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"..... I was happy to know that you have such smart PRO employees who can turn an Angry customer to a happy customer. ..."
".....I am very pleased to see your quick response to our mail & prompt action you have taken in refunding our additional payment which we made at domestic airports in India last month. I had no problems what so ever in travelling by your airline & your prompt action certainly encourages me to recommend your airline to my contacts here in UK. ..."
".....I am very thankful to all the staff to make my first air journey so easy and enjoyable...I personally like your service in flight. Airport services can be better...but it was still good...thanks to u .... ..."
"..... Truly impressed by the wonderful customer service of Indigo!...... ..."
"..... This is to express my heartfelt appreciation at the way your employees helped me out in getting back my laptop on 1st. Feb from Kolkata airport. It was not only their efficiency that touched me but the way they handled the situation. Ever since I realized mid-air that I'd left the laptop back at the security hold in Kolkata, the cabin assistants, Gunjan and Puja (i hope I got this second name correct) took all the details in an officious manner and at the same time kept re-assuring me with a confident smile. Subsequently right through the day when you kept calling me to update the status I realized that I was in extremely good hands. Finally when Saira handed me the laptop in the evening I could finally breathe a sigh of relief. Great job guys. Wonderful team work.My best wishes to Indigoto scalp even greater heights. ..."
".....Thank you so much for your kind mail. Highly appreciated indeed. I love flying with Indigo and certainly your mail strengthens my confidence in you. ..."
"..... This is to appreciate the prompt action and courtesy extended to me during my flight from Calcutta to Bangalore. I am really thankful to Martha (in particular), Shivani and Nandita for the same. ..."
"..... I am writing this to recognize the service that I got from Amanpreet Singh Kohli (ASK)when I was booking a ticket on 18th Jan 2009. He was patient with me and understood my issue and helped me correct the booking without any hassle or cost to me. ASK set a good example on why I should fly more often than I have been currently with Indigo. It is such examples that help build lifetime customers. It would be great if he was recognized for his efforts and everyone in the office followed such example. Thanks once again ..."
"..... Thank you for understanding the problem and resolving the same. Now I will not think before choosing to fly INDIGO again in the future but choose it and also recommend same to others. To end just a note" All it took was a phone call and matters were resolved . ..."
"..... I would really appreciate the crew members & the staff of IndiGo, to have helped my elderly mother on board and being patient enough to calm her down .Due to our limitations, we could not travel along with her. Our trust in the airline was true, that she can travel alone. I myself being in hospitality field understand the efforts and the importance of feedback. Thank u once again and cheers to the team of IndiGo...!!May the services always be continued to years to come. Best luck n lots of smiles. ..."
"..... I was travelling from Delhi to Pune via Indigo flight number 6E105 on 7th Feb 2010. The flight captain Mr. Singh really did a tremendous job during the journey by talking to the passengers and comforting them during the journey. There was this small patch where the aircraft experienced turbulence and the way in which he talked and comforted the passengers was really very much appreciated by all of us. I wish we have more of flight captains like Mr. Singh.. ..."
"..... My experience with Indigo is a very pleasant one. I have to congratulate you / your team for the punctuality. ..."
".....I take this opportunity to thank you for all your efforts. As a customer I really appreciate the measures taken by you and Indigo. Indigo has been a trusted airline for me. This gesture goes further and reassures me of the same. As a customer, please be rest assured that I am extremely satisfied and you have gone a long way in enhancing the goodwill of the airline. ..."
"..... I would like to convey my sincere thanks for the help n support extended by Indigo team for helping in sorting out the case of exchanged laptops at screening & security point at Ahmadabad airport. Courtesy Indigo team - notably Mr. Bhadresh Solanki @ Ahmadabad - I have got my laptop back in Mumbai. Thanks again and appreciate the effort. ..."
".....I am a frequent flier with indigo being the choice more often than not. This is a special commendation for Amberleen an in flight attendant in the flight from Mum- Kolkata, evening flight 7.30PM on 12th Jan. She was calm, very poised, and cheerful and handled a drunk bloke very efficiently. Many times you train your people with the dos and donts so much that they lose out their individuality, I thought Amberleen was exceptional and retained a personality within the doctrines of the rules absolutely effortlessly. ..."
".....I am quite pleased by your responsiveness and professional attitude towards customer care - keep it up! ..."
"..... This email is to thank the entire Indigo team on duty and to compliment them for their professionalism /top class service& customer satisfaction. This has made me a moreattachedcustomer for Indigo in future.. ..."
"..... Though I have made it a habit to travel only by Indigo, in the last one year I had to travel a couple of timesin another low cost Airline and a Full service Airline due to non-availability of your services to a particular sector and at one time due to convenient timing. I found thatonly in Indigo's "On time performance" is unquestionable. Your sandwiches are the best among all other Airline. I always feel that I am a V.I.P. while traveling in Indigo.. ..."
"..... During my early travel days, I used to prefer Jet / Kingfisher considering the services which offered. The services were coupled with a high price tag too. Then came Indigo.which within no time become my most preferred airline the reasons being Economy airline New, neat and clean fleet of aircrafts High on time performance Customer oriented friendly support staff (both ground and air) I would like to put on record one such incidence which elevated the standing of your employee, and in turn your company, in the hearts of customers like me. I was to travel by Indigo 6E306 on Feb 3rd 2010 (evening flight Hyd-Delhi). I got in Aero Express shuttle and was working on my laptop using my Data card. Little did I release that the airport had arrived and hence had to rush out to quickly close my laptop. In hurry, I did not realize that I had left behind a kit having my data card and other things, although not valuable but dear to my heart as they had possessive value associated with them. After having reached Delhi at around 1130 PM I got a call from your ground staff in Hyderabad. The name of that employee of yours is Mr. Basith. He informed me about I left behind my kit which I realized only after I received a call from Basith. I was surprised as to how this person could get my mobile number, which I later understood that he got the same from my other airline old boarding pass which was in my kit. The kit was promptly returned back to me with all contents intact on arrival to Hyd on Feb 7th 2010. During this period of travel, I what satisfied me more was there were routine follow calls from your office to check about my arrival at Hyd so that the kit can be handed over to me. Here, I would not only like to appreciate the efforts put in my Basith but also like to congratulate INDIGO as an airline for having such a wonderful staff with you. Kudos to Indigo and Basith. Please keep it up. ..."
"..... Thanks for your prompt response.... I didn't expect such fast reply... In fact was not even sure if I will get a reply.. This is truly amazing service.. ..."
"..... I agree that IndiGo is the best airline operating in India, and among the very best anywhere. As one who has grossed well over 2 million miles in international travel, I can recognize care and quality and these were evident to me at IndiGo right from the start. Unlike most, you started your operations only after thorough planning and critical choice of personnel. Attention to details, an example: I have never seen any of your flight attendants ever bang shut the overhead storage compartment! I wish you all the best in keeping up your great work.. ..."
".....Indigo is undoubtedly the best. It will be great if you start International operations. From Bangkok we look forward eagerly to fly with Indigo always and forever. Keep it up. ..."
"..... We definitely have a very good opinion about Indigo and that is why we opt for Indigo always! We appreciate the good arrangements, especially inside the aircraft which makes the passenger more comfortable. All the Best!! ..."
"..... Just to let you know that your efforts are much appreciated. Indigo is my favorite airline for domestic travel, since you take care of the things that matter most to travelers: flying on time for the most part (I landed dot on time in Delhi on the foggiest day this winter.), clean, comfortable aircraft, sensible snacks (I always look forward to your sandwiches, they're so fresh! You've turned around the idea of airline food.), well-turned out (that blue is so much classier than tardy red or bright shades of everything-under-the-sun) and courteous staff. And you still manage to not be expensive. Keep it up and hope you fly to many more destinations so we don't have to take another airline ever.. ..."
"..... I am writing in to say how impressed I am with your airline and its service. Its definitely by far the most efficient and value for money airline I have ever flown. Kudos to you'll, your attitude and service! You have definitely earned yourself a permanent flier.. ..."
"..... People will always compare services offered by airlines; some are drastic and some are best in the industry. There isa short incident which happened about a month and a half ago where a couple of flights were put on hold due to intensefog at Delhi airport; which is very common during winters. I've heard about and also been in flights within such conditions earlier where the airlines had provided dinner and hadalso taken careof theaccommodation of stranded passengerswhich is absolutely great; not every airlines can do that. For the first time in my life I learnt the true essence and importance of customer service, the verynightwhen Ifound myselfin such a situation about a month and a half ago, on an Indigo flight. Flights were on hold; all of them. People started getting restless. People startedspeculating on "what will happen next? Will the airlines provide dinner? Will they provide accommodation if necessary? Probably they won't!" People started speaking to the cabin crew in an odd fashion; at times rudely, at times sarcastically and mostly out of fear and concern which was very much obvious. The best part I observed was with the cabin crew. I was extremely astonished to see that not a single cabin crew had a mood swing. Every single Indigo crew was firm and polite in their actions and way of speaking. Their interpersonal skills along with their confidence maintained calm on board and similarly, on the ground, the personnel were extremely polite and helpful. The flight was rescheduled and took off in a few hours. What I personally learnt from this experience? Answer: It is easy to provide service in expensive flights where food is included and where services like accommodation to stranded passengers is provided but it is tough to provide customer service in cheaper flightswhere the number of passengers travelling is higher and where food is not included.Keep up the good work.. ..."
"..... I have not used Indigo a lot lately but my experience with indigo has been very impressive. The overall approach of indigo is very professional. Right from the dress code of the air hostess and the stewards, cleanliness and the condition of the plane was all up to the mark and all at such amazing fares has really made me give 1st priority to indigo whenever I plan to fly.. ..."
"..... I traveled from Mumbai to Delhi on indigo flight 6E 186 on 21st February 2010 & left my jacket at security. I notified the same to your ground staff Ms. Priti just before the gate was closing she went beyond the call of the duty & ensured that my jacket was sent to Delhi in next flight. I received my jacket today & am overwhelmed the way indigo staff has cooperated specially Priti. My heartfelt thanks to indigo team. ..."
"..... It has been a phenomenal experience in getting associated with Air Indigo. ..."
".....Having flown very frequently with full service airlines, I was quite impressed at the quality of service provided by Indigo even as a value based carrier. I want to particularly mention Sanjana, the stewardess on the flight from Delhi to Lucknow who was exceptionally thoughtful and warm. Also special mention for the young lady captain who was extremely professional and great all through out the flight. Keep it up! I will surely fly you guys again.. ..."
"..... I flew IndiGo Wednesday March 3, 2010 on flight 6E 122. Unfortunately I left my wallet in the plane and realized it when I was already half way through the city (Delhi). Late evening, I tried contacting your city office staff who heard me outbut were not ready to do anything beyond that. However in the midst of all thisI dont know his designationbut one of your employees who came through was Mr. Rohit Mathur, who contacted me own his own when he found my wallet and returned it to me intact the next day. I appreciate his concern and efficiency and would like to see more people like him as members of your crew/ team. I would also appreciate the efforts of his colleague Mr. Kailash Khanna who in person returned my wallet to me the next day at the airport.. ..."
"..... I would like to extend my special thanks to your Airport Staff of Kolkata for the Last Minute help given to me for boarding my flights. Your Indigo staff took just a second to locate me & facilitated me to board the flight. It was really a Good Experience of Customer Service that I had received from Indigo. must say you are good not only in Pricing but in service also. ..."
"..... I m a frequent traveler of Indigo, on 17th Feb, 2010 from kolkata to Bangalore 7.35pm Indigo flight, I suddenly felt sick and I am really thankful to the cabin crew of that flight for the care and support, I dont remember their name but really they were very helpful, today if I am alive because of them thanks a lot to the cabin crew and the indigo airlines... ..."
"..... This is surely the best service that I received at any customer care in recent past.You rock Keep up the great work.. ..."
"..... Thank you Indigo for the top notch service provided by your staff. I was travelling with my parents from Pune to Bangalore on 9th March, 2010 on flight 6E105. My mom, aged 76 has arthritic problems and is not able to walk. So we always use our own wheelchair. The Indigo staff at Pune and Bangalore greatly helped us with providing a wheelchair and carefully stowing away ours while on flight. After de-boarding, the Indigo staff courteously accompanied my mother to help board a local bus to our destination home. The staff at Bangalore also helped my mother in using the airport restrooms and also in helping her get onto and off the transit bus from the tarmac. I've never had a better experience with any other airline (including several international ones) that we have flown. Thanks a million for helping us with our needs and making our travel a pleasure. Oh, and by the way the staff refused to accept any tips we offered. This just goes on to show the dedication of Indigo staff in helping the airline be one of the best growing airlines in India. It is sad that we do not have more of such people in other areas of tourism or the Government. Thanks again and please convey our gratitude to the staff and Pune and Bangalore ..."
"..... We would like to acknowledge the help of two staff members of Indigo Airlines who helped us in checking in our flight despite of the fact that we reached airport just 15 minutes before the scheduled departure of our flight. I know it was out of the way and which is why I am acknowledging this effort. KUDOS to those two ladies, I am sorry I could not get time to know/see their names to share this committed effort towards customer, with the management. (But I confirm that on Bangalore airport it was the first INDIGO counter towards extreme left, once you enter the airport premise right next to the lift, which takes us to the first floor). At the same time we confirm to be in time for our next flight in future. Not only this, the overall experience with Indigo was very good. I have rarely seen such professionalism ..."
"..... I travelled on your Delhi Mumbai sector on 26th February 2010. I must say my flight experience was very pleasant. Normally I face a lot of pain in my ears due to the pressure change, especially during the landing. To my surprise this was the most painless journey I have ever had. I am a frequent air flyer and have travelled with almost all the service providers but my experience with Indigo with regards to maintaining the right pressure in the cabin was superb....! ..."
"..... I'm just writing to express my satisfaction with IndiGo and my gratefulness in the service your company provided. Your airplanes are very comfortable, offering best-in-class service at a very competitive rate. In addition to that, IndiGo personnel went beyond the call of duty by finding a jacket I had left at the security point at the airport in Goa. They found the jacket and brought it to the airport in Bangalore so that I could pick it up. I cannot think of ANY other airline in THE WORLD that would have done this for me. I plan on using IndiGo every time I am in India and I do hope you expand your operation overseas. Go, IndiGo!.... ..."
"..... Your airline by all means is far ahead of other low cost brands. Its always a pleasure to fly in your aircrafts which are clean, have ample leg room and the cabin crew is very courteous and helpful. Keep up the great work and the usual on time performance which is the main reason I fly your wonderful airline. Its rumored that your airline has recorded a profit the current year, and I must say a feat well deserved.. ..."
"..... I would like to congratulate you for your achievements and would like to appreciate the kind of effort you guys make to make sure yours flights are in time. It is visible every time I board an Indigo flight. Right from the ground staff to the pilot and the call center is making an effort to keep the service on time. This kind of commitment is missing from bigger airlines as they are very complacent about there service. Very well done Indigo....Keep it up!!!!! ..."
"..... My heartfelt compliments for such a quick response and specific mention of Rahul Saini from Customer relations for such pleasant responsiveness. Such acts will undoubtedly give us the confidence to fly with you whenever any travel is required. Keep such good things to continue. This is what it means customer experience. Kudos to the entire team behind who is working wonderfully to extend such a service and winning customer confidence. Amazing experience indeed.. ..."
"..... Let me place on record the wonderful experience I had flying with Indigo last evening flying in from Hyd to New Delhi. We were flown in by Capt. RPS Chauhan a pilot who needs KUDOS for his wonderful interactions with the passengers. Not only did he fly in ahead of schedule, he with his lively communiqu with the passengers kept us thoroughly in sync with what was in store for us! Giving us not only the perfunctory details but also about the fleet and making sense of the details relating it for the common man to understand( not just saying flying at so and so feet! But saying things like thus in effect you are flying higher than the Himalayas) More importantly he praised the cabin crew and ground staff umpteen number of times for making the flight take off ahead of schedule. Here is a leader who appreciates team work, who knows it is NOT just about ME!!! I am nothing without the team that I lead and he knows how to build a team, how to appreciate their effort and make them proud of what they are doing. Such persons are assets to the organization and must be commended for the silent but wonderful work that they do. I am sanguine that Rashmi (his co-pilot) will be so much wiser flying with him.. Kudos to the team of INDIGO!!!! ..."
".....I am a frequent traveler with your airlines n I truly appreciate your time management and on time performance.. ..."
".....I would like to bring to your notice a Small but wonderful & lovely experience" which I saw from your crew on the flight. I was seated in the 2nd Row and a lady with her 8 month old infant was sitting in the 1st row in front of me. The infant was continuously crying during the take-off from the airport and Ms. Nisha your Crew member was watching the lady trying to pacify the kid. Once the seat belt sign was off , Nisha immediately came to the lady and started to play with the kid , she switched on the over head Air vents and the infant was smiling and started playing , relieving the Mother of the tension . A small act goes a long way in winning over people's heart. Next time when I need to send my kid's I will not think twice since your employees take care in such a way.. ..."
"..... I was recently traveling on your airlines andone of your air hostesses (Neha Devgan) went beyond her duty and helped me out.I have been going through some health problems andI neededto rest.I asked if there were anyPillows thatI could use, she said no, but she did use her resourcesandgave me a seat cushion.I really appreciate this gesture.. ..."
"..... When I flew down from Delhi to Chennai, most of the flights got cancelled, but, I could happily travel to Chennai by IndiGo. Great!! Keep up the good work.. ..."
"..... I would like to say thanks for the good service provided by your airline staff. I also really appreciate the quick response received from Rahul Saini (Customer Relations) on my request for a travel confirmation certificate. I hope to travel more frequently with your airline. Keep up the good work! ..."
"..... I prefer to travel with IndiGo since your airlines came into being. Apart from strict adherence to schedule time and economical fares, I must express the kind of professionalism and dedication shown by your crew and ground staffs is commendable. On 1st March I met with an accident at Imphal and fractured my knee and had to return to Calcutta. I called your customer care who assured me of all possible assistance. On the date of travel, from the time I reached Imphal airport your ground staff took care of me and my luggage and carried me in a wheel chair into the aircraft. I got a front row seat. At Calcutta airport also I got the assistance of your staff who dropped me to my car in a wheelchair along with my luggage. Im very happy to receive such an invaluable help from your customer care, cabin crew and ground staff at the time of need and express my gratitude to your airlines for such personalised and dedicated service.. ..."
"..... I wanted to take a moment to appreciate Deepika for the thoughtful support provided after the airline decided to cancel the 6E-181 from Delhi to Mumbai at 6:45 on 20th. She understood the nature of the request and quickly made the necessary changes to re-book me on a flight to Pune saving my time and giving the company more business. Deepika thank you for the good service provided and its another reason I will continue to fly IndiGo... ..."
"..... At the arrival hall, all of a sudden,my dad got unwell. There was a girl by name Ms. Prithi, standing at there, who took notice of all this. On the spur of the moment, without any second thoughts, Prithi rushed to help my dad. She not only brought the wheelchair, but also personally tookus to the Apollo Hospital at the airport and saw to it thatwe attended-to properly and thatwe received medication. Having done that, on the advice of the doctors that my dadwould have to be admitted to a different branch, she called up and informed the staff of the Apollo Hospital, Banjara Hills branch and also arranged for an ambulance for us to be shifted to the other branch of the hospital. She was of great help to my dad and me. I would like to bring to the notice of everyone of such a kind gesture by her. With her kind and helpful act,she has proved that humanity still exists in this world and one should help a passenger irrespective of which airlines he/she is traveling with. I think everyone should take a leaf out of Prithi's book.I wholeheartedly thankPRITHI for all her help. Three Cheers and Kudos to her.. ..."
"..... I would like to thank your staff for all the help I was provided on my flight from Delhi to Bhubaneswar. I had an appendicitis problem and even after treatment, I was in a lot of pain. I could have booked a return ticket on other airlines as well but your fog ad made me change my decision. To my surprise, the other airline had cancelled their flight. Your in flight staff went to the greatest possible extent to relieve me of my pain. Also, your ground staff helped me get on the bus, get my check-in baggage and finally wish me Good health and speedy recovery. Thank you once again for all your help and for such an unforgettable experience. Ms. Sweta on board and Ms. Ankita, ground staff deserve special thanks.. ..."
"..... This was the first time I got a chance to fly in IndiGo. It was a wonderful overall experience of punctuality, in flight service, airport services and standards you have maintained. Keep it up.. ..."
"..... while travelling on IndiGo, somebody switched on the reading light above my seat when the main lights were switched off for a brief period mid air. The thing was done so quietly, I didn't even realize it. I was reading a motivational book and received a suggestion that I try another book of the same genre. How many airhostesses ever interact with customers at this level? I was referred to by name while they served snacks and beverages. I forgot my cell phone at the security counter and your folks promptly fetched it for me. These are small things that most airlines and their staff miss out on. I assume this is the result of a training that is drastically different from those that other airlines put their staff through. I had a wonderful time. Good luck with this endeavor.. ..."
"..... I have been traveling on board IndiGo flights and between various stations all over India. Over the years, I have been a witness to the airline mature and occupy a niche in the industry which is the envy of many. As a passenger, I can confidently vouch for your Airlines' Service quality is by all means 'the best'. I very fondly recall my flights from am to Jaipur while I was posted there and the exceptional efficiency of cabin crew and ground staff. The smallest and even inordinate requests were always handled with efficiency. IndiGo is an airline known for its punctuality. What is perhaps not so well known, is their superb cabin crew teams, who stand out in their efficiency, politeness, and deportment. In fact, even my children now recognize a few of them in the few flights they travel by and Ms. Neha who was on 6E 277 on 26th March (MAA -CCU) stands out for being a perfect flag bearer of a very responsible and important profession. Once again, I wish her and all her colleagues, the very best.. ..."
"..... I have been traveling on board IndiGo flights and between various stations all over India. Over the years, I have been a witness to the airline mature and occupy a niche in the industry which is the envy of many. As a passenger, I can confidently vouch for your Airlines' Service quality is by all means 'the best'. I very fondly recall my flights from am to Jaipur while I was posted there and the exceptional efficiency of cabin crew and ground staff. The smallest and even inordinate requests were always handled with efficiency. IndiGo is an airline known for its punctuality. What is perhaps not so well known, is their superb cabin crew teams, who stand out in their efficiency, politeness, and deportment. In fact, even my children now recognize a few of them in the few flights they travel by and Ms. Neha who was on 6E 277 on 26th March (MAA -CCU) stands out for being a perfect flag bearer of a very responsible and important profession. Once again, I wish her and all her colleagues, the very best.. ..."
"..... Mr. Saurabh (security staff at Lucknow) has proved that you dont take your customers lightly and he was a great help to my mother (Mrs.Veena Suri) who was a first time flier that too all alone. I was really worried about her but Saurabh solved it all....thank you sir for all u did and I will make sure I fly on IndiGo since the airline rocks. My heart felt congratulations to the Station Managerfor hiring such gems.. ..."
".....I was jus amazed to see the way you people carry out things, right from cleanliness of washrooms, carpets to exuberance of crew on board. They were jus magnificent on board. They made people feel comfortable with their warmth and caring behavior. It was an unforgettable experience to me which I shall always treasure. Next time I fly I will definitely prefer IndiGo.. ..."
"..... I really want to thank you & yourteam for all the concern and effortsmade for me. It surely restores my faith inIndigo as well as in thepeople who are working in the customer service industry in this country. Iam highly impressed by the swiftness youguys have shown after getting my mail as I had no hope of getting the watch back. This incident absolutely changedthe idea and impression I hadof the Budget or Low Cost Airline Industry. I hope other players also take care of their customers as well as you do. But I must say that by providing this kind ofafter salesservices you are setting a benchmark for any other Organization in this country as every one here is to make money butthey hardlytakes care of the customers... ..."
"..... I travel very often to major Indian cities and found Indigo services much much better as compared to other so called STARRED and NO.1 airlines. You have set the standards and I hope others follow.. ..."
"..... I had a wonderful, awesome & fabulous in-flight experience. I got a warm & overwhelming welcome. Even though I was initially uncomfortable to get a last row seating but it was incredibly managed by your crew. The announcements were clear & crisp with superb quality. The regular interval refreshment services were breath-taking & amazing. The other in-flight services too like merchandising, helping passengers with basic help (water, cleaning, lavatory support etc) were marvelous. The information provided by staff members about IndiGo was astonishing & stunning. The crew members are honestly co-operative & are doing tremendous & excellent job. It was magnificent & spectacular team work led by Megha Rungta. I appreciate & wish to provide my heartiest thanks & gratitude to the team consisting of Megha Rungta, Harkirat Kaur, Raksha Ramudamu & Tina Chakraborty. Thanks a lot Megha & team for the pleasant, refreshing & inspiring flight & hope to see you guys again in near future on some other flight.. ..."
"..... This was the first time I flew on IndiGo. I was much impressed by the quality of service both on the ground and in the air. Despite being an Economy only flight, the crew was very courteous and helpful. Having flown other budget airlines which operate out of Singapore, I thought you have set a new standard by establishing that budget need not mean poor service and rude staff.. ..."
"..... I would like to express my special thanks to RAJESH KUMAR, call centre executive. I made a reservation for Delhi - Mumbai and return at indigo website for my parents; unfortunately I haven't read your round trip policy. My father was not well and he was unable to take the return flight. When I called up your customer care number my call got connected to RAJESH KUMAR. He was so polite on the call, while I was shouting at him very badly but the way he explained me was awesome and I really appreciate that. I must say my experience was very pleasant......just want to say good luck for future RAJESH!!!!!!!!! ..."
".....I would like to thank Ms. Samiksha who was at the boarding pass counter at Mumbai airport on 29th mar 2010. She was really good at her job. She helped me book the flight and because of her I saved at least 5 hours of travelling time. Once again, thanks Samiksha.. ..."
"..... I am really thankful for your kind gesture in reversing the rescheduling fee of Rs. 1500/-. This will go a long way in my association with IndiGo airlines and I would prefer to fly indigo whenever I get anopportunity in future. Thanking you once again.. ..."
"..... I recently flew from Dibrugarh to Kolkata on April 3, 2010. I had to catch another flight 40 minutes after landing in Kolkata and I told the representative at the airport to release my baggage at the earliest so that I can run and catch the next flight. I thought it wouldnt happen but you guys did it and it helped me a lot to catch the next flight on time. Thanks a lot! The representative there in Dibrugarh airport was Pallavi. Please convey my thanks & wishes to her.. ..."
"..... I am frequent flyer on your airline. On 1st April, I was travelling with an injury on my left foot and was late, but your staff at Chennai airport counter recognized me instantly and facilitated my boarding speedily and that too with a smile. Thanks a ton.. ..."
".....I would like to thank Megha and Stuti for their kind gesture during my flight. My seat number was 13f and by the time they reached me, they were out of stock for veg. sandwiches. I was ill on the flight as had discomfort in breathing. Megha assisted me spontaneously by offering the preferred food which belonged to the crew. I am obliged for such customer-centric positive approach and co-operative teamwork. Thanks to the two ladies.. ..."
"..... I really appreciate your punctuality. Keep up the good work.. ..."
"..... I would like to congratulate you for having nice and competent staff. There was this girl on the airport, wearing batch in the name of Sunita, who really helped me with my baggage on my visit to Kolkata. She was really helpful and kept smiling all the way. It made me feel as if I am special and important to the airlines. I didnt write earlier, but today I was having a discussion with my friends and they suggested that if someone is doing their job with such sincerity, then the employers should know about it so that they encourage them in whatever ways they can and people get motivated. Hence, I am writing this mail to really appreciate the services and sincerity of Sunita towards her duties that were offered to me... ..."
"..... I would like to commend your airline for the excellent service it provides to senior citizens. My mother who likes travelling at her age urged me to write and thank IndiGo on her behalf for the excellent service and care they offer to the old. She would like to make special mention ofa young gentleman Mr. Amaron who took personal care of her, till her destination. She felt absolutely safe and comfortable and was in absolute praise of IndiGo.. ..."
"..... Yesterday I faced a crisis because of the Bangalore traffic and incidentally also had one of my most memorable experiences of brilliant customer service. I was getting late because of the traffic and was delayed by 10 minutes post the closing time of check-in counter. I spoke to Shital over the phone and she was very accommodating. Was it not for her, my friend would have missed her flight and would have incurred a huge loss. Thanks to her we were able to make it. I'm a fan of IndiGo only because you have someone like Shital as a part of your crew. I owe her many thankful words. She should be recognized for her contribution towards rendering such brilliant and memorable service.. ..."
".....Thanks for the support given by IndiGo staff at Kolkata for locating and returning back the missing baggage.. ..."
"..... This is to thank IndiGo airlines for their excellent and reliable baggage services and also the ground staff and crew members of flight no. 6E-403 on the 8th of April. We had mistakenly forgotten the walking stick at hand luggage checking which was returned to us safely by the next flight. Even the behavior of the ground staff and crew was admirable. Thank you so much n keep it up!!! ..."
"..... I take this opportunity to bring to your notice the caring and helpful attitude of some of your staff members. My niece aged 13 years was flying to Vadodra by the morning flight and inadvertently my office did not give the Xerox of the credit card used at the time of reservation. Naturally, at the time of check-in there was a problem. At the check-in counter Ms. Saira who was present, expressed her inability to check-in the girl for obvious reason and took the trouble to approach to senior staff for trying to accommodate the passenger. Finally, Mr. Umesh Singh (Assistant Manager Mumbai airport) helped me out by allowing the small passenger to check-in, thus saving me a lot of problem, since my niece who is studying in Bombay was traveling to Vadodra to meet her mother. I had assured Mr. Umesh that latest the next day I shall give him the missing credit card details, which fortunately I was able to convey him after about one hour only, nevertheless, Ms. Saira and Mr. Umesh did take the trouble, may be at their risk, to accommodate the passenger. My wife and I would like to convey our sincere thanks to them and very much appreciate their gesture and hope that IndiGo airlines will have many more employees of this stature in their services, as such matters counts a lot for the airlines in gaining an excellent reputation. I myself have flown IndiGo many times and would continue to do so. Once again, I express my gratitude to these staff members.. ..."
"..... It gives me great pleasure to inform you about thegesture of customer serviceexhibited by Mr. Mandal. While travelling, I was carrying a lot of extra baggage and in the hope to retrieve all of it patiently, was waiting in front of the particular belt.Time passed by and all the others from the same flight departed with their belongings. I still had two big boxes to obtain. Naturally, I was getting impatient, and not to mention, a little worried as well, when Icaught sight of Mr. Mandal and expressed my discomfort to him. He seemed to be going for an urgent work with a few porters. It made me feel extremely happy and reassured about IndiGos services when he went out of his way and retrieved all my baggage within the next 15 minutes. Not only that, he also escorted me up to the entrance of the lounge and bade me good bye, only to further demonstrate commitment, dedication and sincerity towards his job. Though I prefer travelling by IndiGo almost always, this act of Mr. Mandal has reinforced the fact as to why IndiGo has got the best of services. I would sincerely like to express my thanks to Mr. Mandal for his help and to IndiGo for having such wonderful employees in its team.. ..."
"..... I was travelling by IndiGo flight 6E524Kolkata Pune. When I reached at the airport while taking my luggage, I realized that I had misplaced my wallet. I has left it at Kolkata airport during the security check. It was a tense situation for me because it contained all my money, ATM card, various identification proofs in original. I tried to contact the ground staff but then suddenly I wascontacted by Mr. Vishal more, executive security officer at Pune airport. He told me thathehas my wallet which I left on the flight. It wasa relieving moment for me and a few moments laterI received my wallet with all the contents untouched. Iam very thankful to him for his effort and honesty.. ..."
"..... It was a really good experience flying with IndiGo. I was traveling from Mumbai to Delhi with my father. I requested for comfort seat for him to lead Ms. Aparna & Ms. Neha during the flight and they readily did the needful. At the same time, the crew members kept asking my father if he required food or any other assistance. Thank you for your extra efforts and the excellent service provided by the crew members. Hoping to fly with IndiGo in the future. Once thanks a ton to Ms. Aparna & Ms. Neha for excellent service. Keep it up.. ..."
"..... I would like to express my sincere appreciation and delight at the airport services provided to my mother Mrs. Kokila Parikh on her travel to Delhi today. Right from wheel chair arrangement, check-in, and seat allocation close to responsible in-flight crew - everything was handled with the utmost care and professionalism. I am able to offer this feedback based on what my mother shared. I wish IndiGo keeps up these basic yet high" standards of service and my personal best wishes to you for greater success.. ..."
"..... Let me thank you and your staff at the airport counter at Mumbai for the outstanding courtesy extended to me and our director yesterday evening by your executives Ms. Sweety Mishra and Mr. Danish. What made your staff at the airport counter singled out for special appreciation is the fact that since our flight from Kochi with another airline was delayed by 1-1/2 hrs and the IndiGo flight was to take off on time at 8.55 p.m, your staff members extended full help to see that our directors could board the flight comfortably for their onward journey to Delhi and connecting flight from Delhi abroad. My experiences with your airline ground staff were cordial but this particular treatment we got by the hands of your above staff, stood out andrequired special mention. Convey our appreciation and thankfulness to your ground staff at the airport counter without whose efforts they would not have boarded the connecting flight to Delhi.. ..."
"..... Very impressed by this Queue buster system at Srinagar airport, keep it up. You staff Mr. Ajaz really helped me out. ..."
"..... Iwould like to place on record the excellent and courteous approach of your front office staff at Pune airport - Ms. Shweta Jadhav. Whenever I have made reservations on IndiGo she has been there and her body language also is very good. She is an asset to your organization. I am sure with such of staff members IndiGo will soar to new heights. ..."
"..... My family members and I had a very great experience while traveling by IndiGo flight because of punctuality, ambience, nice & helpful flight crew etc. We also go the rare opportunity to speak to the pilot and the co pilot before landing in Delhi this was the first time in my life as generally we dont find any such experiences while traveling by other flights. Your quick response of my mail shows the caring nature of your renowned organization also. This proves that you care for people / customers. Please keep it up. Thanks again.. ..."
".....On arrival, while waiting for check-in baggage, I found that my bag was missing & instead a similar looking bag was there unclaimed. Mr Jagadish from IndiGo airlines was available for assistance. He identified the passenger who took away my bag by mistake. Then called him back to airport & I found my bag within 20 minutes. Thanks to him and thanks to IndiGo.. ..."
".....Thank you Mr. Vishal Bhardwaj You have been a great help. I really appreciate your service and must admit that I am very impressed with you. I spoke to the customer service agent Jatin this morning; he was very helpful and courteous as well. All the best and keep up the great service.. ..."
"..... I have been a regular flyer of IndiGo for past few months. I have to appreciate your employees especially Rohit Mathur and Vaibhav from Delhi and Pune who have helped me while travelling to Pune for the first time. Have to appreciate your ground staff and crew and the entire team of IndiGo, you offer the best services compared to other airlines. You are definitely a class apart. Keep it up.. ..."
"..... Thanks and appreciate the gesture and customer responsiveness. Instances and services of this nature are unique to your airlines in addition to your service and timeliness and am sure would go a long way to take your airlines that much more special in customer service. Appreciate the gesture and was a pleasure speaking to you and your responsiveness is truly commendable.. ..."
"..... I had a wonderful in flight experience, your in-flight crew is awesome specially Munmun Sinha ..."
"..... Today I learned what is call-center support and wish others company also do the same for their customers. Single window for your entire problem and is solved in one call. Outstanding performance by executive Lalitha while solving my query. I wish her and IndiGo all the best.. ..."
"..... It was a wonderful landing at Delhi on 26th Apr 10. I find most of the IndiGo aircrafts well maintained. This was my 3rd trip with IndiGo. Good going guys.. ..."

".....Ireally appreciate the honest and sincere efforts made to keep your customers happy. Thus, on behalf of my family and self, I profusely thank you and your management for taking extraordinary goodwill gesture in reimbursing thetotal amount paid by me for rebooking our last trip from Kolkata to Bangalore on 28th April. I can guarantee my relatives and children will surely travelby your airline in future; may be my friendstoo follow the same. Wish you very goodsuccess in business.. ..."
".....I forgot my specs while getting down (19C) and had to rush back to the Patna airport. I got my specs thank you very much. But more important is the compliment and appreciation for the staff of IndiGo at the Patna airport whose behavior and promptness touched my heart. I wish to specially thank them for being so nice - its important to care how you handle your customer and the guys were so good. Hats off to them! ..."
".....Highly appreciate your assistance during my sister's first air travel who traveled from Jaipur to Bangalore along with her 4 year old son with Go Indigo... Specially thanks to Mr. Surender Sharma from Jaipur airport who cooperated with my sister till she boarded the flight and also arranged for support at Bangalore.... his extreme customer supportability and commitment pushed me to write these few words to thank him and Go IndiGo.... ..."
".....This mail is to acknowledge the courtesy shown by the crew of flight 6E260. It would be worth mentioning their names since all of them were so cordial that we still remember them. Sunita, Jincy, Cristabel and Jenia were on top of their efforts to take care of all of us who were a group of around 20 passengers travelling on an official trip from Bhubhneshwar to Delhi. Everything handled by this crew (on-flight welcome, announcements and service etc)was so perfect and delighting that we all agreed on high quality standards set by IndiGo for passenger service. The crew lead convinced us about the company policy of serving drinking water in glasses instead of handing out pet bottles which we never realized and now when we realize it we feel it should be implemented by all airlines. There was a good amount of professionalism shown by the crew with equal amount of personal touch. We all wish all the best for IndiGo airlines and these charming employees! ..."
".....I highly appreciate your prompt and positive response to my mail. The good will gesture extended is beyond my expectations and no other airline would have done it. I have no doubt, that IndiGo Airlines, just because of its customer friendly relations, professional competences and always on time performance attracts a large customer base in India and is also the most favoriteDomestic Airlines. I wish IndiGo and its Team a Very Good Luck and Happy Flying.. ..."
".....Everything about your airline is good! On time performance is excellent (I have always reached before time), just keep it up! You are best value for money! ..."
".....This is in genuine appreciation of your Customer Service agent at Mumbai Domestic Airport Ms Manisha Waghela who has shown true professionalism in helping genuine passenger problems. She has been a delight to deal with at your airport counter. Such helpful employees would get your airlines more and more loyal customers. Please pass on my appreciation to her too.. ..."
".....I would like to point a good experience that I just had with Indigo Airlines / employees. Immediately after I finished my enquiry about minor passengers with your call center, I booked the ticket online. Not being too familiar with procedure, the ticket was booked on my name by mistake, instead of myson who is a minor. I immediately contacted your call center and informed about the error inadvertently and requested for name change. After initial resistance, Mr. Janendra Atri listened to me very patiently and helped me resolve this and also cautioned me not to repeat this. I feel it was a good experience with IndiGo and also your executive. While most of us are more than eager to complain about inconvenience caused over petty issues, I want wanted to share a good experience that I had with IndiGo. ..."
".....I have to appreciate the services rendered by Aradhana in the Call centre who helped me in booking E tickets to Jaipur from Mumbai on 10 may on an urgency basis thanks a ton ..."
"..... This to inform you that I have got very good service from your employee at Hyderabad air port during my travel to Delhi. I had rescheduled my ticket through credit card. However when I reported for boarding, it was found that ticket status was pending. Mr.Vamshi Krishna accompanied with me all along. He resolved ticket issue by calling Customer service and helped me till I boarded the air craft. A big thank you to him. ..."
"..... Thank you very much for your timely help.My laptop has come back to me because of IndiGos good service and excellent response speed. As a foreigner, I don't know how to say thank you to your guys/girls, but I know I will be IndiGos sincere fan and broadcast your excellent from now on.. ..."
"..... It was my first time travelling with IndiGo, I must say that your aircrafts are very well maintained as compared to other airlines and staff is also very courteous. The in flight staff was same on both flights and I was amazed when they instantly recognized me and greeted me by saying nice to see you again. It was a nice gesture that they still remembered me from the previous day. Your airhostesses made extra effort to make everybody comfortable. Special thanks to the Captain JASKIRAT SINGH WAZIR for the nice flight.. ..."
"..... I would like to convey my thanks to IndiGo for excellence in service. I have been in this industry since 1959 and it is nice to see that there are still airlines who think that Passengers deserve to be served. Keep it up. Congratulations to your team. God bless. ..."
"..... I would like to commend the excellent customer handling shown by your employee Ms.Saira Qureishi stationed at the Mumbai airport arrival terminal. I had traveled on the Del Mum sector in your 6.40 am service on 10th April 2010. My luggage missed tagging at the Delhi airport and hence did not reach Mumbai airport. Saira was manning your counter in the arrival lounge. She did her best to trace the luggage, a difficult task especially when the luggage is not tagged. I was impressed by the calm and proactive behavior exhibited by her. While waiting for her Delhi counterparts to revert, she proactively called other airports in the event my bag got loaded in some other flight. Very frankly, she showed the right amount of concern and courtesy and backed it up with diligent follow up. At the end the luggage was traced at Delhi and sent to Mumbai which I received. I would like to make it clear that I would have written the same mail even if my luggage was not traced because of the customer orientation showed by Saira. My opinion of IndiGo went higher because of Saira.. ..."
"..... I am a regular visitor to India and I am delighted with the service you have provided. You have proved me wrong about budget airline's service. Especially, I would like to thank Cabin crew Miss Hazel for her help during my flight. I will be flying again and would recommend others to fly IndiGo as well. Keep it up.. ..."
"..... I was travelling from Patna to Bangalore with my wife, kid and luggage I was short of hand and seeking help. At that moment, I was greeted by Miss Avantika Anand at IndiGo Patna who was doing the Xrays for luggage. She quickly stepped up and also asked a helper to help me with the luggage for screening. What I could not stop noticing was her professional and very helping attitude. She found something objectionable in my bag and we had to open the bag for examination. She very politely explained me the rules of the airlines. All along she was very polite and courteous. I live in the US, a country of professionals who go any length for customer satisfaction. When I reflect on the services that I received from Miss Avantika, I feel that she was so good when it came to helping the customer and winning their confidence with the right attitude, language and smile. And go beyond the call of duty to make the customer feel welcome and above all pleased with the service. I want to wish her all the very best. This is an experience which does not happen all the time and so after all these months, I thought why not take a moment and write about her.. ..."
"..... I would like to thank your Airline on having allowed me to buy a ticket when the flight was supposed to depart in less than half an hour. I would like to appreciate Ms. Jasminsinitiative to get the necessary permission form her senior and have the ticket issued then personally take me to the check in desk. The gesturehas really given a personal touch to the whole episode. I would like the concerned authorities to pass on the appreciation message to Ms. Jasmin.. ..."
"..... It is with great relief and pleasure that I write to you, having received my Laptop within 24 hours of my leaving it at Mumbai Airport yesterday while flying back from Mumbai. It is indeed exemplary the way your young in-flight staff as well as extremely patient and courteous ground staff handled a tired and irate and confused "me", who refused to believe the polite assurances being handed out. Not only did they manage to reassure me, and gave me precise instructions for sending an email request for retrieval, but also ensured that I got my extremely important possession within 24 hours of leaving it behind. I would like to place it on record the wonderful behavior of your staff, and thank all of you for being so understanding, patient and supportive....including Aamir, Roma, Carol and Manoj etc..... ..."
".....Kindly accept my sincere thanks and appreciation for excellent service in air as well as in customer handling ..."
"..... I am jubilant & happy because of what I saw and experienced on 13th of May on your airline from Srinagar to Delhi.I am a frequent traveler on the sector. Due to high level security checks i got little late at sxr airport& requested a lady who represented as Airport manager of your airline to make me skip the queue outside the airport. She went out of the way to do the needful... My mom who accompanied me wanted a seat near the entrance,which again she offered. I congratulate you guys for launching the sector and congratulate your ground staff for their wonderful commitment. A special mention of your airport manager who helped a lot.. ..."
"..... I should commend you and your organization for the speed of service. Like your flights are always on time customer care service is just as good and fast. Keep it up!!! ..."
"..... WMy elderly parents, my infant and I boarded your flight 6E 190 on May 7, 2010 from Goa to Mumbai. We were very courteously helped by a Mr Justin at the Goa airport. He sent a colleague to help my mother, me and my baby through express security and asked us to wait in the departure lounge. Later, while boarding the airport coach, Mr Justin got a stool to enable my elderly parents and me to easily climb into the coach. All this with a warm smile. He was assisting other passengers too. We've not yet come across such warm service in India in our 25-30 years of travelling by air. Kudos to employees who own up responsibility! The in-flight crew too was good, the flight was punctual. In all, a very fulfilling experience - this, on a no-frills trip!! Keep it up!!! We like your new TV ad too!! ..."
"......I am a frequent flyer with your airlines. I just watched your airline's promo. That's a great promo. I feel that the kind of service your airline gives is really great. You guys really treat passengers to /from small cities same as those from metro cities. I would remain your airline's loyal traveler.. ..."
".....I traveled on Delhi-Ahmedabad sector today from Flight 6E-155. The landing was extremely smooth and almost perfect. Really appreciate the pilot.. ..."
"......I loved the new indigo television commercial. Super cool.. ..."
".....I just want to appreciate the service I have got from the ground staff at Delhi when I reached on 26th from Srinagar by Flight 6E 551 which was delayed by 1 hr. I would have missed my flight to Kolkata IC 264, which was about to leave. I asked the Indigo staff present there for assistance, she not only suggested that I go ahead to board the flight , she assured me that she would take care of my luggage and would send it to me in Kolkata. I only have to collect it from Kolkata airport . I have no words to thank her for the timely suggestion and help at that point of time. Even though I was not flying to Kolkata by IndiGo, she helped me and back at Kolkata I got the same help to collect my luggage intact .Thanks a lot. I could come back home on the same day safe.. ..."
".....I consider INDIGO to be one of the best airlines, I also know the effort, that all of you must have taken to take INDIGO to such a level. When all other airlines were struggling to reach break-even point, INDIGO is the only airline making a profit, giving record on time service and running with more than 90% occupancy. I wish all the success to indigo airlines and Promise you that , I will be continuing as your customer.. ..."
".....I went to the Mumbai Airport and collected my handset today and I want to give a BIG thank you to each and every individual who made it possible, right from the person who handed over the phone to Mr. Shyam at the Cochin airport to the Indigo staff member who handed over the phone to me today. Having said that, I want to make a special mention about two really amazing staff members - Neenu and Pratibha (from Indigo-Cochin), who I had been in contact with since Sunday and who kept me updated about the progress and whenever I called gave me the right details. Its a pure delight for me to get the phone back & moreover to experience such an awesome service with your airlines. You've earned great respect from me and a loyal customer for life!!! Thanks a mil again!!! I will only go INDIGO next time!!!! ..."
".....I am very much thankful to one and all of the staff members of IndiGo Airlines at last they have traced out my baggage and handed it over to me in a good condition.. ..."
".....I arrived just 10 min before the scheduled flight LKO-BOM on 8-May-10. I was informed I cannot board the flight. But Mr. Sagar gave me an option to board without check-in baggage. I agreed. Mr. Sagar also took care to send the baggage by the next flight. Mumbai IndiGo staff also were helpful enough to retrieve the bag. My best wishes to Mr. Sagar of Luknow IndiGo.. ..."
"......On arrival at airport while going to claim my baggage, I realized that my wallet is missing & presumed that same must have fallen in the plane while deplaning. Obviously I was worried & getting late. My request to staff near the belt did result in the recovery of wallet intact I am grateful to the air hostess who found it, the security person who finally delivered it & the ground support girl who helped convey the loss to aircraft. I would like to convey my appreciation to these 3(2 girls & one gentleman/security) through this feedback. Please do convey same to the actual persons involved.. ..."
"......I am delighted to share that Kumudini, Kathleen and Rucha are cheerful cabin crew who served us with lot of smiles and attention. The cabin crew did everything possible to make our journey a comfortable and memorable one. The food offered was best ever on any IndiGo flight so far. I really enjoyed my flight with you this morning. Please accept my good wishes to FLY HIGH. Thank you once again for nice flying experience and look forward for more frequent flying with you.. ..."
"......This is in reference to my travel from Delhi to Bangalore on 31st May 2010 by flight 6E 121. During the flight I have experienced by far best take off and landing ever in my life. Especially landing was amazing, I could not believe myself, a plane which is around 200 ton landed like a feather (no thud, no jerk, not much vibrations). Please convey my compliments to pilots (I guess one of the gentleman was Mr. James). I travel a lot and according to my experience that was very good take off and landing. ..."
"......I would like to take this opportunity to thank Indigo for their spot on service. I have travelled with the Indigo more than twice in the past and it has been a fantastic experience as compared to other service providers. Keep it up Indigo! ..."
"......I would like to highlight to you a wonderful experience i had yesterday when i travelled from Mumbai to Chennai. It was a completely pleasure to experience your airline. From the word go to the time we arrived into Chennai. Firstly, full marks to the young gentleman who checked us in at Mumbai airport. He was a very pleasing personality and ensured the whole rush at the counters was efficiently taken care of and that too with a personal touch. He processed our luggage and gave us our seats without any concerns. My wife and I always travel heavy and have had to pay for it many times. But this time it was different, this young lady made us feel different in many ways. Both my wife and I shared the same opinion, since we had the apprehensions travelling with a new airline for the first time. The flight left on time and reached us at Chennai on time. The cabin crew was also very cooperative and pleasant. I would like to give a 10 on 10 to your airline overall. You surely have two more loyal customers instantly and a flock of others who we would promote your airline to. So please keep this up as our country badly needs some trend setters in first class service. ..."
"...... Kudos to all of you!! I am impressed with every aspect of your service line including on time departure & arrival and well behaved cabin crew/ground staff. Smiley faces at 5 in the morning, quite commendable.. ..."
"...... I was travelling on Friday the 21st May, 2010 by the Indigo Flight 6E-524 from Kolkata to Chennai and I was occupying the first row seat No. 1C. While I am immensely satisfied with the general services of the Indigo flight, I wish to draw particular attention to the help rendered by the cabin crew Zarina & Roselit. I felt sick just before boarding the flight due to vomiting after taking contaminated food in the one of the Restaurant functioning in the Kolkata airport and I continued to vomit even during the two hours journey. The cabin crew attendants were extremely courteous and looked after me. It was not only me but also in the same first row there was an old lady who was seriously sick and needed help from time to time and the same cabin crew attended her as well with equal care and attention. I am a frequent traveler and have been travelling by almost all the airlines within India as well as outside of India. I am particularly touched by the services rendered by these two cabin crew. Kudos to the services you offer. ..."
"....I am very grateful to Indigo for returning my laptop in a good condition. Many thanks to all the people who made this possible. ..."
"......Thanks a lot for your kind help. I am happy that I have chosen Indigo, with a human touch, catering to the special needs of elderly people. Congratulations for doing a good job indeed! ... ..."
".....I was on 6E191 on 9th June, and 1 of my baggage initially did not meet me at Mumbai Airport when I arrived. Then I approached the baggage staff on duty, who promptly acted on my case. I would like to commend the unceasingly efforts put in by the lady and gentleman on duty at that time as they did all they could to work to help recover my bag, which they eventually did as it was sent to the cargo section. I was deeply impressed by the staff, especially the lady on duty, as she told me at the end of the whole episode, that your airline is very good and was actually upset that something like that should happen. She did look upset and I did feel she was not saying something like that to appease me. As a low cost carrier, I am impressed by the efficiency of your staff and the amount of pride and believe your staff has in the company, which amounted to a full-fare service from you. As a foreigner in India, I have traveled with your airline thrice over 6 months, and this experience reinforces this faith in Indigo, and I will definitely travel with and recommend Indigo to my friends in the future.. ..."
"..... I would like to appreciate the service received from Ms. Gagandeep (cabin staff), the services received were delightful not only the way she handled the passengers (arrogant as well as beginners), but it seemed that she was the only person on flight who was actually handling her job responsibilities honestly and professionally. I would appreciate if a proper appreciation is provided to the employee as this will motivate the employee and help the airline to gain name and fame. Keep up the good work. ..."
"......Your online updates of flight status are really appreciative. The frequency with which it is updated is amazing and makes us to think how you manage this. Keep it up... Cheers!!! ... ..."
".....I have never flown with you. But just want to convey my message regarding your advertisement in channels. The on time performance advertisement is very effective. Always go for some meaningful advertisements.Keep on time performance and soon you will be a preferred airline. Maintain few things: On time performance, Quality service, Customer friendly policies, Cleanliness and Good maintenance of your aircrafts. All the best. ..."
".....I would like to put on record the excellent in-flight services rendered by Senior Cabin incharge Heena Sharma and her team, especially Ms Divya Verma. I would also like to appreciate the on time departure and arrivals, and my thanks to Capt. Chopra and Mr. Khilanani for the same. You have a great team, and I wish you all the very best. Keep it up ..."
"...." .I am greatly obliged to your Ground Staff at Kolkata Airport. She took it at personal level and I got the mobile phone I left at the airport at the soonest date. I am really thankful to her and your entire team. This level of service made me emotionally attached to your airline for all my forthcoming air trips in India. ..."
"......Today I travelled by indigo for the first time. It was quite a refreshing experience. I liked the cabin crew and their demeanor, liked the food and the witty comments on the containers. I think on the future I will try and fly by indigo. Thanks guys. Hope you keep this up. ..."
"....Feeling appreciated is one of the most important needs that people have. When you share with someone your appreciation and gratitude, they will not forget you. Appreciation will return to you many times." Steve Brunkhorst. I was delighted with my last flight with your airline. Though the boarding started a little late, not only the flight took off on time and but landed bang as well on time. The Crew was at their best and seeing their service I would never like to fly another airline, but yours. I'm sure you guys would have an appraisal system that you follow and I would like you to add this appreciation to the dossier of Jasmine, Alman, Neharika and the cockpit crew. Let me encourage you today: youre not only on the right track. You set the course for the rest of the industry. I appreciate you. ..."
".....Its a pleasure to inform you that your ground staff at Pune Airport named Mr. Amit did a splendid job in retrieving back my lost baggage from Pune to Kolkata. I sincerely thank this effort of your airline for getting back my luggage which had valuable testimonials only through my telephonic conversations. Without this guy's initiative, this could not have been possible. Wishing your airlines all the best for future.. ..."
"....a few days back I forgot my apple i-phone by mistake on the plane. Sincerely speaking i had lost all hopes of retrieving it back but as a meek chance I sent anemail on the customer relationship email-id. I must admit that totally opposite to my expectation I received a call from your employeeMs Asiya Bashir and she informed my husband that they had found my i-phone. My special appreciation to both Ms Asiya Bashir and Mr Sukhdev (airport manager -Jammu) ,who really did a wonderful job of sending the i-phone safe and sound and also reassuring again and again about its safety . Really as a customer these people have delighted me to the extreme and I would never forget this pleasant experience with IndiGo. Hope that you all keep up the great job.. ..."
"....We, my daughter and I, had the privilege to travel Indigo on my recent visit to India, when we went for her admissions interview to Delhi. The experience was INCREDIBLY GOOD. Your "on the dot" punctuality in present times, when the skies over all cities are so crowded, is indeed laudable. Ur in flight personnel are extremely warm and always found smiling. I just had to CONGRATULATE you on this great experience. I have decided one thing..........from now on every flight within India, I will fly ONLY Indigo. Indeed with people like u we can proudly say....Jai Hind ..."
"...... I was delighted by your service. You have excellent staff, on time arrival and departure. When I compare this experience with my recent experience of other airlines I find you guys extremely better.. ..."
"......I have to congratulate you in running an excellent airline which is on time and with excellent crew. I had a pleasant flight both from Delhi to Cochin & back. Keep up this good standard. We would like to fly with your airline again. Thanks! ... ..."
"....I wanted to share my experience today booking a ticket (M63BBI) over phone with help of Ms. Supriya Rawat. Typically, I would have used the website to book such travel but called into your toll free number 1800180 38 38today since I had to use credit available from an earlier cancellation. Ms. Supriya was able to quicklyidentify the credit and helped me through the entire booking process. She was very patient and understanding at the same time very clear with her instructions as successfully completed the booking with impressive speed. It is wonderful you have such fine people in your team both knowledgeable and are understanding of customer needs. I have utilized services of several different call centers in the past and based on my experience your customer service is world class and you should be really proud of it.This kind of qualityservice, I'm sure will build great customer loyalty for your organization. Keep it up! . ..."
"....I had boarded the flight on 23rd of June 2010 from HYD to LKO. My camera was in my stroller which was kept in the luggage. There somehow the bag got unzipped and the camera slipped out. When we reached home and unpacked the camera, obviously, wasn't there. Then in the evening a call came from Rahul Gupta that your camera has been found. When he saw the camera it seemed almost impossible to trace it to the owner then Rahul Gupta began to view the pictures in it. There he found the picture of my daughter'sbirthday cake on which 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY VISHAKHA' was written. Then he checked all the passengers with name Vishakha andcame to know abouther. Then, he called us to inform us about the gadget. He even apologized to have seen the pictures without permission and asked us to send someone or to come ourselves to collect it. The camera, thanks to Mr. Gupta for his sincere efforts,wasreceived byus in perfect condition.... ..."
"......I travelled from Cochin to Bangalore today evening by 6E 343. The landing was the most jerk free landing i have ever felt. And also, Priyanka (Air Hostess) is to be commended for her services... ..."
".....I was absolutely impressed by my first ever experience with Indigo. I am really flabbergasted. And so professional are your people and services. I plan to use Indigo alone in future. Thanks! ..."
".....This is to place on records appreciation for the cabin and cockpit crew of 6E 156 on 28 June 2010. The long Bangalore-Ahmadabad-Delhi flight is otherwise not enjoyable, but I must say the staff made the flight bearable, rather light. The cabin crew was extremely courteous, expressively happy to serve, interacting with each other in a cheerful manner (joking and smiling at times), promptly helping passengers, hardly looked tired till the end - in essence they were enjoying their work. The announcements were clear and full of enthusiasm. They were moving with agility and making sure they do not waste even a moment in schedule. And most importantly, they all were equally good, not just one. Equally good and professional appeared the cockpit crew. They made good, cheerful, and informative announcements. And, beat the schedule by handsome margin with early arrival in Delhi with an appreciably soft landing! Please bring this to the notice of the crew and convey my compliments. Hope to repeat IndiGo experience ..."
"......I would like to appreciate Indigo Airways for the on-time service it provides. Please keep up the good service. Thank you! ..."
".....On my Flight from Hyderabad-Bangalore-Hyderabad, I was pleased to receive an exceptional service from Indigo. I have been flying with indigo for quiet sometime now and this specific incidence has increased my preference even more. During my online booking I pre-booked a veg sandwich meal however I wanted to book on Hyderabad-Bangalore sector but by mistake I made it on Bangalore-Hyderabad sector. Due to last minute booking, I hardly notice this until I board the flight and the cabin crew start serving the pre-booked meals & I requested the cabin crew to provide me the meal. They told me that my name has not appeared on that list but she helped me and requested for a printout of the ticket. Unfortunately I had only the first page and by looking at the SSR charges she agreed and decided to serve the meal. I was so impressed by the helpful & polite service offered and the patience shown by the cabin crew. During my flight back from Bangalore to Hyderabad, the cabin crew told me that a veg-sandwich meal is pre-booked on this flight for you and I realize the error. I tried telling the cabin crew but I realized it was a bit complex to understand. Again I was delighted by the polite and warm service. The crew offered me the meal. I would like to hence convey my heartiest thanks to all the cabin crew of these two flights. Events like this that make me fly with indigo again & again. ..."
".....I am delighted to convey you that I agree with your quote at page 11 of your HELLO 6E eat drink shop issue 4, 2010 which says that Men are from Mars, Women are from IndiGo. .. You have Young fleet, Young Captains, Young and beautiful Cabin Crew with full of energy and commitment for ON TIME performance. We all love Indigo for this. Sneha, Karen, Jayee and Farah served us with lot of care, attention and smile. Wish you all the best . ..."
".....While traveling with my favorite airline I had an immense pleasure when cabin crew EKTA, a stimulating conversationalist with her dignified behavior inspired an immortal smile on many passengers like me. I wish her speedy success for making IndiGo proud. ..."
".....I was to travel from Ahemedabad to Pune on July 2. Due to heavy rains in Baroda where I was staying on that day I was delayed in traffic and reached the Ahemedabad airport after 2 PM for a flight of 2:25 PM. Although the check-in counter was closed, when I explained that there is no other flight to Pune the ground staff showed great compassion and accepted my plea to be accommodated on the same aircraft. Due to lots of quick and parallel actions from the ground staff at the Ahemedabad airport I made it to the aircraft within next 5 minutes, just before the aircraft doors closed 'In Time'. Thanks to the ground staff at Ahemedabad airport who saved my money and a lot of precious time with my family. I travel a lot, almost every week to a different city and such compassionate support has now made Indigo my preferred airlines. We frequent flyers not only look for efficient service but also such compassion from airlines :). I have already booked my flights to Bangalore from Pune tomorrow and back on Indigo. ..."
".....I have travelled on official duty to Mumbai from Hyderabad on 4th June (or so) by Indigo flight but forgot to collect my mobile from X-Ray BIS at Hyderabad Airport. On landing at Mumbai, I approached Ms Shalini Srivastava at Bombay Station and explained her ofloss of my Mobile Phone. I can not forget her service-mindedness, courtesy and concern for her passengers. She did all that was necessary to register my problem efficiently and ensured that the device was kept safe with Indigo staff at Hyderabad, which I collected the same day on my return to Hyderabad from your staff. This mail is to record my appreciation of Ms Shalini Srivastava's efficient and dedicated services to passengers in the time of need. It may be her job, but how many people display such concern for passengers? Such employees only bring laurels and thereby customer appreciation to the Organizations. ..."
".....I travelled from Kolkata to Ahemedabad on July 1st '10. The flight was under the command of Capt Ashok Rahane. The landing at Ahemedabad was the best that I have seen. I have been flying for the past 25+ years and have never experienced a landing as smooth as this one. Most of us did not even realize that the flight that touched down. You should be proud to have a pilot like Capt Rahane in your team. Kudos to Capt Rahane!! . ..."
"..... I am full of appreciation for Ms. Maninder, one of the flight attendant, as the crew ran out of the Veg snacks and she in turn offered her own meal to me - I was touched by her kind gesture - dont know if she owes to the hospitable training or her own effort - in whatever case I am overwhelmed as I have never come across in my extensive flying since 15 years such kindness from the cabin crew. Kudos!! . ..."
".....I was flying back from Goa by flight 6E 330 on 6th July along with my fiance` and halfway on the bus to the plane she realized that she left her phone charging in the boarding area. She got very upset since it also had some of our holiday photos. I was not sure of getting it back in time since we were among the last of the passengers to board the flight. On getting off from the bus, I requested a ground staff to see if he can do something. He asked us about the make, looks etc. of the phone and alerted his colleagues in the boarding area. We were fast losing hope as the flight was already delayed and we were the last ones left on the tarmac with all the other passengers having already boarded the flight. A few anxious minutes passed and then we saw a bus arriving with a lone passenger and as he walked out of the bus, we had a huge sigh of relief as he had the phone and the charger in his hand. After taking it from staff we ran up the stairs heartedly thanking the staff. In my eyes, this is an excellent example of customer responsiveness even in trying conditions. The staff responded courteously and effectively, even when the mistake was completely ours (being forgetful and leaving the phone back at the boarding area). This experience gives us enough reason to prefer Indigo to other Indian carriers and we look forward to flying again with Indigo and hope to experience the same level of customer responsiveness. ..."
".....I heartiest appreciate indigo team. We got excellent service, best behavior from flight attendant Ms. Uma & Captain Mr. Shinde & Mr. Chaurasiya. It was a memorable travel with indigo. Thanks again. ..."
"...." . I write to congratulate your airline on the fantastic service you have been providing to passengers in India. I refer to a recent flight to Bangalore (6E 210) on 7th July. I almost missed my flight, but due to the timely intervention & proactive approach of Ms Lavina Soans, I was able to get through. Not only did she assist me in arranging the boarding pass and the extra baggage I had, she also directed an assistant to see me till the security screening. Having spent an equal time between both centuries, in the hospitality industry, let me tell you that Ms Soans is a true star and an asset to your organization. ..."
".....Last week, I was travelling on a morning flight from Mumbai to Kolkata. On arrival, I realized that I had forgotten my business laptop at the airport security check counter. Since I was there for a business meeting next day, obtaining the laptop at the earliest was extremely crucial for me. In my bid to do the same, I received immense and outstanding support from your Mumbai Airport office in-charge - Saira Quraishi. She was terrific at handling the situation for me and ensuring that I get hold of my belonging the same day. I would like to thank her once again as well as Indigo airlines for providing me with such a fantastic support at such a crucial juncture - I really hadn't expected it to be honest. ..."
".....I travelled with IndiGo on the Nagpur to Bombay. I am a frequent flier with indigo as my job requires me to travel a lot. I am writing this to you as a token of my appreciation towards the crew on that flight especially Ms. Ritu. She was very kind and courteous. Also want to mention that the entire team was very well behaved and delivered world class service. I think such employees should be awarded so that they continue to perform the same way . ..."
".....My mom was flying for the first time; we were a bit concerned about her check in, and baggage procedures. As we showed our concern to Ms. Deepshikha, she was more than ready to help her. She did take proper care of my mom and made sure that she comfortably reaches to her flight. I am really thankful to Ms. Deepshikha for her dedication for the work & Thankful to Indigo Airline for employing such efficient people. Such people are asset for you. ..."
".....I was looking for a wheelchair for my mother I met one of your staff Mr. Noorshakibuzzaman Hoque who surprised me with his excellent service. Right from counter to the boarding gate I did not feel that I was accompanying a sick passenger, everything was so systematic. I normally take other airlines for Delhi - Dibrugarh but this time I was really satisfied by such excellent hospitality of Indigo and must appreciate your staffs working standard is no less than any international airlines. Keep up the good work . ..."
".....I have just come back and I have to say your ground staff is the best in the industry. I was running late and guess what I got a call from IndiGo staff. It was god sent. I told the lady I was on my way and will be there in 15 minutes. She said they will wait for me. I was one of the last people to check in and Ritesh was very polite and checked me in without even asking me why I was late. All ground personnel were fantastically groomed, spoken fantastic English and were super duper great at their job. My first time with Indigo and I stand converted. Fantastic job and keep it up. ..."
".....The crew was fantastic. All the girls were well groomed, very polite and very professional. They served with a smile and dealt with every passenger concern and call light promptly. Randeep Grover, the Supervisor was great at the announcements and she made sure we were well informed about the proceeding of the flight. I would like to mention especially the safety demonstration. This was the most co ordinate effort I have seen on any airline. The girls mirrored each other completely. I would like to especially commend Dewashree Thapa. She was full of life and her smile went a long way in making everyones journey complete. Thank you. You Rock!!!. ..."
".....I travelled to Nagpur from a far remote place and reached airport 4 hours early to the departure. To my disbelief, Airport security allowed me in only after Indigo's staff intervened. I had some uneasy moment in those few hours and to my most comfort your airline and Staff, in particular Ms Sugandha K. Dhila were very dependable. I like to thank Ms. Sugandha K. Dhila and the airline . ..."
".....I am very frequent flier, and the experience I had from Banglaore to Ahemedabad was very good, I would like to appreciate the captain, she managed to have a very smooth take off and landing. It was very cloudy atmosphere but she kept the flight very much stable. Kudos to such captains . ..."
".....having flown in several countries and several airlines, both on business and pleasure, I rate indigo in my "top 5" list! The so called "full service" airlines operating in India must learn from indigo when it comes to punctuality and customer service. After a tumultuous experience with other airline onwards from BLR to HYD, on the return segment, though a short flight (and one of my first flights with indigo); I must surely commend the attitude of the agents, both on board and on ground. Everyone had an ever-smiling face and ever alert to customer needs. The pleasant experience stated above has prompted me to book two more flights in Indigo without even considering other carriers. I really hope indigo starts international operations soon . ..."
".....I congratulate and thank you and your staff members especially Kiran, Satish and Ranu, all crew members and airport staff for taking extra care of my mother and brother who were travelling with indigo from Jaipur to Kolkata. My mother and brother are not very normal like us but the way they were taken care of is adorable . ..."
".....Its amazing what IndiGo has managed to do over a short span of 4 or 5 years. They are bang on time every time and its all those little things that they also do inside the cabin . I more or less fly IndiGo now And most importantly all these comments were spontaneous and heartfelt. Congratulations to you and your team. ..."
".....I was flying from Hyd to Cochin; I had a request which was taken care of so well that it has left me with an AWESOME experience of flying with Indigo. I would specially like to thank Khushboo Singal and Ashvi from the cabin crew who really went out of their way to cater to this request and that too with great promptness and a human touch and I have would sincerely like to thank both of them for this. Sometimes these simple acts are the ones which bring on the best smile and are remembered for life. ..."
".....I am Madhuri Kapur, a wheel chair user and one of the computer teachers of Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy. I want to thank the staffs who were very helpful and cooperative during my journey. They helped me in transferring into their own wheelchair and carry me all the way to the aircraft and also the airhostess who were also very cooperating . ..."
".....I really wish you all on fourth anniversary. I traveled once with my family in go IndiGo from Delhi to Mumbai. It was great experience which we cannot forget ever. I would say GRADE A service provided to travelers. My kids really wish to travel again with IndiGo. They really miss experience they got while travelling in go indigo. Once again congrats. ..."
".....Thank you for being punctual. It is rare in India. You have come a long way. I enjoyed the in-flight. I was impressed with the cleanliness . ..."
".....Very satisfied and pleased with the call center service. I have booked a round trip ticket through call center; the CSR Mr. Sujeet Jha was really very supportive and explanatory during the process. I highly appreciate his job. His way of handling customer was excellent. CSR like him will add new feather to your customer service . ..."
".....Yesterday I had the privilege to travel from Dibrugarh to Mumbai with your esteemed airline for the first time. I am glad to say that the experience was excellent. Ground service and on board service was very good. Particularly I must compliment the captain of Kolkata-Mumbai flight for a very comfortable flying experience and soft landing. Thank you for the excellent service. I wish all the success for the entire team . ..."
".....The check in ground crew staff at the Delhi airport. They were one of the most helpful and courteous team I have ever seen. Despite a crowd and last minute pressures, they were cheerful and went out of the way to help passengers. The cabin crew in charge who conducted the crew was extremely professional. You will definitely be my domestic airline of choice. Here is wishing you success and growth. ..."
".....I am writing for a very good help at right on time by the Indigo Airline for extension of Tickets for my elder brother who is suffering from cancer under treatment at UCG Bangalore hospital, last night he had the emergency for the treatment and we need to cancel the ticket. The airline member Mr. Shobhan did the right time extension of the tickets and save the money and life both. Indigo is purely our India's One of the Best Airline service. I may have respect for all the people concerned who helped at the last moment. I and my family will always choose this airline only. ..."
".....I flew to Bombay the 6E-341 (Patna-Luck now-Bombay) and was very impressed by the manner in which the pilots handled the aircraft. I've travelled a fair bit and this was among the rare instances where the take-offs and landings were smooth, and executed beautifully. I'm inclined to believe they are among the few who actually enjoy their job. Good job done, and hope Im lucky to fly with them as the pilots in the future.... ..."
".....I am writing to you to express my gratitude to your staff Miss. Renu Gupta. Although what she did on 02 July at IGI airport was nothing great i.e. offering help to sick person, giving some water and medicine. But then the greatness lies in the fact that she did all this when others were not bothered and when she had no official obligation to do that, as we were traveling by other airline . ..."
".....I traveled today on your 6E-136 Pune-Nagpur-Delhi flight was more than happy to fly with Indigo. Low-cost carriers are mostly associated with inconvenience and delays. However, today's travel made me to re-consider that. I appreciate the effort that has been put in to making sure that the promise made in the new electronic media advertisements of "On time" is being delivered. A decent leg room accompanied with courteous crew was a good start. Followed by on time take-off and landing. Since I had taken a hopping flight, I got the chance to see the best part which was one of the quickest turn around time. With the crew all the time on their toes and nothing was missed. I haven't travelled much with your airlines. But this is the first in recent times. I do hope that Indigo keeps putting more efforts to improve its service and serve customers better in future . ..."
".....I would like to praise your excellent and efficient service in the past few months that I have been experiencing. I had traveled on your indigo flights often from Bangalore to Mumbai/Pune and back for last couple of months. I also would like to take this opportunity in praising your 24/7 call centre agents, especially Rohit, who made my reservation possible and also helped me in looking for cheap flights. Your new uniform is suiting your standards to the best. It is a nice way to bring in good things to develop our country. I hope that you go international sooner rather than later. I must tell you that you have a fantastic fleet with commendable pilots/first officers and beautiful attendants. My experience tells me that your air hostesses are naturally beautiful and very much dedicated to customer service. It feels great for me as a passenger. I would be looking forward to travel with you guys for a long time . ..."
".....Dear Indigo Pilot and Crew on 6E206 on Aug 20, 2010. This is a message for the pilot and crew of this flight. First of all, thank you so much for a comfortable flight from Kolkata to Delhi on time. Despite 10 minutes delay in departure due to congestion, arrival was on time. The announcements by pilot and crew were very nice. I was glad to hear clear explanation of delay. I have flown over 20 times for last one year for business in India, but no other airline was honest with everything happening around. In fact last week, I used a few other airlines of India but departure was delayed in case of almost all the flights and Crew and Captains never explained the reason of delay. In your airline, the announcements made by pilot and crew were very clear. I felt I was flying with a US or Canadian airline. I loved the announcement and English. I hope all Indian airlines improve on Customer Service like Indigo. I told my family that Indigo has already implemented WONDERFUL service to passenger. Once again thank you for the great flight. Please keep the same service level. I am really sure that I will use Indigo again . ..."
".....I frequently fly with IndiGo. I really liked your flight while travelling on 18th August 2010, especially because of the two cabin attendants Rikita Kanwar and Neha Devgan. They were really nice and helpful. They helped me and my father with baggage and took care of my father throughout the flight. They were professional and had a smile sweet smile throughout the flight even when they were handling passengers. You should be proud to have such cabin attendants on board . ..."
".....While travelling from Mumbai to Kolkata, I was quite impressed with the flight attendants. I had a severe headache and was feeling giddy. Your flight attendant Ekta looked after me quite well in the flight. I am very impressed by the in-flight services of Indigo airlines. No doubt that I am going to prefer Indigo over any other airline in future . ..."
".....I must say although I have boarded many flights but till now this flights experience was best of the lot. I was very tired and bored but your cabin member Sugandha Pundit really made the flight experience worth flying on that flight of IndiGo. She was really sweet to interact with. I didnt even realize when the flight took off and landed. I would like to thank her and Indigo for making my flight back to CCU such a wonderful experience. Indigo should have more of such crew members. Thank you and happy serving passengers. ..."
".....This appreciation is especially for in flight attendant "Candida" who was on board on flight no. 6E 136 (on 27 Aug'10 Pune - Delhi) she is the most helpful attendant I have ever met in any airline. She really helped me out with my situation with a smile on her face, without me even realizing that there was a problem. I really feel she deserves a pat on her back for her excellent passenger handling skills. Wish you success Candida. ..."
".....Kindly accept my heartiest appreciation for Mr. Jitendra Amarwani, customer care representative of your esteemed airline. He replied to all my queries in one go without wasting my time as I am a new customer of IndiGo, but my first experience with you is really for life time. He is really a focused agent and customer friendly, helpful, having full patience, clarity in speech and understanding query of the guest in its first attempt. So, my only aim at this point of time is to encourage the confidence of the agent and to motivate him. Convey my good wishes and heartiest thanks to him and kindly do appreciate him in front of his entire team so that they may try to be more customers focused . ..."
".....I took your flight from Jammu to Delhi and the experience was mesmerizing at every step. The captain made announcements in excellent Hindi. Normally captains speak English and they are very arrogant. This gentleman was very polite. While disembarking from aircraft I spoke with captain and congratulated him. He was very happy and responded humbly. Another good thing was that announcement was made in air craft about terminal number where our luggage will arrive. Normally when we enter in air port, there is confusion. Normally when we travel with other air lines, we do not feel/see such things. You are thinking & taking good initiatives. Please keep it up so that others can learn and follow. Best of luck . ..."
".....This was not my first flight with Indigo and Ive always been impressed with Indigo and its in-flight services. On my flight to Hyderabad I met with Poonam, an amazing hostess. Very prompt, very soft-spoken, very impressive. Everyone provides services but if someone does this with a smile on the face, you always feel good. Thanks to Indigo for such services and thanks to Poonam for taking care of our needs about 35 thousand feet above the ground level making the flight easy and good experience . ..."
".....German people are probably known for complaining a lot but we also provide positive feedback if things are working well and smoothly. Thank you very much for the quick reply to my request and helping me to book my flight ticket directly by mobile phone last Wednesday, September 1st. It was quite exhausting but your colleague in charge was patient and I am happy that I got on the flight I wanted to catch. Please forward my regards and thanks to him as well. Please continue to provide this kind of service! Thank you . ..."
".....I would like to record my appreciation for the effort made by your staff at the Pune Airport to retrieve my reading glasses which I had forgotten on the Delhi-Pune flight on 8th Aug 2010 via Bangalore. My special thanks to Ms Pooja and Ms Shweta at the Pune Airport. Keep it up! . ..."
".....I traveled by the Delhi Hyd Flt 6E 3111 today. I would like to appreciate One Ms Karishma, who was extremely sweet. She promptly came and provided me an Emergency Exit seat even though I didnt have it at the time of check in. Also she had a great smile on her face, rare to see on Indian air hostesses! Keep up the good work Indigo! . ..."
".....I had an opportunity of being attended by your in-flight attendant Ms. Inder Mohan. I suppose you MUST take all measures possible to retain such talent within your organization. She is a thorough professional attending to all the passengers with a smile and gifted with a pleasing personality, she responded to the demanding passengers needs with alacrity. Never through the journey did I see her hassled/ ruffled and with a smile she took it all. You could make out she was enjoying what she did and that is saying a lot . ..."
".....I was highly impressed with one of your Officials at Kolkata Airport on 4th September, 2010, evening, on my way to Mumbai. Unfortunately, I could not get the Gentleman's name, but he was, I believe in a senior Manager's position, who was extremely helpful and instructed his staff to help me out in arranging to packing separately some Kolkata delicacies, which was neither permitted in the hand-bag nor could be checked in, and not only that, he made sure that I had my Boarding pass and that I was safely on my return journey to Mumbai (Flight at 5.35 P.M.) It was a very pleasant experience in a distressful situation I was facing at that point of time. I sincerely wish that the world is fuller of such people, who are efficiency personified and thus set an example to everybody around. I too am a professional (legal Compliances) and have learnt a thing or two from this Gentleman. Thanks IndiGo . ..."
".....I would like to compliment the great team that you have built at Indigo and an experience which I recently had which has resulted a change from my preferred premium airline to your airline. I am a frequent traveler and as I travel at-least twice a week, priority for us is on time performance and not any other free frills being offered. We would want to have courteous staff and especially an airline which can take off and land in time so that we can maximize on our travel schedule and be in control of our meetings etc. While the reason for this change is obvious I would want to specially mention the name of Ms. Sumiti Shrivastava working as a ground staff at Kolkata Airport who really went out of the way to ensure I am able to board the flight in the last minute. She was courteous enough to understand the reason for my delayed arrival at airport and accommodated me at the last minute and still the team ensured On Time departure which is what differentiates you from other airlines. You guys have re-laid emphasis on the Urgency and Importance of On-Time performance and have become a bench mark in the industry. I wish you the best and trust your team would maintain this level of service in future as well . ..."
".....In the era of plain crashes, crash landings and off runways, frequent technical problems, I feel I am very fortunate to share my accolades to team Indigo from Mumbai to Delhi flight. I would like to appreciate "The Captain" and the team who landed the flight so smooth and sweet, as if almost no difference between in the air or on the ground. Putting in special words, Makhan Jaisa". It was one of the best landings I have ever experienced during my 12 years of flying experience. I think all other captains should learn and follow the captain . ..."
".....I am writing this e mail on behalf of my younger brother Ankur. Our Heartiest thanks and congratulations to your team members who are putting in all efforts to provide all assistance and help not only to the passengers as part of their duty but the humane touch which they have ; and all members at all levels. This amalgamation is unique indeed. Keep up the great and the holistic work. Many thanks once again from the bottom of our hearts . ..."
".....I want to express my enormous appreciation of the way IndiGo looks after its guests. I flew from Delhi to Bhubaneswar and received a lot of help with my baggage from Shikha at the check in counter. Sonam and Shirline on board the flight were extremely accommodating and helpful as well. This wasn't the first time I had a great experience with IndiGo...the first time I flew IndiGo years ago, I had a fractured foot and the crew went out of their way to help me through check-in, security check and the flight itself. My flights with IndiGo have always been super cool. I'm a confirmed IndiGo fan now...on any route that IndiGo flies, it is the only airline I'll take! :) Keep up the awesome work! . ..."
".....I would like to compliment you on the excellent services that you provide at the airport. I have a lot of trouble getting on the buses due to a muscular problem. Indigo is the only airline I have come across that provides assistance in the form of a lower step/sliding step on the bus and slanting steps to the aircraft. I have boarded the airline in Delhi and Goa and will try and choose Indigo for all my travels. Keep up the good work!!! . ..."
".....I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent customer service relations offered by your airlines. On 12th September, I was travelling from Kolkata to Delhi. One of the customer service assistants, Gourabmoy, was very helpful and courteous in helping me to the check in counter and informing me of the departure gate. I hope that this kind of service will be available to all customers . ..."
".....Thank you so much!!!! I had a lovely flight back to Kolkata. In your flight there was a wheel chair passenger, seated on 3B / 3C. I must say your crew was extremely concerned and helpful, all through the flight, starting from helping him going to the washroom to tying up the seat belts every time. She was really professional. Captain AMAN was at the door to say BYE to all the passengers, along with the cabin crew, something which we do not get to see anywhere. I must say that it was a delight and hence thought of communicating to you . ..."
".....Your team is an amazing group of people who would not hesitate to put in an extra step to help the passenger. The team works in true spirit of passenger service & I would like to express my congratulations (& thanks also) to all of them in the HYDERABAD-DELHI sector. Good Work!! Cheers! . ..."
".....I would like to congratulate one of your executive Mr. Kartik Sachdeva (Group Booking Service), have delivered immense help and service, which no one can ever expect. He was extremely patient and understanding. You are to be complemented for working with such good understanding professionals who know their job . ..."
".....I would like to tell you that you are the only airline that gives the experience of flying in an airplane. You are way ahead of other airlines in terms of punctuality, cabin atmosphere and zero check in time. Your crew is truly professional. Indigo is my first choice always kudos!! . ..."
".....I would like to appreciate the excellent efforts put in by Mr. Gurmeet in resolving my problem regarding advance seat allocation. I feel its Gurmeets zest to ensure customer satisfaction helped me by resolving my problem in such a short span of time! . ..."
".....I have been traveling with Indigo for a long time now (must be more than 50 times in last years). If the timing of the flight suits me, I chose Indigo without any hesitation. Recently, I can actually say that you have not been able to keep your promise of being on time. In my last 5 flights, the flight has always reached before time! Great work people. I do enjoy the services by the crew and the efforts the whole team takes to get things bang right is really great. Keep up the good work and be very bullish on being excellent . ..."
".....This is to convey my thanks to Indigo Airlines for helping me in locating my two mobile phones which I had accidentally left behind at Delhi Airport waiting lounge (after Security check) on 20-09-10 (I was travelling to Mumbai by 6E 183) and sending them to Mumbai yesterday itself by another flight. I want to make a special mention of Mr. Mathew Thuruthyil who went beyond the call of duty to help me out, much beyond my expectations. I received no less than 4 to 5 calls from him advising me the action to be taken by me with regard to completing certain documentation formalities. He also coordinated vigorously with your Delhi office to have the cell phones released from GMR and have them dispatched to Mumbai by 6E 189. He even called me up after his duty ours to inform me that I should contact Ms Reem Menezes to collect the phones. Later, when I met Ms Reem Menezes at Mumbai Airport yesterday evening, she too was extremely courteous and helpful and took prompt action to return my BlackBerry and Nokia phones to me. I really appreciate her helpful nature! I must mention that the air hostess and one of your round staff Mr. Akash were also very helpful. Mr. Akash immediately located the mobile phones even before the flight took off (when I was in the plane) and came to assure me that the phones will be sent to Mumbai by the next Indigo flight. I must say that with this experience I will be delighted to fly Indigo as frequently as possible. Thanking you once again . ..."
".....Actually I was travelling first time with indigo. On my travel date, when I came to airport, I was not aware of the check in procedures. Suddenly one indigo staff came to me his name was Abhishek; he asked me very politely that if I was travelling with IndiGo. I said yes, then he personally took my luggage trolley with a very lovely smile, he guided me about all procedures, what to carry in hand luggage, what should be the weight of check in luggage etc. He made my first journey so easy. I really appreciate Mr. Abhishek. Keep it up . ..."
".....Your agent Mr. Virender Kumar from reservation centre has been extremely professional to say the least in carrying out his job. I had made a lot of mistakes in booking my Delhi - Vadodara reservation but he relentlessly assisted me. Hats off! Even when my call got disconnected he called me back. Wow!! That shocked me. Till date I have been slamming people on calls that when a call gets disconnected why you do not call back the customer. This is great!! . ..."
".....This morning I was flying from Kolkata to Mumbai and honestly I was very skeptical when I got to know that I am flying Indigo. This was only my 2nd experience with Indigo and my first experience was not that great. I am an old person and a bit too demanding but to my surprise I was very impressed by the kind of services rendered by youre in flight staffs. Let me take this opportunity to mention the names of Annette and lily that took great care of me and made sure that I was taken good care of. I would definitely like to fly again with you thanks to your crew members for changing my perception about your service standards . ..."
".....The overall experience with Indigo has been just fantastic, time and again. You can beat any full service airline at will. Keep up the good work!. ..."
".....I was born and brought-up in the tribal-belt of Orissa. As a child, like any other kid I too had child-hood fantasies of cars, trains and aeroplanes. In my tender age, many nights in the sleep I dreamt of elevating from bed and flying in the sky as if a Superman. But it was not until the year 1983 on my 7th Standard in school, I had the first glimpse of a flight at Kolkata. Till recently journey by a flight was considered to be a way of luxury and out of reach for any common Indian. In September 10 I had been to New Delhi. On my return journey I opted to take a flight to Bhubaneswar instead of a superfast train on the pretext that I had never before travelled in a flight in this life of mine. More to it, it is highly affordable when you could plan it well in advance. As a ritual at New Delhi every day my younger brother Karun started giving me tips on how to take a flight journey, as he himself is a frequent air-traveller. I started getting impatient as the days neared by for my return journey. The night before schedule departure I was in a state of euphoria. As a result of which I was sleepless till one past midnight, whereas I had to wake-up by 4.30 AM to get prepared for my Bahuda Jatra (return journey). I had my return journey by Indigo in Flight # 6E-257 on 15th September 2010 early morning from Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA). It was scheduled to be departed at 7.30 AM. I was instructed to report at the check-in counter two hours before the schedule departure. I reached the airport lobby on the wee hours at around 5.30 AM. The whole area was glittering with neon-lights as if day time. So much illumination made me even more nervous. I was instructed by my brother to reach the counter of the Indigo Air and the rest they will manage. As I reached the counter of Indigo the lady officer greeted me with a smile. She asked for the ticket and the ID proof. After weighing the luggage she asked me politely to deposit Rs. 500 for the overweight. She handed over the boarding pass. I learnt the valuable lesion to travel light whenever you take a journey by a flight. Thank God my mother was not accompanied with me. Had she been there my luggage charges would have been more than the ticket cost. I was directed to reach Boarding gate # 20 for which I had to take an escalator. I went to the gate and waited. There were two European tourists as well. All those people were aristocratic and wearing blazers and boots, where as I was wearing a cotton shirt, denim trousers but with sleepers on my feet as a gaon ka Govinda. I recalled this could be the reason why my mother was particularly asked me to buy a new pair of boots on this trip of mine to New Delhi. By 7.00 AM a transit bus picked us all to drop near the Indigo flight. In the bus I found a co-passenger in a low spirit and deeply engrossed in thoughts. In Oriya I greeted him Namaskar Agyan as it was a Bhubaneswar bound flight. He forcibly smiled, but kept quiet. I questioned if everything is fine. He said he is rushing to Bhubaneswar to stand by the side of his mother, as the previous day his father passed into comma. All I could do was to express my concern to him, just by placing my hand on his shoulder. In sharp contrast to the popular believe I realised that, these airline carriers are not just the luxury mode of transport, but they do deliver hope, aspirations, care and concern to the loved ones on time. With the help of a ladder I stepped inside the flight. At the gate I was greeted by an air hostess. I was amazed to find her speaking in the regional Indian languages. It assured me that no one needs to know English or need to wear a pair of boots to board a flight. She escorted me to the seat number 8D. I was disheartened to find it to be the centre chair far away from the window. I was dissatisfied with self for my maiden venture as I wont be able to see the hemisphere and the earth below me when the flight takes off. I greeted my other two co-passengers with a smile to accommodate myself in the chair. I just thought to be introduced to the Parthasarathi of my flight, as my safety is in his hands. I went to the cockpit. I expressed my good intension to the air-hostess. Without any suspicion she opened the doors of the cockpit. I greeted the pilots saying, you have to make me reach home safely as my mother would be waiting. The co-pilot said, just be assured all the life we are doing it un-failingly. I returned to my seat with a light-heart. Soon they announced the flight is about to take-off and to switch-off the cell phones, laptops and all other electronic equipments. They announced to fasten the seat belts. I was able to pullout the belts, but could not lock it. For a while I was hanged in the jumble game. My puzzled state of affair soon caught the attention of a tall air-hostess, and she came to my rescue. They announced that the flight is about to takeoff. By keeping alive my orthodox personal beliefs, I prayed to my lord while shutting my eyes and folding both the hands. Engine started and the flight moved ahead. In seconds it accelerated to a greater speed and took off the ground. I sensed everything went smoothly. After takeoff it made a sharp L-turn. Then they announced to unlock the seat belts. Now It was time for me to start lobbying. I expressed my desire to the neighbour about my eagerness to sit near the window as its my first journey by a flight. He wanted to laugh at this thought of mine, but vacated his seat quietly to keep alive his self-dignity. Now I occupied the window seat just a row ahead of the right-wing of the aeroplane. I could see the powerful engine on its wing which was pulling us ahead. Entire life I had seen the clouds above me in the sky, but now for the first time in life I saw clouds below me. aaj mei uppar asman niche . To my disbelieve I heard that I am flying at a pace of 850 km/h and at a height of 35,000 feet above the ground level, which is much higher than the summit of Mt. Everest. There came another airhostess with a cart load of breakfast for us. I got a pack of sandwich with fruit drink. It was wrapped in an eco-friendly paper. While eating my breakfast I read the beautiful love-story of Sahjade Salim and his lover Anarkali printed on this packet. It reminded me of my yester years of love life, even while at that moment I was moving ahead of time. By 9.30 AM my flight landed safely at Biju Pattnaik Airport in Bhubaneswar. Every passenger got up to lift their hand bags from the cup-board and moved towards the gate. But I was sitting there still near the window while the seatbelt was tied onto my waist. That tall air hostess came back to ask if I need any help to unlock the belt. But I said, no let me stay here for a while. ..."
".....We were travelling from Goa to Delhi on September 29th this year and other airline had some problems with the plane which we were supposed to be on, so they could not fly as scheduled. Consequently we had to catch another plane from Delhi to Helsinki. It was very difficult to get any help from our carrier because they had many angry, shouting passengers around them. However, one of your employees, Justin, was very helpful. After we had spoken to him, he did some work and came back with two boarding passes for us, so we could get on one of your planes to Delhi. We just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful service your staff provided. ..."
".....While going to Jammu, I was travelling with my wife and 7-month old daughter. I wish to convey my gratitude and appreciation for all the help/services rendered by Ms. Asiya at Srinagar Airport. I was really impressed with her efficiency and assistance in every possible manner. She has taken special care of all of us. Her helping attitude was very much appreciated by me and others. I particularly appreciated Mr. Burhans help at the check- in counter as he was very proactive in his approach towards every indigo passenger. Please convey our heartfelt thanks to them. It is people like Ms Asiya and Mr. Burhan who will bring customers like me to INDIGO again and again. Because of the outstanding customer Service they demonstrated, I have booked my ticket again in indigo. ..."
".....I had taken your Indigo Flight 6E190 from Mumbai to Delhi. At the Mumbai Airport, due to some confusion at my end, I left my Nokia E Series mobile phone @ the Cafe Coffee day counter next to the Boarding Gate No 10. I realized this mistake the moment I boarded the aircraft and requested the crew members present to help me out. Though the crew members weren't able to do much about this, they directed to the ground staff who in turn told me to contact the Ground Staff team at the Delhi Airport to help me out. Lohit Roy (whom I had not even spoken to) from Ground staff team at the Mumbai Airport not only located my phone but also got it sent across to Delhi on the next Indigo flight. Once I reached the Delhi Airport Roma Haryani from your customer Services team was extremely courteous and helpful. She saw the stress and the tension I was undergoing and tried to be as reassuring as she could be. The moment the next flight from Mumbai reached the Delhi Airport, she tracked my phone (the whereabouts for which had gone missing for 15-20 minutes after reaching the DEL airport.) I want to sincerely thank both Lohit and Roma for going out of their way to display such a strong customer service attitude. They are definitely two jewels in your team. ..."
".....My fianc, Shehzad A.K. Najam-es-sani and I were returning back to Mumbai from Goa on your 5:00 p.m. flight on Thursday, October 14th. Unfortunately I cannot find the booking reference number as a friend of ours did booking for us. I purchased a bottle of wine for a very dear family friend and was informed at the check-in counter that I would have to pack it and check it in with my luggage. I was afraid to put it in my suitcase fearing the bottle would break and ruin our clothes. Therefore I was ready to leave the bottle of wine behind. This is when one of your reps went over and above his call of duty and offered to get a box and pack it separately. His name is Mulidhar Kinkar; I do hope I am spelling his name correctly. There was also another ground staff employee but unfortunately we forgot to take down his name. He was at the airport entrance when we went passed the security guards and once again right before we stepped onto the bus to take us to the plane. Just wanted to say that that we really appreciated the great customer service they gave us. They are definitely an asset to your airline; hope they get the recognition they deserve. ..."
".....Innovation has always been celebrated and recognized, but the big ones mainly. Lately business leaders have realized the importance of innovation in their organizations to retain the competitive edge in product, pricing and from the competitions point of view. Many of these business leaders have incorporated driving INNOVATION in their personal agenda and encouraging and pushing their organization towards these means on the way to achieving the desired ends. Narayanmurthy of Infosys or Bhaskar Bhatt of Titan, they never stopped discussing innovation. There are many more . When you wake up at 3 am, you are in no mood to observe innovation or appreciate it. You have to be really hit hard to take note of anything. Boarded this flight 6E 421 on the 15th of Oct10 from Mumbai to Bangalore to be greeted by their shining crew. It seemed that their Indigo hair Cut, their smart uniforms and eye contact refreshed me for a great day ahead. Same hair cut for everybody- unbelievable. This is neither the Army nor the Navy - just an airline. For the ladies, this is introducing Indigo Crew Cut (men had their crew cut for ages now!!). All airlines have great crew, one can say - but this crew alleviated boredom and monotony - a disease of frequent fliers. Now it is time for the crew to close and arm all doors and to report to the captain. Next demonstrate the safety instruction. Riya began to announce while the others followed. For the first time I saw in any airline, the announcer pulled her chord phone of the PA system and faced the guests. I liked the eye contact. What I had seen earlier was that the announcer is usually in the sitting/standing position and reading from a filthy piece of hand written paper facing away from the guests. I was looking at her, naturally, captivated. She announced that in this flight I could speak to the crew in Hindi and English. Thats not new. She added that we could speak to the crew in the several other languages- Bhutanese, Bengali, Punjabi and Marathi. That was WOW! In 17 years of flying and having taken over 1000 flights this was new. How many millions of countrymen we still have who are not comfortable in Hindi or English? Ditto with my kaka or kaki, mama or mami, abba or amma, baba or ma .what about yours? When the brand new Airbus attained 37K ft, I made my way to Riya in the service area and exclaimed that is winning a beauty contest compulsory for the Indigo crew? Both of us burst out laughing. Well she was the Leading Lady and the rest of the crew were Miss Indigo. What a superb badge to be donned by a generation of beauty conscious ladies. The corporate prepaid meal service started and the sandwich came along with a juice. The packaging had some in-flight etiquette on making conversation with a neighbour. After reading that, I gave up on trying to chat up with a beautiful European girl sitting on the aisle seat in my row. This part of the morning was wasted, I just thought how much I lost an opportunity to be chatting away and impressing her though I could not look away from her the entire duration I could not catch a wink of sleep in the flight, though I had woken up at 3am catching up with only 3 hours of sleep the previous night. After all, Riya and her Indigo team had hit me hard with their personality and I neednt any sleep!. ..."
".....I would like to appreciate your crew Monalisa Sangma for her extra efforts and extreme professionalism. My mother (Mrs Kulwinder Kaur) was travelling alone on 10th of October 2010, by flight number 6E 305 to Hyderabad. Miss Monalisa took great care of her throughout the flight. I really appreciate this high level of customer service. ..."
".....This is an Appreciation for your Nagpur ground staff member named Abhishek. My Wife had a flight from Nagpur to Pune. Unfortunately she met with an accident on her way to Nagpur Airport, I called up your reservation centre and they gave me a number of Nagpur airport. Mr. Abhishek answered my call. I told him the situation and he had been an excellent example of customer service of what I have ever received in my life. When my wife told me that she boarded the flight it brought a smile on my face and I thanked Abhishek for making me feel that Indigo is the best!! Now I here have a promise to make, most of my flights are Pune-Nagpur-Pune. I'll make sure I'll fly just with Indigo Airlines. No matter of my schedule! I'll make my schedule according to your flight timings! I hope Abhishek is given the same kind of appreciation as the customer service provided. "Thanks a lot Abhishek and Indigo for getting my wife back to me on time." KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS!. ..."
".....Travelling from Srinagar to Delhi was a different experience for me as I being a regular customer of some other airlines. But there was a slight twist at the last moment as I was not sure about my PNR number. Finally Syed helped me by searching PNR through my name. It worked for me and I was delighted about the services. Later Mudasir sorted remaining proceedings as he left no stone unturned to deliver his best. I am really thankful to these young and energetic talents as it will definitely attract our attention the next time we travel. ..."
".....I just wanted to thank Indigo for a great flight experience while flying from Lucknow to Hyderabad & back. I had a wonderful time and both the ground staff and the in-flight crew members were warm, helpful & polite. Your commitment to keep the flights on schedule is also impressive and we reached the destination before time both at Hyderabad and Lucknow. Thanks to all the members of the Indigo Family. ..."
".....I am a frequent flyer with most of the airlines. I happened to travel a round trip by Indigo on 23rd & 25th of October by 6E 421 & 6E 482. After a long time I had chosen Indigo as it was my personal travel. After entering the aircraft I got to know that Indigo has done lot of changes in their services, right from crew costumes to so many things. I have also observed that now the crew members are aware of 4 languages & they make every passenger very comfortable with their fine interaction. I would really appreciate the way Indigo Airline has made the changes & improvement to make their customer travel comfortably. I hope all these attempts will surely help Indigo to stand in market as a tough competitor to the few high cost Airlines, & will achieve their targets to be number one airline forever. I specially appreciate the service & treatment given by crew members Miss. Sukanya and Miss Minu. I thank to the entire Indigo Airlines team for their efforts & make me give this feedback. Congratulates for the achievements & all the best to keep this up . ..."
".....I wish to sincerely and whole-heartedly thank your entire team right from the Call centre team, the Airport Team at Bombay-Delhi & the In-flight services team. This is a marvellous airline and the difference can be noticed at every contact point. CALL CENTRE: - Extremely professional and to the point, no nonsense, just business. AIRPORT TEAM BOMBAY-DELHI:- They are very professional. Provide great assistance to elderly passengers and passengers with kids. INFLIGHT TEAM: - A great team of Good Girls who do their job best to the T, and the retro look oh so fashionable divas just adds to the glamour girls. And I must add. No one can beat your Punctuality! Just LOVE you Indigo, YOU'RE MY AIRLINE!. ..."
".....I would really like to thank Indigo for the kind of service I got recently on my flight 6e482. I head the HR with one of the BPOs and I have been a very regular Indigo flyer and I make it a point to only travel thru Indigo wherever and whenever possible and my faith in Indigo has not gone waste. I had lost my Blackberry on 6E482 on 20th Oct, and had no hope of getting it back, but to my surprise next morning I got a call from Indigo Chennai that they had found my BlackBerry, traced my Bangalore number and then called me on my Mumbai number. Finally the phone was sent to me in perfect condition to Mumbai. Overall a great experience to have and I hope Indigo keeps up the great work. I would like to thank and congratulate the entire Indigo team . ..."
".....This is one of the rare occasions that I am appreciating someone. I travelled from Kolkata to Bangalore today 6E-275 and came across the crew which has been by far the most professional that I have experienced on flights. The crew made a difference to the experience by leading from the front. She was very polite, humble, very cooperative and a good leader for the other crew members who equally matched her professionalism. I liked the way Doyel managed everything. It was a nice experience on the flight today . ..."
".....I flew with you yesterday for only the second time (the first being over two years ago). Allow me to start by saying that for someone who loves airplanes and flying in general, I am a nervous flyer and a very picky customer. For once, I have very little to crib about after a flight. My flight to and from Hyderabad was crib-free for maybe the first time and what really does it for me is what I think is the most elementary requirement to put a passenger like me at ease - a crew that is smart and efficient and more importantly, can communicate and project that well. Your pilots and in-flight crew did just that with their clarity in action and speech. You often see pilots (maybe great ones too, no doubt) who come on the PA system and ramble and mumble. Doesnt help me that he flies a plane well! So, great work on the selection, training and procedures and do keep it up! . ..."
".....My wife Nanu Malhotra and I had a very pleasant experience to fly with you from Mumbai to Delhi. Right from check-in to onboard your crew was very friendly and behaved in a professional manner. With such a friendly service my wife is flying again with you. We really appreciate your service. Keep it up . ..."
".....I travel frequently by Indigo mostly on the Kolkata - Nagpur sector. Every trip throws up a different experience. During my last trip to Kolkata, I was attended that day by your Check-in attendants Harshada & Renuka. They were pleasantly courteous and understanding to my needs. Their behavior and customer handling left a good impression of IndiGo. As it is the culture and ethos at Indigo is far superior to other airlines and it is a pleasure flying with you. May you continue serving the Indian flyer well!! . ..."
".....When I walked into the flight I was greeted by a crew member. I stopped there and explained what had happened and told her my problem. She said that the moment boarding was closed she would get back to me. A few minutes after the pilot announcing that board was now finished she promptly came up to me and said that there was an Aisle seat vacant and I had a smile from Ear to Ear. The flight took off and it was such a pleasure to see every member of the crew with lovely smiles on their faces all through the flight, even though I am sure that they must have had a long day as this was one of the last flights in the day. I then set my eyes on one of your products in your catalogue which was the hook Swiss watch with a torch. I called one of the crew members called Steff and asked her if your airline accepted debit cards as I dont carry a credit card and was a bit low on cash in my wallet. She advised that the airline doesnt accept debit cards. I told her that I really wanted it and she requested for a few minutes so that she could speak to the crew in-charge called Nisha (I hope I got the name right). After their cabin food service was done Nisha promptly spoke to me about the item that I wanted to purchase. After hearing me out all she said (which amazed me) No problem Sir I will make sure either myself or one of the crew accompany you to the ATM which is inside the baggage terminal, collect the money and handover the purchased item with your bill which actually made me feel for the first time in my flying life that I was traveling First Class on an economy ticket. So after landing Steff accompanied me to the baggage terminal where I withdrew the money and got the product I wanted and was wished a very happy Diwali. To finish Pat yourself on the back and ask every employee of your airline to do the same cause you guys deserved it. Right from the attitude, presentation, attire, smiling faces, behavior and professionalism. What a DELIGHTFUL experience!!! . ..."
".....Once again IndiGo has far exceeded my customer expectations of fantastic service. Brilliant service was provided by the counter staff in the ground before security and brilliant service on board the flight by the flight crew. I was initially booked into one of your rival airlines (my apologies for that as it was done last minute) who had me transferred to your airline as their flight was pushed forward from 9:35pm to Midnight. I landed at the airport more than 2 hours early as I can only travel in an Aisle seat due to Claustrophobia and coming early helps me get that. I had informed this to the airline that made the booking with your airline but I guess they never passed on the information. However I proceeded to check-in and requested for the ticket which was a middle seat to be changed to an Aisle seat. This was not available as your flight was going full. I request to speak to the manager who was the same person who gave me fantastic service the last time around. He apologized that there were no seats but told me that there could potentially be a passenger in an Aisle who was not going to turn up as there were just a couple of minutes for the flight to close and he hadnt yet showed up. He wrote the seat number of my boarding pass and I proceeded to the flight. AWESOME Just the way I was spoken to by your staff and the empathy that was shown. You guys made my day! . ..."
".....Had a wonderful experience this time with Indigo, starting right from the time I entered the airport at Kolkata. At counter the staff was very polite and through with procedures, the cabin crew was very nice and friendly, the flight was smooth and captain was very informative with flight route and stats, baggage arrived in few minutes. Well groomed cabin attendants and really nice uniforms were icing on the cake. I noted a genuine concern of crew towards passenger, when they politely and timely reminded us to save our data before switching off the laptop. Unable to recall one name of crew...who I distinctly noticed, was well groomed, confident and helpful, but could notice her name. Hats off to your level of service!!! . ..."
".....My experience with Indigo on 6E 278 on November 5, 2010 was "Excellent". Captain Ramesh Krishnan and Soumya deserve special appreciation. The flight reached Mumbai at 1830 hrs i.e. half an hour before scheduled time and it was just marvelous. One wonders whether there was no traffic congestion in the skies on account of Diwali. I am a regular traveler by Indigo and the above flight experience was unique. Congrats to Ramesh & Soumya. Please keep it up . ..."
".....First of all I will have to appreciate the on time departure and arrival of my flight from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. The ground staff was extremely helpful and so were the in-flight staff. The uniform with the new addition of hat is a real beauty. The air-hostesses were extremely helpful and polite. I am now a loyal Indigo traveler because no one offers such a kind of service. Hope that this service continues and betters. Cheers!!! . ..."
".....After a series of unfortunate incidents flying various domestic airlines, we decided to fly IndiGo, just to see if it was any different. Usually, we have to put up with unfriendly, rude flight crew, incompetent on-ground service, and terrible food in-flight. But that's all changed! I wish you guys had international flights, too! My whole family had an amazing experience with your airlines. Everything went smoothly, from booking to the on-ground services, to the in-flight services. You definitely have a very cool company. Your staff is extremely efficient, courteous, and friendly. I especially want to commend Indermohan, who really made our flight pleasant. She was all smiles, gave us some amazing information about Calcutta, since it was our first time visiting, and entertained my sister's son. I'm definitely recommending IndiGo to all my friends, and I wish everyone at IndiGo the very best! . ..."
".....I was travelling from Delhi to Bangalore by flight 6E121 on Nov 9, 2010. I was hopelessly stuck in a traffic jam near the airport because of a truck and then the way was obstructed because of Barack Obama's troupe that was passing by. I was late for checking in and almost accepted the fact that I am going to miss my flight. I reached the airport at 9:05am for the 9:30 am flight, and the Indigo personnel actually allowed me to board, even though they had the option of declining me entry to the flight. The hassle-free entry to the airplane tells me a lot about your attitude and your dedication towards your loyal customers. I accept that you rightly deserve the reward for being the best low-fare airline. I am very pleased with the services provided by Indigo and will be a loyal customer from now on. Thanks a lot for everything and keep it up.. ..."
".....I wish to place on record my appreciation for the manner with which your Ms. Shruti Walia, attended to my call in the context of the subject above. The way handled my query and explained the procedure to me with high degree of professionalism and dedication to her duty, was very good. While complimenting the airlines on the performance of their customer relations department, I wish Ms. Shruti a very promising career ahead . ..."
".....I have been flying indigo for almost all my business trips and for all personal ones. On time, clean planes, efficient service all are part of the great experience... But there is that 1 moment when an airline goes beyond the call of duty and makes the journey a more special one... And it happened to me today. To catch my flight to Delhi I left from my office in time traffic snarls ate away from my 2 hrs head start and I reached with just 25 minutes to spare. The counter person said that Delhi counter had just closed and I had to reschedule my flight. I pleaded that I had no luggage, done web check-in and always use indigo (also cursed Mumbai traffic) and then Benny Fernandes came into the picture. He heard all this, made a few enquires and said 'Do not worry'. He got my pass, escorted me through security and onto the flight. I couldn't thank him enough. He made it possible to reach home on time to my family. He actually made me feel that 'indigo actually valued my business' as they repeat on flights. He went that further mile and made me a fan of indigo. Hope indigo recognizes the importance such people in their ranks who work tirelessly at increasing customer loyalty. Thanks to Benny I will remain an indigo fan and will have a gr8 experience/ story to share about indigo at parties . ..."
".....Your airline gives great on time service. I was expecting a delay due to 15 minutes late departure, but the timing was perfect and I reached home in time. I would like to greatly appreciate the work that is being done by this group of people. Small actions sum up to a great result - this is clearly validated by your service. I wish that these wishes of mine reach every person working for this enterprise, and I hope that the vision continues to light up the path ahead . ..."
".....I had the opportunity to fly Indigo recently on a trip back home to Guwahati and I am writing in to express my appreciation to the Captain who flew us that day. Prior to take off, I was pleasantly surprised that the flight time from Delhi to Guwahati would be 1hour and 56 minutes. I fly this route at least 5 times year and it normally takes about 2 hours. The captain made his in flight announcement prior to take off giving details of his flight plan and wished us a comfortable flight and left us to Indigos ever affable staff to take care of us. Prior to landing he made another announcement and we landed shortly after that. I checked my watch it was 8:05 am. As the passengers started de boarding, The captain emerged out of the cockpit with a huge smile and said to one of the crew See, I am 20 minutes, ahead of time as I promised! and then he stayed on to thank the guests for flying Indigo as they left the craft. By the time I left my seat and got to the exit, the gentleman had gone back to the cockpit to prepare the craft for the next leg of the journey to Imphal. My point of writing this email to you is to ask you to thank the pilot for doing a brilliant job that day. I am sure hes an expert at manning an airbus and that was obvious by the pleasant flight I had. But thats not what I would want to thank him for. It was for the genuine interest and pleasure that he took in doing his work. I fly a lot and keep experimenting with different airlines. I have flown with Indigo in the past as well but this time it was different. Almost all captains make announcements onboard, this gentleman made conversation with us. The joyous smile on his face upon emerging from the cabin for having landed before time showed the passion he had for what he did. And that, I thought was a brilliant thing. In a very small yet significant way his passion for his work and true happiness for his guests affected a very good beginning to my day. Passion and humility go a long way in expressing the true worth of a professional. And I think he had it all. I look forward to flying with Indigo again! . ..."
".....I travel frequently by Indigo mostly on the Kolkata - Nagpur sector. Every trip throws up a different experience. During my last trip to Kolkata, I was attended that day by your Check-in attendants Harshada & Renuka. They were pleasantly courteous and understanding to my needs. Their behavior and customer handling left a good impression of IndiGo. As it is the culture and ethos at Indigo is far superior to other airlines and it is a pleasure flying with you. May you continue serving the Indian flyer well!! . ..."
".....Being a frequent traveler on Indigo, I have always loved your services.....especially on my last flight to Bombay. My parents and I got seats in different rows. When we boarded the aircraft Ms Saloni who was assisting us with the seats noticed this and went beyond the call of her duty to make my parents sit together even without us asking for it. I really appreciate this gesture for making my parents travel comfortable. I hope to fly with Indigo even more often and suggest to all my friends special older travelers . ..."
".....I came across one of your in flight attendant, Ms. Patankar. She was excellent in her duties. Her level of confidence, speed of service, customer communication, all were exceptional. Please convey my deep appreciation to her for her great attitude . ..."
".....I wish to inform that we are frequent flier with indigo airlines as well other airlines. Today I called up to indigo for booking of my tickets to various sectors. We spoke to Miss Sameera for booking of tickets and her response was excellent, precise and very professional. She was polite enough to immediately book my tickets from Chennai Delhi and Delhi Bangalore. Sameera also informed us regarding new sector from Delhi to Coimbatore which is very good news for us as we travel very frequently to Coimbatore. She also explained for corporate bulk bookings as our lot of staff is travelling together. We are happy to feel that indigo airlines have such positive attitude and professional staff like Ms Sameera and we wish her all the best in future . ..."
".....I was flying from Chennai to Kolkata and I had a connecting flight for Dhaka, which was about to leave in 45 minutes, my Indigo flight was late by one hour, and I was cursing myself that I will not fly with Indigo. Unfortunately in hurry I left a toy in the flight and the toy was costly as because my small kid was waiting for it. Here, I would like to appreciate the ground staff, Ms. Shreyasi, who helped me in getting the same from flight, and literally she took it to my international terminal when I was checking-in. Well done Shreyasi . ..."
".....Congrats to indigo for deciding to start services to Trivandrum. Even though I had travelled by indigo in Kochi - Delhi and Mumbai - Delhi sectors, the absence of flight to my home town Trivandrum had been affecting me so much that I had to go to Kochi to catch flight to Delhi, where I am working. Now I am excited to see from your website that indigo is starting service to Trivandrum. I wish all the best for indigo. We wholeheartedly welcome indigo to Trivandrum . ..."
".....I want to thank Mr. Abdul Sattar who was at the Check in counter at Hyderabad International Airport. I had misplaced my mobile prior to entering the airport and Abdul ensured that he left no stone unturned in helping me get my mobile back and also ensuring I caught my flight on time. This left me with a great impression about the service levels your airline offers and the attitude of your staff. His overall approach and responsiveness was very comforting and I would like to thank him and your airline for the courtesy and hospitality given to me yesterday at Hyderabad International Airport on my way to board the flight to Bangalore. With these levels of service and your 'on time' status, it wont take long for Indigo to become the 'Worlds preferred airline' . ..."
".....I was taking flight Guwahati to Mumbai. I lost my boarding pass at the Guwahati airport. Your staff Sangeeta and Sanjeev took charge and found the boarding pass for me. They behaved very maturely and helpful. Please thank them on my behalf . ..."
".....I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude towards IndiGo. I think that you have a great service and your prompt response has reaffirmed my faith in your airline. I will fly IndiGo always and also encourage my employees and friends to do the same. . ..."
".....I want to use this space to commend the efforts and integrity of the Indigo group and its staff. On Nov-13-2010, I had to travel from Nagpur to Kolkata to be by the side of my wife, who had suffered an accident when on vacation with her friend. I was quite anxious and in my anxiety I forgot to collect my wallet from the security check booth. I only realized that on landing in Kolkata. I immediately got in touch with the Indigo ground staff in Kolkata and informed them of the incident. They were prompt to act and Ms. Moumita Chatterjee contacted the Nagpur ground staff, located the wallet, and offered to ship it to Kolkata at the earliest, for me to collect. I had bigger worries at that time, so I requested them to hold on to it till I returned to Nagpur. I landed back on Nov-23-2010 and tried to meet Mr. W.W. Wanjari, who was supposed to be the point-of-contact, but he wasn't available at that moment. The other staff member asked me to return the next day in the afternoon and I did so. After the usual ID and formalities, I collected my wallet, intact, on Nov-24-2010. Really appreciate all the support and want to take the time to extend my gratitude to the Indigo family! . ..."
".....I have been tired of writing to airlines about the problems I have faced while I flew with them. For me, I have never ever been so satisfied with any other airline ever. I really am impressed with almost everything at Indigo Airlines. And I have no words to praise the punctuality of your airline. With no doubts I can rate you'll No.1 with punctuality. It felt great to fly with Indigo and I will make sure my priority is Indigo whenever I am flying economy. My Best Wishes to You'll for future as well as your International Flights starting in August . ..."
".....I travelled on 25th November 2010 from Ahmadabad to Mumbai, on that day, security held up my small steel can containing Ghee mixed with medicine to be used for my wife. It was very important for me to get it back. Getting down at Mumbai, I have got phone no from Indigo staff, I called that number, Ms Zalak came on line and immediately she spotted the can & marked it with my name & informed me by calling me back, that they will collect it and get it back here at Mumbai airport by Mr. Rahul. Later on everybody especially Rahul, Zalak, Kapil, everyone at Ahmadabad Airport to help me out getting back my stuff back today intact & well packed. I am impressed by you all . ..."
".....I called the call centre today at 10.08 am. I had a problem with an online booking and had called. I was attended to by Javed. He was absolutely fantastic. He understood what my problem was and gave me an effective solution. Apart from being a quick thinker, he was also very polite and professional. You should be proud to have an employee like Javed . ..."
".....I would like to place on record and express my deep gratitude towards the excellent service rendered by your staff especially your Mr. Jawed Iqbal on your Kolkata - Dibrugarh sector. We travelled in a group of 26 people from Kolkata to Dibrugarh on the 19 December. On 20th December, I realized that I had misplaced my wallet containing around Rs.3000. After making a hectic search I could not locate the same but remembered that I had last used my wallet on the flight the previous day. As we were returning to Guwahati, I enquired with Indigo counter at the Dibrugarh Airport and to my pleasant surprise I was returned my wallet with all my money intact. I was also given to understand that your staff was trying to contact me over the known telephone number which unfortunately happened to be my travel agent's. I once again appreciate the excellent service rendered by your staff and would always cherish the same memories . ..."
".....I travelled Delhi to Bombay. As the flight was about to take off, my son (who was alone at home at that time) called me, saying that he was having an asthma attack and could not breathe. As the plane was about to take off, I managed to call a friend to check on him and then had to switch off my phone. As you can imagine, I was panic stricken as I would not be able to contact him for the next 2 1/2 hours or so. Your in-flight crew members Bristy Kaushik and Shikha Yadav were very helpful, even though they were not sure of how to contact ground at that point. They spoke to the Captain, who in turn, managed to get in touch with the ATC and from there, to my home, to inquire about my son. I only started breathing again when Shikha Yadav informed me that my son was fine. I would really like to thank them both for going out of their way to help me at that time. Their intervention was timely and reassuring. I think this is what makes a difference between Indigo and many other airlines. I also wanted to inform you at the corporate office about this. You have certainly found a loyal customer in me! . ..."
".....I boarded the flight from Mumbai. The flight got late and took off at 10:00PM from Mumbai to Delhi. Due to heavy fog at Delhi the flight got diverted to Jaipur. We were at Jaipur for approx two hours. I must compliment your pilot or captain not only for his superb technical skills but also for his excellent patience & down to earth qualities. At Jaipur it was worth witnessing that how he kept his cool & grace while addressing to rational as well as irrational queries & reactions of couple of fellow passengers. To imagine that he had to fly back to Delhi amidst all this was really appreciable. I too got a lesson from this attitude for my corporate functioning. Well done Indigo! Well done your captain! . ..."
".....I have availed the services of your airline a few times in the past, however, this time when I was impressed by your staff. I was traveling with my family and my dad was unwell who was moving to Bangalore for treatment. It was during these difficult times that the warmth of your staff made the difference to my journey. At first a gentleman named Bablu was very helpful at the Patna airport. However, the in-flight crew was the icing on the cake and was just marvelous. I must mention the names of Irene and Sabina who went out of the way to ensure that my dad was comfortable and this they did voluntarily. The two ladies gave a new meaning to the words service and hospitality. Your airline would do very well in future, purely because you have good human beings working in this organization . ..."
".....I would like to express my deepest satisfaction in travelling your flights recently. After a long, satisfying but physically tiring holiday in Kumaon, I and my wife took your flight from Delhi on our way back to Calcutta after an 8 hour drive. Due to travel fatigue, my wife started feeling uneasy around an hour after takeoff. Within my darkest anxiety, I very pleasantly discovered that your in-flight crew took great care of her. I especially would like to extend my personal thanks and deepest gratitude to three of your lady crew - Khushboo Singhal, Neetu Rijhwani and Ashvi Mishra, who demonstrated the great caring attitude, which nowadays is missing in normal air travel. Please ensure that this message reaches to your senior management about these ladies. I personally have decided that Indigo would remain my first choice in domestic sector. As an Executive Architect working for IBM, I would recommend your service to my colleagues as much as within my limitations. I would also ensure that my friends and relatives think of taking your service before any other options. Again, many thanks for providing us with a very caring and pleasant travel . ..."
"..... We were travelling as a family and my husband fell sick as soon as flight took off. I was assisted and very well taken care of by the in-flight crew. I had not noted their names but would like to thank them for all the help and expertise. ..."
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