Job Joseph August 1, 2010: "... .I was flying from Hyd to Cochin..........
".....I was flying from Hyd to Cochin; I had a request which was taken care of so well that it has left me with an AWESOME experience of flying with Indigo. I would specially like to thank Khushboo Singal and Ashvi from the cabin crew who really went out of their way to cater to this request and that too with great promptness and a human touch and I have would sincerely like to thank both of them for this. Sometimes these simple acts are the ones which bring on the best smile and are remembered for life. ..."
Madhuri August 3, 2010: "... .I am Madhuri Kapur, a wheel chair user..........
".....I am Madhuri Kapur, a wheel chair user and one of the computer teachers of Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy. I want to thank the staffs who were very helpful and cooperative during my journey. They helped me in transferring into their own wheelchair and carry me all the way to the aircraft and also the airhostess who were also very cooperating . ..."
Deepak August 4, 2010: "... .I really wish you all on fourth anniversary..........
".....I really wish you all on fourth anniversary. I traveled once with my family in go IndiGo from Delhi to Mumbai. It was great experience which we cannot forget ever. I would say GRADE A service provided to travelers. My kids really wish to travel again with IndiGo. They really miss experience they got while travelling in go indigo. Once again congrats. ..."
Indie August 4, 2010: "... .Thank you for being punctual..........
".....Thank you for being punctual. It is rare in India. You have come a long way. I enjoyed the in-flight. I was impressed with the cleanliness . ..."
Smruti Ranjan Badu August 5, 2010: "... .Very satisfied and pleased with ..........
".....Very satisfied and pleased with the call center service. I have booked a round trip ticket through call center; the CSR Mr. Sujeet Jha was really very supportive and explanatory during the process. I highly appreciate his job. His way of handling customer was excellent. CSR like him will add new feather to your customer service . ..."
Mohan Vaze August 6, 2010: "... .Yesterday I had the privilege to travel..........
".....Yesterday I had the privilege to travel from Dibrugarh to Mumbai with your esteemed airline for the first time. I am glad to say that the experience was excellent. Ground service and on board service was very good. Particularly I must compliment the captain of Kolkata-Mumbai flight for a very comfortable flying experience and soft landing. Thank you for the excellent service. I wish all the success for the entire team . ..."
Pradeep Rajagopalan August 6, 2010: "... .The check in ground crew staff..........
".....The check in ground crew staff at the Delhi airport. They were one of the most helpful and courteous team I have ever seen. Despite a crowd and last minute pressures, they were cheerful and went out of the way to help passengers. The cabin crew in charge who conducted the crew was extremely professional. You will definitely be my domestic airline of choice. Here is wishing you success and growth. ..."
Naresh Goswami August 10, 2010: "... .I am writing for a very good help..........
".....I am writing for a very good help at right on time by the Indigo Airline for extension of Tickets for my elder brother who is suffering from cancer under treatment at UCG Bangalore hospital, last night he had the emergency for the treatment and we need to cancel the ticket. The airline member Mr. Shobhan did the right time extension of the tickets and save the money and life both. Indigo is purely our India's One of the Best Airline service. I may have respect for all the people concerned who helped at the last moment. I and my family will always choose this airline only. ..."
Vivek Antonio August 11, 2010: "... .I flew to Bombay the..........
".....I flew to Bombay the 6E-341 (Patna-Luck now-Bombay) and was very impressed by the manner in which the pilots handled the aircraft. I've travelled a fair bit and this was among the rare instances where the take-offs and landings were smooth, and executed beautifully. I'm inclined to believe they are among the few who actually enjoy their job. Good job done, and hope Im lucky to fly with them as the pilots in the future.... ..."
Lakshman Kumar August 13, 2010: "... .I am writing to you to express..........
".....I am writing to you to express my gratitude to your staff Miss. Renu Gupta. Although what she did on 02 July at IGI airport was nothing great i.e. offering help to sick person, giving some water and medicine. But then the greatness lies in the fact that she did all this when others were not bothered and when she had no official obligation to do that, as we were traveling by other airline . ..."
Suchita Gupta August 18, 2010: "... .I traveled today on your..........
".....I traveled today on your 6E-136 Pune-Nagpur-Delhi flight was more than happy to fly with Indigo. Low-cost carriers are mostly associated with inconvenience and delays. However, today's travel made me to re-consider that. I appreciate the effort that has been put in to making sure that the promise made in the new electronic media advertisements of "On time" is being delivered. A decent leg room accompanied with courteous crew was a good start. Followed by on time take-off and landing. Since I had taken a hopping flight, I got the chance to see the best part which was one of the quickest turn around time. With the crew all the time on their toes and nothing was missed. I haven't travelled much with your airlines. But this is the first in recent times. I do hope that Indigo keeps putting more efforts to improve its service and serve customers better in future . ..."
Sanmit Karandikar August 20, 2010: "... .I would like to praise your..........
".....I would like to praise your excellent and efficient service in the past few months that I have been experiencing. I had traveled on your indigo flights often from Bangalore to Mumbai/Pune and back for last couple of months. I also would like to take this opportunity in praising your 24/7 call centre agents, especially Rohit, who made my reservation possible and also helped me in looking for cheap flights. Your new uniform is suiting your standards to the best. It is a nice way to bring in good things to develop our country. I hope that you go international sooner rather than later. I must tell you that you have a fantastic fleet with commendable pilots/first officers and beautiful attendants. My experience tells me that your air hostesses are naturally beautiful and very much dedicated to customer service. It feels great for me as a passenger. I would be looking forward to travel with you guys for a long time . ..."
Noah Nishikawa August 21, 2010: "... .Dear Indigo Pilot and Crew on..........
".....Dear Indigo Pilot and Crew on 6E206 on Aug 20, 2010. This is a message for the pilot and crew of this flight. First of all, thank you so much for a comfortable flight from Kolkata to Delhi on time. Despite 10 minutes delay in departure due to congestion, arrival was on time. The announcements by pilot and crew were very nice. I was glad to hear clear explanation of delay. I have flown over 20 times for last one year for business in India, but no other airline was honest with everything happening around. In fact last week, I used a few other airlines of India but departure was delayed in case of almost all the flights and Crew and Captains never explained the reason of delay. In your airline, the announcements made by pilot and crew were very clear. I felt I was flying with a US or Canadian airline. I loved the announcement and English. I hope all Indian airlines improve on Customer Service like Indigo. I told my family that Indigo has already implemented WONDERFUL service to passenger. Once again thank you for the great flight. Please keep the same service level. I am really sure that I will use Indigo again . ..."
Vaibhav Khanna August 22, 2010: "... .I frequently fly with IndiGo..........
".....I frequently fly with IndiGo. I really liked your flight while travelling on 18th August 2010, especially because of the two cabin attendants Rikita Kanwar and Neha Devgan. They were really nice and helpful. They helped me and my father with baggage and took care of my father throughout the flight. They were professional and had a smile sweet smile throughout the flight even when they were handling passengers. You should be proud to have such cabin attendants on board . ..."
Vidhan Rasiwasia August 26, 2010: "... .While travelling from Mumbai to..........
".....While travelling from Mumbai to Kolkata, I was quite impressed with the flight attendants. I had a severe headache and was feeling giddy. Your flight attendant Ekta looked after me quite well in the flight. I am very impressed by the in-flight services of Indigo airlines. No doubt that I am going to prefer Indigo over any other airline in future . ..."
Ratul Bose August 27, 2010: "... .I must say although I have boarded..........
".....I must say although I have boarded many flights but till now this flights experience was best of the lot. I was very tired and bored but your cabin member Sugandha Pundit really made the flight experience worth flying on that flight of IndiGo. She was really sweet to interact with. I didnt even realize when the flight took off and landed. I would like to thank her and Indigo for making my flight back to CCU such a wonderful experience. Indigo should have more of such crew members. Thank you and happy serving passengers. ..."
Karan Saxena August 28, 2010: "... .This appreciation is especially for..........
".....This appreciation is especially for in flight attendant "Candida" who was on board on flight no. 6E 136 (on 27 Aug'10 Pune - Delhi) she is the most helpful attendant I have ever met in any airline. She really helped me out with my situation with a smile on her face, without me even realizing that there was a problem. I really feel she deserves a pat on her back for her excellent passenger handling skills. Wish you success Candida. ..."
Prabha August 31, 2010: "... .Kindly accept my heartiest appreciation..........
".....Kindly accept my heartiest appreciation for Mr. Jitendra Amarwani, customer care representative of your esteemed airline. He replied to all my queries in one go without wasting my time as I am a new customer of IndiGo, but my first experience with you is really for life time. He is really a focused agent and customer friendly, helpful, having full patience, clarity in speech and understanding query of the guest in its first attempt. So, my only aim at this point of time is to encourage the confidence of the agent and to motivate him. Convey my good wishes and heartiest thanks to him and kindly do appreciate him in front of his entire team so that they may try to be more customers focused . ..."
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