Srikanth sudhir July, 5, 2009: ...................I had the occasion to travel on ..........
".....I had the occasion to travel on indigo yesterday, on a not too happy occasion, I had just broken my leg, and was 3~4 days past a surgery which saw me with plates and screws implanted on my body. I had to travel between Pune and Delhi, and I would like to express my appreciation of the efforts taken by the indigo personnel, both in Pune and Delhi, but specifically in Pune to make this a journey to remember for the right reasons rather than the wrong. Now I was in a lot of pain, and not in a position to note the names of all the personnel who helped out, but in no was their contribution any less. People like pradeep and Sneha stand out. And a special mention for Sampat Ullal, he managed things from a distance, but ensured that I was put thru no trouble at all, I could even claim a royal treatment!! In-flight assistance was also commendable, and the flight crew did its best to make my journey as comfortable as could be. Would like to say this, and can't say it often enough . ..."
Mr. Vijay Sharda July, 6, 2009: ...................I have pleasure to send this letter to..........
".....I have pleasure to send this letter to you. My name is Mr. Vijay Sharda, managing director, Sharda group. I am resident of Delhi and staying with my family at friends colony, New Delhi. I am a corporate flyer and fly 16-18 days in a month in domestic and international route. I would like to share with you that our group, patronize, flying with indigo. Despite the fact that we all are membership card holders for various other Indian airlines, the top management, which includes me, directors of the company, president, executive directors, vice president, general managers, are advised through an official circular, to prefer to fly with indigo, as we find indigo services, on ground and on board are excellent. Indigo maintains almost 100% in time for departure and arrival, except for external situation, as ATC or bad weather. I have pleasure to share with you that on Wednesday, 1st July myself, my wife, Mrs. Kamini Shard, my nephew Anand Shard, my niece Sheetal Daga and her husband Anand Daga flew from Kolkata (my parents are resident of Kolkata) by indigo flight no. 6e-320. It was delightful flight. I would like to mention that not me but all family members enjoyed. My wife Mrs. Kamini Sharda joins me to convey that cabin-in-charge, Ms. Arcane singh, was very courteous and elegant and very helpful. This speaks about substance in a woman. We were impressed about her handling the flight, as announcements relating to departure, weather conditions, arrival etc. Her good gesture towards the guests, taking care of a lady, accompanying her child to the toilet was very dignified and touching. We could see all happenings, since we were occupying 5 seats in 1st row I will appreciate, you take my comments on record and please convey to your chairman. Its my nature, that any good thing happening, I do write at the highest level to the respective airlines. Should I come across any difficulty, I still write to the respective airlines, so they can improve the performance. I hope you take my comments in positive way. Thanks & best wishes. ..."
Sunil July, 9, 2009: ...................I am really pleased that the concept of ..........
".....I am really pleased that the concept of customer relations is gaining ground in India. I believe a lot of the credit for that goes to customer-relations professionals like you who are dedicated to implementing CRM at all levels. A couple of years ago, I would probably have had to pursue a matter like this for ages, and usually, without a satisfactory outcome. Whatever anyone else might say, I do think globalization has been good for customers in India. As a professional retail consultant, who has spent years with young management trainees, in India and abroad, I have never stopped emphasizing the importance of good customer relations to the success of any business. And, one of the reasons behind my complaint was for a case-study, to gauge the level of CRM implementation in young industries in India. I must say, Im impressed; you did a great professional job. It's been a pleasure making your acquaintance and wish you the best in your career. . ..."
Dharma Chand July, 17, 2009: ...................I recently travelled by..........
".....I recently travelled by your airline to Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore etc vide above booking references. I found your airline dot on time at all flights. Spic and span aircrafts, smart, decent and well behaved in-flight staff. What else a frequent flier needs. I have decided to use your services for ever and on whichever routes these are available. I will also recommend to my friends. Keep it up. Congrats. . ..."
Anand Guruswamy July, 27, 2009: ...................This is to acknowledge the excellent service provided to me by..........
".....This is to acknowledge the excellent service provided to me by your staff Ms. Reshmi Mehra and her supervisor. For a mistake of mine, your airline could have easily charged me extra but Rashmi along with her supervisor went beyond the call of their duty and company's financial benefits gave importance to customer feeling and concern and waived off the charges. This gesture is highly appreciated and now you have regular passengers in me and my family & friends. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!! . ..."
Malay Joshi July, 28, 2009: ...................Thank you very much for the ..........
".....Thank you very much for the quick assistance provided. I really appreciate your efforts. I would like to add something herewith. I had requested travel certificate on 27th of July, 2009 for one of my trips from other airlines by mail. And I am yet to receive the same from them. Comparing the customer services provided by indigo airlines, kingfisher airlines and other domestic airlines, I personally rate indigo airlines as no. 1 in domestic flights. May indigo airlines reach the pinnacle of the success!!! All the best and keep up the excellent work!!! . ..."
Inder Chopra July, 30, 2009: ...................On 18th June 2009 once again I have..........
".....On 18th June 2009 once again I have completed one more flight from you to Jaipur this was again my good flight from your crew members Miss Shreya sharma & her team , they where relay good and good disciplined will dressed prompt towards their job and the most need they so friendly that they made me write this to you but, I request you to make an direct flight to Jaipur from Bangalore at late hours may be by 8.00pm or 8.30 as they are lot of us who make regular flight from you to Jaipur and Bangalore you have got one of the best timings of flight from Jaipur to Bangalore but I think you need make up your nonstop to Jaipur and Bangalore. One more thing which I would like to mention hear is I always try to take your flights weather its to jaipur, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai or Kolkata is only because of your crew discipline, I dont know why have you stop operating to cochin I was a regular flyer to even cochin from this flight which use to operate from jaipur Hyderabad - Bangalore & cochin and same back. I would like to mention some of crew member name in past when I have travelled, I wish I could travel with them back they were really dame good I cant tell you how they have made me an indigo flyer from kingfisher really wish them a where good luck. I would recommend you to start frequent flying program for frequent travelers.. ..."
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