Bhakti Prasad Dash, April 3, 2010: "... .I would like to thank Ms. Samiksha..........
".....I would like to thank Ms. Samiksha who was at the boarding pass counter at Mumbai airport on 29th mar 2010. She was really good at her job. She helped me book the flight and because of her I saved at least 5 hours of travelling time. Once again, thanks Samiksha.. ..."
R Balasubramanian, April 3, 2010: "... .I am really thankful for your..........
"..... I am really thankful for your kind gesture in reversing the rescheduling fee of Rs. 1500/-. This will go a long way in my association with IndiGo airlines and I would prefer to fly indigo whenever I get anopportunity in future. Thanking you once again.. ..."
Vivek RR, April 7, 2010: "... . I recently flew..........
"..... I recently flew from Dibrugarh to Kolkata on April 3, 2010. I had to catch another flight 40 minutes after landing in Kolkata and I told the representative at the airport to release my baggage at the earliest so that I can run and catch the next flight. I thought it wouldnt happen but you guys did it and it helped me a lot to catch the next flight on time. Thanks a lot! The representative there in Dibrugarh airport was Pallavi. Please convey my thanks & wishes to her.. ..."
Christopher Singh, April 8, 2010: "... .I am frequent flyer on your airline..........
"..... I am frequent flyer on your airline. On 1st April, I was travelling with an injury on my left foot and was late, but your staff at Chennai airport counter recognized me instantly and facilitated my boarding speedily and that too with a smile. Thanks a ton.. ..."
Nandini Shah, April 9, 2010: "... .I would like to thank Megha..........
".....I would like to thank Megha and Stuti for their kind gesture during my flight. My seat number was 13f and by the time they reached me, they were out of stock for veg. sandwiches. I was ill on the flight as had discomfort in breathing. Megha assisted me spontaneously by offering the preferred food which belonged to the crew. I am obliged for such customer-centric positive approach and co-operative teamwork. Thanks to the two ladies.. ..."
C.V. Harshavardhan, April 11, 2010: "... .I really appreciate ..........
"..... I really appreciate your punctuality. Keep up the good work.. ..."
Manjeet Kaur, April 12, 2010: "... . I would like to congratulate..........
"..... I would like to congratulate you for having nice and competent staff. There was this girl on the airport, wearing batch in the name of Sunita, who really helped me with my baggage on my visit to Kolkata. She was really helpful and kept smiling all the way. It made me feel as if I am special and important to the airlines. I didnt write earlier, but today I was having a discussion with my friends and they suggested that if someone is doing their job with such sincerity, then the employers should know about it so that they encourage them in whatever ways they can and people get motivated. Hence, I am writing this mail to really appreciate the services and sincerity of Sunita towards her duties that were offered to me... ..."
Vaz Rosette, April 12, 2010: "... .I would like to commend..........
"..... I would like to commend your airline for the excellent service it provides to senior citizens. My mother who likes travelling at her age urged me to write and thank IndiGo on her behalf for the excellent service and care they offer to the old. She would like to make special mention ofa young gentleman Mr. Amaron who took personal care of her, till her destination. She felt absolutely safe and comfortable and was in absolute praise of IndiGo.. ..."
Mayank Bidawatka, April 13, 2010: "... .Yesterday I faced a crisis because..........
"..... Yesterday I faced a crisis because of the Bangalore traffic and incidentally also had one of my most memorable experiences of brilliant customer service. I was getting late because of the traffic and was delayed by 10 minutes post the closing time of check-in counter. I spoke to Shital over the phone and she was very accommodating. Was it not for her, my friend would have missed her flight and would have incurred a huge loss. Thanks to her we were able to make it. I'm a fan of IndiGo only because you have someone like Shital as a part of your crew. I owe her many thankful words. She should be recognized for her contribution towards rendering such brilliant and memorable service.. ..."
Partha Sarathi Baidya, April 13, 2010: "... .Thanks for the support given..........
".....Thanks for the support given by IndiGo staff at Kolkata for locating and returning back the missing baggage.. ..."
Jyoti Shrawagi, April 13, 2010: "... . This is to thank IndiGo airlines..........
"..... This is to thank IndiGo airlines for their excellent and reliable baggage services and also the ground staff and crew members of flight no. 6E-403 on the 8th of April. We had mistakenly forgotten the walking stick at hand luggage checking which was returned to us safely by the next flight. Even the behavior of the ground staff and crew was admirable. Thank you so much n keep it up!!! ..."
S. S. Agarwal, April 16, 2010: "... . I take this opportunity ..........
"..... I take this opportunity to bring to your notice the caring and helpful attitude of some of your staff members. My niece aged 13 years was flying to Vadodra by the morning flight and inadvertently my office did not give the Xerox of the credit card used at the time of reservation. Naturally, at the time of check-in there was a problem. At the check-in counter Ms. Saira who was present, expressed her inability to check-in the girl for obvious reason and took the trouble to approach to senior staff for trying to accommodate the passenger. Finally, Mr. Umesh Singh (Assistant Manager Mumbai airport) helped me out by allowing the small passenger to check-in, thus saving me a lot of problem, since my niece who is studying in Bombay was traveling to Vadodra to meet her mother. I had assured Mr. Umesh that latest the next day I shall give him the missing credit card details, which fortunately I was able to convey him after about one hour only, nevertheless, Ms. Saira and Mr. Umesh did take the trouble, may be at their risk, to accommodate the passenger. My wife and I would like to convey our sincere thanks to them and very much appreciate their gesture and hope that IndiGo airlines will have many more employees of this stature in their services, as such matters counts a lot for the airlines in gaining an excellent reputation. I myself have flown IndiGo many times and would continue to do so. Once again, I express my gratitude to these staff members.. ..."
Robin Sanyal, April 16, 2010: "... .It gives me great pleasure ..........
"..... It gives me great pleasure to inform you about thegesture of customer serviceexhibited by Mr. Mandal. While travelling, I was carrying a lot of extra baggage and in the hope to retrieve all of it patiently, was waiting in front of the particular belt.Time passed by and all the others from the same flight departed with their belongings. I still had two big boxes to obtain. Naturally, I was getting impatient, and not to mention, a little worried as well, when Icaught sight of Mr. Mandal and expressed my discomfort to him. He seemed to be going for an urgent work with a few porters. It made me feel extremely happy and reassured about IndiGos services when he went out of his way and retrieved all my baggage within the next 15 minutes. Not only that, he also escorted me up to the entrance of the lounge and bade me good bye, only to further demonstrate commitment, dedication and sincerity towards his job. Though I prefer travelling by IndiGo almost always, this act of Mr. Mandal has reinforced the fact as to why IndiGo has got the best of services. I would sincerely like to express my thanks to Mr. Mandal for his help and to IndiGo for having such wonderful employees in its team.. ..."
Jisnu shukla, April 19, 2010 : "... .I was travelling by IndiGo..........
"..... I was travelling by IndiGo flight 6E524Kolkata Pune. When I reached at the airport while taking my luggage, I realized that I had misplaced my wallet. I has left it at Kolkata airport during the security check. It was a tense situation for me because it contained all my money, ATM card, various identification proofs in original. I tried to contact the ground staff but then suddenly I wascontacted by Mr. Vishal more, executive security officer at Pune airport. He told me thathehas my wallet which I left on the flight. It wasa relieving moment for me and a few moments laterI received my wallet with all the contents untouched. Iam very thankful to him for his effort and honesty.. ..."
Indramani Barai, April 19, 2010 : "... .It was a really good experience..........
"..... It was a really good experience flying with IndiGo. I was traveling from Mumbai to Delhi with my father. I requested for comfort seat for him to lead Ms. Aparna & Ms. Neha during the flight and they readily did the needful. At the same time, the crew members kept asking my father if he required food or any other assistance. Thank you for your extra efforts and the excellent service provided by the crew members. Hoping to fly with IndiGo in the future. Once thanks a ton to Ms. Aparna & Ms. Neha for excellent service. Keep it up.. ..."
Rajen Parikh, April 19, 2010: "... .I would like to express my sincere..........
"..... I would like to express my sincere appreciation and delight at the airport services provided to my mother Mrs. Kokila Parikh on her travel to Delhi today. Right from wheel chair arrangement, check-in, and seat allocation close to responsible in-flight crew - everything was handled with the utmost care and professionalism. I am able to offer this feedback based on what my mother shared. I wish IndiGo keeps up these basic yet high" standards of service and my personal best wishes to you for greater success.. ..."
Mohinderpal Singh Bharara, April 22, 2010: "... .Let me thank you and your staff..........
"..... Let me thank you and your staff at the airport counter at Mumbai for the outstanding courtesy extended to me and our director yesterday evening by your executives Ms. Sweety Mishra and Mr. Danish. What made your staff at the airport counter singled out for special appreciation is the fact that since our flight from Kochi with another airline was delayed by 1-1/2 hrs and the IndiGo flight was to take off on time at 8.55 p.m, your staff members extended full help to see that our directors could board the flight comfortably for their onward journey to Delhi and connecting flight from Delhi abroad. My experiences with your airline ground staff were cordial but this particular treatment we got by the hands of your above staff, stood out andrequired special mention. Convey our appreciation and thankfulness to your ground staff at the airport counter without whose efforts they would not have boarded the connecting flight to Delhi.. ..."
Niraj Poddar, April 22, 2010: "... .Very impressed by this Queue buster system..........
"..... Very impressed by this Queue buster system at Srinagar airport, keep it up. You staff Mr. Ajaz really helped me out. ..."
Subhadra Srinivasa, April 22, 2010: "... .I would like to place on record..........
"..... Iwould like to place on record the excellent and courteous approach of your front office staff at Pune airport - Ms. Shweta Jadhav. Whenever I have made reservations on IndiGo she has been there and her body language also is very good. She is an asset to your organization. I am sure with such of staff members IndiGo will soar to new heights. ..."
Sanjay Khaneja, April 23, 2010: "... . My family members and I had a very ..........
"..... My family members and I had a very great experience while traveling by IndiGo flight because of punctuality, ambience, nice & helpful flight crew etc. We also go the rare opportunity to speak to the pilot and the co pilot before landing in Delhi this was the first time in my life as generally we dont find any such experiences while traveling by other flights. Your quick response of my mail shows the caring nature of your renowned organization also. This proves that you care for people / customers. Please keep it up. Thanks again.. ..."
Samrat Dey, April 26, 2010: "... .On arrival, while waiting for check-in..........
".....On arrival, while waiting for check-in baggage, I found that my bag was missing & instead a similar looking bag was there unclaimed. Mr Jagadish from IndiGo airlines was available for assistance. He identified the passenger who took away my bag by mistake. Then called him back to airport & I found my bag within 20 minutes. Thanks to him and thanks to IndiGo.. ..."
Simantee Sen, April 26, 2010: "... .Thank you Mr. Vishal Bhardwaj..........
".....Thank you Mr. Vishal Bhardwaj You have been a great help. I really appreciate your service and must admit that I am very impressed with you. I spoke to the customer service agent Jatin this morning; he was very helpful and courteous as well. All the best and keep up the great service.. ..."
Piyali Dasgupta, April 27, 2010: "... .I have been a regular flyer of IndiGo..........
"..... I have been a regular flyer of IndiGo for past few months. I have to appreciate your employees especially Rohit Mathur and Vaibhav from Delhi and Pune who have helped me while travelling to Pune for the first time. Have to appreciate your ground staff and crew and the entire team of IndiGo, you offer the best services compared to other airlines. You are definitely a class apart. Keep it up.. ..."
Vishwanath, April 29, 2010: "... .Thanks and appreciate the gesture..........
"..... Thanks and appreciate the gesture and customer responsiveness. Instances and services of this nature are unique to your airlines in addition to your service and timeliness and am sure would go a long way to take your airlines that much more special in customer service. Appreciate the gesture and was a pleasure speaking to you and your responsiveness is truly commendable.. ..."
Harshal, April 30, 2010: "... .I had a wonderful in flight experience..........
"..... I had a wonderful in flight experience, your in-flight crew is awesome specially Munmun Sinha ..."
Bibhuti Kumar, April 30, 2010: "... .We were travelling as a family..........
"..... Today I learned what is call-center support and wish others company also do the same for their customers. Single window for your entire problem and is solved in one call. Outstanding performance by executive Lalitha while solving my query. I wish her and IndiGo all the best.. ..."
Vishal Khandelwal, April 30, 2010: "... .It was a wonderful landing at Delhi ..........
"..... It was a wonderful landing at Delhi on 26th Apr 10. I find most of the IndiGo aircrafts well maintained. This was my 3rd trip with IndiGo. Good going guys.. ..."
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