Ashish Chandak June, 11, 2009: ...................As a very pleased and satisfied customer of ..........
".....As a very pleased and satisfied customer of your esteemed airlines, this note is to put on record, the appreciation for the kind courtesy extended to us while traveling as below : - 1. From: Kolkata to: Ahmadabad Date of travel: 06.05.2009 PNR: EIVVCC At check in counter: Ms. Vinita We were on our way to our corporate office at Vadodara, for a meeting. Preparation for the meeting had kept us awake till the early hours of 9th may. When we checked-in to avail the flight, we were feeling drowsy and tired. To catch up with the lost sleep in the flight, we requested Ms. Vinita, to put us on first row, which has better leg space. In spite of the flight being packed, Ms. Vinita was kind enough to smilingly assure us of the desired seats. It was an overwhelming feeling, to be treated so nicely and that good care was taken of our request. We thank Ms. Vinita for her being so considerate and courteous. 2.From: Ahmadabad to: Kolkata Date of travel: 09.05.2009 PNR: E34MEN At check in counter: Ms. Januka After a good beginning (thanks to your Ms. Vinita, at Kolkata airport), we had a great time during the meeting in Vadodara. After the event, while traveling back, I opted for indigo airlines again. As a consequence of the delay in departing from Vadodara, (to take the flight from Ahmadabad), I reached the airport merely 40 minutes prior to scheduled departure time of the flight. Besides, I was also carrying a whole lot of Guajarati namkeen / sweets in many poly bags, which I had purchased from Vadodara. Assuming that I would not be allowed to board, primarily because of the delay, and secondly because of eight poly bags in my hand (with my laptop of course); I approached the check-in-counter. One again, I was accorded a welcome with a smile by Ms. Januka, who re-assured me of issuing the boarding pass and also asked me to put away all the poly bags into one bag to avoid any problems during security check. Much to my relief, i was given enough time to re-shuffle the poly bags into one, and then the boarding pass was issued. Heading the eastern region operations of the rs.2000 cr. ram ratna group, I travel very extensively. But getting such courteous welcome and polite behavior, especially from the budget airlines, has not been experienced before. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to both Ms. Vinita and Ms. Januka, and request them to keep up the good work. . ..."
Girish Ayya June, 11, 2009: ...................I travelled from Vadodara to ..........
"......I travelled from Vadodara to Bangalore. Overall journey was very good. I would like to appriciate the pleasant in-flight experience for the journey from Mumbai to Bangalore. The take off and landing was very smooth. The crew members were very co-cordial. One more thing I liked about the indigo is of flight deck talking and sharing the details about the flight, weather conditions, flying details etc to travelers. As per my opinion this gesture adds personal touch. Please convey my appreciation to Capt. Khadiwala and the crew members. . ..."
Vandana Kidwai June, 11, 2009 : ...................I'd like to thank Mr. ..........
".....I'd like to thank Mr. Arun kumar (ground staff at the airport on 7th June 09) for taking special interest (and going beyond the call of his duty) to help reach a football to my very upset son. On our flight (6e 282 from Chennai to Delhi) security wouldn't allow us to take an inflated football on flight. However, Mr. Arun kumar noticed that my son was distraught and assured him that he would reach the football to him the next day - which he very promptly did. It is these little gestures (warm and thoughtful) that we as customers remember. Thank you again. I would also like to add that your ground staff is particularly helpful as well. At the conveyer belt I was surprised to see an indigo personnel show up at the right moment to help me (travelling with a lot of luggage and children alone is difficult). Your staff noticed and helped. . ..."
Md. Nooruddin mujahid June, 14, 2009: ...................Dear team, Just wanted to convey how ..........
".....Dear team, Just wanted to convey how pleased I am with the kind of service Ive received from your staff Bharat J Thakur, Sakshi Rawat and Syed Shuttari I am very happy to know that you all are so knowledgeable , I recognize the effort it takes to keep abreast of existing procedures and new changes and appreciate your (Sakshi Rawat specifically) confidence to deal with a particular issue. I commend you all for your good work; you are setting a high standard for others to follow. It appears that your emphasis on regular training sessions on customer centricity has paid in gaining customer's confidence. The issue was very simple , I goofed up on a ticket reservation and was not understanding the fact that initials cannot be changed once the ticket is booked .though I argued your team had the patience to bear with me and explain everything in detail. One thing that I wanted to mention very specifically here, your team made me feel that you understand that customers are really important and needs to be dealt with care no matter what the situation is. The issue was sorted finally when your helpful staff Syed shuttari mentioned a comment that it was booked in error at the same time re-iterated the fact that these mistakes cannot be repeated(showed me that I should be careful enough the next time , which I really appreciate). Syed was extremely professional, composed and took an extra step ahead to help me out. Syed is a very good example of a person with high customer focus. I will definitely look forward to make my future bookings with indigo because of people like him. Thanks for all the support. Keep up the good work!! . ..."
S. Sundararaman, June, 14, 2009 : ................... Dear sir ,I accompanied my ..........
"..... Dear sir ,I accompanied my handicapped brother to Mumbai airport today morning. He has traveled by your flight 6e212 to Chennai at 11 am. The counter staff at Mumbai airport was very kind and immediately arranged for an escort with wheel chair for my brother Mr. S. Nagarajan. They were polite and courteous in answering my queries reg. He has reached Chennai safely. Please convey our appreciation to your counter staff at Mumbai airport. I am sure with this kind and courteous service; your airlines will fly higher to greater horizons. Thanks/regards . ..."
Jawaharlal Gopal June, 19, 2009: ...................I was a passenger in your flight no. 6e..........
".....I was a passenger in your flight no. 6e-415 from Mumbai to Bangalore, on 16.6.09. I wish to appreciate the efforts and attitude of one of your stewardess named Renu GUPTA. She was very helpful to an elderly passenger, and kept inquiring from her (even without being asked) about the passengers needs, always with a smile. This is just for your information. The flight was pleasant, though it took off late. The captain is also to be commended for keeping us advised of all reasons and developments. . ..."
Rachel Chatterjee June, 23, 2009.: ...................This is to place on record my ..........
".....This is to place on record my appreciation of the service rendered by one of your customer service executives at Hyderabad, Shri Mohd. Zaheeduddin. I had accidentally left my purse, with cards and cash, on the indigo flight from Chennai to Hyderabad today (23-6-09). I received a call from Mohd Zaheeduddin when I was halfway home, informing me that my purse had been found, and that I could pick it up from the indigo counter at the airport. On finding the purse with my cards in it, he had checked my number on the net and contacted me immediately. He was most helpful and courteous and I have got my purse back in tact. I truly appreciate the immediate action taken by him, and this has enhanced the trust and confidence I have in indigo's service. I hope that my appreciation will be conveyed to him, (as well as to the airline personnel who must have found my purse on the aircraft), and that he (and they) will be rewarded suitably. With regards, . ..."
Satyajit Muraleedharan June, 25, 2009: ...................I was travelling on June 18, 2009, 07:20 pm aboard flight 6e..........
".....I was travelling on June 18, 2009, 07:20 pm aboard flight 6e 306 from Hyderabad to Delhi. I thought Id take some time out to appreciate the following aspects I observed during my flight: 1. Excellent maintenance of the cabin in terms and hygiene and passenger comfort 2. You have very pleasant cabin crew. 3 Your pic on the flight was exceptional during take-off and landing.4. Extremely well packaged food and beverage. I've never had a negative experience with indigo and I choose to fly indigo because you continue to deliver high quality consistently. I wish you all the best.. ..."
Capt Ajay Singh Rakwal, June, 30, 2009 : ...................This was my first experience with ..........
".....This was my first experience with indigo. On 14.06.2009, I arrived at New Delhi airport with four of my family members by another flight from Jammu at around 2.20 pm. The flight was late. We were to board indigo flight to Ahmadabad at 3 pm. Since luggage collection was expected to take another 20 min, I had resigned to missing the flight. But luckily I sighted indigo executive, Ms Pooja near the conveyer and approached her for help. Thereafter we just stood around watching a great display of efficiency and professionalism. She deputed another girl executive who even went to the extent of carrying our luggage personally. She, along with another indigo staff member Mr. Akash, pushed us through various channels at frightening speed. Finally, we made it. This was the first time we were booked on indigo. But I am sure it is the start of a long association. Convey my thanks and appreciation to your executives for being a great help. . ..."
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