Harshawardhan Bhave, December 02, 2010: "... .I came across one of your..........
".....I came across one of your in flight attendant, Ms. Patankar. She was excellent in her duties. Her level of confidence, speed of service, customer communication, all were exceptional. Please convey my deep appreciation to her for her great attitude . ..."
Deep Gupta, December 04, 2010: "... .I wish to inform that..........
".....I wish to inform that we are frequent flier with indigo airlines as well other airlines. Today I called up to indigo for booking of my tickets to various sectors. We spoke to Miss Sameera for booking of tickets and her response was excellent, precise and very professional. She was polite enough to immediately book my tickets from Chennai Delhi and Delhi Bangalore. Sameera also informed us regarding new sector from Delhi to Coimbatore which is very good news for us as we travel very frequently to Coimbatore. She also explained for corporate bulk bookings as our lot of staff is travelling together. We are happy to feel that indigo airlines have such positive attitude and professional staff like Ms Sameera and we wish her all the best in future . ..."
Altaful Karim, December 06, 2010: "... .I was flying from Chennai to..........
".....I was flying from Chennai to Kolkata and I had a connecting flight for Dhaka, which was about to leave in 45 minutes, my Indigo flight was late by one hour, and I was cursing myself that I will not fly with Indigo. Unfortunately in hurry I left a toy in the flight and the toy was costly as because my small kid was waiting for it. Here, I would like to appreciate the ground staff, Ms. Shreyasi, who helped me in getting the same from flight, and literally she took it to my international terminal when I was checking-in. Well done Shreyasi . ..."
Hari K G, December 07, 2010: "... .Congrats to indigo for deciding to..........
".....Congrats to indigo for deciding to start services to Trivandrum. Even though I had travelled by indigo in Kochi - Delhi and Mumbai - Delhi sectors, the absence of flight to my home town Trivandrum had been affecting me so much that I had to go to Kochi to catch flight to Delhi, where I am working. Now I am excited to see from your website that indigo is starting service to Trivandrum. I wish all the best for indigo. We wholeheartedly welcome indigo to Trivandrum . ..."
Umang Vohra, December 07, 2010: "... .I want to thank Mr. Abdul Sattar..........
".....I want to thank Mr. Abdul Sattar who was at the Check in counter at Hyderabad International Airport. I had misplaced my mobile prior to entering the airport and Abdul ensured that he left no stone unturned in helping me get my mobile back and also ensuring I caught my flight on time. This left me with a great impression about the service levels your airline offers and the attitude of your staff. His overall approach and responsiveness was very comforting and I would like to thank him and your airline for the courtesy and hospitality given to me yesterday at Hyderabad International Airport on my way to board the flight to Bangalore. With these levels of service and your 'on time' status, it wont take long for Indigo to become the 'Worlds preferred airline' . ..."
Gopal Michandani, December 08, 2010: "... .I was taking flight Guwahati..........
".....I was taking flight Guwahati to Mumbai. I lost my boarding pass at the Guwahati airport. Your staff Sangeeta and Sanjeev took charge and found the boarding pass for me. They behaved very maturely and helpful. Please thank them on my behalf . ..."
Ashwin Harithsa, December 08, 2010: "... .I wanted to take a moment ..........
".....I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude towards IndiGo. I think that you have a great service and your prompt response has reaffirmed my faith in your airline. I will fly IndiGo always and also encourage my employees and friends to do the same. . ..."
P.R. Bhattacharya, December 10, 2010: "... .I want to use this space to commend..........
".....I want to use this space to commend the efforts and integrity of the Indigo group and its staff. On Nov-13-2010, I had to travel from Nagpur to Kolkata to be by the side of my wife, who had suffered an accident when on vacation with her friend. I was quite anxious and in my anxiety I forgot to collect my wallet from the security check booth. I only realized that on landing in Kolkata. I immediately got in touch with the Indigo ground staff in Kolkata and informed them of the incident. They were prompt to act and Ms. Moumita Chatterjee contacted the Nagpur ground staff, located the wallet, and offered to ship it to Kolkata at the earliest, for me to collect. I had bigger worries at that time, so I requested them to hold on to it till I returned to Nagpur. I landed back on Nov-23-2010 and tried to meet Mr. W.W. Wanjari, who was supposed to be the point-of-contact, but he wasn't available at that moment. The other staff member asked me to return the next day in the afternoon and I did so. After the usual ID and formalities, I collected my wallet, intact, on Nov-24-2010. Really appreciate all the support and want to take the time to extend my gratitude to the Indigo family! . ..."
Hamza Patel, December 15, 2010: "... .I have been tired of writing..........
".....I have been tired of writing to airlines about the problems I have faced while I flew with them. For me, I have never ever been so satisfied with any other airline ever. I really am impressed with almost everything at Indigo Airlines. And I have no words to praise the punctuality of your airline. With no doubts I can rate you'll No.1 with punctuality. It felt great to fly with Indigo and I will make sure my priority is Indigo whenever I am flying economy. My Best Wishes to You'll for future as well as your International Flights starting in August . ..."
Akhilesh Acharya, December 16, 2010: "... .I travelled on 25th November 2010..........
".....I travelled on 25th November 2010 from Ahmadabad to Mumbai, on that day, security held up my small steel can containing Ghee mixed with medicine to be used for my wife. It was very important for me to get it back. Getting down at Mumbai, I have got phone no from Indigo staff, I called that number, Ms Zalak came on line and immediately she spotted the can & marked it with my name & informed me by calling me back, that they will collect it and get it back here at Mumbai airport by Mr. Rahul. Later on everybody especially Rahul, Zalak, Kapil, everyone at Ahmadabad Airport to help me out getting back my stuff back today intact & well packed. I am impressed by you all . ..."
Sandeep Dhar, December 22, 2010: "... .I called the call centre.........
".....I called the call centre today at 10.08 am. I had a problem with an online booking and had called. I was attended to by Javed. He was absolutely fantastic. He understood what my problem was and gave me an effective solution. Apart from being a quick thinker, he was also very polite and professional. You should be proud to have an employee like Javed . ..."
Ambi Sharma, December 23, 2010: "... .I would like to place on record..........
".....I would like to place on record and express my deep gratitude towards the excellent service rendered by your staff especially your Mr. Jawed Iqbal on your Kolkata - Dibrugarh sector. We travelled in a group of 26 people from Kolkata to Dibrugarh on the 19 December. On 20th December, I realized that I had misplaced my wallet containing around Rs.3000. After making a hectic search I could not locate the same but remembered that I had last used my wallet on the flight the previous day. As we were returning to Guwahati, I enquired with Indigo counter at the Dibrugarh Airport and to my pleasant surprise I was returned my wallet with all my money intact. I was also given to understand that your staff was trying to contact me over the known telephone number which unfortunately happened to be my travel agent's. I once again appreciate the excellent service rendered by your staff and would always cherish the same memories . ..."
Nandini Rao, December 24, 2010 ......... .We were travelling as a family..........
".....I travelled Delhi to Bombay. As the flight was about to take off, my son (who was alone at home at that time) called me, saying that he was having an asthma attack and could not breathe. As the plane was about to take off, I managed to call a friend to check on him and then had to switch off my phone. As you can imagine, I was panic stricken as I would not be able to contact him for the next 2 1/2 hours or so. Your in-flight crew members Bristy Kaushik and Shikha Yadav were very helpful, even though they were not sure of how to contact ground at that point. They spoke to the Captain, who in turn, managed to get in touch with the ATC and from there, to my home, to inquire about my son. I only started breathing again when Shikha Yadav informed me that my son was fine. I would really like to thank them both for going out of their way to help me at that time. Their intervention was timely and reassuring. I think this is what makes a difference between Indigo and many other airlines. I also wanted to inform you at the corporate office about this. You have certainly found a loyal customer in me! . ..."
Sandeep Manchanda, December 26: "... .I boarded the flight..........
".....I boarded the flight from Mumbai. The flight got late and took off at 10:00PM from Mumbai to Delhi. Due to heavy fog at Delhi the flight got diverted to Jaipur. We were at Jaipur for approx two hours. I must compliment your pilot or captain not only for his superb technical skills but also for his excellent patience & down to earth qualities. At Jaipur it was worth witnessing that how he kept his cool & grace while addressing to rational as well as irrational queries & reactions of couple of fellow passengers. To imagine that he had to fly back to Delhi amidst all this was really appreciable. I too got a lesson from this attitude for my corporate functioning. Well done Indigo! Well done your captain! . ..."
Sujit Shetty, December 28, 2010: "... ..I have availed the services of your airline..........
".....I have availed the services of your airline a few times in the past, however, this time when I was impressed by your staff. I was traveling with my family and my dad was unwell who was moving to Bangalore for treatment. It was during these difficult times that the warmth of your staff made the difference to my journey. At first a gentleman named Bablu was very helpful at the Patna airport. However, the in-flight crew was the icing on the cake and was just marvelous. I must mention the names of Irene and Sabina who went out of the way to ensure that my dad was comfortable and this they did voluntarily. The two ladies gave a new meaning to the words service and hospitality. Your airline would do very well in future, purely because you have good human beings working in this organization . ..."
Sandipan Sarkar, December 31: "... ..I would like to express my deepest satisfaction..........
".....I would like to express my deepest satisfaction in travelling your flights recently. After a long, satisfying but physically tiring holiday in Kumaon, I and my wife took your flight from Delhi on our way back to Calcutta after an 8 hour drive. Due to travel fatigue, my wife started feeling uneasy around an hour after takeoff. Within my darkest anxiety, I very pleasantly discovered that your in-flight crew took great care of her. I especially would like to extend my personal thanks and deepest gratitude to three of your lady crew - Khushboo Singhal, Neetu Rijhwani and Ashvi Mishra, who demonstrated the great caring attitude, which nowadays is missing in normal air travel. Please ensure that this message reaches to your senior management about these ladies. I personally have decided that Indigo would remain my first choice in domestic sector. As an Executive Architect working for IBM, I would recommend your service to my colleagues as much as within my limitations. I would also ensure that my friends and relatives think of taking your service before any other options. Again, many thanks for providing us with a very caring and pleasant travel . ..."
Jayeeta Mukherjee, December 31: "... .We were travelling as a family..........
"..... We were travelling as a family and my husband fell sick as soon as flight took off. I was assisted and very well taken care of by the in-flight crew. I had not noted their names but would like to thank them for all the help and expertise. ..."
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