kolkata to: Ahmadabad Date of travel: 06.05.2009 PNR: EIVVCC At check in counter: Ms. Vinita We were on our way to our corporate office at Vadodara, for a meeting. Preparation for the meeting had kept us awake till the early hours of 9th may. When we checked-in to avail the flight, we were feeling drowsy and tired. To catch up with the lost sleep in the flight, we requested Ms. Vinita, to put us on first row, which has better leg space. In spite of the flight being packed, Ms. Vinita was kind enough to smilingly assure us of the desired seats. It was an overwhelming feeling, to be treated so nicely and that good care was taken of our request. We thank Ms. Vinita for her being so considerate and courteous. 2.From: Ahmadabad to: Kolkata Date of travel: 09.05.2009 PNR: E34MEN At check in counter: Ms. Januka After a good beginning (thanks to your Ms. Vinita, at Kolkata airport), we had a great time during the meeting in Vadodara. After the event, while traveling back, I opted for indigo airlines again. As a consequence of the delay in departing from Vadodara, (to take the flight from Ahmadabad), I reached the airport merely 40 minutes prior to scheduled departure time of the flight. Besides, I was also carrying a whole lot of Guajarati namkeen / sweets in many poly bags, which I had purchased from Vadodara. Assuming that I would not be allowed to board, primarily because of the delay, and secondly because of eight poly bags in my hand (with my laptop of course); I approached the check-in-counter. One again, I was accorded a welcome with a smile by Ms. Januka, who re-assured me of issuing the boarding pass and also asked me to put away all the poly bags into one bag to avoid any problems during security check. Much to my relief, i was given enough time to re-shuffle the poly bags into one, and then the boarding pass was issued. Heading the eastern region operations of the rs.2000 cr. ram ratna group, I travel very extensively. But getting such courteous welcome and polite behavior, especially from the budget airlines, has not been experienced before. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to both Ms. Vinita and Ms. Januka, and request them to keep up the good work. . ..."
Girish Ayya June, 11, 2009: ...................I travelled from Vadodara to ..........
"......I travelled from Vadodara to Bangalore. Overall journey was very good. I would like to appriciate the pleasant in-flight experience for the journey from Mumbai to Bangalore. The take off and landing was very smooth. The crew members were very co-cordial. One more thing I liked about the indigo is of flight deck talking and sharing the details about the flight, weather conditions, flying details etc to travelers. As per my opinion this gesture adds personal touch. Please convey my appreciation to Capt. Khadiwala and the crew members. . ..."
Vandana Kidwai June, 11, 2009 : ...................I'd like to thank Mr. ..........
".....I'd like to thank Mr. Arun kumar (ground staff at the airport on 7th June 09) for taking special interest (and going beyond the call of his duty) to help reach a football to my very upset son. On our flight (6e 282 from Chennai to Delhi) security wouldn't allow us to take an inflated football on flight. However, Mr. Arun kumar noticed that my son was distraught and assured him that he would reach the football to him the next day - which he very promptly did. It is these little gestures (warm and thoughtful) that we as customers remember. Thank you again. I would also like to add that your ground staff is particularly helpful as well. At the conveyer belt I was surprised to see an indigo personnel show up at the right moment to help me (travelling with a lot of luggage and children alone is difficult). Your staff noticed and helped. . ..."
Md. Nooruddin mujahid June, 14, 2009: ...................Dear team, Just wanted to convey how ..........
".....Dear team, Just wanted to convey how pleased I am with the kind of service Ive received from your staff Bharat J Thakur, Sakshi Rawat and Syed Shuttari I am very happy to know that you all are so knowledgeable , I recognize the effort it takes to keep abreast of existing procedures and new changes and appreciate your (Sakshi Rawat specifically) confidence to deal with a particular issue. I commend you all for your good work; you are setting a high standard for others to follow. It appears that your emphasis on regular training sessions on customer centricity has paid in gaining customer's confidence. The issue was very simple , I goofed up on a ticket reservation and was not understanding the fact that initials cannot be changed once the ticket is booked .though I argued your team had the patience to bear with me and explain everything in detail. One thing that I wanted to mention very specifically here, your team made me feel that you understand that customers are really important and needs to be dealt with care no matter what the situation is. The issue was sorted finally when your helpful staff Syed shuttari mentioned a comment that it was booked in error at the same time re-iterated the fact that these mistakes cannot be repeated(showed me that I should be careful enough the next time , which I really appreciate). Syed was extremely professional, composed and took an extra step ahead to help me out. Syed is a very good example of a person with high customer focus. I will definitely look forward to make my future bookings with indigo because of people like him. Thanks for all the support. Keep up the good work!! . ..."
S. Sundararaman, June, 14, 2009 : ................... Dear sir ,I accompanied my ..........
"..... Dear sir ,I accompanied my handicapped brother to Mumbai airport today morning. He has traveled by your flight 6e212 to Chennai at 11 am. The counter staff at Mumbai airport was very kind and immediately arranged for an escort with wheel chair for my brother Mr. S. Nagarajan. They were polite and courteous in answering my queries reg. He has reached Chennai safely. Please convey our appreciation to your counter staff at Mumbai airport. I am sure with this kind and courteous service; your airlines will fly higher to greater horizons. Thanks/regards . ..."
Jawaharlal Gopal June, 19, 2009: ...................I was a passenger in your flight no. 6e..........
".....I was a passenger in your flight no. 6e-415 from Mumbai to Bangalore, on 16.6.09. I wish to appreciate the efforts and attitude of one of your stewardess named Renu GUPTA. She was very helpful to an elderly passenger, and kept inquiring from her (even without being asked) about the passengers needs, always with a smile. This is just for your information. The flight was pleasant, though it took off late. The captain is also to be commended for keeping us advised of all reasons and developments. . ..."
Rachel Chatterjee June, 23, 2009.: ...................This is to place on record my ..........
".....This is to place on record my appreciation of the service rendered by one of your customer service executives at Hyderabad, Shri Mohd. Zaheeduddin. I had accidentally left my purse, with cards and cash, on the indigo flight from Chennai to Hyderabad today (23-6-09). I received a call from Mohd Zaheeduddin when I was halfway home, informing me that my purse had been found, and that I could pick it up from the indigo counter at the airport. On finding the purse with my cards in it, he had checked my number on the net and contacted me immediately. He was most helpful and courteous and I have got my purse back in tact. I truly appreciate the immediate action taken by him, and this has enhanced the trust and confidence I have in indigo's service. I hope that my appreciation will be conveyed to him, (as well as to the airline personnel who must have found my purse on the aircraft), and that he (and they) will be rewarded suitably. With regards, . ..."
Satyajit Muraleedharan June, 25, 2009: ...................I was travelling on June 18, 2009, 07:20 pm aboard flight 6e..........
".....I was travelling on June 18, 2009, 07:20 pm aboard flight 6e 306 from Hyderabad to Delhi. I thought Id take some time out to appreciate the following aspects I observed during my flight: 1. Excellent maintenance of the cabin in terms and hygiene and passenger comfort 2. You have very pleasant cabin crew. 3 Your pic on the flight was exceptional during take-off and landing.4. Extremely well packaged food and beverage. I've never had a negative experience with indigo and I choose to fly indigo because you continue to deliver high quality consistently. I wish you all the best.. ..."
Capt Ajay Singh Rakwal, June, 30, 2009 : ...................This was my first experience with ..........
".....This was my first experience with indigo. On 14.06.2009, I arrived at New Delhi airport with four of my family members by another flight from Jammu at around 2.20 pm. The flight was late. We were to board indigo flight to Ahmadabad at 3 pm. Since luggage collection was expected to take another 20 min, I had resigned to missing the flight. But luckily I sighted indigo executive, Ms Pooja near the conveyer and approached her for help. Thereafter we just stood around watching a great display of efficiency and professionalism. She deputed another girl executive who even went to the extent of carrying our luggage personally. She, along with another indigo staff member Mr. Akash, pushed us through various channels at frightening speed. Finally, we made it. This was the first time we were booked on indigo. But I am sure it is the start of a long association. Convey my thanks and appreciation to your executives for being a great help. . ..."
Srikanth sudhir July, 5, 2009: ...................I had the occasion to travel on ..........
".....I had the occasion to travel on indigo yesterday, on a not too happy occasion, I had just broken my leg, and was 3~4 days past a surgery which saw me with plates and screws implanted on my body. I had to travel between Pune and Delhi, and I would like to express my appreciation of the efforts taken by the indigo personnel, both in Pune and Delhi, but specifically in Pune to make this a journey to remember for the right reasons rather than the wrong. Now I was in a lot of pain, and not in a position to note the names of all the personnel who helped out, but in no was their contribution any less. People like pradeep and Sneha stand out. And a special mention for Sampat Ullal, he managed things from a distance, but ensured that I was put thru no trouble at all, I could even claim a royal treatment!! In-flight assistance was also commendable, and the flight crew did its best to make my journey as comfortable as could be. Would like to say this, and can't say it often enough . ..."
Mr. Vijay Sharda July, 6, 2009: ...................I have pleasure to send this letter to..........
".....I have pleasure to send this letter to you. My name is Mr. Vijay Sharda, managing director, Sharda group. I am resident of Delhi and staying with my family at friends colony, New Delhi. I am a corporate flyer and fly 16-18 days in a month in domestic and international route. I would like to share with you that our group, patronize, flying with indigo. Despite the fact that we all are membership card holders for various other Indian airlines, the top management, which includes me, directors of the company, president, executive directors, vice president, general managers, are advised through an official circular, to prefer to fly with indigo, as we find indigo services, on ground and on board are excellent. Indigo maintains almost 100% in time for departure and arrival, except for external situation, as ATC or bad weather. I have pleasure to share with you that on Wednesday, 1st July myself, my wife, Mrs. Kamini Shard, my nephew Anand Shard, my niece Sheetal Daga and her husband Anand Daga flew from Kolkata (my parents are resident of Kolkata) by indigo flight no. 6e-320. It was delightful flight. I would like to mention that not me but all family members enjoyed. My wife Mrs. Kamini Sharda joins me to convey that cabin-in-charge, Ms. Arcane singh, was very courteous and elegant and very helpful. This speaks about substance in a woman. We were impressed about her handling the flight, as announcements relating to departure, weather conditions, arrival etc. Her good gesture towards the guests, taking care of a lady, accompanying her child to the toilet was very dignified and touching. We could see all happenings, since we were occupying 5 seats in 1st row I will appreciate, you take my comments on record and please convey to your chairman. Its my nature, that any good thing happening, I do write at the highest level to the respective airlines. Should I come across any difficulty, I still write to the respective airlines, so they can improve the performance. I hope you take my comments in positive way. Thanks & best wishes. ..."
Sunil July, 9, 2009: ...................I am really pleased that the concept of ..........
".....I am really pleased that the concept of customer relations is gaining ground in India. I believe a lot of the credit for that goes to customer-relations professionals like you who are dedicated to implementing CRM at all levels. A couple of years ago, I would probably have had to pursue a matter like this for ages, and usually, without a satisfactory outcome. Whatever anyone else might say, I do think globalization has been good for customers in India. As a professional retail consultant, who has spent years with young management trainees, in India and abroad, I have never stopped emphasizing the importance of good customer relations to the success of any business. And, one of the reasons behind my complaint was for a case-study, to gauge the level of CRM implementation in young industries in India. I must say, Im impressed; you did a great professional job. It's been a pleasure making your acquaintance and wish you the best in your career. . ..."
Dharma Chand July, 17, 2009: ...................I recently travelled by..........
".....I recently travelled by your airline to Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore etc vide above booking references. I found your airline dot on time at all flights. Spic and span aircrafts, smart, decent and well behaved in-flight staff. What else a frequent flier needs. I have decided to use your services for ever and on whichever routes these are available. I will also recommend to my friends. Keep it up. Congrats. . ..."
Anand Guruswamy July, 27, 2009: ...................This is to acknowledge the excellent service provided to me by..........
".....This is to acknowledge the excellent service provided to me by your staff Ms. Reshmi Mehra and her supervisor. For a mistake of mine, your airline could have easily charged me extra but Rashmi along with her supervisor went beyond the call of their duty and company's financial benefits gave importance to customer feeling and concern and waived off the charges. This gesture is highly appreciated and now you have regular passengers in me and my family & friends. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!! . ..."
Malay Joshi July, 28, 2009: ...................Thank you very much for the ..........
".....Thank you very much for the quick assistance provided. I really appreciate your efforts. I would like to add something herewith. I had requested travel certificate on 27th of July, 2009 for one of my trips from other airlines by mail. And I am yet to receive the same from them. Comparing the customer services provided by indigo airlines, kingfisher airlines and other domestic airlines, I personally rate indigo airlines as no. 1 in domestic flights. May indigo airlines reach the pinnacle of the success!!! All the best and keep up the excellent work!!! . ..."
Inder Chopra July, 30, 2009: ...................On 18th June 2009 once again I have..........
".....On 18th June 2009 once again I have completed one more flight from you to Jaipur this was again my good flight from your crew members Miss Shreya sharma & her team , they where relay good and good disciplined will dressed prompt towards their job and the most need they so friendly that they made me write this to you but, I request you to make an direct flight to Jaipur from Bangalore at late hours may be by 8.00pm or 8.30 as they are lot of us who make regular flight from you to Jaipur and Bangalore you have got one of the best timings of flight from Jaipur to Bangalore but I think you need make up your nonstop to Jaipur and Bangalore. One more thing which I would like to mention hear is I always try to take your flights weather its to jaipur, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai or Kolkata is only because of your crew discipline, I dont know why have you stop operating to cochin I was a regular flyer to even cochin from this flight which use to operate from jaipur Hyderabad - Bangalore & cochin and same back. I would like to mention some of crew member name in past when I have travelled, I wish I could travel with them back they were really dame good I cant tell you how they have made me an indigo flyer from kingfisher really wish them a where good luck. I would recommend you to start frequent flying program for frequent travelers.. ..."
Saurabh Patharkar, 2nd August, 2009: ...................My flight had never missed ..........
".....My flight had never missed schedule and its true that "LATE" is just four letter word for IndiGo. You are a great airline. Keep it up. ..."
Samir D Shah, 4th August, 2009: ...................This is an Appreciation for your Nagpur..........
".....I was highly impressed by the helpful attitude of the cabin crew. I found that they were agile and always ready to help the passengers e.g. a special safety instruction to a couple travelling with kids, assistance to a family probably travelling for the 1st time, flight announcements etc. My compliments to your entire team and please carry on the good work. ..."
Bhawani Shankar Chauhan, 5th August, 2009: ...................It is matter of great ..........
".....It is matter of great pride that IndiGo is celebrating its 3rd birthday. Despite global recession and high ATF prices, IndiGo has stepped up to the challenge in industry due to its customer friendly approach. Best wishes. ..."
Dr Reuben Carr, 5th August, 2009: ...................I live and work in the UK and from ..........
".....I live and work in the UK and from personal experience I know this level of service and assistance would not be available for internal flights within the UK by the operators here. This has made my think very highly of IndiGo and would strongly recommend this airline to any of my friends or colleagues if they plan to travel around India. ..."
Umesh Thakkur, 9th August, 2009: ...................I just want to appreciate IndiGo for..........
".....I just want to appreciate IndiGo for the good job that they are doing. As they say that 87% of their fights reach on time and its true I have travelled lot of times with indigo I have never reached late anywhere, where ever I have gone. I will say its the best airlines I have travelled with and continue to do the same. Keep up the good work . ..."
Devika and Paresh Madani, 14th August, 2009: ....................My wife and I are very ..........
".....My wife and I are very impressed with the medical first aid abilities demonstrated by your airline crew and want to specially cite the care provided by Ashahi (or Asakhi) and Chanchal who were amongst the crew on the flight that day. My wife and I will forever be indebted to both of them and the doctor (Pradeep Saha) who was flying on the airline that day. A big Thank You Indigo!. ..."
Sushant Abhishek, 16th August, 2009: ...................Thanks a ton for the thoughtfulness..........
".....Thanks a ton for the thoughtfulness and care that you guys take to make the passenger's journey comfortable. Kudos Indigo! Keep going. ..."
Souvik Basu, 17th August, 2009: ...................First of all I heartily congratulate..........
"......First of all I heartily congratulate you on your 3rd birthday. Youre on time departure & boarding habit has forced me to become a regular flyer of your airline company . ..."
Dr. Aditya Sahu, 21st August, 2009: was a great experience travelling by ..........
" was a great experience travelling by IndiGo airlines. Certainly you are the no 1 low cost airline at present!!. ..."
Rodabeh Vania, 30th August, 2009: ...................Indeed IndiGo has an affinity for ..........
".....Indeed IndiGo has an affinity for appreciable Customer Service. On-time flights are always a bonus. Keep the Indigo Flag Flying High . ..."
Mervin Fernando, September 9, 2009: ...................I want to thank the entire..........
".....I want to thank the entire IndiGo staff at Pune airport and also the gentleman who ever trained these gentlemen to this very high level of customer care. They minimize my tension and assisted me in such a way I felt like that I was dealing with my own children. True to their word I was made to pay the minimum and was boarded with minimum fuss. They made me determine that IndiGo will bethe first choice for my family and me in the future. Please keep up the good work and May God bless those very pleasant boys and girls of Indigo crew at Pune Airport. ..."
Saiganesh, September 9, 2009: on time records really..........
".....Youre on time records really surprise me (in a pleasant way). For a budget airline with to have such a track record is a great. In all my experiences so far, flights have always arrived before time. How often do we hear that with budget airlines? I really hope you continue this great service at the current fare :) . ..."
M. V. Venkatesh, September 10, 2009: ...................This is very first time I..........
".....This is very first time I travelled in INDIGO. I had a different opinion about the LOW-COST Carrier, but the experience is laudable. Right from booking Ticket till I reach destination, the feeling I got its wonderful. Keep Serving with cent percent commitment. Healthy, Happy, Successful Living and Serving.. ..."
Dilip Sequeira, September 22, 2009: ...................The captain of the flight was just..........
".....The captain of the flight was just excellent. We left Goa late due to the rain and the ATC not giving us permission even then he landed-us on time in Mumbai, I could attend a friends wedding with no problem that same evening. But what was amazing is that the captain made an announcement to the passengers that there was going to be some turbulence and that gave us time to prepare. The friend I was with is very scared of flying, but the captains voice put her at ease. Please tell him thank you on my behalf. I did chat with him when leaving at Mumbai. But I want to tell him, great job. You guys are my favorite airline in India; there is no one who can get me home on time. I do not mind paying Rs.100 for the emergency exit seat since you make the flight home, worth it. Thank you so much for the great service and the best servicing I have seen in the Indian skies. For Indigo I can stop and make time, anytime. ..."
Mufaddal Yusuf, September 23, 2009: ...................I have always enjoyed ..........
".....I have always enjoyed flying Indigo Airlines as its a no-fuss, good and clean airline with excellent on time performance on the Mumbai-Delhi-Mumbai route. What I liked particularly about this morning's flight was the well orchestrated and soft landing the pilot made at Delhi airport and I would like to commend him on the same. I haven't experienced such a good landing in quite some time amongst Indian carriers. Congratulations!. ..."
Sagar Sharma, September 24, 2009: ...................This was my first..........
".....This was my first trip on Indigo and by far the best experience I have ever had on any airline (including international circuit). What made my trip memorable was the top class cabin crew, which went out of the way to help me out. Million thanks to the wonderful crew of Indigo. To Ms Jameen, Ms Priyanka and Ms Suruchi - with special thanks to Ms Priyanka for being so patient. I really appreciate you folks. . ..."
Hanish, September 27, 2009: ...................I wanted to appreciate the ..........
".....I wanted to appreciate the dedication and support of Mr. Aninda Mandal from Kolkata who helped me trace my friends baggage which was missed out due to oversight. He went out of his way to ensure that I get it on time. I was travelling on the flight the next day and the lost bag was kept ready for me at the check-in counter. I believe such people are the reason behind IndiGo's success. I will surely travel by IndiGo in my upcoming travels and hope that you continue to provide such excellent service to passengers . ..."
Nandakumar C D, September 29.2009 : ...................I travelled on your airline..........
".....I travelled on your airline many times now, and wish to share my positive feedback. Each time I travelled, I have been extremely satisfied with your quality of service, staff courtesy, cleanliness and punctuality. I can sum up my view about your airline as "No Nonsense Airline that gives good value for money in terms of service quality, treating passengers with dignity". On the whole you have an excellent product. Keep it up . ..."
Aravind Kamath, September 29, 2009: ...................The staff (ground and in-flight) was..........
".....The staff (ground and in-flight) was courteous and professional. It was really refreshing to see so much of emphasis on on-time performance, which I think, is a rarity! I will certainly fly only indiGo in future if there are indigo flights available to my destination cities. Great Job!!!. ..."
God Bless, Nitesh Premchandani, October 1, 2009: ...................I am delighted by the ..........
".....I am delighted by the experience provided your Ground staff/cabin crew/pilots. Its a team effort that makes the whole experience joyful Ground Staff: Michelle at Mumbai Airport very professional at her work at the Departure Gate Cabin Crew: Simran, Jaspreet, Reshma, Mumumn took really good care I was very impressed by their professional attitude and commitment towards work. Specially Simran she is very calm and she is Gifted with natural intelligence she knows how to handle different kind of situations Pilots: Captain Christopaker & First Officer Rohit Singh maintained the smooth run right from take off balanced cabin crew temperature and beautiful landing experience I am delighted by the experience provided by your airline . ..."
Amit Nagpal, October 2, 2009: ...................I wish to inform that..........
".....I wish to inform that we are frequent flier with indigo airlines as well other airlines. Today I called up to indigo for booking of my tickets to various sectors. We spoke to Miss Sameera for booking of tickets and her response was excellent, precise and very professional. She was polite enough to immediately book my tickets from Chennai Delhi and Delhi Bangalore. Sameera also informed us regarding new sector from Delhi to Coimbatore which is very good news for us as we travel very frequently to Coimbatore. She also explained for corporate bulk bookings as our lot of staff is travelling together. We are happy to feel that indigo airlines have such positive attitude and professional staff like Ms Sameera and we wish her all the best in future . ..."
P. Joshi, October 4, 2009: ...................Any airline may have good airplanes, may give..........
".....Any airline may have good airplanes, may give good food. But this type of service is very rare. I am sure that your airline has a very bright future. Once again, thank you very much for the co-operation extended to me. As well please convey my special thanks to Mr Shubhendu Sarkar, Kolkata air port. ..."
Dr PBN Choudhary October 8, 2009: ...................At the outset, I wish..........
"......At the outset, I wish to congratulate IndiGo on being at the helm of affairs of a truly outstanding professional airline company. I would like to take this opportunity to cite an example of exemplary professional attitude and approach that was displayed by your Mr. Sara Nagaraj. I travelled from Kolkata to Hyderabad on Indigo flight 6E 352 on 7th October, 09. On the onboard shopping cart, I purchased a Barbie pencil box for my niece but left it in the front seat pocket while deplaning. I could only recall the box while driving back to my house. However, to my surprise I received a call from Nagaraj citing the box which was left in the aircraft. I thanked him for calling back on the same. Today, Nagaraj handed over the box in my office. This is indeed a true reflection of highest levels of Professionalism and commitment to extend world class service to customers. While the cost of the box is not very high, I was truly impressed and amazed at the way your staff demonstrated the concern of calling back and taking the pains to handover the box. In this context, I would like to extend my hearty and sincere compliments and commendation to Nagaraj and of course the entire family of Indigo. Am sure, such Professional display will surely take Indigo to even greater heights in the near future . ..."
Rajan Navani, October 10, 2009: ...................I would like to acknowledge the..........
"......I would like to acknowledge the outstanding work done by the senior flight attendant Priyanka on my flight from Pane to Kolkata on Oct 10, 2009. The high level of efficiency and courtesy displayed by her throughout the duration of the flight was indeed commendable. Even during an emergency she did not panic and handled the situation with great leadership. I have extensively traveled across the world in business as well as first class and have rarely seen such an exemplary attendant. I believe such employees should be recognized by your airline. Given a choice I normally choose to fly jet airways, however, after my last flight experience I must say I will look at the indigo option more favorably . ..."
Harsha Murthy October 13, 2009: ....................I was traveling yesterday from Hyderabad -..........
"......I was traveling yesterday from Hyderabad - Delhi and found her briskly attentive and solicitous of passengers. I was down with a migraine and she helped me speedily with a Disprin, which eased my headache. She was helpful and prompt in her response . ..."
Tariq Hash mat Tauhee October 17, 2009: ....................I was aboard Patna - ..........
"......I was aboard Patna - Bangalore on 15th October. This was my third indigo flight in 20 days with the fourth one coming ten days from now. I would like to say that flying indigo is a totally new and different experience. The entire crew, Captain James, first officer Rohit singh and the entire flight attendant group under Shiny Thomas was absolutely amazing. I was lucky to chat with the captain and the first officer after the flight just to share some views on indigo. I remembered the day I had written to indigo about 7 months back requesting to start operations to and from Patna. I am extremely impressed with the way indigo has redefined low-cost air travel in India . ..."
Dr. Devender Hooda October 17, 2009: ...................I am one of the..........
".....I am one of the frequent passengers of indigo airlines. Yesterday, I was traveling from Bhubaneswar to Mumbai via Hyderabad by your airlines. By mistake at the security counter my laptop got exchanged with other passenger of Indigo. I came to know about it after boarding my flight to Mumbai. Your crew was very helpful in finding out the passenger and my laptop. Not only this, they also helped me to send my laptop from Chennai and the laptop of other passenger from Pune to Chennai. Today morning I have collected my laptop from Pune airport and the other passenger has collected it from Chennai airport. I am extremely thankful to your staff and team especially the crew member Ms Manvi Kapoor & your ground staff at Pune airport Ms. Shradha & Ms. Srishti. . ..."
Jasper Emmanuel Justus ,October 18, 2009: ...................I really wish to appreciate..........
".....I really wish to appreciate Ms. Anu Luthra who is an excellent person to be with on call. Her conversation was coherent and very friendly& patient and it made me very easy to book my ticket without any hassles. As I had I had to reschedule a ticket for my friend at the last moment. Once again I would like to thank Anu and the indigo team trust me guys you are just amazing!!!. ..."
Lanny rudner October 21, 2009: ...................I just want to..........
"......I just want to appreciate your team for the service and humanity provided by your staff coz I wanted to travel from Hyderabad to Delhi on 18th of this month early in the morning by jet airways which was a bit later than indigo & opted for Indigo, but failed to inform the motel at Delhi that I would be reaching early I was pretty worried that I will be stranded over there. But one of your staff at Hyderabad assisted me to the telephone booth but found no operator at the booth , she then gave me her personal phone to make a call to the motel at Delhi & inform about my early arrival at Delhi which helped me a lot as I am new to India. I appreciate the service provided by your staff & I am thankful for the help given. ..."
Sumit Suri October 23, 2009: ...................I.........m a frequent..........
".....Im a frequent flyer with your airline. I traveled on October 15, 2009 6e188 Mumbai -Delhi (seat number 28d). I wish to congratulate you and your crew member for the hospitality services exhibited by your in-flight crew member Mridu pandit and Monika Mani. I was not well while flying and they really took good care of me during the flight. Small things like serving me hot water as well as offering Disprin makes lot of difference especially when we have a pre conceived notion about low frill airlines. They were helpful, shown lot of patience and at the same time exhibited excellent team player capabilities. It has reaffirmed my belief in your airlines and such small gestures act as testimonial for being referred as among top 3 airlines in India. . ..."
Rohit Patria October 23, 2009: ...................I would also like to..........
".....I would also like to appreciate the wonderful travel experience we had travelling with you. I firmly believe service industry calls for courtesy & your indigo family perfectly extends the same. My family & I were travelling to Pune from Nagpur & back, we further were booked to travel to Goa by kingfisher but the warmth that the cabin crew & the ground staff displayed was heart touching. I have a small daughter (an infant) & cabin crew Ms. Poonam took her in her arms played with her & made all our travel comfortable. At Nagpur airport my aged mother-in-law became happy to see steps offered to alight the bus, these are the things normally forgotten by other airlines. At Nagpur airport staff Priyanka & Hema were very helping. Thanks again. The services offered have developed brand loyalty in me. ..."
Saujatya Guin October 23, 2009 ...................I was the last..........
"......I was the last passenger to board flight 6e-342 from Kolkata - Bangalore on Thursday, the 22nd. An over-stretched meeting and the city's traffic held me up till really late and I would have missed the flight and eventually a very important business meeting, if Martha wouldn't have saved my day. Martha singh (Im assuming I got her name right) welcomed me with a broad smile and a little scold. Her fast thinking and ability to decide on the spot helped me glide through the check-in process and into the flight, in no time. It saved me from missing my flight yet it did not compromise on indigo's noted schedule adherence practice. I'm not sure if this routine work for Martha and her team but I have never seen such promptness and eagerness to help from any other airlines' employees in India. In fact, I have missed flights because of latency from ticketing staff from an airline who claim to treat their passengers as their guests. I have witnessed extreme non-cooperation from ground-staff. With such experiences in the back-ground Marthas example is notably very different and very comforting. I would really appreciate if you can convey my sincere gratitude to Martha and her team of really active, prompt and responsible fleet of men and women at Kolkata. It was a life-saver to fly with you. Thanks . ..."
K. Krishnan October 26, 2009: ...................It is easy to..........
"......It is easy to achieve your targets of on-time arrival and departure, offering lowest prices possible etc., but to make an airline of choice by default takes much more than these. That is taking every customer seriously. And thats why indigo is so special to me and I would like to place it on record that indigo is not only an airline that is good today but will go on to scale new heights because they value every customer. It happened on the 19th that I had to travel to Kolkata from Chennai departing Chennai (6e 523) at 8.10, arriving @ Kolkata at 10.30 am. I had a connecting flight to Aizawl at 11.00 am. I informed the crew and the ground support staff in Chennai about the urgency that I have and I was not only assured that I will be given priority but was also taken care well and was reassured by the crew that they will do the best for me be on time to take the connecting flight. On touchdown I was given a special vehicle (which nowadays even full range carriers dont give for business class passengers) and I was allowed to alight first and I did make it. What else does one need than making him or her feel important by understanding the need of hour. I salute everyone in indigo and especially the crew and ground staff for making me very special. I wish indigo all the very best and may you guys shine more in the skies and at the heart of every passenger . ..."
Gagan Pradhan October 27, 2009: ....................I would like to ..........
"......I would like to share the kind of service that is provided by your two staff rakesh and Prativa at Bhubaneswar airport. On 10th October in arrival I was a normal visitor to airport waiting for my son to receive him. Suddenly I slipped down, immediately rakesh took me up and assisted me to the chair thereafter Partita provided me with a glass of water and assisted me to make me seat comfortable neither I was a passenger of your airline nor I knew them, it was there humanity that they helped me out. They both seemed to be brother and sister as they look alike I asked Partita regarding this but she denied with a smile. God bless them always .I wish both of them all success. Thank you indigo for helping an old man . ..."
Manas October 29, 2009: ....................I want to thank the ..........
".....I want to thank the in-flight crew for the 29-oct-09 Bangalore - Mumbai flight. Not only that were all of them 'smiles', but also they were extremely courteous and more importantly attentive. I would rate them all a+. A big thanks to all of them again! And thank you indigo. Even though I have travelled only few times, you are now my favorite airline. ..."
Partha Sarkar October 30, 2009...................I had travelled from Kolkata to Pune on 25th of ..........
"......I had travelled from Kolkata to Pune on 25th of Oct 2009 by indigo flight number 5e624. I checked in a little bit late in Kolkata airport. When I reached Pune airport, I found that one of bag among the four had not reached Pune. Immediately I reported to indigo counter at Pune airport. They explained that as I checked in late the luggage could not be loaded at aircraft. Without any delay, they took the complaint and assured me that the baggage would be at my home on the next day. Next day i.e. on 26th Oct, they called me several time and asked me not to be worried as the bag reached Pune. I received my bag on 26th Oct 2009 afternoon and it was delivered to my residence at Pune, with no damage. I really appreciate the effort shown by all indigo airlines staff. Thanks a lot to all the indigo airlines staff who helped me to find my luggage. May be the bag was not containing very valuable things (only clothes of my kids were there), but the action shown by indigo is really great. I am really getting more confidence on indigo airlines services and they have really enhanced and developed the services than before. I hope, as a regular flyer of indigo, this type of quality of services will be maintained and continued. Thanks a lot again to all the staff of indigo airlines. Wish you a good growth. ..."
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